Is Vladimir Putin (Who Exposed Who’s Backing ISIL) an Agent of the Awakening?

Posted by on October 9, 2015 in Government, Military, Politics with 113 Comments

By Zen Gardner  |

Well, well, well, aren’t we seeing a massive turnaround of late. Putin was so sharp, calm and truthful at the UN and other recent speeches and interviews compared to the same old Amerikan false bravado diatribe it was like having a clean shower after swimming through a cesspool.

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And the whole free world feels the same.

What I admire about him is his cool demeanor and very artful tact in how he approaches massively sensitive subjects. He has to cloak it in “diplomati-speak” of course to reach the type of audience within those bound up layers of communication, but he does it masterfully. You don’t sense the BS factor and full on propagandized deception you get from the Obamaramadingdong script reading puppet.

I know the  whirled stage is just that, but nothing’s written in stone and there are always “free floating radicals”. Whatever engineered plans are afoot, there’s always plenty of room for error in their programming – as well as their assumption that the rest of the world will automatically buy into it as they imperiously assume.

It reminds me of the Donald Trump phenomenon. At first people thought he’d fizzle and pop and we’d be back to the same old cardboard corporate cut out options in the US theater of absurdity . But now he’s got so much traction, again due to his fresh honesty vs the bullshit factor of mainstream sewage, that the big boys are trying desperately to co-opt the wild Trump card, controlled opposition being their tactic of choice as we know. Now you can watch them scramble to contribute to his popularity – but rest assured they’re busy trying to bore their evil, poisonous beaks into their new would-be host if they can.

The Worm Has Turned

I’m not under any illusion that most of what we are witnessing on a daily basis isn’t massively manipulated. However, humanity is awakening and we cannot limit it in any way, shape or form in how it manifests. The “powers that shouldn’t be” have been imploding for some time while stepping up this almost comical show of force in all forms.

The following presentations are extremely powerful if you listen closely to the tone, clarity and sense of moral authority very rarely seen on the world stage.

The game has shifted, the worm has turned.

The first video is previous to the recent UN speech, which follows, but I found it profoundly honest and truthful, as well as tactful and giving room for those he’s addressing to come to an understanding of the error of their ways. It so elevated my understanding of how blatantly obvious the western axis of evil has become in the eyes of so many, yet they too lack the clarion call to point out the emperor has no clothes. – and all his puppet soldiers are simply paid-for mercenaries.

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Finally, a brilliant analysis of the overall situation and American psychopathy.

Our Power to Co-create Reality

This is a major shift I think we can take great encouragement in. As we know, it takes a type of critical mass to move society to look honestly at what is going on and adopt a new paradigm on a major scale. When a major world figures calls out this courageously the abject wrongness of the reality that the masses are being told is necessary and it must adhere to, and in such calm yet bold and action-reinforced clarity, it speaks volumes and sends a very strong signal.

Waking up, at all levels, usually involves startling revelations of truth, very often ones already right in front of our faces, yet we were virtually hypnotized to not understand but rather accept as our inevitable fate in some form.

This man, however you may perceive this whole world stage, is causing just that type of mass awakening. And acting on it. Even now they’ve warned Americans to get out of Syria as they launch very real retaliations on this hoard of western hired mercenaries threatening the dear people of Syria and the entire region.

No doubt the rabid west and Israel and their proxy states will step up their desperate, hysterical and genocidal attacks to confuse the issue, and try to provoke a greater confrontation. As their dying beast writhes in the throes of exposure to the light of truth and public awareness, the forces of darkness will make their move.

It’s inevitable to some extent, sorry to say. They’re psychopaths.

Let’s hope the global awakening can stir the world to take appropriate action in every form possible to stay the situation and bypass this pre-planned insanity potentially leading to a major confrontation, the WW3 scenario that is apparently in their agenda.

It seems earth’s inhabitants are being given a chance to help avoid this.

It’s Up To Each of Us

But never let your guard down. We know who and what are waiting in the wings to fill any and every vacuum created by engineered or unplanned changes. That’s their M.O.

However, an awakened populace will not go back to sleep. Remember, anything and everything is possible. These recent major turns of events may just cause such an uprising in consciousness at very high levels as well as throughout society that could cause a major shift to happen.

It’s up to us. Blindly following the trend du jour is what has led to humanity’s captivity. Let’s all lead by living our lives in full on awareness, in loving intention with steeled determination, and getting the truth out there.

Much love, Zen

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113 Reader Comments

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  1.' Tara Escondida Gibson says:

    Not showing article,,,gov block?

  2.' Will Smith says:

    It works for me

  3.' Jen Mc says:

    Megan McDonough

  4.' Leena Laitinen says:

    This is absurd. You guys can trade places with us here in Europe and especially us in Finland! 1300 km borderline with Russia, Finland is not a member of Nato and Putin suffers from a small man’s syndrome and is after a revenge since “the great (oh well) SU” collapsed… You should watch anything else but RT.

  5.' Leena Laitinen says:

    And Russia keeps attacking “terrorists”, i.e. Syrians who oppose Assad. Not ISIS. On the contrary. Now that rebels have been destroyed, more or less, ISIS has conquered more areas. Are you blind?

    •' Kevin Fichtler says:


    •' Lenia Charalambous says:

      He is attacking mercenaries paid by the USA to overthrow the legitimate government voted by the Syrian people!

    •' Ricco Vicont Sui Generis says:

      Says who? whose media is brainwashing the already brainwashed? the Syrian opposition leaders confirmed that Russians are striking only ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and whatever Al ….there is, in the end US is loosing ground and the only think they know is talking s**t, but all that has changed 07 October the launch of Caliber Missiles that prove one think hegemony of US is over !! Nobody has seing them on the radars only a couple of drones that almost goy hit by had a preview pick of the missiles.

  6.' Erik Albert says:

    His homeland politics suck big time. And like any other country, Russia sucks just the same. Empty fridges all over the place, but plenty of cash for bombs. Don’t be fooled. The clever covering up of ‘what’s in it for me’ is still what drives Putin and all the other fucked up politicians you happily label as ‘world leaders’. Headless chickens.

    •' Romin Munshi says:

      He may be corrupt but is still the best leader the world has to offer

    •' Ricco Vicont Sui Generis says:

      Yeh don’t be fooled…… sorry you where fooled !

    •' Benjamin Bliss says:

      Says the guy that’s NEVER BEEN TO RUSSIA?!?!

    •' Maria Koob says:

      Erik, have you been in Russia? You don’t sound like you have. I have my children and grandchildren living there and they are very happy. i myself I have been there many times, it is not true what you say about empty fridges. The Health and Educational systems are also working well, much better than in most countries and that free of charge. The government looks after their people, at least more than at all the countries I know, and I have seen and lived in many many countries.

    •' Lena Kash says:

      Lol when have u lived in Russia? How can u and ur western self even comment on this. I lived in Russia pre and post Putin and he saved our country by coming into power. How can people who have nothing bit westernized fed ignorance even comment like that.

    •' Pedro Santiago says:

      I believe that sadly the average American will not get to see any other country through their entire life. So all their preconceptions are whatever the media wants them to have.

    •' Dos Kataina says:

      Says The guy with the pyramid pic. #hushboy #knowyourshit

    •' Erik Albert says:

      To those that have an opinion about me: I will not lower my standards.

      Today, anything is called a country. I clearly stated all countries suck. And that includes Russia. Calling an area a country, whilst hiding behind a flag, without documenting yourself and still backing up the god damn place is insane. And disturbing.

      My standards:
      you can only call a country a country when it takes care of all new borns, when it provides jobs for all those that need to work for a living and when it takes care of all older generations, regardless.

      Now you go and figure how many countries meet my requirements.


      Instead of trying to find out all that I may or may not know, whatever my nationality may be, and whether I travel or not, go document yourself instead. I already know this little planet inside out.

    •' Dos Kataina says:

      Bwahaha fark your requirements lol and fark your standards. If it dont meet your standards then what is it? You aint nutteeeeeng *bernie mac voice* #erikissmallminded #erikneedsjesus

    •' Tom Orrow says:

      Erik sounds like he has come down with a bad case of self-importantitis…

    •' Shayne Cardinal says:

      Look at the prison overpopulation in the states, the amount of homlessness, the ghettos or projects etc, the high unemployment rate you donkeys are still arrogant

    •' Shayne Cardinal says:

      Tom Orrow please remove your head from your asshole the air wont smell as shitty

  7.' YaHamam Miny Salam says:

    .. We sure hope so ..

    .. This POST .. Is not far from what is going on in the Middle East.

    .. When we get to know about the Occultism in so many news headlines .. We can connect tge dots.

    .. NOW .. How about knowing of the OCCULTISM of the UN ?? !!

    .. The Most Outstanding IRON ROD .. In the WORLD .. Is located in the UN’s Shadowy Meditation Room ..

    ………………………….. WAY ???

    You can Google :
    …….. Occult UN Meditation Room …
    .. To find out the truth about the UN ..
    .. When YOU put Two & Two together .. You will start to see where the UN ; really get their orders from.

    .. But FIRST ….. Remember ???
    .. The JESUITS : The Vatican’s third “All Seeing Eye” of (HORUS).

    .. Who Puppet Mastered ((The Free Masons; liveing in the shadowes as “Protege” of the British Monarchs)) : Into building Washington DC City Plan .. To be in line with the Vatican City Plan.

    And REMEMBER ?? … The “Faluce/ Obelisk” occult symbolism : Representing the god “Osiris” worshiped by his wife ISIS.

    ….. Take a look at this link :

    ….. Then … google : Occult UN Meditation Room … To find out the truth about the UN.
    .. @:


  8.' Retha Alberts says:


  9.' Suman Chowdhury says:

    He s the Ivan f Russ folk lore, who stood up against all misdeeds!!

  10.' Lana Grichtchenko says:

    Putin can be called the terrorist N1… He’s evil and twisted in every sense, incredibly cruel, completely false in his politics, primitively rude and exhibiting lack of respect to anything and anyone, even to his own country … I’m disgusted… I will probably stop reading the conscious life news…

    •' Ricco Vicont Sui Generis says:

      Perhaps you need to tune up and upgrade your conscious in the way that vibration will click in the right way, I know this must be difficult for you!? but hay think of a mickey mouse having a problem with what kind of cheese he will choose . 🙂

    •' Romin Munshi says:

      You’re a retard, everything that you have said is false, do some real research

    •' Fikru Yitna says:

      And who do you think cares about you reading….or not

    •' Carolyn Cochran Jolly says:

      The website owner cares. Otherwise he can’t sell his twisted version of reality to the people who subscribed to this site and he loses money.

    •' Paul Matcott says:

      and your evidence for such claims is?….CLN is happy to see the back of you.

    •' Lana Grichtchenko says:

      People with highly “upgraded consciousness” :D… Thank you for your “lovely” comments :D… Well, I have enough information to support my opinion, as to putin and his politics and you too can easily research it everywhere, it’s not difficult, try to look for the information regarding all the wars started by putin recently and the number of people that are still being killed by his soldiers every day.. Try to find the information about all the journalists that have been killed in Russia in the last 15 years and so on… His crimes, including the crimes against humanity, are sadly impressive… Good bye!

      •' David Winsland says:

        I would be extremely surprised if Russia could outdo the west [mainly US] in its ability to interfere and meddle into the affairs of foreign governments resulting in the deaths of untold millions, injuries beyond count, theft of natural resources, corruption, blackmail and extra-judicial killings. I am an elderly Englishman and my greatest regret was my belief that what I was taught was the truth . . . . . that we were the “good guys”. Not so!

  11.' Egis Ka says:

    Pig face is lying on the world stage.

  12.' Matt McCurley says:

    That fucking picture tho haha

  13.' Arys Oakheart says:


  14.' Liv TechnoColor says:

    Gaboz Gabs

  15.' Bill Langeman says:

    An absolutely idiotic article with an absolutely absurd premise.

  16.' Debra Nicastro-Nale says:

    Great write-up

  17.' Lena Polyvyannaya says:

    Don’t you see what else he does? How could someone beieve this show?..

  18.' Charlotte Montely Saint-hilaire says:

    Never forget if you want to keep control you must control both sides of every duality. Those who control the world have mastered the art of change and counter controlling. They probably decided way back to give up on Americas world leader ship when things would get too tough. I call this a clever plan B (or Z ….) point is still the same families with the same ethics governing the world, from which countries makes little to no difference. Trust what Russia says against the USA but do not trust their alternatives.

  19.' Pelė Teatre says:

    We dont need another hero. (Tina Turner)

  20.' Michael Hartigan says:

    oh my -your hatred for America and Israel is so intense that you prop a cold-blooded murderer as some harbinger of a new age- a new age of what ??

  21.' Benn Nilsen says:

    Jake Nilsen putrix

  22.' Fred Volinsky says:

    Double agent to make look like the good guy to bring forth the solution to problem and have one world order.

  23.' Haris Liviu says:

    Unlike this shit page! Russian f… trolls! Putin is a clown!

  24.' Darryl McDougall says:

    well ain’t that some ish

  25.' Maxim Perly says:

    He is another half of the same oppressive forces

  26.' Maxim Perly says:

    I wonder what kind of Russian propaganda agency is hiding behind “conscious life news”
    It’s very easy to sell lay lye now days if only you call it “conscious” ! 🙂

  27.' Jabari Jones says:

    I smelt something, I knew it was puttin! -Obama

  28.' Anna Spears says:

    he is employing violence. I am going for a different awakening

  29.' Jenell Coulter says:

    Time will tell. Everyone’s capable of growth & change..I don’t see any signs of that in here tho. Moving on.

  30.' Chris Hill says:

    An agent of the awakening? Wow

  31.' John Wayne says:

    He is a FREEMASON, its his role within the game of DIVIDE and CONTROL

  32.' Darren Arnold says:

    its the way to do it.should of been done years ago.keep bombing them vladimir.

  33.' Martha Namusisi says:

    Are we all under a spell? Just asking.

  34.' Brian Hipol says:

    You lames are being manipulated!!he is defending a DICTATOR morons!!

  35.' Joanne Fish says:

    Are you actually serious? This two-faced speech from a guy taking over the Crimean and Ukraine?? Not that he doesn’t have some valid points but mostly the pot calling the kettle black. Won’t be liking this website.

  36.' David Pearson says:

    Um NO WAY !

  37.' Ricco Vicont Sui Generis says:

    I don’t know an agent of what Mr. Putin is! but he get’s my approval anytime, before any given politician in the world!

  38.' Shayne Cardinal says:

    Americans are fucked up brainwashed sheeples

  39.' Elton Notle says:

    Putin- “The Man in Blak”. glasses

  40.' Lenia Charalambous says:

    Putin is a great leader and is respected. I can’t understand how close minded and brainwashed some Americans are. Wake up and don’t listen to the propaganda and lies your government dish out to you.

  41.' Kevin Dover says:

    Well then go back to bed and wake me up when you get back to reality

  42.' Myszka Brudnicka says:

    Ex KGB officer with the inflated ego. He is a very dangerous man

  43.' Kayi Kimberley Yuen says:

    Peter Tran I’ve not actually read this but heading sounds interesting

  44.' Joe Schramm says:

    This is the last post I will receive from this page…. Hypocrisy, slanted, biased, fallacious, ridiculous and deceitful. That’s Putin and the article is worse!
    Propaganda bull shit with an anti American sentiment!

  45.' Marielle Vuur says:

    What a crappy article. In this manner I would like to add: are all people devils? Am I an undercover alien-ninja? Because I try to be nice to people and help them out.. Am I holy? ?

  46.' Margaret Williamson says:

    Putin is talking straight and getting job done.He called it right saying America funds ISIS.Wake up America.You have Israeli terrorists in powerful positions in your government.You even allow them dual nationality so they can fight for another country!Are you all really that stupid?

  47.' Owen Jennings says:

    Pat Norman Travis Vanaxis Amyee Mclaren

  48.' Susan Hart Shaw says:


  49.' Brian Grey says:

    No, he is every bit a part of the system as our own corrupt gov.

  50.' Juan Carlos says:

    Putin had the balls to do what no other leader couldn’t or wouldn’t

  51.' Kerry Rose says:

    well Putin sure was talking sense here…

  52.' Jamason DeLitta says:

    If the real war could get underway, that’d be great

  53.' Cheri Elia says:


  54.' Tom M Skokin says:

    Putin Rocks ,all you haters can crawl back under your rock and STFU!

  55.' Peterpaul Berdos says:

    russia will became a champion of humanity if ever ww3 escalate..nato & the western allies dark cabal shadow government is the beast

  56.' David Agrue says:

    Joseph Agrue

  57.' Keith West says:

    Honestly, I’m not sure if this is naivete on your part, or pure illusion….NO governments are fully trustworthy, East or West, in 2015…

  58.' David Bailey says:

    he is a man of the times

  59.' Sonia Braganza says:

    Ryan Thomas Thomas

  60.' Jovan A Chavira says:

    Jordan Alexander Rodebush

  61.' Steve Carlsen says:

    no. he’s an asshole too

  62.' Ellie Keller says:

    american government agencies have mistreated some pretty cool people that will not be shut up and put away. I hope that their fight to get the poison out of all world government systems succeeds.

    •' Lenia Charalambous says:

      America trained the Turks in 1974 and helped them to invade Cyprus and later on gave the green light to Iraq to invade Kuwait. Then they changed sides and liberated Kuwait for a price. How democratic!

  63.' Ryan Thomas says:

    Money governs the world…what Putin says/does changes nothing

  64.' Sharon Peters says:

    Putin has gangsta authority; to use the word “moral” in the same sentence with “Putin” denigrates “moral” into a curse word.

  65.' Sean Brady says:

    He is attacking Ukraine though and innocents are dying are they not? It’s always good to see people who need to be exposed get exposed, but let’s not forget he still does some terrible things too. Let’s all just wake up and connect with our spirit nature to beat the power hungry politicians. We can do this!! We are awake ⭐️

  66.' Rob Sky says:

    isn’t his government owned by the same 13 clans of world owners? he is just a current investment. banksters invested a lot in the nazi UN, now they need to invest in the counterbalance for the nazi UN so once the real games begin, they can finance both sides… exactly like with WW2. russia became military active now…
    the investment plan is working great, so NO! – he is not an agent of awakening 🙁

  67.' Michael Pasquarella says:

    Every nation (just like every individual person) has their own unique issues to work out in order to evolve to higher deminsions and the first step to ascension is exposing the lie or unauthentic life that blinds people from seeing the “other side”. PLease dont argue his ethics because of the state in which his country is in.

  68.' Robert Smith says:

    of course he is, he will save the world !

  69.' Fran Fran says:

    Really, you’re reveling in Putin? boy, you continue this and I’ve got to go from this site. It’s not our government we’re listening to, it’s most of Europe and even most of the ex- satellite nations , be real.

  70.' এম. আইনুল বারী says:

    the Truth is being exposed every day. this is time for repentance.

  71.' Jim Stark says:


  72.' Sri Rama says:

    no way, its just another part of the game

  73.' Robert Rodriguez says:

    Leave America and go to Russia. Those people don’t believe in Putin they are the ones that could use this hail Putin bull corn.

  74.' Tony Nash says:

    One can only hope this isn’t The Hegelian Dialect / Problem Reaction Solution scenario now taking a new turn. An escalation towards WW111 to get us all believing that a NWO is the answer for us – according to them, not us!

  75.' Ann says:

    I fully support Putin.
    You Americans just do not see the truth of anything.
    Obama keeps you in the dark and feeds you b.s. and you believe the crap his media puts out. And a lot of you even voted for him twice, infact 15 times. Even dead people voted for Obama. How is your life with Obama so far. Are you happy with Jade Helm. Are you happy he kicked all the decent people out of the army. Are you happy with same-sex appearing to run USA. Are you happy with all Obama’s immigration where they get more freebies than you do. Are you going to be happy when the bottom falls out of the USA. How many people has Obama had killed: Let see – there were all those USA navy seals, some USA journalists, some people from the USA army, some people from the USA navy, some people from the USA FBI. But Obama sure has a bloody fit if a muzlim gets killed. According to Obama only the non muzzies guys are supposed to be killed on his behalf.
    I think Putin says the truth. And I think Putin is the only one who can knock some sense into the low information Americans and others. I don’t think Putin gives his peoples money away to other murderous countries to kill his own people.

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