Watch a Homeless Ugandan Boy Move Funny Man Jack Black To Tears

Written by on March 5, 2018 in Conscious Living, Peace & Human Rights with 69 Comments

Jack Black-compressed

By Vandita | We Are Anonymous

American actor Jack Black, the star of comedy was brought to tears after spending a day with 12-year-old Felix, a homeless Ugandan boy who never met his father and lost his mother in 2012. In support ofRed Nose Day, the funny man traveled to Uganda to meet underprivileged kids as well as raise awareness and funds for their better future.

When he met Felix, who sells recyclables collected from garbage so he can eat, an emotional Black breaking his public promise not to cry urged people to donate to help children like Felix live a better life.

“Unfathomable. Just unfathomable. This is not a place for a 12-year-old boy to be sleeping alone. This is his life. I can’t imagine my kids going through something like that and he’s ever bit as brilliant and sharp as any kid I’ve met. So he wants an education and I think that’s not a lot to ask, so I’m hoping you’ll give as much you can.”

Half the money raised by Red Nose Day helps kids in the United States, and half helps kids like Felix in some of the poorest countries in the world. TODAY reports that thanks to a program that benefits from Red Nose Day, “Felix now lives with a foster family instead of the streets, and he’s pursuing his dream of getting an education”.

With children being the single largest demographic group living in poverty in Uganda with over 56% of its 37 million people under 18, child abuse is a major problem in this landlocked African country. In 2014, a report based on interviews with more than 130 street children by Human Rights Watch found that with key government institutions failing to adequately protect children who work or live on the streets, homeless aged 8 to 18 across seven towns in Uganda are frequently harassed, threatened, beaten, arrested and detained.

“Children living on the streets in the capital, Kampala, and throughout Uganda’s urban centers face violence and discrimination by police, local government officials, their peers, and the communities in which they work and live. Some left home because of domestic abuse, neglect, and poverty, only to suffer brutality and exploitation by older children and homeless adults on the streets. They often lack access to clean water, food, medical attention, shelter, and education.”

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69 Reader Comments

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  1. And there are Vets homeless and eating out of dumpsters here in th US, WHY not help them first!

    •' Dani Cali says:

      There are people saying exactly the same here in Germany. Why not help our own, first? Good question. I think there will always be a lot of poor lost souls out there. No matter what country they live in. Our system / politics can not save them all.

    •' Peggy Salano says:

      When Europeans come into Africa to rob her dry those private companies should be paying for the resources they are stealing and stop places corrupt leaders in place so they can continue their looting maybe the indigenous people could survive

  2.' Fred Redmon says:

    Try visiting the poor in the US first. If we can’t take care of our own citizens why worry about the rest. Most of these countries squander or sell any relief aid that is sent to pad their own pockets.

  3. Why not be compassionate for all humans? No-one should have to starve or live on the streets. All the food that is thrown out should go to feed the hungry. All the buildings left empty and vacant should be made into homes for the homeless.

  4. He is an actor….

  5. Is this the video where a boy begs him to take him back or help and he doesn’t? Asshole.

  6.' Wendy Hardin says:

    Why is it wrong to help any child? Yes we have those who need here too. Compassion is not just limited to your own kind. It’s what is wrong with this country now, and with the world. They are not one of us.

  7. I don’t understand?…people still think everyone lives in wonderland? Wtf man. Wake up people! Turn your f*n televisions off and wake up!

  8. I don’t want anyone to be hungry or homeless…..but wr need to end all of that right here in our own country first before we send it to others. Just my personal opinion. No need to post ugly hateful comments

  9.' Fer Serrano says:

    Suffering is suffering here or there, no matter but if you do something to help its ok so do it!!! Sorry my grammar. Have a great day!! ?

  10.' Steve Piper says:

    Im astounded by the sheer lack of compassion for starving children. Starving children! Ive seen the kids albeit in Kenya living off of rubbish its not something you forget. To all the charity begins at home contributors. NO problem as long as you do something for those who need help. A facebook post doesnt fill empty stomachs. Contribute then you have earned the right to comment

  11.' Can Karesi says:

    My God, Have Mecy!

  12. No offense, but seeing a trained actor cry doesn’t really do much for me due to the fact that they learn to do that on demand. That being said the story is very sad, I hate to hear things like this and I agree this is happening all over the globe. I live in a small rural town and it happens here, you don’t have to go to Uganda to see it. Of course the fact that he’s a child makes it even sadder, but it’s sad no matter what.

    •' Lucy says:

      You wouldn’t have watched it if there weren’t a celebrity in it. Get off your high unicorn and consider what a person is like before labeling them.

  13.' Mike Batley says:

    Why doesn’t he just call for an end to this ignorant money game, and we can end all this human suffering.

  14. I agree that something needs to be done…but all these “charitable agencies” that take in millions of dollars in donated monies haven’t seem to have done much with it..(even though they tell us how cheap it is to save the life of a child and help a whole village) as long as there is greed and corruption (always) there will be poverty and suffering… So now…without throwing more money around…how do we fix it?

  15. Still humanity is Alive

  16.' Damo Mildy says:

    It’s a corrupted system

  17. We have plenty of needy children here.maybe he should focus on helping them first.

  18. Send no money to Africa,it never gets to anyone who needs it,there’s plenty of homeless shelters in the good old usa you can donate to

  19.' Maria Lopez says:

    Why these famous actors that have all this money don’t help?? They have all the luxury they want and live like Kings and Queens why can’t they all donate money to help these people in need?? They have it why can’t they give it and stop asking from others. Lead by example!!


  21.' Carlo Sagasi says:

    Ask museveni and his cronies to give up their luxuries and educate their population.

  22. I dont get why some people are so surprised that this happens in the world. I really hope this got some people to get out from under that rock and try to help.

  23.' Jun Whitt says:

    May the heavens above as it is bellow I pray that you are guided by righteousness and protected by your angels. Together we can. Peace and Unity..

  24.' Jack Daw says:

    you know that man is an ACTOR, right?

  25.' Rochelle Kim says:

    This is by design, there is only poverty on this planet because the 1% believes the world is over populated and they refuse to help them, they want them to die. Don’t you think with the length of time that world vision has been going that you would see real change over there, thats a lie someone is pocketing that money and its not the people who need it. I no longer give to any charities, as I do not trust the authorities anymore as they only work for the 1%.

    •' Steve Piper says:

      Fine as long as your compassion extends into your local neighbourhood. Remember also people who work for charities are entitled to a living wage. Its very sad you have become cynical and assume every charity is stealing from its donors and beneficiaries

  26.' Morad Saberi says:

    Just see how the multinational companies sucking blood of that continent.
    Not giving a shit about them.
    Blood suckers!

  27. What a load of crap.

  28.' Paula Brown says:

    Jack hs empathy. Good.

  29. Everyone even criminals need to go visit countries such as this….THEN you’ll be able to appreciate your country and hopefully be a changed person…if it doesn’t change you then stay a little while…..

  30.' VB Magee says:

    Y cant the rich n famous mr black give only half of his bank account… He would still have more money then anyone who donated

  31.' Jamie Skaggs says:


  32.' Jamie Skaggs says:


  33. I am you and you are me… think about that for a bit…give and receive ?

  34.' Karyn Rene' says:

    I hope he left lots of his own Hollywood money there!

  35. So a man with thousends, maybe milions on his bankaccount, urges me, who barely makes it trough the month, to donate ?
    I do care, but…..realy ?

  36. Ask the greedy psychopaths who run the corporations you work for jack and the government and zionists who cause these problems it’s all connected. The average person in the US or UK is struggling to survive and feed their own family I have given to charity only to find out it doesn’t go where it’s supposed to.

  37.' Billa Mahmud says:

    Bring him to the Future Leaders UCC

  38. It really annoys me that people like Black will support campaigns to cream the public for cash to “end” a “problem”, that the elite could end overnight. After donating billions to Africa, this issue should have been erradicated a long time ago – so where does all the cash go??

    I’m guessing the “I’m not gonna cry” sound bite was recorded AFTER the rest – makes for good TV.

  39. That’s all good but I only donate to something when the people in need get 100% of the donation

  40. Thi story can impact any person ,even if it’s an actor any person that has a heart and empathy for other.

  41.' Meaghan Simpson says:

    Good to connect heart and mind with all the children of the world…red and yellow, black, brown and white… Also would be good to have the whole human interest story report on what the sources are of the dire situations and follow the money trail of GLOBALISTS wrecking wars and destructions
    And tell the truth of the root of our global humanitarian crises is MSM, military, monetary, medicine monopoly!
    Wake up MR funny bubble! You can go many places in USA
    And find stories of kids and adults in dire straits… Clean and sober kids it will rip your holy humor heart out and break it into the blue blue blue BLUES!

    Connect kids crises all over the world with GLOBALISTS Wars for BIG BLACK Snake OIL….Austerity sucks… And when your heart and mind open to the tragedy of your own USA citizens being crushed and homeless by USA GOVS…take the USA third world tragedy tour??? USA world wide uleading in cruelty against homeless citizens…yeah USA made world wide horrifying news during winter 2016-2017… For most cruel and mean extremely abusive to homeless campers in coldest wettest longest winter on record!!!

    Be a hero at home and draw the links…truth must come out!
    Tell the truth. That’s all that we are talking about! Truth is a gold mine for great humor! So get the whole story… Get informed and knock yourself out!

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