Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Karma


By Marcus T. Anthony

After twenty years of exploring the human psyche at intense depths – both my own and others, I have come to accept many aspects of certain spiritual teachings as either true, or true beyond reasonable doubt.

The spiritual traditions have got it more correct than modern science when it comes to the essential nature of consciousness and the meaning of life. I can tell you beyond any shadow of doubt that consciousness is not confined to the mind or body, and that minds interact with each other non-locally. That means that ESP is genuine. Both spiritual guidance and interference from dark spiritual entities are also genuine. And life after death and reincarnation are genuine as far as I have been able to determine.

So what I write here follows on from these insights which I have perceived directly through clairvoyant perception. This perception is in part a gift, but also enhanced through thousands of hours of meditative and introspective practice.

I am not asking you to believe that I am super-human, merely that I have spent a considerable amount of time exploring spiritual dimensions at a direct level. And I am certainly not asking you to give your power away to me by blindly believing what I write. With all spiritual teachings, the ideal way to process them is not with the mind, but with soulful meditation or reflection. So I merely invite you to reflect upon my undstandings.

Now let me get to the main thing that I wish to discuss. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that there is no karmic debt in the sense that there is no absolute requirement for a soul to repay debts incurred in current or previous incarnations. The ideas of reward and punishment are human concepts which we impose upon the cosmos. They tend to become entangled with guilt and shame when we feel we have done something wrong. And then when we feel we have been “good” we set up a subtle expectation that we are going to be rewarded. These are overly simplistic ways of viewing life, and the mind or ego turns them into agendas. “I must be punished” and “I will be rewarded” take us away from love and acceptance of ourselves, the world and the present moment.

The ultimate imperative in the evolution of the human Spirit – both for the human collective oversoul and the individual – is the return to oneness from separation. This is effectively saying that the goal of your existence and mine is a return to love.

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What stands between your mind and this evolutionary end is your refusal to surrender to the truth of what is here in this moment; a bad habit that locks you into that illusion of separation. And what is it that can transcend all this illusion? The answer is simple. Unconditional love, which is the natural flowering of consciousness when the present moment is fully embraced. When the soul learns to love all parts of itself without conditions, then all latent energies within the soul will emerge into the light. Then the light of the soul is no longer impeded by your mind’s constant rejection – of self and of world. For the self and the world (as we experience it) are effectively the same thing. When you reject yourself, you deny your lovability. When you reject what God has placed before you in this day, in this moment, you reject divine love. You reject God.

All judgment destroys love.

The flower of spirit will bloom when the water of love is poured upon all that you see and experience, both within and without. In this “state” all binaries are acknowledged and accepted, including happiness and sadness. The mind relaxes. In such a state morality becomes largely irrelevant, as the natural expression of the soul is gratitude, love and compassion. It is when we lose touch with such an awakened state that we turn against ourselves and others, create suffering and becoming destructive.

Karma may be said to exist then, as the process of bringing that awareness to the soul. How our spiritual guardians and the cosmos bring that about I do not know precisely. Yet do I know that punishment and reward are too simplistic as concepts to describe what happens.

But such an awakening process does not typically occur instantly, even when a person instantaneously makes a complete commitment to love. There are latent emotional and “karmic” energies which exist within the soul (embedded energy structures and soul memories). In a certain sense, there is truth to the old saying that “to heal it you have to feel it”. Yet for almost everyone, those latent energies are piled up from many years of suffering, both in this lifetime and previous ones. It would be overwhelming for you to experience all this at once. So what happens is that the energies unwind slowly. The image that came to me as I explored my own repressed emotions was that of a giant ball of string slowly being unwound. I had to learn to be patient. So will you.

All this means that as you relax and allow what is within you to emerge, you will almost certainly experience some disconcerting waves of emotional and psychic energy rise from your soul. Some of these waves will represent repressed pain from childhood and your current life. And yes, some of these energies will emerge from past lives. The third source will be the energy of your ancestors, which has been passed down from generation to generation and implanted into your mind at birth. Finally, you may become aware of the way your mind has become entangled with other minds and entities in a game of shadows, reaching across space, time and other possibly other dimensions.

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Here is something of utmost importance, and I hope you are paying attention. If the latent “karmic” energy within you is simply fully permitted expression without resistance and processed in the present moment, there is then no absolute requirement to experience it in physical form. In other words, you do not necessarily need to be re-born into a body to get the lesson, as you will have gotten the same consciousness through the awakening process.

Therefore it is not true that you have to pay off karmic debts or sin before you awaken. Awakening essentially requires the embracing of the total truth of who you are in this moment, including all repressed energies from within.

I believe that the idea that you need to repay debts in the physical world before awakening is a false teaching. It is possible that your soul journey may require experiences which provide the opportunity for you to develop deeper awareness of your soul story and soul habits. But these are not punishments or rewards. They are opportunities. The universe is ultimately compassionate, as is the nature of the soul. It is not punitive.

Ironically, a blind belief in karma as punishment and reward will hold you back from awakening. Let me explain a little more why this is so.

Firstly, by bringing your focus into the here and now you transcend the illusion of past and future. The essence of reality is occurring here, now. In a sense time and identity are illusions.

Secondly, freely embracing your repressed emotional and karmic energy with unconditional love will allow you to sense the lesson contained within that biographical or karmic event. This may bypass your need to return to “get” that lesson in another lifetime.

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Finally, when you “believe” in karma it is no different from believing in any other story or belief. You are forming an attachment to a story. And taking that one step further, if you believe in the specific story that you have seen or sensed from a previous existence, you are simply granting energy to the story, whatever it may be. The soul will never relax into presence, into love, while it believes in such things.

The greatest value of uncovering soul stories is to release them, along with the unresolved energies and beliefs contained within them. This includes the stories of both our personal biography and past lives.

Believing in karma as reward and punishment is a self-fulfilling “prophecy” if ever there was one.


This article is an extract from Marcus T Anthony's book The Truth About Karma, which is available on Amazon.com.

Marcus AnthonyMarcus T Anthony, PhD is the author of ten books about human awakening, including Discover Your Soul Template. He is also a life coach and teacher of profound intuition. His web site is www.mind-futures.com

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  1. 1656007394680825@facebook.com' Yasmina Mliki says:

    Because it slaps me everytime I challenge the universal Justice .

  2. 292230903649@facebook.com' Aquarian Path says:

    You are free to believe anything you want. But, I think your clairvoyant perception is wrong. There is karma, there are karmic debt, there is accountability. I have absolutely no doubt. “You reap what you sow.” And, we embody until we learn our lessons.

    • 148270801883880@facebook.com' Conscious Life News says:

      Great thoughts Aquarian Path

    • 10154148124704008@facebook.com' Terence LM says:

      The topic of Karma has been documented for thousands of years. It can be proven astrotheologically, sacred geometrically and with any people with physic abilities.

      The writer lacks spiritual insight and intuitive understanding, and he or she should seek proper guidance before writing this article.

      I won’t be censoring myself because of the writer’s ignorance. He or she is still probably unconscious, nonetheless there is still time for everyone. All the best.

    • 1110095469018245@facebook.com' Milan Bjelakovic says:

      karma hold os on reincarnating but geus what when you are in this earth you cant remember anything so you build more and more karma read this https://online.fliphtml5.com/xtnm/fjsi/

    • 1110095469018245@facebook.com' Milan Bjelakovic says:

      Milan Bjelakovic 2 part https://online.fliphtml5.com/xtnm/cqln/#p=1

    • 10207781139556287@facebook.com' Jason Torrens says:

      Terence LM I’m sure he was conscious since unconscious people can’t type. And all you need to disprove karma is a little science. Karma has been proven to exist about as much as the loch ness monster. Not starting shit here, but karma is a belief, just like religion. Just because you believe in it doesn’t make it real.

    • 758741024235285@facebook.com' Anthony Pero says:

      Then why do people who continually do bad things, and treat people bad keep getting more good, while kids who have never done anything wrong get cancer?

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously don’t know how to read.

  3. 1495238220790199@facebook.com' Jorge Arroyo says:

    You can prove karma exists in your every day life. Even if you don’t believe in karma, you will still be subject to it. Lol

  4. 10206403500059630@facebook.com' Jackie Carter says:

    Rubbish… I concur with every thing Aquarians Path says…..

  5. 1033855433300401@facebook.com' Arijita Das says:

    It’s not about karma but forgiving a porn movie maker or a rapist is forming more like them and I refuse to so that.☺

  6. 10153582751573417@facebook.com' Nad Mallek says:

    The author is wrong. Karma is unavoidable. Our actions carry consequences, and although he touches on some of the points of evolving karma he misses the truth. Even those of us who have neutral karma are still involved in it inseparably. He is correct that we can forgive and release negative karma’s from the past, but they must first be paid before being discharged. It’s not like a bankruptcy where you can forget the debt. Karma is a quantum entanglement based on emotional attachments, or the lack of our souls understanding of what our actions have done to others. When our soul achieves and understanding of our actions the karma can be discharged. Karma is also a state of mind, so the author is correct on remaining in the light and forgiving mindset so as to remain immune from negative mindsets or karma. Once one reaches a purer state, the old karma surfaces and must be cleared and dealt with. Simple non-belief does not absolve ones actions, nor does mere forgiveness. If it did, the atheists and socipaths would watch their souls wither

    • 839886522727675@facebook.com' Mukesh Chauhan says:

      It is virtually impossible not to create our karma with quantum entanglement at the source of everything in life Karma starts from the thought . THOUGHTS can be clouded by 6levels of May’s corruption also contribute to quantum entanglement and more Karma without even knowing or realising they are not your own thoughts but are alien thoughts.This becomes a seed for more Karma. Life would be boring without Karma.

  7. 510958119056043@facebook.com' Vernon Nielsen says:

    Its one thing to believe in karma but when you see karma and understand how it functions its a different thing, Karma is real .that you don’t see it makes no difference.

  8. 1481713895456377@facebook.com' Nicolae Tanase says:

    You are it babe! You are karma. The article you wrote is a consequence of your karmic propensities…

  9. 1154557757905723@facebook.com' Jose Esteves Castillo says:

    Because I dated Wilma.

  10. jandarlington@sympatico.ca' Janice says:

    I disagree with your view as I have been an astrologer for 35 years and with the birth day,month ,year, time and and minute of birth,plus place of birth, the chart I draw up tells the whole story and why each of us are here and what for to correct.The things that happen to such good people are hard to understand until you see their astro chart.It is all there to behold– karma… and experiencing what they have done to others to learn a lesson.It comes to test us exactly as the transiting planets hit the areas to affect us.I took on Astrology as a research prove to disprove.Everything that has happened to me was looked up after the incident and what a shock it was each time.It hit home clearly that this was karma and it made me think intensely about myself and what I must get from this very upsetting experience. Without accepting karma –I don’t know how I would have handled this life of mine.I then knew it was for a reason and I had asked myself from about age 5, why I was here and what for.I have done hundreds of charts for others and I got goosebumps so often if I knew the client.I proved what I wanted to know.Things happen for a reason. For me Karma is a fact of life…and it does help others once they know why they experienced a horrendous experience..From all this info we learn who we really are also–the positive and the negative and our free will can be used within certain limits ….except for the karma.

    • concept_machine@hotmail.com' Daryl karma comment says:

      Can you give examples? How does a chart say Karma for this experience or that? How can a chart possibly show past life actions and present life pay ups? I thought astrology showed what energies would be flowing through people and the life experience manifestations resulting from those energies. Astrology is a science so please let me know, i am dying to know how you know from astrology karma is true.

  11. 728368487269667@facebook.com' Lisa Westphall says:

    The only thing I believe in is myself. I am and someday I won’t be. I don’t have time to sit and ponder my navel or star into the sky. Everything I own, feel think or believe will die with me. I’m on the down side of my life and don’t want to waste a moment of it contemplating anything other that what I can do right now. fun is good B|

  12. 510958119056043@facebook.com' Vernon Nielsen says:

    Karma is as simple as , what you think being your life, so if you think crappy things you’ll have a crappy life and draw crappy things and people to you. i lived that life for a very long time. When you realize dharma you being to reverse that and start bringing positive things into your life by being positive. Whatever you do to others you will be made to suffer or find joy in. I’ve seen that all my life.

  13. 1617076701880128@facebook.com' Samantha Blaise says:

    I have a way of looking at karma that it is no different than like attracts like… It is a natural law of the universe… I just wrote about it and the Law of Attraction here 🙂 https://samanthablaise22.wix.com/diy-blog#!Karma-the-Law-of-Attraction/c1kw6/55e87c4a0cf20cc5249f659b

  14. 948173371870792@facebook.com' Barry Flanagan says:

    I believe the universe is a state of plasma and you can’t do shit about it.

  15. 598182143617624@facebook.com' David Holmes says:

    Cause and affect. Consequences of choices. How could the not be karma?

  16. 1649037558643907@facebook.com' Chad Woodhouse says:

    Karma is the energy we receive and put out through our heart. Admitting / forgiving guilt with luv will open our conscious allowing us to visualize and voice our peace.

  17. 10205006079099697@facebook.com' Aaron J. Baker says:

    So true, you create your own reality and if you believe that you owe karma, then your intentions will create it. Spot on with this article. The fallacy of karma keeps us in slavery despite what you might think Nad Mallek

  18. 971066692945874@facebook.com' Miguel G. Villegas says:

    thats encouraging people to do crappy things to others, and people who have been hurt and hurt to lose faith that their oppressors are free to do whatever without any consequence. Makes me want to go take their life now lol but not really i still believe in karma. Cuz my heart is beautiful and not to be neglected.

  19. 10153497503934494@facebook.com' Brandon Broach says:

    Not believing in Lady Karma is bad karma.

  20. 518509311638753@facebook.com' Alan Evenson says:

    I don’t believe in luck, good or bad. I don’t believe in coincidence. I do believe in Karma.

  21. 1646912602259572@facebook.com' Bobby Bronson says:


  22. 1120733321288785@facebook.com' David Murray says:

    Karma is cause and effect.

  23. 414903182028421@facebook.com' Sky Perez says:

    You shouldn’t tell anyone what they should believe in its OK to share this

  24. 10206880188661045@facebook.com' Jacques Lazcano Anaya says:

    The Author should read Jiddu krishnamurtis books. Just by reading the article I could tell his knowledge comes from his own mind and not his soul.

    • 839886522727675@facebook.com' Mukesh Chauhan says:


  25. 665872100216319@facebook.com' Maggie Tutton says:

    I believe what Gos around comes back and bits you on the bum

  26. 10153133634957616@facebook.com' Julena Meroiti says:

    Yes being ATTACHED is the key … go right along with this!

  27. 10207676865182745@facebook.com' Jack Daw says:

    why you should know that “karma” means “action” 🙂

  28. 1627239797548387@facebook.com' Douglas Fur says:

    “In all your logic you will lose much wisdom”, don’t know who said this and it’s probably quoted wrong but you get the drift. I don’t agree with this at all and shows a basic misunderstanding about karma and self realization. That’s what happens when the ego starts driving the car and then maya shapes the perception.

  29. lisa@sacredintrovert.com' Lisa A says:

    “In all your logic you will lose much wisdom”, don’t know who said this and it’s probably quoted wrong but you get the drift. I don’t agree with this at all and shows a basic misunderstanding about karma and self realization. That’s what happens when the ego starts driving the car and then maya shapes the perception.

  30. 1461007180896023@facebook.com' Valkie Norskie says:

    Cut the karma trip…service and devotion

  31. 10153470730107211@facebook.com' Dave Berlinger says:

    Karma does not need you to believe in it.

  32. 10204954720280939@facebook.com' Mark Kubiske says:

    It might as well be titled, don’t believe in anything.

  33. 10204837006548491@facebook.com' Matthew Chapin says:

    Karma is: worrying brings no good….creates atmosphere for illness/disease. Being kind promotes healthy mind, body, and soul…..what’s wrong with that?

  34. 1489405484716244@facebook.com' Michaela Steflicek says:

    Karma needs a ‘Hand’

  35. 389999897875675@facebook.com' Ronald Durham says:

    There is far too much evidence supporting the existence of Karma to deny it’s existence.

  36. 10206301861098765@facebook.com' Amber Priest says:

    it is nam ^a-mark

  37. 1618770278391770@facebook.com' Shana Wyatt says:

    Karma just means “action.”
    Like an ocean “waves.”
    What does “belief” have to do with it??
    If peops can not feel that they have GRAND AFFECT rippling out at the slightest thought or move, they have yet to feel what it is to truely be “alive.”

  38. 933355746708379@facebook.com' Sun Juan says:

    I learned about karma way beyond I heard word karma.

  39. 10204477154480241@facebook.com' AF Sonny Jose says:

    ”It comes un-announced” normally….:-)

  40. 1656689144576593@facebook.com' Aoun Syed says:

    Because its a B*H?

  41. 828221393960430@facebook.com' Tracy Marcus says:


  42. 10153118754780920@facebook.com' Rich Brightbill says:

    Karma is as real as your Ego ….. as well as reincarnation this is the suporting structure to keep us STUCK in this soldar system ..and comming back to heal the Guilt from all our sins / trespasses …..This is our fate if we continue to listen to the Ego’s thought system of Duality ……. There is a way out but It will require some mind training … ACIM is a self study course that will allow you to Recognise the diference between the Ego thought system and the Holy Spirits Thought system …and make a consious CHOICE to chose LOVE over FEAR …. this is the only way out of the illusion we have made ! Our Making it is part of the reason we protect it and beleive it and support it God’s reality is not an illusion and we are not Bodies … We are free , we are as God Created us …

  43. 1464262183883570@facebook.com' Ignacio Benipayo says:

    Some say “minalas lang” better luck next time.

  44. 10207500981902463@facebook.com' Michael Hoffman says:

    What you SHOULD believe in is your ability to change your story by choice.

  45. 10207781139556287@facebook.com' Jason Torrens says:

    Amen. There is no such thing. Just like Santa Claus and Sasquatch. Its a belief system like any other religion. Best to be avoided, like any other religion. Actually, none of what this dude talks about is real.

  46. 839886522727675@facebook.com' Mukesh Chauhan says:

    Consciousness is the key to life. It is the most fundamental thing in our Universe. Everything starts from here with thoughts believes karma action attitude….

  47. 885873118126846@facebook.com' Stephen Lee says:

    Those of us that have undergone hypnotic regression have the benefit of reviewing experience outside of the conventional life paradigm, and by karmic debt, we are talking more about an expansion of loving consciousness and learning from our experience and less about a form of “debt settlement.”

  48. 174933256172661@facebook.com' Wendy Perea says:

    Karma is not a story karma: destiny or fate ; following as effect from cause

  49. 174933256172661@facebook.com' Wendy Perea says:

    Karma is real

  50. 873204432763203@facebook.com' Jason McDonald says:

    To even think that there is karma is a joke, I do a lot good things for lots of people, and still manage to get fucked in the end, sometimes I think I shoukd be one of the many asshole’s in this world cause then maybe something will go my way once in awhile!

  51. 1171884296161641@facebook.com' Jasper Christiaan Van Dam says:

    Bla bla bla…
    Karma answer resort
    “Key Ara Amy, Yk Komshiquas, Souls are Am(Anna Messengers) but they keep lying Heer!

    High Energy Expectations Reverbs Remains…

    Some souls may be lost… Traction control is on…

    Transform all, Karma is on then, a (Henna Anabeth Hierarchy)

    False story Men, recummulate it!
    If you don’t know the word, then we make it in Annaland!

    All program based hoods!

  52. 10200797364213025@facebook.com' Niki Puerto says:

    Doren Purificacion may naalala ka ba sa word na to… Hehehe

  53. 1060211694013484@facebook.com' India Kerr says:

    Because some people would be afraid knowing karma is on the way..

  54. 1143927238955574@facebook.com' DeAnna Johnson says:

    Shawn Priest

  55. 853080211465836@facebook.com' Terisa Askandra Madina says:

    1000 likes karma thing its an hoax, on aside lets never for get that what we are is what we get because our vibrations will match as same ones as the ones we atract 😉 karmas/darmas are an hoax from the matrix sistem!!!

  56. 911718478895101@facebook.com' David Bailey says:

    in the west you call it what goes around wil comt around

  57. 10208061197306940@facebook.com' Andrei Fazekas says:


  58. 1514455685512199@facebook.com' Esperanca Espie Takalani says:

    I don’t believe in crap

  59. 800446666720362@facebook.com' Champika Weraniyagoda says:

    “karma’ cause and effect …in simply.. and ” chethana ham bikkave,,kamman vadami…the basic…

  60. 800446666720362@facebook.com' Champika Weraniyagoda says:

    chethanaham bikkave kamman vadami…basic..in simply…cause and effect …

  61. 800446666720362@facebook.com' Champika Weraniyagoda says:


  62. 10205205623522992@facebook.com' K-pota Adrian says:

    Is better to keep your Faith 🙂

  63. 959109950814898@facebook.com' Steve Hammett says:

    More likecwhy you should believe in karma mother fucks!!!! 😉

  64. 1487973438181932@facebook.com' Melyn Ocmayon says:

    That is true their is a karma,,good and bad karma

  65. 10153029877857624@facebook.com' Luis Enrique Eguren says:

    Joseph Stalin?

  66. 10203957124722365@facebook.com' Charissa Currie says:

    SOMETIMES Karma makes since in Some situations,you don’t pay your water bill your water will be shut off, you park in a no parking zone your likely to get a ticket, but the problem is that people are using karma for victim blaming if someone is raped , attacked or abused karma is being used as an excuse to continue the attack on that person by telling them they deserved it and giving people an excuse to look the other way . If karma was the cause in those situation then thats like saying it was the criminals fate to attack us like they did not have a choice it’s making them look like the victim stuck doing karma’s bidding . when did the karma start in first place somewhere down the line someone had to do something to someone who did not deserve it . I don’t believe karma is always the reason for what happens in life, life doesn’t always make since and sometimes good people who work hard and do everything right still get hurt and its not their fault.

  67. visa.lehtinen@yahoo.com' Visa Lehtinen says:

    Good article and I have to agree with this church karma bullshit, and how you have to create good karma in order to free yourself from evil. The thing is we are all good and evil as we have both sides dark and light and it’s ones own decision to do right or wrong. Karma is action, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, it simply is and you decide if it’s good or bad, preferably before the karma. So you need to plan it in your mind before you act and see effects and consequences of the specific karma you are inclined in.

    Everything is everything, so also the past karma will effect upon your current karma no doubt, but past karma can and should be, when concerned as harmful, unlearned and developed new healthy habits instead.

  68. concept_machine@hotmail.com' Daryl karma comment says:

    If karma is real, ask yourself, how will we ever pay it off?!?!?!? We have eaten so so so many animals every month of every year of every life time. We were rarely vegitarian. So all those fishing murders and suffocation pains of fish, slaughter of chicken, pigs, …. think of all the meat you ate this life alone. So now what? We are 90 lifetimes of pain atleast in karmic debt from this life alone?!?!? How can karma be part of the plan if it can never be paid off?! As the law of cause and effect goes, where is the proof that if you do cause pain to another, that pain will cause some chain reaction effect that eventually makes its way back to us? Revenge is the only way for it to make its way back as far as i can tell. Tell me why do some famous psychics say karma is real while others do not? Karmic belief came from India religion and we all know religion is just a form of control because most people 90% in my opinion are very very gullible and don’t know how to question beliefs.

  69. thewalkweseek@gmail.com' Katie says:

    The issue I have with “karma” isn’t so much that I believe karma does not exist, per say. In a sense I do believe in it.

    However, my problem is that when people talk about karma, they use the word to incur their own judgement on others. Who are you to determine what is “good” karma and what is “bad” Karma? They say killing is bad Karma, but what about all the predators who have to hunt and kill prey in order to survive? They’re just doing it to survive. Are they creating “bad” karma? Then there are others who say suicide is bad karma. But what if it was supposed to happen? What if that was their lesson? Does nobody consider that possibility? No, they just use their karmic judgments.

    See, that’s where I fully agree with this article. The belief in karma does in fact prevent us from experiencing unconditional love. For example, let’s say a person was raped. One who heavily believes in karmic punishment might say that this person deserved it because of something they did in a past life. That is nowhere near unconditional love for the victim, they cannot feel sympathy, empathy or compassion for the victim as long as they believe the victim deserved it. This point cannot be denied.

    However, I don’t necessarily agree with the article that unconditional love is the answer for everything. For one, all love, at least love between two humans, is conditional to varying degrees. For two, we did not come on this earth to only experience love. For many of us, love does not happen within our lifetimes.

    I was raised eclectic and have been exposed to all sorts of religious beliefs growing up, from Christianity to atheism to witchcraft to Buddhism. My mother’s side of the family is predominantly pagan, and one of the most disgusting things I saw was them constantly criticizing other people’s “karma” when in fact by judging others, you often end up just creating more “karma” for yourself.

    Quit assuming people deserve bad things happening to them. By believing that, you are going to get a bad slap in the face from the universe for being judgmental. Trust me, the universe has given me more than one spanking whenever I have gotten too judgmental. The truth is none of us have the answers for everything, and none of us are better than anybody else. We all suffer and we all have our happy moments. Just live life and don’t worry so much about your “karma”, and try not to worry about others. Whatever is meant to happen in your life will work out, karma or no karma.

  70. rama.ananth@gmail.com' Rama says:

    My God, stop believing in such nonsense called Karma. By doing so, you give the power you have within you to change, for you have given off the power to ‘Karma’ believing that it would take care of the good and bad in your life.
    Don’t be lazy, and fall back into the comforting feeling that what has to happen would happen. It is not like that, for you have the power to change things in your life, that power which we all have, it is the switch to the light , unless you switch it on you will not get light, so use it and stop saying ‘Karma’ would take care .
    Why do you want to keep on going round and round in the vicious cycle of Karma, when you can break away from the cycle any moment and jump to freedom .
    These are all man made beliefs that have drummed into our heads from generations , to keep the fear of God in us. We don’t need to fear our creator, he would be happy if we left the cycle and did something different and good .
    But if we still find comfort in following the mob mentality, then no body can stop us, we can change only if we want to change.
    There may be many explanation for Karma, but it is not compulsory to believe in them, be bold take the road not taken and see how free and unburdened you feel .
    Why throw karmic garbage at everybody, thinking that we have to give everybody tit for tat.
    Say to yourself, that ” I am neither indebted to anyone nor do I feel anybody is indebted to me”
    You have to believe it and then say it .
    Believe in yourself, and remember that ” you are the architect of your own destiny”. No one is responsible for the mistakes you have committed, and no one is responsible for your happiness too.

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