Berkeley Doctor Claims People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer [Watch]

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Amanda Froelich | True Activist

People who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who undergo chemotherapy, says Dr. Jones.

According to recent statistics, approximately 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetimes. This saddening reality is made worse when it is acknowledged that modern methods of ‘treating’ the disease are often ineffective and only make the symptoms of the disease worse. In fact, according to one Berkeley doctor, chemotherapy doesn’t work 97% of the time.

In the eye-opening video above, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses how ‘leading edge’ cancer treatment is a sham.

He has personally studied the life expectancy of patients for more than 25 years and has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy does more harm than good. The bone-chilling realization prompted Dr. Jones to speak out against the billion-dollar cancer industry.

“People who refused chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who are undergoing chemotherapy,” said Dr. Jones of his study, which was published in the New York Academy of Science.

“People who accepted chemotherapy die within three years of diagnosis, a large number dies immediately after a few weeks.” 

According to the physician, the only reason doctors prescribe chemotherapy is because they make money from it. Such an accusation doesn’t seem unreasonable, as cancer treatment runs, on average, between $300,000 – $1,000,000 per treatment.



 “Patients with breast cancer who reject conventional therapy live four times longer than those who follow the system. So this is something that you will not hear in the mass media, which will continue to carry the myth that the best chemotherapy drug in the fight against cancer!”

Despite the fact that the United States spends more on healthcare than any other high-income nation in the world, diseases of affluence continue to increase in prevalence, resulting in a shorter life expectancy.

Perhaps this is because mainstream media and the allopathic healthcare system don’t teach about the importance of preventative medicine. Eating a healthy diet, engaging in exercise, thinking positive thoughts, reducing stress, and enjoying the company of others – or habits that bring joy – are all proven to improve longevity and happiness.

In addition, potent all-natural medicines, such as cannabis oil, are also strictly regulated and illegal in many areas – despite the fact that CBD-rich oil from the marijuana plant is listed as a remedy on the U.S.’ National Cancer Institute’s website.

As it is, there is no money in a healthy population, which is why fast food joints and pharmaceutical industries thrive in America. Hopefully, Dr. Jones’ efforts will inspire people to seek out alternative options if they or someone they know develops the debilitating disease.

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83 Reader Comments

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  1. How many doctors prescribe diet, nutrition and exercise to both prevent AND cure many cancers?

  2. Keshnie Shannon Pillay

  3. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    I’d believe this… It’s why I’d never go through it… I’ve seen, taken care of people going through the chemo and radiation and no,,, I’d not do it!!

  4. Amicus Curae Amicus Curae says:

    Could it be America’s holocaust? Or rather genocide of sorts ?

  5. Hector Lopez Hector Lopez says:

    Chemo Kills 97% of people exposed to it. Get your body Alkaline and live Cancer free.

  6. I have seen family members go through Chemotherapy,once cancer is found,and they don’t live long after.So yes I have questioned it.

  7. Did you know that over the last year’s nearly 60 holistic doctors curing cancer and other illnesses have died under mysterious circumstances?

  8. Serena Tarr Serena Tarr says:

    I have believed this for a long time.

  9. I always thought that people died from the chemo and not the cancer

  10. I believe chemo kills faster than dad endured 2 years of chemo and from secondary infections is what was what took his life. The chemo lowered his own defenses to prevent him from getting sick even further. I don’t think chemo helped one bit.

  11. Sick of the hype about cancer. They are not going to let us beat it because they make a ton of money from chemo and the awful drugs they administer. Look to England or Germany for a cure. They are not profiting from chemo like we are. My father died from cancer 60 yrs ago and all the money that has been donated. Where’s the cure??

  12. Kathy Popp Kathy Popp says:

    some do, some don’t

  13. The insinuation being that the hundreds of millions of people who have survived cancer after receiving chemotherapy would have survived anyway without it??? Really???

  14. it gives birth to new cancer cells over time.

  15. I’m not a Doctor so I don’t know how it supposed to work…
    But being a pharmaceutical compounder.. I know for sure that cancer medicine like Florouracil and Doxorovicin and all other cancer med are hazardous….
    We even use biosuit to process the product…. And they inject that into your blood stream…
    How does that work???..

  16. A lot of us have known this for a long, long time but had no one to back us up with proof.

  17. Uh duuuh chemotherapy is really hard on your body. They pump poison into you. It’s a fine line between what kills the cancer cells and what kills you. I didn’t know this was a secret

  18. David Varro David Varro says:

    Had a friend with cancer he didn’t know it and you couldn’t tell until he got on chemo.

  19. David Varro David Varro says:

    How long can a cancer patient live without chemo

    • Adri Vega Adri Vega says:

      I’d like to know that too.

    •' Janet says:

      I don’t know. It likely depends on the type of cancer, how advanced it is, etc. I can give you my own experience though. But it still won’t tell much.

      I was born with cancer, but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was 2 1/2 years old. It had grown into a very large retinoblastoma tumor in my left eye. I am 70 years old now, and back then they didn’t have chemo or radiation for that. So, they removed my eye and sent me home to die. For some reason I did not die, obviously. Most children with that cancer did die within 5 years or so without treatment.
      At some point they started doing treatments, not sure what all, but I believe it was radiation. They did it so strong that kid’s faces were caving in on the side that had been treated. The they stayed alive until late teens, early 20s. Last I heard they have lowered the power of the radiation and people are living longer lives.

      But I never had any treatment except the removal of my eye. And I lived 70 years, more if we count the time in the womb when I likely contracted it.

      Then when I was 66 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 2. I’ve seen people die sooner than they might have. The doctors wanted to do chemo. I turned it down. It had not spread beyond my left breast, that they could tell, even though it had spread within that breast. I had both removed.

      I’m 70 now and am still taking one pill they gave me, an anti estrogen pill. The type of breast cancer I had was estrogen receptive. I will take that for another year. It is a sort of chemo drug,but much milder than the hard core chemo drugs, but thinking about it, that one made sense to me due to the estrogen.
      They gave me odds based on the cancer, the one pill and nothing else and my odds were 90% that i’d live for 5 years without cancer. So far I’ve lived almost 4 without cancer. I didn’t bother to look at the odds if I’d had chemo. I knew already that with 90% odds, I was not going to risk taking chemo.
      I’ve been examined even with a pet scan, and am not showing signs of the cancer spreading.

      I’ve lost friends from cancer. Sometimes it was the aggressive form of cancer they got after the chemo treatments. We have a relative who died during a chemo session.

      And the thing is, the human death rate is 100%. So, at my age, I figure I want to live and enjoy and feel as good as I can, regardless. This is MY body and MY life. I was so lucky to get through that deadly cancer as a child. I’ve enjoyed this life SO much. When it is time for me to move on to whatever is next, then I will. I don’t want chemo.
      Excuse me for going on about this.

    • If you read the article you would know. I will help you be lazy and tell you that it said people who refuse chemo live 12 years longer.

  20. Julie Wo Julie Wo says:

    my dad had throat cancer he died from the pneumonia because of treatments made him to weak to fight so he didn’t die from the cancer.

  21. big pharmaceutical companies benefit from people with cancer…so they can sell drugs….people are being poisoned with FLUORIDE in drinking water…claiming is good for preventing decays …is no proven facts that fluoride prevents decays….still we are forced to drink it..also all the chemicals in food and personal deodorants…cause cancer….

  22. Carol Swick Carol Swick says:

    Most of you know I am Homeopathic .. I don’t take any drugs… I don’t trust in allopathic healthcare system.. ((( license to PRACTICE)) HUGE JOKE…. PRACTICE ON SOMEONE ELSE!!!!…. I do know sometimes we need them… but most times they need us …. big fancy house and nice little sports car & golf is expensive … PLEASE PUT YOUR HEALTH CARE IN YOUR HANDS… More fruits, more veggies, more fresh fish.. less meat
    AND The power of Prayer is an AMAZING cure for anything.. May God be with you and in you all the days of your life. <3

  23. Leda Sid Leda Sid says:

    Khalid Sid Sam Talash Khatra Yaqubi Calesis Telesh must read article

    • Quite accurate, many other studies suggest that when chemo is inserted in our blood stream, it burns all good and bad cells known to be cancerous cells. Chemo is highly strong and our body is not equipped to coop with it, while it is in process to kill majority of bad cells(cancerous cell). In short, if our good cells are burned; our body automatically, will response negatively and sends signals to our respiratory organs whom might fail to fighting in such a vulnerable state!
      -Nas Wassel

  24. I truly believe this my step mother was given a strong dose of two different kinds of chemo and died a few weeks after receiving those doses of chemo for her non-hodgkins lymphoma.

  25. Barb Simmons Barb Simmons says:

    I have read there is a cure for cancer for years…but FDA has an agreement with pharmaceuticals not to release cure because it would put them out of business!!!

  26. The big challenge when doing chemo, what dies first disease, or host? It is all about profit

  27.' Sarah says:

    100% agreed this must b stopped! Good will win in the end, until then dear ones stay strong & mindful.

  28. Debi Cross Debi Cross says:

    Audrey King read this opinion of chemo.

  29. Steve Pastor Steve Pastor says:

    Fuck cancer, it’s manmade causes and the pharmaceutical$ they call “treatment”..RIP mom

  30. Crazy my mom just got killed by the hospital last year

  31. Indrani Kota Indrani Kota says:

    I feel that immune system plays a vital role in treating cancer.
    If immune system has the capacity to overcome the effect of treatment , no problem.
    Always the treatment should be started with a very low dose.
    If the patient is mentally strong, nothing can weaken him.
    Psyco oncology is gaining importance now a days

  32. I am feeling wealthy when i am healthy.

  33. Roopi Babra Roopi Babra says:

    i believe its true…. sad…

  34. Ang Koernke Ang Koernke says:

    The messed up thing is is if you’re a parent you have no choice they force you or take your kid

  35. Dru Ellan Mitchell

  36. Karen Jane Karen Jane says:

    I don’t know it’s so sad … Live healthy lives eat home grown food don’t eat meat filled with hormones they then enter your body… Laugh and follow your hearts ??

  37. Tina Sihra Tina Sihra says:

    Chemo is so toxic, one has to wonder….

  38. Lava Bai Lava Bai says:

    Much of what he said- I have been thinking. Does anyone know what the 10 questions are? What is salinium?

  39. Scott Vongphrachanh

  40. Marie Davis Marie Davis says:

    Yes I do believe Chemo kills cancer patients. Chemo is absolutely POISEN to the human body!!!!

  41. The first chemo drug was created after it was discovered in WWII that mustard gas causes toxic changes in bone marrow. Nitrogen mustard is a compound in one of the chemo drugs.

    I’m not saying that it’s never helped someone, but it’s known that chemo damages both healthy and cancer cells. So it’s known that chemo is dangerous.

  42. Bio Sattva Bio Sattva says:

    marijuana CURES CANCER.

  43. Bio Sattva Bio Sattva says:

    chemo is POISON

  44. We need to use prevention rather than cure, naturally, Chemotherapy is poison!

  45.' Barb Muller says:

    I am a stage four colin cancer patient and have been for two years. I receive chemo twice a month. 48 treatments in and i’m still alive my cancer is gone every where but my liver. However it has shrunk so small it’s almost gone.I do agreeiit’s poision,however it’s working . I do believe they will never say they have cured cancer because it is big business. You would shut down the industry today if they said they found a cure. So I guess i’ll take my chemo for now and just live my life as I have for the last two years. I’m alive ,i’m blessed everyday, and greatfull for having a life at all .God bless all who are suffering .One day at a time is our motto!!!

  46.' Leah says:

    Had cancer and had chemotherapy!!! So alive!!!

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