Are We About to See the UFO Subject Blow Wide Open?

UFO insider and researcher says the subject is about to be taken far more serious!

Over the years the field of UFO research has seen its fair share of dips and curves, ebbs and flows. From all out ridicule and dismissal to the inevitability of eventual disclosure – the doors of the ET and UFO phenomenon are poised to be blown wide open.

One individual who has seen and been integral to it all is international UFO researcher, author and publisher Philip Mantle.

For nearly 40 years, Philip has probed virtually every aspect of this elusive but revelatory subject.

A former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and former MUFON representative for England, Philip has acknowledged that there has been a great shift in how the UFO subject is both viewed as well as experienced.

Today, we’re discussing a most intriguing alien encounter that he has long researched and eventually went on to publish and that’s the fascinating ET abduction story of Calvin Parker which took place in Pascagoula Mississippi in 1973.

Philip had a lot to say about this incredible account and the UFO phenomenon overall. Let’s listen in to what he had to share.

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