Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: Aliens Are Already Here and The World Needs to Know About It

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By Sherrie | Learning-Mind

We’ve established that for some, aliens exist and for others, this is just fantasy. There is a belief, however, that aliens are already here and have been here for quite some time.

It is said that they are secrets kept by our government. This is old news, to be honest. Hundreds of articles, documentaries and books have professed this “truth”. There are secrets yet left to be brought into the light. The point is, who are these people who hold the secrets of alien existence?

The secret is out: aliens are already here

Every year, at the Davos resort in Gaubunden, among the eastern Alps of Switzerland, the WEF forum, a non-profit organization, meets to discuss world issues. Issues such as health and environment are on the annual menu for over 2,000 world leaders, journalists and politicians. A few statements from Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are included in an MFA (Minister of Foreign Affairs) report.

Medvedev says,

“The time has come.”

So, what does Medvedev speak of? Medvedev believes that aliens are already here among us. In his statement, he says that the time has come to tell the world about aliens, and if the U.S. doesn’t do so, the Kremlin will do the honors.

It’s important to note that WEF has already scheduled talks in theXfactor from nature category for some time now. This includes discussions about alien lifeforms.

“Proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems.”

Men in Black

On December 7, 2012, after an interview, Medvedev didn’t realize that his microphone was still on. During after interview confessions, the interviewer asked Medvedev if he knew anything about the president receiving secret files along with the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Medvedev answered.

“The president has been given a file of top secret information. This folder contains information about aliens who have visited our planet. There is also a secret special service which governs the activities of these aliens. For more information, you can check out a movie called “Men in Black”.”

Of course, Medvedev is not referring to Men in Black, as in the fictional 1997 American production. He is rather referring to the well-known Russian documentary by the same name. This documentary details information about aliens and UFO visitations.

More statements and evidence

While most people laugh at Medvedev, he holds true to his statements. Even the Vatican, on November 2009, stated that it was preparing for alien disclosure.

Some U.S government officials are also “losing their minds”. Former Pentagon consultant Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret, The Worldwide UFO Cover-up, stated,

“Dwight D. Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens. A pact was made to keep their agenda secret to the rest of the earth.”

It’s safe to say that one of the most important speculations in the history of man is whether we are alone or not. Considering the evidence, 300 million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel found in Vladivostok, Russia, the European Space Agency reporting of an ancient Martian river and reports in the UK and Sri Lanka of fossilized algae in ameteorite, there is little doubt left.

So basically, the secret is out. Whether or not the rest of the world follows suit, the Kremlin plans to share their views on alien life. Medvedev will try to convince the president and other government officials that now is the time to tell the rest of the world that…

So basically, the secret is out. Whether or not the rest of the world follows suit, the Kremlin plans to share their views on alien life. Medvedev will try to convince the president and other government officials that now is the time to tell the rest of the world that…

…we are not alone, and we haven’t been for some time.

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  1.' Mary Montenegro says:

    Yes I do

  2.' Brandy Mattas says:

    Yes, we’re here! 🙂 🙂 Hahahaha, and it’s all good. People dramatize everything because it’s more entertaining and its scarier. natural actors. 🙂 Humor and drama are great tools for trying to understanding truth. :)♡♡♡

  3.' Daniel Le Guellec says:

    Enfin on en parle….

  4.' Lars Frieske says:

    Of course, they are. But I am sure: it makes no sense looking for them without starting to work on ourselves. When we work on ourselves and are ready for contact, then they woö

  5.' Linda Boccuti says:

    This is old

  6.' Lars Frieske says:

    then they will appear to us in the way that’s right for us.

  7.' TC Drg Capulcu says:

    I am ready to meet with them

  8.' David Charles Mcdermott Jr. says:

    Who do you think runs this fucked up world?

  9.' Ginger Gill Ard says:

    As if there was ever any doubt.

  10.' Patrick J. Mchugh says:


  11.' Seve Nordborg says:

    Yes i do

  12.' Stefano Leo says:

    … they are ever stayed here … they are our creators but not gods …

  13.' Yvette Lane says:

    Yes I Deeply Believe? , Blessing Be.✌?

  14.' Frank Cavalieri says:

    They been here for many years and they’re called mitochondria !

  15.' Patty Burke Lamb says:

    Humans are there experiment

  16.' Heather Padgett says:

    I heard about this years ago, apparently, Thatcher was in on it too…I swear I saw Cameroon’s eyes shift the other day at question…Hxx

  17.' Jan Jansson says:

    The grays. Tell us about it sir.

  18.' Beatriz Gonzales says:

    Might be them

  19.' Terry Beaudry says:

    I always knew you were an alien Carol Schaaf.

  20.' Diane Berge says:

    Ah yay…have ya met my brother Mike Schiller? Odd fella….ll

  21.' Binish Mushtaq says:

    Medvedev… The only thing he said in 6 years is this? No wonder no one takes him seriously.

  22.' Carmen Costello says:

    I have seen a mother ship and 3 scout ships. It was 1972 and about 3am. It was amazing. The local government said next day it was weather balloons ???

  23.' Debashish Dey says:

    Lets invite them on a friendly football match……against “galaxy 11” ?

  24.' Mystie Karge says:

    The ones crying disclosure! disclosure! discourse run run run fear for your life are the aliens and demons…

    Reminds me of the cartoon where all the aliens are running around and their brains are exploding because of a frequency coming over the loudspeaker national alert system… well be
    READY FOR THE REAL VOICE OF GOD… the wicked device created to wipe out mankind by demonic entities will actually destroy it’s spiritually wicked creators


  25.' Mannawi N Isa says:

    some of them are even commenting here.

  26.' Imsaal Asif says:


  27.' Imsaal Asif says:

    Who is from Jupiter ??

  28.' John Wayne says:

    The Hebrews minted Coins to Athena and to Baal/Yahweh/Zeus as well. The Golden Calf, its a BULL and in Control of WALL STREET. Sweet Dreams Slaves.

  29.' Teresa Garrity says:

    You found me

  30.' Doris Paton says:


  31.' Maria Jean Guerriero says:


  32.' Casuta Cucopii says:

    Of course, but God protects our lives by not allowing us to see them in their real form.

  33.' Sabrina Gartner says:


  34.' Alan Eddie Edwards says:

    I’m E.T..

  35.' Brittany Thomas says:

    Cody Sabattus

  36.' Debbie Reid says:

    Have you seen Donald Trump??

  37.' Anthony Nigel Dean says:

    This is why I love the Russians, they dont give a crap whos toes they stand on to out all the bullshit. The one running the Catholic church (and Illuminati) needs to fess up and humans hopefully wont freak out given the scifi training and slow release of information we have all had.

  38.' Mulyankan Mishra says:

    Yah ..I am one of them

  39.' John Evans says:

    Knew it all along ! The U .S. immigration papers even asks if one is an alien or not?

  40.' Jeff Mitchell says:

    Extraterrestrials are visible outside the frequencies / dimensions that can be seen with the human brain.
    The human brain has the hardware and software capable of seeing <1% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of light. That means that humans cannot see 99% of what is right in front of us.

    •' Tom Hol says:

      … greeting Jeff. message: be very careful with visitor which is recognise by sound of crumple cellophane foil. mentioned sound is recognise by ear in about 0,5 to 1,5 sec before his arrive. Good Luck.

    •' Michael Schwartz says:

      Time for “humans” to be more aware of themselves. If you say “Hello” in your head… then yell “Hello” in your head. Which “senses” did you use? How did you “hear” yourself? What is that place in your head anyway and who is there other than you?

  41.' Kim Rice says:

    He’s mistaken ‘aliens’ for what he sees in the mirror. But seriously… Medvedev should consider that once they are ‘outed’, they will be under no constraints. If they truly are superior to humans (as many alien-theorists believe), mankind’s reign over this planet will end. Is that what the Russians really want?

  42.' Wo Martina says:

    we are them 🙂 they are our sisters and brothers, we all came from the same source.
    it’s a no- brainer

  43.' Jessie Doloresco says:

    Molly Denson Bandy

  44.' Erica Jet Awuah says:

    I meet 1 the other day Lolx

  45.' Dolly Jones says:

    the alien hybrid bloodline rule, have issued a nwo, and plan to kill all red blooded humans. the 99% are on a need to know basis

  46.' Sal Carrie Cutino says:

    Nanoo Nanoo

  47.' Korn Sy says:

    Yah they know that eversince coz u.s has a lot of illegal aliens. Heheh

  48.' Rolando Fingal says:

    Yes, I believe. Now, let’s move on.

  49.' Frode Overå says:

    No intelligent life one earth so cant be..locking forward to to see the meeting between D.Trump and Putin about this matter ..

  50.' Claire St James says:

    I hope so ?

  51.' Mir Mir says:

    Sheree Walsh

  52.' Adrian Kadria says:

    How do you know we are here? Or just fantasising? ?

  53.' LeeUp Duma says:

    Hey that’s me on the left….?

  54.' Freddy RM says:

    if they are here because people must know.
    if they are here because people must know.?

    it’s time I left in mediocrity and count all of the existence of these beings

    we all know that the universe is too big to be alone in.

  55.' John David Berry says:

    They have been here for many years.

  56.' Carol Matlock says:

    Why not? If they look like us, how would we know? Why does everyone think earth is so wonderful that aliens would want it? Id fly by.

  57.' Denny Dixon says:

    I am one of them & rightnow am in Area 51 Lol…!!!

  58.' Natalia Skowronek says:

    Chris Thorpe read abt it the other day ?

  59.' Devon Sparks says:

    Fadel hak bash tzid tkhaf

  60.' Sydney Webb says:


  61.' Shannon Wills says:

    Breanne Curtis Mark Martin

  62.' Cherie Valdez says:

    Mark valdez

  63.' Timothy Gilbert says:

    This has been going on for ages now: X country knows about aliens and wants the world to know but the US doesn’t want us to know/doesn’t want to talk about it, and if they don’t X country will do it?

  64.' Zen Hec Ryan says:

    Might be new career moves, scouting outer planets

  65.' Tina Larzen says:

    We know …. Angela Merkel

  66.' Aga Szarzec says:

    If Russians say they exist- they exist .

  67.' Nohemi Carlson says:

    I don’t care if they are real or live among us humans Just don’t Kidnap me and Violate my body by putting some chip on me like if I am an animal ?

  68.' Helen Freeman says:

    My mind is not narrow………….

  69.' Mwaffak Shawabkah says:

    Zaid Shawabka

  70.' Jord Van Dansen says:

    lol, can’t believe people believe this shit

  71.' Elizabeth Lowney says:

    I’m from Roswell-of course they are real!

  72.' Elsa Duarte-Noboa says:

    Tyson Austin Eberly

  73.' Sarath Wimalasuriya says:

    No , I don’t believe aliens are in our world , if they do visit us , then , they would have made moon as their base long long years ago .

  74.' Phillip Sutton says:


  75.' Karen Marx says:

    They already live here on our street!!! 🙂

  76.' Stephanie Vittrup says:

    if by aliens that mean people not legally here, then yes they are among us all over the world

  77.' Stephanie Vittrup says:

    They need to define the term alien

  78.' Carol Byrd says:

    Yes I do !!!

  79.' Silver Fox says:

    …Yeah…and one of them is Donald Trump 🙂

  80.' Nelson Thomas says:

    heck yes and Mr Trump is building a wall to keep them out!!

  81.' Roses Are Red says:


  82.' Tushar Sharma says:

    If it is so then, cut the crap, grow balls and come out in the open to broadcast the same rather than using different websites each time to seek attention.

  83.' Joe Tobia says:

    Of course I believe it. One of them is the governor of Florida!!

  84.' Andre Basco Aymer says:

    Yes we know they are among us,since the days of big head yacub! But ain’t all evil some are loving

  85.' Steve Jones says:

    What do you think
    Is anybody out there or here. ?????

  86.' Oscar Hermosillo says:

    Donald Trump could please bring me a Slurpee from 7-11?

  87.' Monica Batts says:


  88.' Nancy Fortman says:

    Hell ya. Jimmy carter wouldn’t release the files cuz he’s a born again christian and he doesn’t believe in it. Got to have an open mind. Everyone else sees them.

  89.' Jeff Mitchell says:

    If aliens give birth in the US we have new American citizens. Oh, sorry.
    Has been happening for years.
    Confusing the use of the word “aliens” much? I know.

  90.' Eric Lopez says:

    Yes. They live inside Earth. We are just like fish in a tank. We are kept here to keep to decorate the outer crust, & keep there enemies away. Nobody cares about human monkeys. Were a fungus on this rock!

  91.' David Tansek says:

    This is circulating for a while, but still no disclosure….

  92.' Kcleffty Kingdom says:


  93.' Tony Nobles says:

    have no dobt,they are here

  94.' Kristy Flinn says:

    Take DMT and you see them

  95.' Mark Honts says:

    Been here longer than we have

  96.' Kosta Tomazos says:

    DO IT..!

  97.' David Villescas says:

    I would love to see the day

  98.' Patrick Abad Santos says:

    Looks like he celebrated 4/20 early.

  99.' Andrew Khang says:

    Old news

  100.' Marvin Dy Martian says:


  101.' Eileen Young says:

    I believe them to already be here!

  102.' Zahir Tabis says:


  103.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    I sincerely believe these creatures were the result of experiments on humans, dark NAZI secrets.

    Only a tiny percentage of the extra terrestrials piloting UFOs are anything other than fake space aliens / GMO humans / Secret Space Program Pilots.

  104.' Patrick Esser says:

    This video was from 4 years ago. If the Russians are going to prove it, why haven’t they?

  105.' Matthew Vincentti says:

    You never know if something is real until you see it or have evidence of life on another planet, but honestly they could not even be aliens but just another lifeform waiting to be discovered

  106.' Sosan Abdullah says:

    Najia Nabil Nabizada

  107.' Lenny Pincus says:

    Ben Carson, for starters.

  108.' King Yen Yung says:

    The latin word alieni exists already for more than two thousands years. It juist means “foreign”. Romans divided people into two categories. Civilized Romans and Barbarian Aliens, like the Germanic tribes.

  109.' Chanchub Dorge says:

    He was JOCKING !!!

  110.' john van strien says:

    Christ, if I see another one of these headlines, I’m going to scream! Fuck! Stop telling me someone is ABOUT to announce the existence of fucking aliens. Feel free to tell me that they actually did it. And share links to credible articles about it.

  111.' Ilkka Laisti says:

    Muovi nuken paloja.

  112.' Yvonne Ruiz says:

    It’s kinda funny that you never see movies that include aliens with demons. But then who are the Fallen Angels? Everything that has been constructed as an organized hierarchy, a system of money, a system of religion, and the educational system was created to keep us under their control. So, rethink it!!! Who are the 13 Richest families in the world???

    •' Sani Sunusi says:

      Your know much about it the 13 Number Was generated since kabballa before Templars and Manson is a secret number that has secret meaning it start for the Aliens bloodline families

  113.' Lex Uiting says:

    Zionists are the hybrids of alien demons!

  114.' Krishna Nath says:

    If that’s so…welcome them & have bteakfast. See how they react…& post it.

  115.' Lynda Pitt-Brooke says:

    Oh absolutely YES! Name one. Ok, easy. Putin.

  116.' Estanislao Espita says:


  117.' Jiri Saidl says:

    This is a last sign that economy is going to really plunge into shit, they start brainwashing you with Aliens are coming holy moly shiaaaat ???????

  118.' Tsegaye Zinabu says:

    the satanic alliance,

  119.' Jasmin Maree says:

    Emma Brett

  120.' Michael Angelo Barbas says:

    Jewell Tagab imung idol

  121.' Kai Eggert says:

    there are now “Aliens”, there is nothing but one life, and we are part of it!

  122.' Peter Powers says:


  123.' Danie Kruger says:

    Maybe they will be better neighbours than Zuma, Malema and key!

  124.' Lavanya Arty says:

    What say Shakthi Arvind 😀

  125.' Maria Fernanda Laurito says:

    No doubt!

  126.' Walkin Bird says:


  127.' Joseph As Ever Apom says:

    nope, liars

  128.' Vicki Brookes says:

    Let someone come clean about them ( ets)

  129.' Aubery James Cooper Jr. says:

    There are angels, good and bad, no aliens. It is safe to say, that since GOD and the angels made earth, they are not from earth.

  130.' Dale Penner says:

    You were there Cecily when Archangel Michael said. We come in many forms to get mankind’s attention. NO aliens, other than advanced souls in human bodies.??

  131.' Halli Hansen says:

    for sure ….. since beginning …… now i just incarnated to be bit more effective in this free will sphere

  132.' Rich Novak says:

    Hell Yes! Trump is definetely from another planet!

  133.' Krishna Kumar K says:

    Sikkander Sayam FYI

  134.' Ethan Sullivan says:

    Keegan Ellett

  135.' Jennifer Harter says:

    Mary Anne Aden

  136.' Linda Lennox Hilliard says:

    They have been here for a long time. They have underground bases out west so maybe they have bases in Russia too. Many a witness has come forward if you do your homework.

  137.' Jainuddin Ansari says:

    Yes I believe Alien is live in the world

  138.' Emma Pearson says:

    Can’t wait to hear this … So there are aliens

  139.' Teressa Anne says:

    Im seeing alot of ‘ they they they’.. Admittedly, haven’t read this, or any links regarding, but crazy so it, or I may sound, I don’t think my/your/or any government actually has, or will have any relevance in a discussion of this magnignitude.. Without even getting into it, my beliefs, facts, or thoughts, I think it really just suffices to say (‘cliché as it may be, I feel certain ppl will understand the) … It is, what it is.

  140.' Thomas Peterson says:


  141.' Melinda Bell says:

    Of course, they’re here. The question is, are we spiritually mature enough, as a species, to face the questions and answers that will come with their revelation. I pray so.

  142.' Mireille BeauvoirLamothe says:


  143.' Lee Rodriguez says:

    What if the real aliens look just like us ; not like in the movies.

  144.' Carmen Fibronocci says:

    Yes we’re ready for it to be formally announced.. effin governments really think we don’t know or believe something until they tell us. Seriously?

  145.' Guarneros Veronica says:


  146.' Pete Orthmann says:

    Did you miss that the reporter was laughing and so was Medvedev by the end? It was a joke.

  147.' Ron Parker says:

    This idiot has turned the aliens loose. There’s one in my barn playing with the sheep.

  148.' Jess Barofsky says:

    Would we call these arrivals illegal aliens ?

  149.' Betty Schneider Bryant says:

    Sure, Donald.

  150.' Prokopios-Akis Karagatslis says:

    Ορμα Γκαιμπελς!

  151.' Taryn Barrow says:

    James Evans

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