Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated

By Kirsten Cowart | Earth We Are One

trees communicate

It has been recently scientifically validating that not only hugging trees is good for you, but you don’t even have to to touch a tree to feel better. All you need to do is be in the vicinity of a tree to receive a beneficial effect.

Blinded by Science is a recently published book, by author Matthew Silverstone, that proves scientifically that trees improve many health issues that we have. Trees help with issues such as concentration levels, depression, reaction times, different forms of mental illness, and stress.  Silverstone even points to research that has strong indications that a tree has the ability to alleviate headaches in human beings.

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Matthew Silverstone also points to many studies that have proven that children show significant physiological improvements and psychological improvements in terms of well being and health when they interact with nature, trees and plants.  Children also seem to function better cognitively and emotionally in greener environments and have even more creative play. Silverstone quotes a major public health report that has investigated the connection between mental health and green spaces and said that “access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capital and well being.”

The correlation about nature and these types of significant effects, up until now has been associated with open green spaces that was believe to cause this effect.  Mathew Silverstone’s book and research shows that it has nothing at all to do with open space at all, he proves scientifically that the vibrational properties of plants and trees are what provides us the health benefits.

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How plants and trees affect us on a physiological level turn out to be a simple answer.  It completely has to do with the fact that everything tends to vibrate in a subtle manner, and different vibrations affect the biological behaviors.

There was a research experiment showing that if you were to drink a glass of water that has received a “10Hz vibration” treatment that your bloods coagulation rates will start changing immediately upon drinking the water. When touching a tree it’s a slightly different vibrational pattern that will affect various biological behaviours inside your body.

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  1.' Samara Linnell says:

    Awesome!! ?

  2.' Wendy LoRusso says:

    Yvonne Jackson I loved when you hugged that tree yesterday. Heehee

  3.' Annemarie Westen says:

    Finally some wise words from a wise mind.

  4.' Revolution de Mind says:

    Always adore everything like this

  5.' Egan A Kingston says:


  6.' Chris Harman says:

    I am vindicated. .. and covered in slimy green moss.

  7.' Christian Killebrew Marr says:

    Jon Archibald

  8.' Christian Killebrew Marr says:

    Madison Williams

  9.' Christian Killebrew Marr says:

    Derek Beckel

  10.' Virginia Wolfe says:

    I have been a tree hugger sense the 60’s! I love trees and always will!

  11.' Susan Popovich says:

    As does laying on the ground.

  12.' Willy Watson says:

    That bark though..

  13.' Anamaria Dirlea says:

    Happiness is life !!!

  14.' Real Simple Happy says:

    The gift of nature <3

  15.' Suzanne Ouellette says:

    Even a very small one? 😉

  16.' Mychell Ciarae Robinson says:

    50 years behind hippies!

  17.' Sidney Cays says:

    All of us gardeners know that….

  18.' Bella Ishaiah says:

    Balsamona Odicho can we ?

  19.' Jasmin Maree says:

    Rachel Louisa

  20.' Joyce Palmer says:

    I have been hugging trees for many years. It feels good

  21.' Kevin Wwfc Robinson says:

    I wonder what happens if you shag a tree ?

  22.' Jovan A Chavira says:

    Maria Estrella Guillermo

  23.' Becky Bottomley Bernholtz says:

    Jason, I’m sure Teva wearing is also scientifically supported.

  24.' Janice Smith says:

    This is what my children do when they were in trouble! 😉 I knew it was good for something;-P

  25.' Jamo Mackenzie says:

    Holly Alex Pea Claudia Pike Matty Peter Mysan Elijah what have i been tellin yas…. ‘more in touch with nature when im huggin a tree, not entirely drug free, mushies and green’

  26.' Art Frantz says:

    Lol and this particular page just lost all its credibility

  27.' Emilia Dykowska says:


  28.' Samuel Stephens says:

    Now that I believe I love trees

  29.' Eli Johnson says:

    Get outta that tree kid!

  30.' Ric'z Lyn Balingan Mas-ing says:

    let me try !:)

  31.' Eden Mulligan says:

    Joseph Hood lol

  32.' Zsoye Taylor says:

    Better than most people, I’m game!

  33.' Ricarda Zaß says:

    Acceber Mannie

  34.' Ian Cashman says:

    See tai chi: embracing tree posture

  35.' Everardo Miramontes says:

    My next house will have several trees

  36.' Donna M. Tobin says:

    Jess Crouch your sister used to do this to every tree when we would walk you in the stroller as a baby!

  37.' Ramil Yanong says:

    that’s why coconut tree climbers are too strong

  38.' Philippe Benard says:

    Being in touch with nature is the best way to rejouvenate yourself. Plants and trees dont judge you?

  39.' Shannon May says:

    Sondra Brickell

  40.' Shayla Levy says:

    Tasanee Lomas Rushall Kingston McKenna Seb Wright this is why I love nature, because they give us positive vibes #hippie #youshouldalltryit #lovetrees #hug #ilovehats ???❤️?✌?️?

  41.' Chaleigh Sutina says:

    when I’m sad or lonely I always go to my beautiful tree <3

  42.' Emil Cripe says:

    Hugged a tree with my car once. Spent months healing.

    •' Annemarie Westen says:

      …and most trees, hit by cars, end up dying…

    •' Emil Cripe says:

      I’m aware of that. And most people who hit trees don’t intend to! That being said, what I posted was strictly tongue in cheek. I’m a naturalist at heart, always trying to find the natural remedies for myself and others. However, I take exception to the term ‘tree hugger’. It was originally a term of derision, and that’s how I see it. I prefer ‘naturalist’ or ‘one with nature.

    •' Hernandez Laura says:

      Contentious ridicule and mockery….. for tree hugging??? Those ignorant ignorant fools!!! ?

  43.' Myka Ransom says:

    I hope this is true but TBH the article is not convincing at all… links to the original studies please!

    •' Annemarie Westen says:

      The article is all about common sense… Nature heals the heart and mind..and no study is going to convince me otherwise.

    •' Myka Ransom says:

      No, the title of the article says that tree hugging has been “scientifically validated” . The scientific method is not the same thing as “common sense”.

  44.' Ruth Remedios Laguitan Molato says:

    But we don’t have trees around to hug. They’ve been cut many years ago

  45.' Julie McCarthy says:

    Brian Brian McCarthy ?????

  46.' Elizabeth Brettig says:

    Trees are here to help us and for us to enjoy. Yes we should hug and love our trees because they love us!

  47.' Corey McCloskey says:

    Jeri Cobb!! ❤️

  48.' Doris Hope Williams says:

    Finally being discussed

  49.' Graham Thompson says:

    Another waste of money to reveal a load of crap

  50. It makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Green, lush environments are where our minds tell us to reside, so spending time in them rather than white rooms should see a boost in what you described. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it could cure mental health issues, those should probably be seen to by a Doctor.

  51.' Regina Prosper says:

    I’ve done it before and it sure makes you feel good. It’s like releasing all the bad energy and taking it in all the positive ones from the tree. Just beautiful!

  52.' Jane Needham says:

    Love it!

  53.' Rebecca Moran says:

    Katie Lavallee

  54.' Brent Cerdeña says:

    Unless there are fire ants on that tree.

  55.' Lissa Horenstein Nirenberg says:

    it is easy and helps with PMS as well

  56.' Debbie Dunkley says:

    Can’t think why but “Notting Hill” has just come to my mind …. murdered carrots ..hmm. Best I be quiet ?

  57.' Stefani Hennessee-Saleem says:

    Hernandez Laura we were just talking about this 🙂

  58.' Hernandez Laura says:

    Yes my dear…. there is method to my madness! Did you go hug a tree like i told you? ? ????❤???????????? ??

  59.' Betty Lupton says:

    Nice picture.

  60.' Marieke Mulder says:

    Johan Mulder we are going to the forest and hug a tree! …you treehugger xD

  61.' Charlene Jones says:

    all those years ago, those crazy hippie ideas…I have lived long enough, thank Great Spirits everywhere, to see science find the foundation for those ideas.

  62.' Heather Marshall says:

    Clint Ayres

  63.' Eugenia Fowle Morris says:

    Umm, OK.

  64.' Hannah Salters says:

    Aliix Plaxco

  65.' Marzena Nowakowska says:

    And so does walking barefoot on the wet sand or grass…

  66.' Frederick Crooks says:

    still do believe

  67.' John Lawless says:

    It’s all to do with negative ions! Things out in nature, rain, trees, rivers, they all create a negative charge around them. This would perhaps be seen as a bad thing (as most negative things are), but these negatively charged ions actually counteract the positively charged ones (free radicals), some of which are thought to lead to depression and even some causes of cancer. That’s why the air feels fresh after a rainstorm and why you always feel proper top after a shower. So get out and hug a tree – preferably in the rain! Haha or bring a forest into your bathroom if you can… Designer Radiators

  68.' ET says:

    Nature is life. Nature is a teacher. I love Nature. ????

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