Bulgarian Mystic Predicted 9/11, Isis & More – Here are Her Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

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Baba-Vanga -compressed

By Sherrie | Learning Mind

Notice the things happening around us as we speak. Many of these occurrences were predicted decades ago, not in some publicity stunt on television nor were they witnessed in some circus sideshow. These predictions were observed by world leaders and scientists, visiting upon the idea that another Nostradamus was in our midst. Who made these predictions?

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Baba Vanga

Bulgarian-born Baba (Grandmother) Vanga died in 1996, at the age of 85. Before she died, however, she was revered as a saint in both Russian and Europe. Why? Baba Vanga was viewed as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, predicting at an 85% success rate. Although her “powers” were astonishing, she wasn’t born with them. After a freak accident, Vanga changed forever.

Baba Vanga was bornVangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in a small village at the foot of a volcanic mountain range in what was then the Ottoman Empire. At the age of 12, according to the tales at the time, Vanga lost her eyesight in tornado-her eyes was fused shut and covered in a black soot-like substance. Vanga’s parents found her but were too poor to have her eyesight healed, so she remained blind. While she was still lost and waiting for rescue, she experienced the first vision.

After Vanga’s vision, she understood her purpose in life. She was now able to predict the future and heal those who were sick. It took little convincing from Vanga, and she soon had a loyal following.

 Some of Baba Vanga’s predictions that came true

During the 1950s, Vanga predicted global warming and the tsunami of 2004. She talked of polar ice caps melting and giant waves crashing onto beaches destroying everything in its wake.

Vanga says,

“Everything will melt like ice. The cold will become warm and volcanos will awaken.”

In 1989, Vanga predicted September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on New York.

Vanga says,

“Horror! Horror! The American people will fall after being attacked by steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush and blood will gush.”

In 1980, Baba Vanga predicted the sinking of the Russian submarine, “Kursk” in the year 2000.

Vanga says,

“Kursk will be covered in the water and the whole world will weep.”

Vanga also predicted that an African American would be the 44th president of the United States and that he would also be the last president.

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Some of Vanga’s prophecies for after 2016

2016: Muslims will invade Europe. The campaign of destruction will last for years, eventually driving out most Europeans.

2028: Mankind will travel to Venus to try and find new energy sources.

2048: Rome is named the capital of the Islamic caliphate. The world thrives under Islamic rule.

2076: Communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world.

2084: Nature is reborn (?)

2100: A man-made sun illuminates the dark side of the world. (Scientists, since

2008, have been working on building an artificial sun using nuclear fusion technology.)

 2130: Civilization will live underwater, with the help of alien life forms.

2262: Planets will change orbit.

3005: There will be a war on Mars. 3797: Everything on Earth will die. Take heart, the human race should be advanced enough to travel to other star systems, by this time.

As of now

Baba Vanga predicted the rise of ISIS and was preoccupied with the idea of “The great Muslim war.” For many, a doomsday frenzy is at hand. Chilling prophecies state that 2016 is the year that Muslims invade areas of Europe, a plan that started in the Arab Spring in 2010.

Think about the past year, watching as ISIS moved closer to Europe, by taking Sirte, a Libyan city overlooking the Mediterranean. Sirte now operates under Sharia law! Leaders have recently cemented their authority by crucifixions and beheadings. Could Vanga’s prophecies be happening right before our eyes?

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About The Author

Sherrie is a freelance writer and artist with over 10 years of experience. She spends most of her time giving life to the renegade thoughts. As the words erupt and form new life, she knows that she is yet again free from the nagging persistence of her muse. She is a mother of three and a lifetime fan of the thought-provoking and questionable aspects of the universe.

Source: learning-mind.com

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154 Reader Comments

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  1. 10207033048397516@facebook.com' Christine Miller says:

    I watched her videos… she fishes for answers by asking questions, not always knows.

  2. 1691970157756345@facebook.com' Baba Loblaw says:

    If you are a registered Democrat, then the ONLY way to keep Hillary out of the White House, is to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Hillary for Prison 2016!

  3. 853569408064150@facebook.com' Jay McFly says:


  4. 10153803996914277@facebook.com' KaJuan D. Whaley says:

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  5. 150143592003796@facebook.com' Misty Farley says:

    No one can predict the future only God knows and there no way to tell this is true she dead and if in fact it was true why then did we not hear or be warned long and physics only have pretiction after shit happens really folks

    • 10100237725789535@facebook.com' Darren Hooper says:

      Really the mysterious son who lived 30+ years, died for our sins and we all must be in his debt forever . Even though people die worse deaths daily for their children or family ? The world is also 5000 years old right ?

      Humanity is predictable, we have conflicts over resources and overthrow war lords for 100 thousand plus years .
      Only superstitious immigrants who are uneducated believe in this stupid atuff

      • aeithikanabhool@mail.com' Jobdo says:

        Why your God’s concept revolves around only Christianity? Avoid generalizing the idea that every people on earth believes Jesus was God and he died for for someone’s sins.

    • 1133985846620929@facebook.com' Zesi Ned says:

      Only God yea right 😉 there’s no god good luck with that

    • 10205325707203891@facebook.com' Lillian Sttz says:

      why we did not hear about her or been warned ??? seriously ? 😀 maybe u read where she lived ? . . . n then please just check out when for example the internet started to be available for normal people like u and me . . . she predicted 9/11 in 1989 . even if internet was already available, there was no such things as facebook, twitter, youtube n stuff back then to reach high numbers of people in short time . next to this – up to now there have so many so called ‘conspiracy theories’ revealed as true, but even so the majority still ignores / doesn’t believe . so tell me – who would’ve believed an single blind old woman from a small town at the end of the world ? . . . think twice .

  6. 789457864492483@facebook.com' Koshish Bestansuri says:

    This is so foolish and ridiculous!!! A woman with no sight predict on 1000 years later!!!

  7. 10153815999453936@facebook.com' Nelson De los Santos says:

    is she related to nastrudamas

  8. 166008530435610@facebook.com' Stanko Monev says:

    Im from Bulgaria and I can guarantee you this woman and her gift are real…every bulgarian will confirm,more so they are a lot of psychics like her here and all over the globe ?

  9. 904077343039902@facebook.com' Anika Kamal says:

    Maliha Zaheer

  10. 949186098505795@facebook.com' Lidia Jungmann says:

    Karsten F.

  11. 222444518089390@facebook.com' Zoe Louise Taylor says:

    Nikki Lyndaa

  12. 1545929515721068@facebook.com' Percival Recto says:

    Only God who knows everything ..

  13. 1627304924204798@facebook.com' Darren Arnold says:

    utter crap…cant believe people still take this bullshit in..if she predicted 9/11 then why not warn someone…this is pure bullshit.

    • 10205325707203891@facebook.com' Lillian Sttz says:

      cause people wouldn’t have taken her serious . people like you 😉

    • 10205325707203891@facebook.com' Lillian Sttz says:

      just in addition – maybe u read where she lived ? . . . n then please just check out when for example the internet was available to use for normal people like u and me . . . she predicted 9/11 in 1989 . even if internet was already available, there was no such things as facebook, twitter, youtube n stuff back then to reach high numbers of people in short time . next to this – up to now there have so many so called ‘conspiracy theories’ revealed as true, but even so the majority still doesn’t believe . so tell me – who would’ve believed an single blind old woman from a small town at the end of the world ? . . . please think twice before entitling something as “pure bullshit” 😉

  14. 961500927265266@facebook.com' Maria Durnin says:

    No good news then !! ?

  15. 902430756537816@facebook.com' Maurizio Michele Savoni says:

    remarkable collection of bull**it 🙂

  16. 1514510362187114@facebook.com' Araceli Lujan says:

    This is the last chapter. A dirty nasty chapter as predicted long ago. Respect,dignity, self ? love, all gone. We have stopped respecting ourselves.how can we respect others. You don’t need to consult a psychic,really? Look around

  17. 10205572142011130@facebook.com' Miroslav Dimitrov says:

    this article is made up, it probably contains 10% truth of what really Vanga predicted

  18. 950690115021196@facebook.com' Aselyn Kirkpatrick says:

    Chris Schott creep y

  19. 10153805105058162@facebook.com' Alyson Boote says:

    One word “bollocks “

  20. jacozha@gmx.de' sol says:

    well…if she is another nostradamus we need not to worry since nostradamus predicted the end of the world in 1999…so we are all already dead…

  21. 173505646329774@facebook.com' Mandy Carty says:

    I don’t dismiss the idea this woman has a gift..what I will dismiss is the comments on muslims. Too convenient that the world is out with compassion and showing empathy..standing up against war..against Governments and along comes ..I fear this is yet again scaremongering to justify killing thousands of innocent people.

  22. 483033345233570@facebook.com' Juan Manuel Mella says:

    Miguel Hernández

  23. 10153237573168763@facebook.com' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

    Hmmm I’m gonna start uttering vague predictions…
    2016: crumbs will fall from the table and the mice shall dine
    2017: red rover will send Johnny right over
    2018: a large bird will be destroyed by a small insect
    2019: the rabbits will overpopulate the dens and their carrots will not suffice
    2020: a blowhard will sit on top of a nation
    Shall I go on ?

  24. 150143592003796@facebook.com' Misty Farley says:

    Might I add we didn’t all vote for Obama

  25. 672490436221133@facebook.com' Sara Suzanne says:

    Sandy Buescher

  26. 621130248025714@facebook.com' Jordan Quigley says:

    I think she’s had a little too much volcano dust?

  27. 10206041389769651@facebook.com' Scott Price says:

    Stop with the imaginary bullshit

  28. 181149968910154@facebook.com' Alhaji Lawan says:

    Ask when is she dying?

  29. 10154387602623065@facebook.com' Kasey Reale says:

    Justin Lowe

  30. 10153961471860159@facebook.com' Omar Cherkaoui says:

    Maybe she was right about some stuff but the media will always find the way how to scare Europeans and Americans from Islam and Muslims !! Most of the Sh!t happening now in this world is because of oil and weapons !!!

  31. 10207211754764098@facebook.com' Lulu Brearey says:

    Ben Barge

  32. 922563544518581@facebook.com' Stephaniie Spencer says:

    Verla Brillz Ballantyne Cherie Spencer

  33. 184983248525330@facebook.com' Brandon Perkins says:

    Interesting !!!

  34. 184983248525330@facebook.com' Brandon Perkins says:

    Scary really!!! Unless of course you BELIVE in God !

  35. 184983248525330@facebook.com' Brandon Perkins says:

    Everyone is so offended scared dissatisfied why????!!!

  36. 1032313460134287@facebook.com' Ivan Powell says:

    Next week’s meeting of the Clairvoyant Society has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances…….

  37. 1740150436216022@facebook.com' Anna Pentecostes says:

    Pentecostes Wancho

  38. 864638976955048@facebook.com' D'airwreck Briner says:

    Nah, she just works for the mossad

  39. 913416585380327@facebook.com' Ramos Spacko Johnson says:


  40. 988944641144748@facebook.com' Christopher Gillis says:

    Babas full of baba..

  41. 1272210849471622@facebook.com' Amber Hicks says:


  42. 10154440079329338@facebook.com' Cody Grey J. says:

    Nostrodomous beat her too it

  43. 852391808214778@facebook.com' Ewa Garus says:

    2016 just started. It would be very interesting to see if her predictions come true!

    • 10205325707203891@facebook.com' Lillian Sttz says:

      I live in germany . . . and I can acknowledge to you that this so called ‘invasion’ already started end of 2015 . . . and the situation gets worse week by week . it’s already a huge crisis . but that’s just part of a big cruel plan . ever heard of “new world order” ? 😉 that’s the keyword .

  44. 10207838641259209@facebook.com' Gary Sax says:

    I predict morning will follow night.

  45. 10205119168490396@facebook.com' Paulina Cardenas says:

    Стефан Гелев you should check this out

  46. 1064906050209439@facebook.com' Lowana Ervine says:

    Chris Obama will be the last president.

  47. 10153997758958013@facebook.com' Donna Partridge says:


  48. 10206965492748744@facebook.com' Karen Hammonds says:

    Just love these happy and positive posts 😉

  49. 988944641144748@facebook.com' Christopher Gillis says:

    The bird will lay a egg on the roman eye

  50. 10205740129403491@facebook.com' Anna Friel says:

    Donald Mecca

  51. 10205740129403491@facebook.com' Anna Friel says:

    Rhianna Hennessey Lauren French

  52. 10205740129403491@facebook.com' Anna Friel says:

    Claire Stinton is this her

  53. 178813979148021@facebook.com' Sammi Aayan Kovac says:

    Esa Kovac

  54. 1506619389647907@facebook.com' Mari-fe P Austria says:

    Any predictions about The Walking Dead i wonder….??

  55. 10207346920223020@facebook.com' Nikki Young says:

    Mary Fialkovich Powers

  56. 194137734273684@facebook.com' Irina Toumanova says:


  57. 10153865558829004@facebook.com' Marlena Joaquin says:

    Peter Tonev

  58. 1220081444672763@facebook.com' Herb Wiley says:

    ??????What good is these prodicdiction

  59. jonariel_hipolito@yahoo.com' McLovin says:

    Maybe she’s a fan of Science Fiction film.. Why is the futer always has to do with planets?

  60. 1210162775663993@facebook.com' Yna Ortiz says:

    Kay Peñaflor Szchieannah Ocampo Jordan Pagarigan sabi ko sainyo its venus eh!

  61. 10153849151280030@facebook.com' Сергей Самурай says:

    If mankind is to advance as a species it is imperative that we abandon all religions, all superstitions, all myths- for these things serve us no utilitarian purpose. All that serves us purpose is our capacity for kindness, our knowledge, for it is the endless source of our power, and the advance thereof, which can only be achieved through science. Our fate was never written in stone, we are the makers of our fate, and no one else.

  62. 1667529786850472@facebook.com' Trudie Rusu says:


  63. 10205491638360878@facebook.com' Meri Kopunovic says:

    She was born in Macedonia, her husband was Bulgarian.

  64. 1651225051811491@facebook.com' Jane Lloyd says:

    Shame she did’nt predict Trump !!!

  65. 472280602947392@facebook.com' Danzer Bleakmid says:

    you’d think she’d have mentioned fukushima?

  66. 1069507823083465@facebook.com' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    Yet another unconfirmable source ~

  67. 1115793931794919@facebook.com' Kristel Dangla-Cruz says:

    Conrad John Michael Cornelius

  68. 1002568576484013@facebook.com' Bob Balolak says:

    Aldous T. Navales Paul Arby

  69. 1002568576484013@facebook.com' Bob Balolak says:

    Lordan Jay Fuentes

  70. 10153196628617352@facebook.com' Michael Waal says:

    Kelly Myers

  71. 1292129790802541@facebook.com' Yuri Aligada says:


  72. 10208212122491617@facebook.com' Kelly Smith says:

    Well that fucking sucks

  73. 10206045713960306@facebook.com' Thomas Chenhall says:

    I have scanned over her prophecy, and was able to comprehend all of it.

    I believe in free will, not in fate or destiny. There are innumerable possible futures, and each individual’s decisions effect the outcome of the entire reality.

    I do not believe the future can be known outside of the lifespan of one prophet or prophetess. Meaning, you as empowered may know everything manifest and latent as long as it touches your incarnation in some way.

    Obviously, the further we transit in time away beyond her death, the less accurate the predictions will be, with one possible exception.

    Self-fulfilling prophecy in any case would be an extraordinarily bad idea.

  74. 10205695358964985@facebook.com' Mena Colasuonno says:

    Scary predictions for the future

  75. 1691935761087907@facebook.com' Dreiden Rafols Dela Cena says:

    Jassie Rafols true

  76. 10207344673047784@facebook.com' Erwin Weson Karandang says:

    Nanaman crap

  77. 162169550821851@facebook.com' Mahi Moni says:

    Nobody perfect.before talking about other see yourself.any religion don’t make any one bad.so that every country have law.blame or punished those negative person who is bad not whole religion or family or race.be positive frnds.

  78. 10208677802485634@facebook.com' Lee Rj says:

    Conscious life news esteemed field reporters scoured sources and double-checked facts while accurately reporting relevant global news in 2016.

    No one predicted, ever.

  79. 1294568947236519@facebook.com' Janie Katkus says:


  80. 10205727929622626@facebook.com' Ifaf A. Tahir says:

    Ali Tahir

  81. 10207241614591781@facebook.com' Jason Bogart says:

    Can we see the list of the ones she got wrong?

  82. 1148488191842110@facebook.com' Morris Nathaniel Hicks says:

    this fake article keeps popping up everywhere smh sad that pages like these keeps sharing it

  83. 10154606908440752@facebook.com' Mélanie Rivest says:

    I think we’ve seen her enough times now… Time to go and live our lives and stop following medias full of fear feeding crap

  84. 10206788633727918@facebook.com' Stevie Canaday says:

    Shawn Canaday Brian Bova

  85. 10153882671014305@facebook.com' Rebekah Paul says:

    The books of Daniel and Revelation will tell you all you need to know. And you should know so you are prepared.

  86. 885974768168270@facebook.com' Zainab Tariq says:

    Zain Ul Abedin

  87. 10207277635571360@facebook.com' Milden Dagohoy says:

    Seph Dordas

  88. 10207371795567574@facebook.com' Yannis Triantafyllos says:

    I predict bullshit….all the time

  89. 528341790660086@facebook.com' Âk Khan says:

    Ooooh Oooh she must be successor of the *Blind prophet* Oedipus Rex book.

  90. jhm.ruuska@gmail.com' J.R. says:

    Why didn’t she predict anything good? Or is this list just supposed to get us in a fearful state of mind? Let’s just keep being good-hearted people and spread that around.

  91. 793261267444535@facebook.com' Dan An Aliaz says:


  92. 548924628608636@facebook.com' Moham'ed T'k says:

    Yassine Dachraoui hedhy li hkyt aleha kal mara?

  93. 548924628608636@facebook.com' Moham'ed T'k says:

    Haithem Metoui aamel talla 😉

  94. 1106005982799880@facebook.com' Gilbert Ramos says:

    It seems like for more then a decade their has been these false teacher’s and fake PROPHETS!! Don’t believe these sheep’s disguise as wolves..even the most high said the elite will be deceived!!! We as humans are entering a very chaotic time and it is getting worst every day, we have weapons that could wipe out mankind and end our existence and that time for those weapons to be used seems like it’s getting closer, I’m not religious but I do believe in a creator and religion is distorted, the truth of God, even his true devine name has been lost, changed, the knowledge of the true creator has been lost for many many generations, instead of fighting which religion is true or who’s God is the real devine creator how about we unite as a human family and put these mysteries like about who we are, who created us, what is our true purpose let’s finally answer these questions and put this jigsaw puzzle together, I bet if we do that as a human race then maybe the creator will reveal his true devine self, knowledge to man, this very age that we live in “2016” this generation alone seems very odd and bizarre and I strongly believe the book of revelations is manifesting before our very eyes like with cern being the key to the bottomless pit or weird weather in various places,increase in earthquakes, people getting more evil and wicked, supernatural things increasing, war world 3 ushering in, the 4 blood moons, weird like trumpet sounds heard thru out the world, increase in famine, increase in violence, increase in morals being lost, decrease in spirituality, every country having a dictatorship war going on within their country except ours, the city Damascus becoming ruins this one right here hits me the most because this was prophesied thousands of years ago and it is unfolding before our eyes it States that the very sign for when the true messiah will return is when Damascus becomes a ruinous heap which is happening now…, to me their sees to be a lot of crazy as shit going on in this world and you just have to ask yourself wtf is happening to this world, sorry if I’m outside the box while the rest of the are stuck still inside blind to see what’s happening!! I finally open my eyes and I feel spiritually awaken hopefully the rest of man gradually step out the sheeple box and be awaken to what’s going on upon this world…so that’s my opinion, it feels good to step out the box and feel free…

  95. 1018279821569118@facebook.com' Lee Kör says:

    Farido Nali

  96. 10153729339216999@facebook.com' Lucy Bellé Sankey says:

    Pray to god what shes predicted from 2016 isnt true!!!!! If so ill be leaving europe 100% bye!?

  97. 1520355848283332@facebook.com' Paula Mary says:

    Her predictions seem to be based on the scripted media versions of events rather than on the actual truth of what really happened and what is currently happening. The good thing is that people are becoming aware of motivating forces behind these created events and are loosing the fear which the control system depends on to succesfully play out their aganda.

  98. 1036334856431055@facebook.com' Linda Guerrero says:

    Well our last president will be African America . Guess I won’t worry bout voting in the fall. LMFAO

  99. 1300832486610112@facebook.com' Ephraem Myth Urbano says:

    if all that happen let it be,…

  100. 176618349361566@facebook.com' Nelda Dunlap says:

    Odd how these predictions are always so accurate after the fact.

  101. 10207369580669249@facebook.com' Gladys Kabuye says:

    Jasper Asha ????

  102. 10207680232317450@facebook.com' Love Smith says:

    Since you’re so Biblical, how come you ignore all of the stories of prophets listed in the Bible?

  103. 10153159357637337@facebook.com' Jill Robertson Kibbey says:

    I make my own predictions

  104. 10105964591562579@facebook.com' Jennifer Lugris says:

    Now I want to live to 3797!

  105. 10204012054822248@facebook.com' Ивелин Бозов says:

    Nikolay Tsvetanov

  106. 132995153730597@facebook.com' Mark Justien says:

    Zionist orchestrated it all

  107. 10206879286194364@facebook.com' Cynthia Maurer says:

    Baba Caca!

  108. 1534202396906284@facebook.com' James Brown says:

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  109. 10207099992951846@facebook.com' Anthony Flynn says:

    Weird as the last story I read about her was that her last prediction was for 2015

  110. 10208680374795629@facebook.com' Cristiane Lobo says:

    Cristina Cardoso Sandoval

  111. 10153915262688216@facebook.com' Անի Կարապետյան Ջերջերյան says:

    Razmig Jerjerian

  112. 10153915262688216@facebook.com' Անի Կարապետյան Ջերջերյան says:

    Razmig Jerjerian

  113. winewomanrosie@yahoo.com' RH says:

    Japan’s Earthquake in the past few years. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that ravaged Japan also shortened Earth’s day by just over one-millionth of a second (1.8 microseconds to be exact), according to NASA. It also shifted the Earth’s axis by about 6.5 inches.

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