(Special Video) Good News!!

Each day we are bombarded with bad news.

Doom and gloom.

We hear stories of death,

So much war that you can’t keep score.

Economic meltdown, crime rates, prison fates, famine, & dates of the world coming to an end.

We are sold so many reasons to live in fear and be depressed.

That give us reasons to buy pills.

To try and cure our illusory ills.

Don’t believe the lies.

See with real eyes.

That life is not

All bad news: crimes and booze.

Media wants you to snooze

So that you forget who you really are.

You are a shining star.

Birthed from Infinity.

A spark of Divinity.

You are powerful beyond measure.

We live in an amazing world.

Did you know:

That every hour 125,000,000 people have orgasms. That’s 2,000,000 each minute. That’s 34,000 per second.

There were 2.168 million weddings in the USA alone in 2013.

384,000 babies are born healthy everyday. That’s 267 per minute.

Approximately 80,000 planes land safely each day.

Malaria has been reduced 17% since the year 2000 worldwide.

Cancer rates are down 20% in the past 20 years.

The amount of water on earth is constantly and continually recycled over time. Some of the water you drink will have passed through a dinosaur.

Every year millions of trees grow thanks to squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.

The nitrogen in your DNA, the calcium in your teeth, the iron in your blood, were made of interiors of collapsing stars. You are made of stardust.

It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown.

The average millionaire goes bankrupt at least 3 times. And bounces back.

So you can focus on the negative.

You can wallow in all that’s wrong.

Or you can embrace the gift that is every moment.

Life is sometimes challenging.

Full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

You may even get 3rd degree burns.

But life is still so very beautiful.

Not because it’s perfect.

But because it is.

Because YOU are Here.

Each day when you wake up… Remember the good news.

You Are Alive!



Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. Acclaimed worldwide for his life changing, one of a kind, transformational experiences, he is considered one of the leading voices in the fields of transformation and spirituality. Kute is an inspiring modern day spiritual teacher and a bold voice for a new generation. He leads transformational journeys to Bali (get more info here).  He also helps women overcome any and all obstacles to love with his “The Man Breakthrough Experience” , the Women’s Seminar.

29 Smart Ways You Can Make Money on the Side in 2016

-smiling couple holding dollar cash money-compressed

By Heather van der Hoop | The Penny Hoarder

So you’re ready to start earning more this year? Whether you want to be more aggressive about paying off student loans, dig yourself out of credit card debt, or save toward a down payment or vacation, making extra money on the side is a smart strategy for working toward your goals.

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While you could simply get a part-time job, I’m going to focus on entrepreneurial ventures — side jobs where you control your time and rates.Instead of working the shifts you’re given for a set wage, you’ll be your own boss, deciding what you do, when you do it and how much you make.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a side business that could eventually become your full-time job or you just want to earn a little extra cash on the weekends, I’ve got you covered. How will you earn more money this year?

Freelance With Your Skills

Use the skills you’ve already developed — maybe even those you use at a full-time job — to earn extra cash on the side.

While you’ll want to make sure you’re not competing with your employer (you can’t poach your company’s clients; read your contract to make sure you haven’t signed a non-compete agreement), you could earn a significant amount of money by working directly with clients.

1. Write

If you’re great at crafting engaging blog posts or convincing copy, it’s time to put your writing skills to work. To build up experience, you may want to begin with content sites (though be warned, the pay can be extremely low) or start a blog of your own.

Got a few clips under your belt? Fantastic — it’s time to start pitching paying writing outlets. Check out this list of blogs that pay for posts, or this one of sites that pay you to write.

Research your target sites well before pitching their editors, and — I can’t emphasize this enough — read the guidelines.

If the site wants you to pitch ideas, email the editor with a few ideas. If the guidelines ask for a draft, write a draft. If they want you to include a secret phrase in your email’s subject line, include the phrase. (I’m not making this up — many sites use this trick to screen out writers who don’t read the guidelines. No secret phrase means your email goes straight to the trash.)

How much can you make?

Three cents a word for content sites, $50 and up for guest posts on paying sites. Some blogs — like The Penny Hoarder! — might even offer a bonus if your post performs particularly well.

2. Do Graphic or Web Design Work

Do you always know which colors complement one another best? Can you put together an amazing book cover or website homepage in 20 minutes flat? Is creating a beautiful blog header something you can do in your sleep?

Not only are you my hero, but you could be making serious cash from your skills.

Make sure your website or blog clearly states that you’re available for hire, and share examples of recent projects. If you can’t link to projects you did for your employer, mock up some designs on your own time.

Ask friends for referrals, and consider offering your services on a marketplace like Upwork. For more ideas, check out Mashable’s post onshowcasing your freelance graphic design work.

How much can you make?

Designers with a few years of experience and solid portfolios can earn $100 per hour, but designer Jessica Hische recommends avoiding hourly pricing in a detailed project pricing analysis in Fast Company.

3. Develop Websites or Applications

Can you build a WordPress plugin with your bare hands? Do you spend more time on Github than Facebook? If playing with code is your thing, you can definitely turn your skills into extra income.

The age-old business advice applies here: Find a problem and solve it.

See a plugin that works, but not perfectly? Build your own improved version. Notice a recurring issue with a WordPress theme? Tweak it to find a fix. Want to be on-call tech support? Find a niche that needs tech-savvy help, and fill it.

Web developer Ben Meredith is a great example. “In the process of cobbling together a website for my church, I learned enough to get a degree in ‘how not to do websites.’ To save people from having to go through what I went through, I started writing down what I was learning.”

The result is Church Web Help, a site “for churches who can’t afford to pay a full-time (or even part-time) webmaster,” which offers resources, training and custom WordPress sites.

How much can you make?

High-quality freelance developers can charge anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour, says Meredith. You can easily double your rates for “crisis situations” or fast turnarounds, such as when a site has been hacked.

In addition, the more specialized and server-side you are, the higher your potential rates.

4. Take Photographs

Shutterbugs, this one’s for you. If you have a decent camera (no, your iPhone doesn’t count), a basic understanding of photographic principles and experience with photo-editing programs, you could earn money taking photos.

Whether you’re keen to start a side business as a portrait photographer, would like to capture memories as a wedding photographer, or simply want to sell your pictures through a stock photography website, earning money as a photographer is a popular side hustle.

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If you’re pursuing the portrait business, find clients through word-of-mouth and by posting an online portfolio on your own website or on Flickr.

Breaking into the wedding business can be challenging, but start with word-of-mouth for that as well. Ask friends who are getting married whether their photographer could use a second shooter, or offer to spend a few hours taking engagement photos they can use on their wedding websites.

For stock photography, look into the submission guidelines on microstock websites like istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com and check out the advice for beginners on Everything Microstock.

How much can you make?

As a family portrait photographer, Susan Shain charged $100 per session, which involved about three hours of work, though she noted this was for friends and family. “I haven’t pursued this as a serious side business, but if I did, I’d probably charge a lot more.”

Wedding photographers charge a wide range of prices depending on location, experience, style and demand. A full-day wedding shoot in Whistler, Canada could cost between $1,500 and $6,500, and photographer JP Danko estimates that high-end wedding photographers can charge $9,000 or more per wedding.

Stock photography websites often pay between 15 and 50 cents per photo sold, though some photos can sell for up to $60, according to Pop Photo.

5. Offer Calligraphy

Do you have beautiful handwriting? Have you mastered the art of the perfectly crisp pen stroke?

Turn your calligraphy skills into cold hard cash by offering freelance calligraphy services. While handwritten envelopes, place cards and signs are most common for weddings, you may also be able to drum up business from baby showers, birth announcements and milestone birthday parties.

Expert calligraphers recommend practicing constantly, investing in quality tools and taking an introductory course. Find clients by promoting examples of your work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and connecting with other calligraphers for potential referrals.

How much can you make?

Hand-lettered envelopes run $2 to $5 each on Etsy, and signs go for $50 or more. Depending how much time you’re keen to devote, especially in the run-up to the busy wedding season, you could earn a fair amount of cash.

Look at what other sellers are charging to figure out how to set your own rates.

6. Paint Murals

Skilled with a paintbrush? Earn extra cash while making your neighborhood a little more beautiful. Whether it’s showcasing an iconic view on a prominent downtown building or decorating a child’s bedroom, mural painting is an often-overlooked creative side gig.

Start by asking friends and family if any rooms could use an artistic makeover; perhaps a plain room could use a cool update before a baby arrives, or a baby-themed room needs redecorating as its owner enters elementary school.

To find other clients, ask satisfied customers for referrals and list your services on sites like FindaMuralist.com.

How much can you make?

One muralist charges $60 per hour, while others charge $10 to $20 per square foot or even $200 per square foot.

7. Officiate Weddings

Look outside the “hard” skills like your ability to write code or take amazing photos — can you talk to anyone? Are you a great speaker? Do you love celebrating love? Consider a weekend side gig as a wedding officiant.

Your business set-up will vary based on your state, and the legal requirements vary, but officiating weddings could be a fun side hustle. Once you’ve performed a few weddings for friends or family members, ask them to mention your availability to other couples they know.

How much can you make?

Yvonne Doerre, who has officiated about 20 weddings in the DC area, usually charges between $300 and $500 per wedding.

8. Babysit or Nanny

Yes, this counts as freelancing — knowing how to wrangle children is certainly a skill! Parents, oldest siblings and former camp counselors: This one’s for you.

Whether you want to look after school-aged kids on Saturday nights or help tired parents as a night nanny, you’ll find lots of opportunities to use your childcare experience to earn cash.

Look within your circle of friends and acquaintances first, as parents are more likely to trust someone they know. Ask friends if they know anyone else who could use a few hours to themselves, whether it’s to grocery shop without toddlers or simply to head to the gym.

How much can you make?

Average rates for babysitters start at $12 an hour, according to The Boston Globe, but vary depending on the market — you could earn more for watching more kids, working late nights or simply living in a bigger city.

Night nannies can earn between $15 and $25 an hour, depending on location and experience.

These are just eight of the many ways you can turn your skills into lucrative freelance businesses. And we’ve only scratched the surface of ways to earn money on the side…

Make and Sell Art and Crafts

Plenty of people earn extra money from something that started as a crafty hobby. Whether you love knitting, felting, soap-making, woodwork or metal-smithing, there’s likely a market for your creations.

Sell your crafts online to reach customers around the world, whether you use your own website, Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

Look closer to home by pitching your products to local stores and renting a table at flea markets, and target a niche market by signing up for a dealer’s table at conventions.


Are You Happy Right Now?… The KEY.

Are you happy right now?

If not… why not?

All of us have many reasons and excuses, which seem legitimate and true in the moment.

What is it for you?


It’s easy to be miserable in this world. That takes no courage at all. The real test is despite what life may bring can you be happy?

It takes courage to live in this world with all it’s ups and downs. It takes courage to be alive fully. It takes courage to live with an open heart. It takes courage to feel and not numb yourself.

Sometimes in an effort to be happy, we try and avoid all the feelings that don’t feel good. We disconnect, suppress, and distract.

To the degree you suppress sadness or pain is to the degree you limit your capacity to feel joy and happiness.

The more you are able to embrace whatever feeling arises, hold it with compassion, know that it will pass. The more you resist it, the more it stays stuck and blocked within you.

So when you feel happy don’t try and hold onto it forever. And when you feel pain don’t try and force it away.

Simply embrace it with total awareness. Then you will find your happiness may remain more effortlessly and your pain may dissolve more quickly.

No feelings last forever, so don’t try and make them. The more you try to find happiness, the more it eludes you.

Stop trying to find happiness.

Feel the inherent fullness and blessing of this very moment.

Feel the AMAZINGness of now.

When you are fully in the now you will feel a sense of innate harmony.

Life is beautiful.

…and not because it is perfect.

Life is filled with challenges, hardship, pain, heartbreak, betrayal. As well as joy, success, love, pleasure. All of it makes it truly beautiful.

It is in embracing all of it that you find true happiness and are able to live freely.

Life has a way of working itself out. When you remember this  you can surrender to a deeper trust that life will give you what you most need, when you need it to serve your highest evolution.

So what if you didn’t need a REASON to be happy?

COULD you be happy right now?

We all COULD be happy right now.

It is a choice you make in any given moment. This choice is your portal to freedom.

Are you ready to choose?



Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. Acclaimed worldwide for his life changing, one of a kind, transformational experiences, he is considered one of the leading voices in the fields of transformation and spirituality. Kute is an inspiring modern day spiritual teacher and a bold voice for a new generation. He leads transformational journeys to Bali (get more info here).  He also helps women overcome any and all obstacles to love with his “The Man Breakthrough Experience” , the Women’s Seminar.

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How To Let Go of Guilt and Set Yourself Free

We have all experienced that feeling of guilt at some point in our lives.

Guilt is that feeling of remorse or judging yourself negatively for things that you did or didn’t do in your past, some of which you feel had a negative impact on someone or something else.

We guilt ourselves for things like not working hard enough. For over eating. For not spending enough time with our kids. For thinking a certain way. The list is endless and it’s different for each of us depending on our upbringing.

There is a healthy guilt, which arises when you have ACTUALLY done something wrong, such as intentionally harming another person. Then you feel guilty from having developed a conscience. Those that have no conscience feel no sense of guilt and are called sociopaths.

Unhealthy guilt arises when you tell yourself that you have done something wrong when you have not!

It is a lie that you tell yourself.

Perhaps you take on false responsibility for how those around you feel, such as making it your fault that someone is angry when it’s not.

Give up trying to live up to other people’s expectation for your life. When you live the life they want you to live out of guilt, you live a life of suffering.

Even when we have done something wrong, we sometimes mistakenly think that by torturing ourselves with guilt it will somehow absolve us of what we did.

Not true.

You are already whole, perfect and complete.

You are loved unconditionally by life.

All guilt does is make you feel bad and keeps you stuck in the past. Judging or beating yourself up doesn’t change the past. What’s done is done. Guilting yourself is a waste of your time in the present.

Give it up. Drop your story. Go ahead. Let it go.

No matter what you did or didn’t do, ultimately you hold the lock and you hold the key to your freedom to set yourself free.

Remember that you are a human being with lessons to learn. And it’s inevitable that you will make mistakes, fall down, and sometimes hurt others.

It’s OK.

The issue isn’t whether you screw up or not. The issue is to meet yourself with compassion. It’s not easy being a human being, so cut yourself some slack and have some compassion for your humanity.

Make the choice to forgive yourself for judging yourself. This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself right now.

Choose it.

What do you need to forgive yourself for?

What’s the illusion that you tell yourself needs to be different in order to forgive yourself?

When is enough self-punishment enough?

What’s important is that you learn from each and every experience. As a result you become wiser able to use it as an opportunity to grow and make different choices next time.

Take responsibility for your actions, and if needed make amends with those you have impacted.

Life is a continual process of learning and evolution.

So stop shaming yourself. It serves nothing and no one.

Holding onto guilt just keeps you in a prison.

When you give up your guilt, you free the gifts within you.

You being your most authentic self is the greatest gift that you can give the world.




Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. Acclaimed worldwide for his life changing, one of a kind, transformational experiences, he is considered one of the leading voices in the fields of transformation and spirituality. Kute is an inspiring modern day spiritual teacher and a bold voice for a new generation. He leads transformational journeys to Bali (get more info here).  He also helps women overcome any and all obstacles to love with his “The Man Breakthrough Experience” , the Women’s Seminar.

How To Choose The Right Relationship For You

You attract into your life people that mirror aspects of yourself at that particular time.

You have things to teach and gifts to give each other.

I believe that you also have certain lessons that your souls have agreed to learn and karma to work out together.

Although relationships aren’t always easy, they are amazing vehicles for growth and evolution. Through the mirror of another you get to see, heal and love parts of yourself that you may not have been able to on your own.

Every relationship is going to have it’s challenges. This is not the issue, how you deal with them and with your partner is really the issue.

So much of the pain I see people experience in relationships is because they have chosen the “wrong” person. And it’s our conditioning that causes us to do what we do and choose who we choose.

One of the keys to a healthy fulfilling relationship that works is choosing the right person. (Watch the video above for the 4 key questions)

I believe that much of the pain and frustration in relationship is actually unnecessary. It doesn’t have to be this way.

However, in order to change, you must be conscious and aware, otherwise your unconscious programming will tend to run you and your choices.

Just because you feel what you think is an attraction and chemistry doesn’t mean he/she is the one you should be in a romantic relationship with. In fact, I think that you should actually be extra aware when you feel that irresistible pull or attraction.

We tend to seek out partners who remind us of our caretakers growing up. Many clients of mine have said, “I will never marry anyone like my dad!” Only to find themselves with a man who turns out to be just like their father, even though it may not have seemed that way at first.

Consciously we might look for partners who have positive traits but more often than not, we attract partners that also carry the negative traits of our parents.

Why you might ask?

Unconsciously we try to recreate the conditions of our childhood in order to be able to correct and heal them.

So before you decide to commit to a relationship, use discernment and ask yourself these 4 key questions:

1) Do I trust this person?  Do I trust their heart, intentions and integrity?

Could I trust this person with my life?

If you don’t feel a trust for them, why would you be in a committed relationship?

2) Do I feel I can grow and evolve more by being with this person than on my own? Will this relationship challenge and inspire me to grow and expand into more of who I really am?

If not, then be by yourself.

3) Am I compatible with this person? Are we both going in a similar direction, growing at a similar pace? Would I want to be with this person if I met him/her for the first time today?

If not, question yourself because in order for a relationship to work, compatibility is key.

4) Can I love and accept this person exactly as they are?

If they didn’t change, would I feel ok and at peace?

If you can’t accept who they are now, you are just setting yourself up for pain and suffering in the future.

To have the opportunity to be in relationship with and love another person is a profound gift. It is a privilege.

Choosing someone that isn’t compatible with you and trying to make them be what you want, doesn’t honor you or the other person. Instead choose someone who is already what you want, not someone you need to fix or change.

Life is too short to be unhappy.

Choose wisely.

Choose grace and ease.

Choose love.




Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. Acclaimed worldwide for his life changing, one of a kind, transformational experiences, he is considered one of the leading voices in the fields of transformation and spirituality. Kute is an inspiring modern day spiritual teacher and a bold voice for a new generation. He leads transformational journeys to Bali (get more info here).  He also helps women overcome any and all obstacles to love with his “The Man Breakthrough Experience” , the Women’s Seminar.

Psychopaths Rule Our World – Medicine, Politics and War

psychopaths rule our world medicine, politics, military

psychopaths rule our world medicine, politics, military

By Dr.Sircus |Dr.Sircus.com

The incidence of psychopathy among CEOs is about 4 percent, four times what it is in the population at large. According to Wikipedia, the DSM IV-TR gives the prevalence of psychopathy as 3% in males and 1% in females. Many forensic psychologists, psychiatrists and criminologists use the terms sociopathy and psychopathy interchangeably. Leading experts disagree on whether there are meaningful differences between the two conditions. Certainly there are meaningful differences from one psycho and sociopath to another.

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In the United States congress the percentage is higher. In fact, in reading Dr. Ron Paul’s recent essay Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia—all but ten congressmen voted for the measure. Any good psychologist would conclude that there are 425 psychopaths in the House of Representatives and only 10 normal people who care about children and everyone else.

Ron Paul said:

“Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. The bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing. I can hardly believe they are getting away with it again, and this time with even higher stakes: provoking a war with Russia that could result in total destruction!”

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“The resolution directly involves the US government in the conflict by calling on the US president to “provide the government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty.” This means US weapons in the hands of US-trained military forces engaged in a hot war on the border with Russia. Does that sound at all like a good idea?”

“There are too many more ridiculous and horrific statements in this legislation to completely discuss. Probably the single most troubling part of this resolution, however, is the statement that “military intervention” by the Russian Federation in Ukraine “poses a threat to international peace and security.” Such terminology is not an accident: this phrase is the poison pill planted in this legislation from which future, more aggressive resolutions will follow. After all, if we accept that Russia is posing a “threat” to international peace how can such a thing be ignored? These are the slippery slopes that lead to war.”

A psychopath is not a psychopath unless he or she can hide their tracks with total success. They get away with murder exactly because no one sees it coming because they are that good and that intelligent with their ruinations. So most people would not recognize a psychopath until they are trapped, suffering or dying at the hands of one. This describes most people’s idea of psychopaths who are hidden wolves among the many sheep. But how about those psychopaths who show their colors in broad daylight like the American Representatives just did.

However I forget. How many are willing to accuse over ninety five percent of members of congress of being psychopaths? It is just exactly this that could end up ending us all. As sheep we have never learned to hunt the wolves among us. These are nuclear armed wolves. Others are armed with needles and drugs. In the medical world the hurt and harm done by psychopaths is highly personal and more easily hidden.

Medical Psychopaths

A Florida infant was taken away from his mother for five months because he was underweight and she only wanted to feed him soy formula. A Connecticut girl was taken from her parents for one year after a disputed diagnosis. Parents and their advocates are complaining that aggressive doctors and case workers are pushing parents out of the picture after the parents disagree with a diagnosis.

This is what we have come to in medicine. It is not just fascism in medicine, and it is not just arrogance. The medical field has attracted the worst elements of society – psychopaths and sociopaths both. Modern medicine kills and maims a lot of people each year because of psychopathic guiding philosophies and practices that direct some specialties.

English doctors who may be ambivalent about vaccines are being weeded out of the profession by the ‘revalidation’ process, where they have to renew their license to practice. Around 8,500 doctors have already left the profession after failing to meet the requirements of the process, and this includes doctors specializing in environmental medicine and others who may hold any ‘alternative’ views. The two most obvious specialties that are abominations to Hippocratic principles are pediatrics and oncology.

A Maine nurse Kaci Hickox, who battled politicians over her quarantine after she returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa said she will continue speaking out on behalf of public health workers. “In the past, a quarantine was something that was considered very extreme. I’m concerned about how lightly we’re taking this concept today,” said Hickox. “I’m concerned that the wrong people are leading the debate and making the decisions.

Psychologist Martha Stout – who – clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for 25 years – estimates in her book The Sociopath Next Door that as many as 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or affectionate feelings for humans or animals. Using the U.S. as an example, that means that 12 million Americans are sociopaths. Because sociopaths are ruthless and will squash their rivals and burn institutions to the ground in order to reach their goals – but great at pretending that they care about people – they are incredibly destructive. Other mental health experts put the percentage of sociopaths at 1-3% of the population, which is 3-9 million Americans.

One of the favorite ways psychopaths choose to hurt others is with poison medications (just look at the side effects to see the poisonous effects of any drug) because it cannot be traced back to them. “It is likely that at some time in your life you will come into painful contact with a psychopath. For your own physical, psychological, and financial wellbeing, it is crucial that you know how to identify the psychopath, how to protect yourself and how to minimize the harm done to you,” writes Dr. Robert Hare.

Psychopaths Fill Top Medical Posts

When you look at modern medicine that is responsible for so much death and suffering we can understand the kind of mind (and the lack of heart) necessary to lord over such massive hurt done to others. The God like powers of the CDC and FDA are put in the hands of psychopaths who make it legal for a certain class of people (doctors) to poison their patients with highly dangerous pharmaceuticals. Top officials at the CDC are heartless monsters—mind fiends with no hearts—as good a definition for psychopaths as any.

Psychopaths, even those who are psychopathic killers, however, are not mad, according to accepted legal and psychiatric standards. Their acts result not from a deranged mind but from a cold, calculating rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat others as thinking, feeling human beings. We really have no idea how cold hearted even the medical profession is and how pediatricians insist on injecting more and more poisons into their young patients.

The last thing psychopaths want us to know is the truth about them. Psychologist and FBI criminal profiler Dr. Robert Hare describes psychopaths as “intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs.”

Hare continues, “Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they cold-bloodedly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. There is a class of individuals who have been around forever and who are found in every race, culture, society and walk of life. Most everybody has met these people, been deceived and manipulated by them, and forced to live with or repair the damage they have wrought. These often charming—but always deadly—individuals have a clinical name: psychopaths. Their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience; their game is self-gratification at the other person’s expense.”

Dr. Hare says that, “Psychopaths see nothing wrong with themselves, experience little personal distress, and find their behavior rational, rewarding, and satisfying; they never look back with regret or forward with concern. They perceive themselves as superior beings in a hostile, dog-eat-dog world in which others are competitors for power and resources.”

Super Psychopaths at the Top

Psychopaths rule the world

Psychopaths are scarier and much more dangerous than any of us think. They are the ones that are most likely the people to wield a power sufficient enough to hurt the entire earth. The psychopaths at the top of the human food chain are busy building a new world order that creates a stronger more centralized power where they can control every aspect of our existence. This is a problem because the psychopathic elite, not only can they not feel the pain of others, but their power and wealth are gained from deliberately causing others suffering.

The nastiest psychopaths gravitate towards the world of medicine where the pain they inflict is very personal. Though instead of knifing people and children in the back psychopaths use mass vaccination to slowly twist their venomous intentions into the soul of our existence.

A Bay area mother spends her day caring for a bedridden daughter who can no longer walk and has very little vocabulary. She blames it on the flu vaccine. “She (used to) love school, she was running, playing signing in the church choir,” said Carla Grivna, who says the nightmare started last November when she took her daughter to get her routine flu shot. Four days after getting the vaccine, Mary Sue fell ill with a rare viral infection of the brain called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

Vaccinationists are psychopaths who love to hide the hurt and death caused by vaccines. The federal vaccine court pays out billions for the damages that these vaccine touting professionals sing in praise of. Vaccination rates offer them a direct window to the exact percent of the human population they have under their control. Vaccines are used by the elite to see how much government control people will docilely accept and they accept a lot.

Over forty children paralyzed by vaccines in one village. Out of 500 children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed. Those children also suffered hallucinations and convulsions.

Just one of hundreds of examples of the evil inherent in modern pharmaceutical medicine, especially as it is practiced in the United States, where the governmental medical establishment favors the massive poisoning of the public is:

John L. Brownlee, the United States attorney for the Western District of Virginia, said the impact of Purdue’s marketing of OxyContin had resulted in rising crime rates, teenage drug addiction, deaths and other problems. “The results of Purdue’s crimes were staggering,” he said. Purdue Pharma, agreed to pay $600 million in fines and other payments to resolve the criminal charge of “misbranding” the product. Purdue Pharma, based in Stamford, Conn., heavily promoted OxyContin to doctors like general practitioners, who often had little training in treating serious pain or in recognizing signs of drug abuse. But experienced drug abusers and novices, including teenagers, soon discovered that chewing an OxyContin tablet — or crushing one and then snorting the powder, or injecting it with a needle — produced a high as powerful as heroin.OxyContin is a pure, high-strength version of a long-used narcotic, oxycodone.

Many companies thrive by creating chemicals, foods, drugs, and dental products that poison and kill people without a trace back to the source.

When a psychopath is caught  he will not change. 

Psychopaths are morally depraved individuals who represent the “monsters” in our society. They are virtually unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless. The neurology of psychopaths makes it hard to impossible for them to feel empathy. It does not matter who or how many suffer they just cannot feel the pain of others. They just do not care.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business writes, “Because psychopaths can’t feel emotions such as fear, they are well suited to executive decision-making. They can eliminate emotion from weighing the upside and downside of actions; there will be no sleepless nights for them….


Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public!

What’s scarier than death???

Speaking in public is said to be the #1 fear we have as human beings!

Speaking in public is a form of death of the ego. It requires risk, putting yourself on the line and courage.

It can be vulnerable, even terrifying, to put yourself out there and share your heart and message with an audience in such an open way.

Having spoken in large audiences since I was eight years old, I have found that fear of speaking in public arises when you are so fixated on yourself, how you will look, and be perceived.

The more you are seeking acceptance, love and validation from the outside, the more fear you will have inside yourself. The more self-conscious you will be.

A key to overcoming fear of speaking in public is the radical loving of yourself in private. The degree to which you love and accept yourself in private is the degree to which you will be free in public, whether it’s speaking in front of 5 people or 500.

Self-love and acceptance is the foundation.

Accept who you are and who you aren’t, knowing that you are OK exactly as you are at this stage of your journey in life.

The more you accept yourself fully, the more free you will be to speak and share authentically, not to get anything in return but simply because there is a pure message that your heart must express.

You communicate in order to communicate.

When you aren’t trying to get anything from your audience, there is an inner freedom. As you love yourself, you have the power to unhook yourself from both positive and negative opinions of others, then you are free and self-fulfilled.

Before you speak, give up control. Out of fear, we attempt to control people’s opinions of us. This is a recipe for misery and anxiety, not just as a speaker but in life.

So make peace before you speak that you cannot control what people are going to think about you and your speech. They will judge you and form their own opinions based on their own filters, that ultimately have nothing to do with you!  If there are 100 people listening, there will be 100 opinions of you. It’s just the way it is.

People’s judgments of you reflect more about them than you. Just because they feel a certain way about you and your speech doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s just their reality.

Your responsibility is to make sure that you do the absolute best you can and give 100%. This is all you can do. This is your part.

THEN, it’s also important to remember that it is not about YOU. It’s about your audience and adding as much value as you possibly can to their lives.

It’s about serving them fully.

So take the focus off of yourself. And put your attention on your message and the commitment to changing the lives of the people in your audience. Be more committed to this than anything else.

After giving thousands of speeches throughout my life, I feel that the best speeches aren’t about trying to give the best speech. The best speeches happen when you simply be yourself.

Stop copying someone else’s style, formula, system, and simply dare to be yourself fully. Even if the speech itself is a little rough around the edges. People will feel you and your authenticity and this is what will touch their hearts and what they will remember.

People will often forget your words after some time. But what will stay with them is the feeling they experienced in your talk.

It’s not about doing it perfectly. People won’t know if you did it perfectly according to what you had planned. They have no idea.

Don’t just speak TO people, speak through people. You can speak to their minds. But this will only have a limited impact. Speak through people directly to their souls.

Trust that there is deep wisdom already inside you that will express exactly in the way that is most needed in the moment. Trust bigger than your mind. Trust the intelligence of your heart to speak. Trust the impulse in your heart to share a message in the first place. Trust your soul to speak through you.

There are people in the world waiting for you, and need to hear your unique message in only the way you can share it.

As you stand in front of your audience to speak, your job is simply to LOVE them. Feel their hearts. Appreciate their vulnerabilities. Remember the child inside of them. See who they really are. This is the real gift you give.

Each person in your audience is YOU. And you are THEM.

As you remember that you are ONE, then all fear drops away and you speak from love. It’s not so much what you say, but what is happening in the silence in between your words. Then the words you speak are just an excuse and the vessel to carry the energy of your heart.

Then there is no speaker.

No audience spoken to.

No speaking.

Only love expressing itself.



Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. Acclaimed worldwide for his life changing, one of a kind, transformational experiences, he is considered one of the leading voices in the fields of transformation and spirituality. Kute is an inspiring modern day spiritual teacher and a bold voice for a new generation. He leads transformational journeys to Bali (get more info here).  He also helps women overcome any and all obstacles to love with his “The Man Breakthrough Experience” , the Women’s Seminar.