WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS – Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

Posted by on August 4, 2016 in Corruption, Government, Military, Politics with 82 Comments

Jay Syrmopoulos | FreeThoughtProject

Washington, D.C. – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, claimed during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that, “We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Staying true to their word, WikiLeaks, with one simple tweet, dropped another bomb on the Clinton campaign – one so damaging it will almost surely be ignored by the mainstream media.

The latest revelation by the whistleblower organization reveals Hillary Clinton was a director of, and received over $100,000 from, French industrial giant Lafarge, which was recently exposed as secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.

These latest revelations expose the deep relationship between Hillary Clinton and Lafarge — a company proven to be working with and funding ISIS. The information was released one week after a statement made by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, during an interview with Democracy Now, implicated Clinton as being connected to arming terrorists.

According to an investigative report in The Canary by respected academic and journalist Nafeez Ahmed:

Documents obtained by several journalistic investigations reveal that Lafarge has paid taxes to the terror group to operate its cement plant in Syria, and even bought Isis oil for years…

Lafarge also has close ties to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Apart from being a regular donor to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton herself was a director of Lafarge in the early 1990s, and did legal work for the firm in the 1980s. During her connection to Lafarge, the firm was implicated in facilitating a CIA-backed covert arms export network to Saddam Hussein.

Among its earliest benefactors was former First Lady and current presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. From 1990 to 1992, Clinton served on Lafarge’s Board of Directors. Under her tenure, Lafarge’s Ohio subsidiary was caught burning hazardous waste to fuel cement plants. Clinton defended the decision at the time.

Then just before her husband, Bill Clinton, was elected president in 1992, Lafarge was fined $1.8 million by the Environmental Protection Agency for these pollution violations. Hillary Clinton had left the board of Lafarge in spring, just after her husband won the Democrat nomination. A year later, under Bill’s presidency, the Clinton administration reduced Lafarge’s EPA fine to less than $600,000.

Read the entire article here.

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82 Reader Comments

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  1. We just live in a corrupt society. If we can’t win, then we must spin. This is no democracy. A democracy would lend us multiple choices.

  2. Tom Ormsby Tom Ormsby says:

    Where is the media in all this? What does it take for all to see the greed and corruption? I am ashamed of the behavior of our government. Where do we turn? This is truth. Who do we trust?

  3. release the proof, we did to redo this whole crooked election.

  4. Mike Taylor Mike Taylor says:

    She’s been wheeling and dealing to foreigners for some time now!

  5. Oh for crying out loud…ISIS didn’t exist in 1990. Assange has really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this one..letting himself down badly lately

    • Joe Hoffman Joe Hoffman says:

      Isis was founded and funded in 1988 -1990.. when the us first sent arms to bin laden when he was workinh with the CIA… the first weapons were sold by reagan.. “the iran contra”.. oliver north, guns, court… you dont remember… how soon people forget the important shit…. whats kim kardashians favorite color?

      •' Elah says:

        Tell it, Joe! You are absolutely right ! The labyrinth of deception is well established and most folks are oblivious to its complexity .

    • Your citation for your comments?

    • Joe Hoffman it is useless to speak truth to those who do not have eyes to see nor ears to hear. Sadly many Americans have an attention span about as long as their nose. They are not truth seekers either.

    • When there is enough info to do a search for yourself, yet that one person who most likely isn’t one of your college professors says, “you didn’t cite your sources.”

    • Chris Davis Chris Davis says:

      No matter what or who funded who it is imperative to understand that no govt created the ideology.

  6. your ass is gone Hilary.

  7. G William McDonald. Like we need wiki leaks to tell us this !

  8. Raniera Toa Raniera Toa says:

    Bloody fb wont let me share this post. Now that smells fishy fb.

  9. John Long John Long says:

    Clinton is a reptile skimbag

  10. Rhye Cor Rhye Cor says:

    Think hard on who you are indirectly endorsing. Being the President of the United States the greatest country on Earth carries a big responsibility. You are like the de facto president of the world. You want a president who is in touch with his humanity. One who does not only care for people who look like him. So far i have not seen any humanity on Donald Trumph. He outwardly insults people who don’t look like him and blames them for all the ills of the country. His track record as a businessman is not something to admire. How much does he pay his workers? How does he conduct his business? He conducts his business by playing the system. He has cheated and bullied his way into success. You may think he is an outsider a solution to the problem but he is not. He is part of the problem. His rhetoric reminds me of Hitler who only has fond things to say about Germans, and look how the German nation treated those who they did not feel were human beings just like them during the second world war?! They enslave them, abuse them and killed them. He is a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic person whose views only appeal to those who have a deep sense of false entitlement. This apart from the fact that he has got zero experience in governance and will surely crash the economy with his policies. If you do not learn from history and do not see a bad person even when he outwardly speaks of his evil views in life then pity on you and God help us!

    • I agree. I also agree with ‘if you do not learn from history’. If you don’t learn from it we will be screwed. History shows us that both parties are corrupt. I think we need to build a new party that’s run by the people for the people. Or vote for the greens. History also shows that Hillary Clinton is a total warmonger.

    •' Ahsum says:

      Oh go scrub hc feet and shut up

    • But Hilary’s mouth said she wants to bring 550% increase of refugees in which include Isis so you want them living next door?

    • Rhye Cor Rhye Cor says:

      @Brenda J. Anglin So you would rather people suffer for fear of isis?! Mind you these refugees are human beings just like you. Among them are vulnerable people namely children, women and disabled. Your inability to empathize with the suffering of your fellow human being is disappointing. I hope someday you never find yourself in a vulnerable situation because in life you get what you give..

    • Justt Dawson Justt Dawson says:

      Rhye Cor, as you just stated, people are fleeing to be secure away from isis. When they come here, and it’s our women and children that are suffering, where are we supposed to go? Or is it, that you do not possess the ability to empathize with the American people, who will be facing issues such as France and Germany?

    • Rhye Cor Rhye Cor says:

      @Justt Dawson I can emphathize with the fear but what i cannot emphatize with is your apathy towards your fellow human being. If you only have love for your own race then you will possess a close minded mentality and blanket prejudice towards other people.

    • Timmy Farris Timmy Farris says:

      How many is going to india???????????????…..

    • Timmy Farris Timmy Farris says:

      How many is going to fellow Muslim country’s ??????????????…

    • Timmy Farris Timmy Farris says:

      How many is going to china?????????,?…….

    • Timmy Farris Timmy Farris says:

      Isn’t India the fastest growing economy in the world?? Hmmmm… that’s what I thought

    • Rhye Cor Much respect for you. You spoke my heart out in every comment of yours. ☺

  11. Well, although she mite be a CRIMINAL, she would be ur Next CRIMINAL President, like the all the 44th Presidents before her periooooooooooooooooooooood!

  12. oh c’mon guys. Now you are getting bloody ridiculous. Done with your garbage,

  13. Steven Singh Steven Singh says:

    Stop it if you can

  14. Another perspective: Here is one for you to read Conscious Life News … as you say “read the article before commenting”

  15. Yong Cp Yong Cp says:

    FAKED PEOPLE ‘ with faked life N’ created FAKED NIGHTMARES. Tq.

  16. The are not even Hillary Clinton emails ask to see IP address. wikileaks can’t confirm that they are truly Hillary Clinton’s or that they even from the DNC.

  17. Stupid people believe any crazy ass conspiracies that the replubican’s media propaganda machine make up.
    Figure it out dummies. With all the lies they tell. If there was any any proof at all .
    with as much hate the replubican’s have brainwashed you alllllllll with. One bit of real proof not a inferior demagogue Republican’s mouth real proof she be in jail long ago.

    •' Ahsum says:

      No she wouldnt she has to much dirt on other big wigs for anything to happen to her. If she dont win then they all go down with her. But that wont happen they just put on a show ruffle frathers and sit back laughing while people kill each other. Its a sick thing to do. Oh hope that didnt hurt anyones feelings. The demos have destroyed everything about a life. Every kid gets a blue ribbon so nobody feels bad. How retarded are you people

    • These are not lies, or connected to the repub party. There is evidence (the emails) The Dem party no longer exists. Election fraud, lies and Greed are all connected to Hillary. Stay tuned. I’m an Independent and Bernie supporter and I am not happy!

    • Oooooo yes you have the proof i take it.
      Lol open your eyes. So many mindless sheep.
      When the last time your rights have been taken away by Democrats.
      Emails was as Hillary Clinton said . FBI had to give the replubican’s something . The facts was they had nothing. It came down to 3 emails only 3 emails. Not even marked classified . Nothing but a waste of tax payers money.
      Open your eyes to reality people reality.

    • Chris Barboza no you just keep yours closed. Name calling is your way to make a point so just put your blinders back on.

    • No facts are facts if we can’t get our stuff together and see things the way they are.
      Not the way media wants you believe.
      We need trade it’s the food you feed your family
      We need to take care and protect one another.
      Wasting millions on conspiracy theories. On trying to cover lie after lie of replubican’s.
      That money better spent on your children. Their education their future their heath and their safety.
      She been cleared 10 ten times by republican committees replubican led FBI . So drop it.
      Let give the country back to our kids.
      Let’s give our child the ability to see the real world. So they can have a life. Not live in fear.
      But in a God loving reality.

  18. Sherry Bunch Sherry Bunch says:

    Prove it!, sadly, a lot of his followers, some ( conservative Christians) seem to thrive on tidbits that evolve into big untruths! Hmmmm sounds like gossip mongering! Then they dig for bible passages that support their beliefs! Sad, but true! They know better, and should be ashamed! There are those of us, that choose not to believe all we hear!

  19. Rick Hopper Rick Hopper says:

    Russians made her do it…..

  20. Oh yeah she is as pure as the driven snow splattered with blood!

  21. Where’s the stuff he says will get her arrested? Hope this isn’t it.

  22. Unliking page. As bad as Fox News

  23. Now watch Cognitive Dissonance take hold with this situation!

  24. A liar,non responsible,and dangerous for the the economy and security to America.would not be surprised.

  25. Tom Ormsby Tom Ormsby says:

    So 4 top officials with the DNC had to quit, starting at the top
    All they did is throw Bernie under the bus. It’s no wonder he left the party. They rigged and swayed votes. Read the emails. Very sad and to think of all those folks who donated to the party when it was rigged!

    • Loyd Hawkins Loyd Hawkins says:

      How exactly did the rig votes? You do know that the DNC doesn’t actually conduct the primary election, don’t you? The only rigging that could take place would be at the ballot box and that is controlled by states and local jurisdictions. You don’t have a clue as to what a rigged election is really about.

  26. Disgusting which ever one America ends up with WAR will happen. This world is so corrupt.

  27. Cathy Bretz Cathy Bretz says:

    You believe this really? As Shirry Bunch says, Prove it!

  28. Just one person. She must be good

  29. David Tam David Tam says:

    No wonder certain emails went missing.

  30.' Ahsum says:

    If you think she should win quit worrying about it you know she will because the whole whitehouse belongs in prison all of the from the fbi to the judges nothing but hard core criminals!!!

  31. Jackie Todd Jackie Todd says:

    Well for God’s sake DO IT JULIAN ???

  32. Karin Jacky Karin Jacky says:

    USA is financing ISIS together with others, lol, they are in need of an enemy against they can fight and invest more money in their weapon and military industries … they are all fooling the ppl ?

  33. Oh my God, here we go again…..she gaining in the polls so someone has to try and sabotage her…..wonder who….this poor woman…..what a bunch of BS.,……give it up for pete sakes…

  34. Mark Alan Mark Alan says:

    War = $$$ bitches!

  35. Kerry Boots Kerry Boots says:

    it’s because the mainstream media has figured out that Juilian is untrustworthy and has an agenda.

  36. Moh Moh Moh Moh says:

    That is not real

  37. Moh Moh Moh Moh says:

    He should be judge by the special court for his crime

  38. I’m confused, Hilary, did you order a McWar from Lafarge? Or did you order a Double War from War King? Because War King is a more budget with the Double War Combo.

  39. You guys have lostvit

  40. The more they criticized the democrats the more im convince to vote for her!!!Trump for business but not for President!!!

  41. Could he please Stfu till the election is done? For gods sake, he is helpin trump -.-

  42. Blind people still defending her

  43. Loyd Hawkins Loyd Hawkins says:

    This is the big scandal?? LMAO. So a company that Clinton served on its board back in the early 90’s was recently exposed as possibly aiding ISIS and this is somehow Clinton’s fault? You guys will reach for anything at this point.

  44. Liars will rule the world in the better interest of USA?

  45.' Jeff says:

    Thanks to CLN/FTP & Wikileaks. I will tell everyone I know.

  46. What happened to Conscious Life News?! Their posts used to be positive. Now, it’s conspiracy theory b.s.! CLN consider yourself unfollowed. What a shame!

  47. You cousins from South clearly have the Best leaders

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