Researchers Finally Confirm There Is Life After Death

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By Amando Flavio | We Are Anonymous

The mystery of death is not to be told. It is something to be experienced. We all know one thing for sure: we are all going to die one day. And when we do die, we may not get the opportunity to come back and explain our experience.

Many religions believe in life after death. It is said the soul goes out of the body to live a new life in the spiritual realm. A wicked person is sent to hell to be tormented by a blazing fire, while a righteous person is sent to heaven to live an eternal and joyful life.

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However, scientists believe that this religious interpretation of death is just a mythology. Some researchers have therefore devoted themselves to unraveling this mystery. The starting point: establish that there is some sort of life after death.

At the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, researchers have confirmed in a new study that there is indeed life after death. The study has been published in the online journal Resuscitation.

The study is said to be the largest ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences. The study revealed that some awareness may continue even after the brain has shut down completely. A human being is pronounced clinically dead if the heart stops beating and the brain shuts down. The condition can also be called cardiac arrest.

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According to the researchers, they spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Austria. They found that nearly 40 percent of people who survived their resuscitation, described some kind of awareness during the time when they were clinically dead.

Of the 2,060 cardiac arrest patients studied, 330 survived and of 140 surveyed, 39 percent said they had experienced some kind of awareness while being resuscitated. Although many of them could not recall specific details, some themes emerged. One in five said they had felt an unusual sense of peacefulness, while nearly one third said the time had slowed down or speeded up.

Some recalled seeing a bright light; a golden flash or the Sun shining. Others recounted feelings of fear, drowning or being dragged through deep water. 13 percent said they had felt separated from their bodies, and the same number said their senses had been heightened.

A 57-year-old man from Southampton, who was pronounced dead for three minutes, said he left his body entirely, watching his resuscitation from the corner of the room. He was able to accurately recount the actions of the nursing staff and the sound of the machines used in his resuscitation process.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr. Sam Parnia said the study accurately revealed that people experience some awareness after death.

Dr. Parnia was quoted as saying: “We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating. But in this case, conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes into the period when the heart wasn’t beating, even though the brain typically shuts down within 20-30 seconds after the heart has stopped. The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly, he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three-minute intervals. So we could time how long the experienced lasted for. He seemed very credible and everything that he said had happened to him had actually happened.”

Dr. Parnia also added that many more people may have experienced when they are close to death, but the drugs or sedatives used in the process of resuscitation may stop them from remembering.

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“Estimates have suggested that millions of people have had vivid experiences in relation to death but the scientific evidence has been ambiguous at best. Many people have assumed that these were hallucinations or illusions but they do seem to correspond to actual events. And a higher proportion of people may have vivid death experiences, but do not recall them due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory circuits. These experiences warrant further investigation,” Dr Parnia said.

Commenting on the study, the editor-in-chief of the journal Resuscitation, Dr Jerry Nolan said Dr Parnia and his colleagues are to be congratulated on the completion of a fascinating study that will open the door to more extensive research into what happens when we die.

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134 Reader Comments

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  1. I worked in the ICU and took care of a man that was clinically dead but resuscitated, then put into a controlled coma. After awakening from this coma, he told me the most amazing things. He said he was a changed man after this experience.

  2. Source consciousness in a human suit gathering experiences

  3. I was dead in my sleep and my body was not functioning but yes your consciousness aka soul does live after it leaves the body. I knew i wasnt in my body when i had died in my sleep but somehow i managed to get back in my body and breathe again

    • Sounds like you naturally astroprojected , how do you know you died if you were asleep ? Your consciousness doesn’t have a “animal” pulse, rather a vibratory kinetic pulse

      •' Daniel Stokes says:

        This is correct, but, there is a way of knowing if you’re dead or not on the other side. The difference between the dead and the astral projectors (this is everyone living btw) is the silver chord tethering you to your physical body. A great deal of awareness is required, not only to notice this but, to recall it as well. Hope this helps…

    • For one I was really unhealthy. Doctor told me I was ready to have a stroke at any moment either during sleep or while aware. I knew I was dead for sure since I was out of my own body I saw myself just laying there. I think science has its limitations on points past death experiences since for some reason its always questionable and biased. Those who have not experienced this would not know or understand. Felt like I was gone for at least 2minutes… Just floatin trying to figure out how to get back in without panic. So yeah I died and came back plain and simple. I believe laws of science can be broken at will. 🙂 but this event was against mine.

      •' Ken says:

        Fascinating! I have a friend who died while getting an angioplasty. All he could tell me was “I can’t really explain other than to say there is more beyond our life here.

      •' D Willis says:

        When I was 27 I was sleeping and then became aware that I was floating over my body. Momentarily, I panicked and then calmed down and re-entered my ”sleeping’ body.

    • ^^^Same thing happend to me once. During this, I was somehow tethered to my physical body by a thin silvery string. I could see my body, and could move however far away I wanted to. Somehow I knew that if the string broke, I couldn’t come back. Although the scary part-for me anyway-was that something kept trying to sever the connection. Every so often, the string would grow taught and kinda vibrate erratically. I went back to my body, and woke up gasping for air. Almost like I hadn’t been breathing the whole time I was outside.

    • I believe you. I also felt a like I was hanging on by a string

    •' Ron Slobe says:

      The soul is amazing, how it can move from one person to another.I’m not sure how many I have picked up over the years.I know of one that is still with me,I picked him up in a dream,we talked about his family, he was just trying to get home,but he give me enough information that I found his family, but his wife think he’s around them.She wouldn’t listen to me so he’s at a dead end and can’t get home.

    • You may have astral projected.

    •' Alex Ryan says:

      An old step brother of mine had a hole in his heart and died whilst on the operating table and before they managed to revive him he said he came out of his body and floated upwards and could see every doctor that was in the room with him, true story

    •' Loraine Hill says:

      Astral projection is one thing, but leaving your body and looking at it thinking, “Now what do i do?” is another. It wasn’t my time or I’d have known what to do, so I came back to my body.

    • In my belief. after thr borrowed vessel expired,, the soul wanders looking fo a new shelter to live in..a new born my experience when ever I go t a certain place I’ve nevef been before ..I just found out looks familiar to me ..even a person I never met before…

      •' banoo says:

        That’s exactly the same for me, I had less experiences in my home country, but as soon as I moved to Germany I met people Who I have never met before but were very familiar to me, and the interesting is that when I travelled to Italy I was shocked with a kind of feeling like I’m in my real home, now I’m sure that I have lived both in Germany and Italy in my previous lives .

    • @ marianne i feel da same way…. although i nva seen the place or person i feel as if i have alredy been der… also happens to any incidents dat occur it feels as if i knew it was gng to happen

    • was it reincarnation? though I am a cristian who doesnt believe in it,, am still convince our SOUL still reborn to another living…

    • Dead while you were asleep? Don’t you think you were just sleeping?

    • I was fully aware while this happened. Not a dream or nightmare. I do not know any technique to do this at will nor do I wanna learn it. It was absolutely real and involuntary.

    • Ditto: there were thousands and thousands of others with me and total love all around comforting me: I woke up, heart pounding like a racing car engine. And there is an intense bright central light of spirit

  4. Yes. Hundred percent.

  5. Our conscious is nothing but an energy. Energy is never lost , it transcends to different forms and appears as life. Thus there is no death for life ?

  6. Of course there is!!

  7.' JB Clark says:

    When will people realize that hoping for something ( no matter how strongly) doesn’t make it true? Also I wish that people would stop confusing “NEAR-death” with “DEAD”! Contrary to the doctor in this article claim the brain does NOT completely stop functioning when the heart stops. Yes the heart and lungs stop circulating blood but the brain still has oxygenated blood in it allowing it to function (at a different level). Some people are in better physical condition than others with better circulation which is why their blood stays oxygenated a bit longer than an out of shape or elderly patient. If you’ll notice there is a distinct correlation between the younger, stronger, healthier accident near-death experiences and the frequency of their “out-of-body” experience or percieved phenomenon. There is no evidence that any consciousness has ever existed without a brain…..and when a person dies they deteriorate… does the brain!

    •' Kuro Fox says:

      but there is…when peoples brains have literally shut down…its a thing too with people who have experienced such a thing.

    •' JB Clark says:

      Kuro Fox….can you show me evidence that their brain has in fact “shut down” (as in no activity and unable to function). This article makes the false claim that once the heart stop the brain ceases to function ( as in simultaneously )….. this is not true. In most cases concerning cardiac arrest the brain activity is not being monitored. The studies conducted in death in which brain activity has been monitored show electrical impulses and synapses still firing for a short while after the heart stops beating. Again, there is no evidence as of yet even remotely suggesting consciousness exists outside of a brain.

    •' Shawn Race says:

      I’m sorry for you.

    •' JB Clark says:

      Shawn Race….Well, what a condescending thing to say….but I’ll bite and ask WHY?

    • He’s PROBABLY trying to convert you.

    •' JB Clark says:

      David Glenn Allen…..”convert” who to what? LOL!

    •' Angie Cook says:

      JB, it is something you don’t understand until it happens to you! It is a questionable subject having not experienced it!

    •' JB Clark says:

      Angie Cook….Sorry, but I understand the process by which the brain shuts down very well. There has been a great deal of research in this field. Science has mapped the brain to the point we can stimulate areas to create specific emotions, feelings, sounds, tastes, etc…..we even know where particular thoughts originate and what areas of the brain are most active when engaged in particular types of thoughts and activities. There is a Harvard Trained Phd. who researched brain functioning who suffered a severe stroke a while back who wrote a book called “My Stroke of Insight” that explains very well exactly what happens when the brain shuts down….this is very rare to have someone who knows exactly what is happening to them suffer this event, go through clinical death, a prolonged coma, and after awakening have to relearn to talk,, walk, etc. to be able to guide you through the whole event. Are these experiences profound? Sure they are….but alas, there is not thing about them that qualifies as “supernatural” or that would lead anyone who has taken the time to study it to think that “afterlife” has been proven. So, yes it is a “questionable subject” but there are answers to this questions. Look up Dr.. Jill Bolte Taylor on TED Talks. It’s worth the effort.

    • Google the name Eban Alexander. He is a neurosurgeon who felt the same as you until he had his own experience. His experience will make you rethink everything.

    •' JB Clark says:

      Sherry Appelman….yes, I’ve read his book “Proof of Heaven”. The problem with his claim is HE ISN’T DEAD. He never stopped having brain functions. Every bit of his story has been told by others many, many times and as I continue to point out – we know enough about how the brain works and the process of how it shuts down to explain exactly why this happens. Here is a major flaw in the belief of some “consciousness” existing after we die. We can see case study after case study of people who’ve suffered brain-damage. We know that in some cases that in many cases they lose cognitive function, memories, etc. and never regain them. There is no evidence that their “soul” or “spirit” or whatever you care to call ist is hanging out intact in ectoplasm or something. No….when a part of the brain is damaged then they lose part of themselves… it follows that when all the brain is damaged in death ALL of themselves is lost as well. I’m sorry that so many people find some confirmation in these stories of “trips to heaven” but there is exactly the same level of evidence that these stories are a reality as there is for UFO stories.

    • It actually said 20-30 seconds after the heart stops the brain stops.

    •' JB Clark says:

      Tinker Shipway…..yes, you are correct, it does say that…..however, this again isn’t necessarily true. To be specific – MEASURABLE brain activity usually ceases 30 – 40 seconds after the heart stops but can still be resuscitated for many minutes without noticeable damage to functionality.

    • Death…near death..all relative in nature…arrive in that moment…is a moment..of..certainty for all

    • I was dead….now..I live…..I was blind…yet now…I see

    • Semantics… dead…at some each human life experience. Is unique…so is each death experience is unique…and the unique arrival at moment. Of death

    • Theres a dr who was brain dead it was hooked up and monitered u can google search him he experienced the same thing and it is something u need to experience, this is not the only dimension and u wont realise because ur brain cant process this sort of thing. Its inside a box. No offence. And of the many things in this life the energy that leaves us is the least strangest. This life is not what it appears and maybe one day u open ur eyes. But who cares if u do or not, its ur journey. This article wasnt the best agreed but u can do ur own research and find answers 🙂

    •' JB Clark says:

      Shan Telly Lace (clever name!) What exactly was the doctor’s name? It is not the brain that is “in a box” but most people’s understanding of what an amazing thing it is…..however, I am willing to examine any evidence you have to present. But please understand your anecdotal stories, unvarifiable personal accounts, and assertions of other “dimensions” may sell a lot of books to gulible, superstitious people but they don’t count much for evidence.

    •' Emery Myers says:

      JB Clark, you are a very educated and reasonable person. Your points are strong and well-conveyed. Well stated! If so many here are enlightened….why the negative remarks?

    •' JB Clark says:

      Emery Myers….thank you for the compliment. I feel the negativity towards my skepticism is the usual combination of panic from fear of the unknown and willful ignorance. I don’t really blame them because the media bombard them with the emotion-filled stories and reports that appeal to people’s desire to live forever who’ve heard the religious majority preach the same sounding stuff for ages and they figure, “there are so many stories so there’s bound to be something to it.” Usually when someone is seeking confirmation for what they already want to believe and find it…..they don’t look any farther or dig any deeper. They feel that I must be an angry sad person who is just raining on their parade so they get touchy. The problem is, I’m niether angry nor sad and I do have a theory about death and the percieved “afterlife” experiences of the “near-dead”. Too bad no one ever seems to want to hear it. Lol…..but oh well, people are strange!

    •' Joanna Uribe says:

      Go ahead, tell your theory.

    •' JB Clark says:

      Joanna Uribe …..Well, it’s related to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…..When we consider that we as human beings are a part of the universe and contain mass and we are energy and we are bound by time. Each factor (mass, energy, and time) is required for our existence. In any equation when one of the values of the equation is reduce to zero (0) and any other number is multiplied by this factor the result = zero…..hence when the mass of our body made of energy runs out of time (as in time is no longer any meaningful factor to it) then the equation of life = 0. Also keep in mind that the number zero (0) is NOT nothing, but a symbol or code for an unknown as in……we don’t really know what this 0 actually is… is a non-factor. Each thought we have or memory we store requires time but at the moment of death time is no longer a factor because we are all out of time. But this death is only verified and quantified by those of us still living because it actually takes time to verify our death……it could be that in death we are no longer bound by time. The factor in our equation of relativity for time has been reduced to the non-factor of zero and we don’t really know exactly what that is. It could be that THAT moment (relative to the living) extends on forever those non longer bound by time. This would explain the very long and detailed “near-death” stories that seem to go on for days for a person who has merely been clinically dead for a minute or two or even 5. In much the same way our physics breaks down when we try to go back before the “Big Bang” since the way we reckon time starts with the “Big Bang” you are basically trying to ask, “what happened before time started.” The conundrum is to even say the words “before time” will lead you into a circle of nothingness. In the same way when you ask “what happens after the end of time?” How could we know…..and isn’t asking the question “what happens after we die?” the same as asking, “what happens after time?”….since in death we will all be, in fact, out of time? This is an interesting exercise of thought I don’t know there’s any real comfort to someone looking for something more concrete so I will leave you with this……I have heard many people say that they can’t imagine what it would be like NOT TO EXIST. I think that it’s only from lack of trying. I mean at this moment I am not in New York City but I do know that there are millions there right now at this very moment having a big ole time without me around. I also know that billions of years came and went here on Earth without my presence but more importantly to me is the question, “did my non-existence during these billions of years cause me any pain or discomfort at all?” NOPE! What would make me think it will be any different when I no longer exist in my present state again in death? Nothing that I can think of? What do you think?

  8.' Sheykh Ryan says:

    Huh v late Quran already speaks about d life after death..

  9.' Izhar Khan says:

    Ehsan Mamundzai Irshad Ul Haq

  10.' Jay Jonz says:

    Oh my gosh, DUH

  11.' Mike Carkuff says:


  12. Maybe, maybe not. But there is definitely a life before death, so lets try to make the best out of it 😉

  13.' Kuro Fox says:

    I didn’t know they finally did so more recently…it just seems that there was never any doubt but I thought they had known this much earlier in time then more recently.

  14. I prefer to focus on the present. Also you use the word “confirm” far too loosely

  15.' Eileen Young says:

    I absolutely know this to be true!

  16. That’s what they all think they saw!fuck outta here with this horse shit!

  17. Absolutely! We have God’s word, the Bible.

  18. we are made of energy, energy never dies just changes forms, eat some mushrooms they will show you stuff

  19.' David Mbewe says:

    looks as if researchers are always behind the game, how come yoga spoke of this topic long before i learnt to read

  20.' Gana Bowman says:

    That is all.

  21.' Wendy Hall says:

    There’s Life before Birth…..

  22. No,its an oxagen starved brain halusanation.

  23. Gareth Schormann don’t ignore this post please

  24. I died… coma…I could hear..smell..feel but..I was licked in…had experience if leaving body…returning…I’m aware…awakened…the body dies….the soul…spirit…is eternal.

  25. Yes I absolutely do. Since exploring reiki and meditation, I have no fear of death any more. Its pretty fascinating. I’ve had messages from my grandparents as well as pets who have died which have been really nice, so yes I think there definetly is an ‘afterlife’.

  26. yeah!! like asking this question is quite 19th C ..lolss

  27. Yes bcoz Biblialy speacking there is life after death and that is the good news.that ourLord Jesus Christ .gift to those who will follow HIM
    Ask br.Eli Soriano and the Bible will answere.

  28. If you believe in God in the bible, in did thier is life after death. It is written in the bible, for more inligthening blogs please visit and subscribe

  29.' Mel Riach says:

    Adam Long Pause Sellars ?

  30. ecc. 9:5 ” the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward because all memory of them is forgotten “

  31. of course there is <3

  32.' Alexis Felix says:

    Yes I do believe that there is life after death. Do you remember the parable of Jesus about the “rich man and Lazarus” .Time came they were both died , the rich man body was burried by his relative while the poor lazarus brought by the angels into the heaven. Here we see that they both experienced death then conciously knew the place they were in.That’s why the bible always reminded us how to live a life that is pleasing in the sigth of God. In the book if Romans 12:1 we read, “therefore bretheren by the mercies of God to preasent your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy , acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship.”, In 1Timothy 4:7b,8 “Keep yourself in training for a godly life. Phisical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future.” and in chapter 6:11b,12, “strive for rigtheousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. Run your best in the race of faith, and win eternal life for yourself; for it was to this life that God called you when you firmly professed your faith bfore many witnesses.”

  33.' Diane Gothot says:

    YES, its your soul!

  34.' Pat Hall says:

    I know it does! Have had evidence soooo where YOU going to go? 🙂 only 2 places, and if you don’t know you better get right with God, because the other place is very hot and fiery!

  35.' Pat Hall says:

    I know a man that was buried alive, pronounce dead, death certificate signed brought to the morgue, and woke up and crawled out of the morgue. Scare the nurse so bad she fainted

  36. You can’t kill a soul.

  37. Researchers are always the last to know and they know secondhand. Live among uneducated villagers for a while and they know there is life after death because many remember their previous lives. Our intellect is great for figuring out stuff on the physical level, but it’s stuck here. Takes “senses” we seem to have lost to see beyond the veil.

  38. “Of those who said they had experienced some awareness, just two per cent said their experience was consistent with the feeling of an outer body experience” –

    Two per cent is a very small amount and at the very least calls for more studies before making conclusions. Near death experience is like UFO’s. Just because an object is Unidentified that does not mean it is from another planet. Just because you have a NDE doe’s not mean you had an experience of death, if you did you would still be dead.

  39. Alvand Azimi this is like what we were learning about in philosophy

  40.' Carol Swick says:

    I believe our spirit (soul) lives in the people that we were able to influence in a positive way.

  41. Two years ago my heart stopped beating and my breath went instantly and I was clinically dead for three minutes. Some force breathed out for me with a hideous sounding cough and my heart rebooted. I am no longer scared of death as there is nothing to fear.

  42. Locked….in…folks. I had an individual check me on that. His obscured…as is. When filtered through ones ass. and used as a perceive…

  43. eternal…as it Is the..”breath of life” by God..breathed into the freshly body…It’s.. one of many purposes…is to return us to god…a homing..beacon..if you will

  44. At moment..of death..even the judged by the world…rest in Jesus arms…in that..moment…you do not confess ..your sins…you have none…Jesus..paid that price…your ..”truths”…however..determine..the eternal. .in us…destiny…or say…desti..nation

  45.' Heaven Sent says:

    Yes I do some day we all will know but too bad the dead can’t tell us for sure guess we’ll have to be dead to really know

  46. Be aware…that your…”truths”…Nourish…Or starve..the the heart…what you…through…the Freshly ..experience “love nourishes…hate starves ” the freshly experience is short lived…the eternal experience…is …eternal. What..are you feeding…your…..eternal..through your..freshly experience…is it what you could thrive with…eternally

  47. This was well explained by Buddha more than 2500 years ago. That’s why we still belive life after death. The good or bad we have done in our previous lives has a direct affect on who we become in next births.

  48.' Nobing Kago says:

    lol. now you decide 😀 Saggi Hage

  49. Two years ago I suffered cardiac arrests at 45 years old, and basically I was dead for 59 second. As parametric took me in side of hospital I saw myself getting up from my body and I thought how can I get up the while I’m laying down with all these thing attached to me? At that point I knew that I’m going to die … Two hours later I opened my eyes and see all these people around me and telling me we got you back. At that moment I remember till this day how peaceful I felt.

  50. Once you meet a spirit, you believe it!

  51.' Dian Stauter says:

    why do they ask??

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