At CLN, Our Passion & Purpose is to Educate and ELEVATE

The mission of Conscious Life News is to be a global leader in the consciousness-raising of the planet. We believe that as more and more people raise their consciousness towards a unity consciousness, the world will reach a tipping point and the vast majority of problems in the world (wars, government corruption, corporate greed, environmental issues, etc.) will be resolved.

Quantum Activism

Towards that end, we invite our readers to follow the lead of Dr. Amit Goswami and Become a Quantum Activist:

We have created the problems of our world; we have to recreate the world of solutions… Conventional activism separates, us (those doing right) versus them (those doing wrong).  Quantum physics says that all is movement of consciousness; we are the world.  There is no us versus them. There is only movement toward consciousness or away from consciousness… Quantum activism focuses both on individual and collective change.  Today our activists perpetuate the separateness that creates the problems we want resolved.  We ‘battle’ the perpetrators of the problems, negativity with negativity.  Quantum activism will succeed where other activist movements failed because they are founded on separateness.” ~ Dr. Amit Goswami

Our Focus

We believe that the majority of the mainstream “news” on this planet is negative, and is motivated by corporate greed and/or nation-building. Since what we focus on as a society is what will ultimately grow stronger, at CLN, we openly choose to focus on positive, forward-thinking happenings and information.

We have no agenda except to share the things that can positively impact people’s lives. We continually look for answers and creative solutions that lie outside of the perceptual “box” of our current, mass culture.

We strive to BE the change we want to see in the world. We believe that we can make a difference and so can YOU!


We believe in providing content that ELEVATEs our readers to a higher state of consciousness and motivates them to take positive action in their lives.

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has identified a phenomenon he calls “elevation” (read his article here). Haidt says it is “elicited by acts of virtue or moral beauty; it causes warm, open feelings in the chest; and it motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” That's exactly the feeling and call to action we want for you and for ourselves.

Here's what “elevate” means to us and how we aim to serve you:

elevate word 565Educate – We seek to educate you on matters regarding the body, mind & spirit with the latest news on physical and mental health, and philosophies and practices that enrich the spirit in a non-denominational way.

Love – We want to create a community where everyone feels loved and supported. Please act from compassion and respect when you interact on Facebook or in the CLN comments sections.

Embrace Diversity – We desire to create a CLN community that embraces diversity and honors differences. We see every being on the planet as an emanation of the one divine source and believe that everyone is sacred.

Visualize – We promise to focus on a positive future, and on creative mutually-beneficial solutions for the worlds ills. We seek to provide articles and videos that offer tools to help us collectively envision and create a better world.

Activate – We strive to motivate you to take action in the world. In this information age, we now have tools like the internet that help to us connect and be heard as one strong voice. Big, environmentally irresponsible companies are losing stock value because of us. Together, we CAN genuinely make a difference!

Transform – These times are changing fast and we're all being asked to wake up and become the highest possible version of ourselves. Through our articles and free weekly Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (CLASS), we aim to help you continually grow and transform in the most expedient and enriching ways.

Engage – We hope to inspire you to engage in the expansion of CLN and of consciousness on the planet so that all beings can thrive. We ask that you share our articles as often as possible (daily would be great!), and let us know when newsworthy and/or elevating events are happening in your corner of the globe, so we can share them with the world.

Be the Change

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

We believe that we can make a difference and so can YOU.

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