The Art of Astral Travel: Meeting Your Spirit Guide & Finding Your Life Purpose

By Brittany Windom

astral travelEveryone Can Do It

What if I told you that anyone in the world has the ability to travel astrally? Our very own being has every tool it needs to project our astral bodies, but we only need a take-off point. I have had many experiences with astral travel in my lifetime and they all end up being very different scenarios. My journeys first started in dreams where my astral self flew over green rolling hills of another distant, yet strangely familiar, land. In one moment my body stood there with bare feet on grass, then I ran to get momentum, and I began to lift off the ground. I was finally able to soar like my very own spirit animal: the hawk.

While sleeping, have you ever dreamed about flying to far away places? You were most likely using your innate spiritual tools to take a break from the physical realm. As for me, after these beautifully vivid dreams had occurred, my mind became hungry for more information on the art of astral projection.

Meet Your Guides and Access the Akashic Records

Through meditation, you can raise your vibration and open yourself up to astral travel. I studied the art of visualization and meditation in various books, including works by Sylvia Browne, which taught me how to successfully travel to the “other side”. Sylvia’s work, Temples On the Other Side: How Wisdom from “Beyond the Veil” Can Help You Right Now, described magical places where you can astrally travel and access beneficial information for your life path.

When I first read this work, I realized that I had seen these various temples, lands, and environments in my past dreams and visions. They were familiar feeling places and I wanted to revisit them. Travel experiences can be useful to rejuvenate your soul, to send and receive information, to re-visit places you’ve lived in past lives, and even to meet others who have passed away and moved on to the “other side”. Thanks to astral projection I was able to visit my spirit guides and access valuable Akashic record information for my life purpose.

How to Begin to Safely and Consciously Try Astral Travel at Home

1. Choose any type of spirit guide mediation that resonates with you (in a book, a video,  or online). With the audio recording tool on my cell phone I read aloud and recorded a spirit guide meditation from one of Sylvia Brown’s books. Try to record this in a slow and calm manner,  with multiple pauses, in order to get the most out of your meditation.

2. Light some candles and cleanse the energy of your space by burning some dried sage to disperse the smoke in all corners of the room. While doing this hold, in your  mind, the intention of clearing all negative energies and bringing only light and love into your sacred space.

3. Sit in a comfortable position on your couch or cushion on the floor, close your eyes and envision in your mind’s eye a white ball of light surrounding your body from head to toe. The light is like a glowing bubble that travels from the top of your crown chakra, encompasses your body, and connects to the chakras at the soles of your feet. Feel the bright warmth of light tingling through you body like sun rays. This light bubble protects you throughout your meditation.

4. Press the play button on the recording or video and sink into a peaceful and deep trance-like state, while letting your imagination take you wherever it wants to go.

Before You Begin Traveling  

Eliminate all distractions like cell phones, televisions, loud music, or noisy people before your meditation. Take your time to feel at peace while preparing for your journey and keep a slow and steady pace during the practice. Keep in mind that your spirit guide will most likely speak to you telepathically and not with their mouths like physical beings do. Everyone’s experience will be different depending on how you prefer to create your environment on the other side.

During the Meditation

Use all of your senses in the meditation process and have fun. Smell the aromas around you, listen to the sounds of nature, feel the grass under your feet, view the colors in your surroundings, and taste different objects in the environment. When you meet your guide, feel free to ask them any questions about your life purpose, career, passions, love, family, and anything else on your mind. We are all already a part of the divine source and have all the knowledge we need inside of us, but your guide helps your soul to remember certain information that is beneficial for you. Your guide may answer you through a voice, a feeling, light, symbols, gifts, or another gesture. Receive this wisdom from the Akashic records with gratitude and remember that only you will be able to interpret your spirit messages. The knowledge will be specific for your life in this very moment. With the insight of your life purpose you will be able to reach new levels of spiritual awareness.

After Travel and Coming Back to the Physical

Do not be discouraged if you cannot be fully aware of your experience the first time. Practice and persistence will take you to new enlightening territory with all of your senses, so keep at it. Most importantly keep a journal of your experiences so you can look back at the beneficial life messages you’ve received from your guides. Journals also allow you to document what you would like to try for your next astral journey. Eventually you will be able to successfully fine-tune and control your adventures. After meditation remember to ground yourself by imagining glowing white tree roots that grow from your feet and into the ground. Drinking plenty of water and having a snack also help the grounding process, so you aren’t constantly spiritually floating all day. Happy Travels!



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35 Reader Comments

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  1.' Mai-Li says:

    This is a wonderful article and great information—However, may I add a bit more to the article–Please be very careful of “astral traveling” just anywhere—
    The veil is very thin (NOW) and many worm holes do exist. Be sure you are confident that you are astral traveling with your guides and not a disguised energy being—Again use discernment- Blessings & Joy:)

  2. Brittany Windom says:

    Thank you Mai-Li, this is a great addition to the article. You are totally right! We all need to make sure we protect ourselves and be aware of our senses.

  3.' Joel says:

    I think I just met my spirit guide… A white see through smokey figure we didn’t exchange names we were just flying over a white sand desert at impressive speed

    We exchanged information and outlooks on humanity I explained how all people are robots and need to realise what’s out there and need to open there minds

    He explained I can’t loose faith in humanity and push my beliefs on other people he was extremely wise one of the most intelligent conversations I have had

    Just needed to share and maybe get some information about what I experienced

    •' DAM says:

      It is good that your testimony are available to teach normal humans that there is spiritual world for real .This means there is God and not a mere story. So, leaving your body is something you will give account of someday after you leave the world. All the attacks,bad stuff you do to people because of your stuff will be upon you. So, examine the deeds and your human victims.

      Anyway, what do u know that I can encounter God, get protection from people who do this stuff to follow,abuse,torment,murder,control my mind,please?

  4.' MelissiaM says:

    I tried meeting my spirit guide once, but I had a very difficult time being able to tell if it was truly my spirit guide speaking to me or if it was my thoughts. However, I remember when I met my spirit guide it was a very odd image in my mind. The image in my mind was that I was in the woods and there was a random man there. I don’t know if he was my spirit guide, but he was telling me things about my future such as I will have a son and what not. Can someone please help me and tell me if this was my spirit guide? Thank you in advance

    •' DAM says:

      Anything from such spirits may be good but not free. The devils will not help you for nothing. The devil is bad and a bad being cannot give you free and loving help. No matter how long it may take the bad effects will surface someday.
      Any way, I am followed,abuse,tormented,tortured,mind controlled,murdered,considered soup by spirits of some people. O really need urgent help from a good source.

  5.' Becky says:

    Meditation is one way to travel. Trust me when you feel yourself “leaving” you are out and about so to speak. Astraling is a step beyond medtitaion. Try this next time you feel yourself “leaving” you body think of a place you know of (a local shop or something, maybe even a friends house) and u will astral there. Thought equals reality there, as soon as you think of something it can happen.

  6.' Timothy says:

    I am so happy to have found this site. I have had these experiences ever since Early childhood. I was told everything from I’m crazy to your dreaming. I have never heard anyone describe my experiences like the stories I have recently read . I can usually travel and project at will when I am in a comfortable place. I spoke with someone who pastured me and was my mentor until he went home to be with the Lord. He told me not to play with this gift and that I should only go there when called. Needless to say, I do what I like. Recently someone has como into my life who has similar gifts. There was no hiding it from each other. I am hoping to learn more about “spirit guides” as I have not opened my eyes to them. I have kept myself closed pretty much to Christian beliefs for 46 yrs and have had this gift from my earliest memories. Any tips?

  7.' Preston Illikman says:

    Everyone’s stories are intriging. May I share mine as well? I have traveled before but something happened that has me afraid of my gifts because I cannot control them. I’ve meditated on an off for 3years but when I become open. I can feel more then a presence. Sometimes these beings manifest themselves sometimes they hide..I’ve seen red, yellow,and black eyes that will appear. I fear bc of me my family who aren’t strong believers in this sense. Now even fear for themselves I have done much to protect my family n friends..but I am scared to confront these beings with the fear that my fear will overcone my will. I use to be strong but Iet tallot of my sense go. Anyone out there please hear me out.

  8.' PackaPoonch says:

    I want to do this but in worried in gonna die. My friend said he did this and he was being chafed by demons an they were taunting him then he woke up. Also, where can I find dryed sage?

  9.' PackaPoonch says:

    I want to do this but in worried in gonna die. My friend said he did this and he was being chased by demons an they were taunting him then he woke up. Also, where can I find dryed sage?

    •' nick says:

      Hi I just messaged some one else the same and I think it will apply to you to. Firstly you CANNOT die in the astral, you do not die full stop. If you worried you might die when you astral project then you better stock up on Red Bull my friend because you astral project every night when you sleep you just do not remember it!
      In relation to the demons – you overcome them by confronting them, Letting go of your fears like I did when I first saw a bad entity. Now if I ever see that thing again im going to go for the throat. Let them know your not scared, let them know they are not welcome in your space (your will is more powerful then you know) your imagination (something they lack in) is enough to beat them. I have heard stories of people in the astral imagining their fist 5x bigger than normal and obliterating entities. I do not know how as you CANNOT be hurt in the astral but it must come back to will and intent. I always imagine myself in a bubble/ball of white light and imagine arrows made of shadow hitting the outside and not even leaving a scratch. They can only try to scare you and they know it, once you are not scared they will not bother with you anymore.
      The dry sage – Dude common google it! 😀

      hope this helps!
      Nick – U.K – Father, Son and brother to all.

  10.' Hannah says:

    Sing the HU -word. It is pronounced like the word ‘hue’, and is sung (aloud or silently) HUUUUUUUUU…

  11.' Hannah says:

    no sorry not trionica!

  12.' cullen says:

    how to avoid bad entities and demons?

    •' nick says:

      By confronting them, Letting go of your fears like I did when I first saw a bad entity. Now if I ever see that thing again im going to go for the throat. Let them know your not scared, let them know they are not welcome in your space (your will is more powerful then you know) your imagination (something they lack in) is enough to beat them. I have heard stories of people in the astral imagining their fist 5x bigger than normal and obliterating entities. I do not know how as you CANNOT be hurt in the astral but it must come back to will and intent. I always imagine myself in a bubble/ball of white light and imagine arrows made of shadow hitting the outside and not even leaving a scratch. They can only try to scare you and they know it, once you are not scared they will not bother with you anymore.

      hope this helps!

  13.' Tyler says:

    Hello! I am new to these topics, and I could use some advice if anyone is willing. I tried lucid dreaming, but to no avail. I kept on trying for months, but nothing ever happened. I’m still working in that. I have known about Astral Projections for awhile, but I never had the desire to try. Now, I do. I read these articles and many how-to’s, but I need comprehensive guidance. I am interested in this because I wonder at the complexity and simplicity of life. I yearn to understand, but I need a teacher. If anyone is willing to help, please let me know. Thanks a bunch,

  14.' amz says:

    there is a one thing that happened to my life, it is a very first time to visit a place somewhere in the philippines, when i’ looking around he looks a very very familiar place. and i think i came from this place, so when i was a young i will travel this place when i’m sleep. thanks for this site. happy travel to all

  15.' Pauly says:

    You need to think happy and positive thoughts.
    Put your self in a bubble of white light that is clean and bright white. Think that you are breathing in clean white and positive energy and your whole body is emerged in this beautiful clean white light. Breath in good and breath outcall the bad.

  16.' Michelle Le Roux says:


  17.' Marj Quewezance says:

    Tessa Medvid 🙂

  18.' Manasharati Asha Ajuba says:

    I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.

  19.' Art Frantz says:

    Think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away

  20.' Catherine Aset Cosmosa says:

    oh im quite aware. just got back from my travels

  21.' Boni'ta Campbell says:

    I have only done it once and it was fueled by emotion, but I have not been able to since.

    •' James Daniel Jr. says:

      I also astrally traveled once, that I remember. It was last Friday, which was a full moon coincidentally. I started meditating the Monday before, through the Wednesday before. Then I repeated the mantra “I will go out of body”. I noticed that I had a dream every night I meditated (which was early in the morning) and had two dreams back to back before my projection. I haven’t dreamed or astral traveled again yet, but am keeping up. I don’t meditate as often as I’d like either.

  22. yksiraye@YAHOO.COM' yks says:

    its more of a question than a comment, but can we define and label every experience as a something only basing our judgment on our state of feeling? believe me when i tell you that i want astral travel to be an actual and real journey, by real i mean that an experience that is not subject to the tricks of the mind and all the uncertainties that accompany it! for all i know, unless some of you can empirically shoe me that its real, all of my astral experiences are results of my tireless mind. i feel like I’m going crazy, any kind of help and assistance from you guys might save a life living far away from where you are!

  23.' Aly says:

    I’ve known about astral projections for a few months now and have tried lucid dreaming. I believe I was in the process last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and went straight back to bed. I don’t remember everything but remember lying in my bed on my side. I felt my whole body vibrating, also like being electrocuted (without pain), I remember seeing a full white figure at the same time. I sensed the figure as an adult male. But I haven’t found any information online of what a full white figure could mean, only shadowy figures. Is this my spirit guide or?

  24.' Warwick says:

    I love how you described every stage of the preparation for the travel. I love the vibration part of the travel, i feel so alive when i come to that part. Awesome article, i hope you will be writing more about this.
    P.S. Can you please give some advice for the actual guide we can use? I have been trying different guides for some time, and i would love if you could land a hand with this one.

  25.' Sarah says:

    I came across this Googling “stories of visitng Akashic records through astral projection” It’s been many many years since this experience but I want to know if anyone has ever experienced anything similar.
    When I was 18 (33 now) I lit a good smelling candle, laid down and relaxed my mind. I really didn’t know what I was doing or that there were any terms for it at the time. But I imagined different points of my body being opened up. And I was in love and in a completely positive mindset (still in love with him). I can only assume now that it helped with high vibrations.

    What felt like 3 minutes later was 3 HOURS later and my body was ice cold.

    So what happened. Well I knew there was a presence with me. Felt gentle but stern at the same time. I figure now that it was my guide but I never saw a face. Suddenly My guide led me to a hall (It felt like what I would believe teleporting to feel like) – a very literal hall that seemed to go on forever. There were file cabinets lining it and going as high as the eye could see. I was floating along and stopped at a cabinet on my left. I went to go open it and heard a stern NO.

    Suddenly in my bed and ice cold.

    So any insight or similar experience??? Anyone???

    I didn’t even know there was anything called the Akashic records until after this experience. It is what prompted me to look further into it.

  26.' Malcom Arguillo says:

    The possibilities are limitless! After one of our Facebook friends posed the question, Ali Wylie offered the answer. Want to know what you can do during your astral travels ? Read on and find out!

  27.' L O says:

    A few months ago i tried shrooms for the first time and ever since i have had many lucid dreams in which i can control almost everything. this was until the other night when I noticed a temple in the background during a dream. upon focusing on that i suddenly ‘teletported’ to the temple, i could hear and have a conversation with a voice but there was nothing there,there are no people whatsever in my dreams. any advice would be appreciated,just want to understand what this means

  28.' Michael says:

    I have a serious issue I need someone that has mastered astral projection to help me.. Something appeared under me and allowed me to leave me body but when this Han figured spirit let me back in my body my voice in my head was muted my body started shrinking everything looked different people had demons on there face it seemed I couldn’t keep a conversation it feels as if it’s draining my energy I need help from anspecialst ASAP I am not chemically imbalanced I had a deliverance priest make it clear that this is spiritual issues not what people that can’t help me blame me for

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