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The Dark Side of Awakening: Things You’ll Have to Face as You Grow

Posted by on January 25, 2016 in Conscious Evolution, Conscious Living with 24 Comments

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By Luke Miller | Truth Theory

I think it’s safe to say that spirituality is indeed a good thing. The problem is that some people can enter the spiritual world with a pre conceived misconception that it is going to be an all-round positive experience.

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Spirituality is not one thing and can be expressed in multiple ways. Some will find enlightenment through their work, others through religion, others through spiritual practice like mediation and yoga, others through the use of psychedelics and others by just expressing themselves in a positive way through kindness, compassion and love. No matter how you find the spirit within you, there is no right way of doing it.

What is spirituality? Spirituality is a very misunderstood term, some equate it to religion and while it can be related it is not an exclusively religious thing.

The spirit is the essence of a person, that elusive thing within us that makes us naturally behave in certain ways. When the mind is quite and all is peaceful all that’s left is the spirit.

You have your 4 levels of health- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All but the spirit are easily defined, measurable and explainable, the spiritual side of things is a little more mystical and hard to explain in a short sentence. But it is still a real thing.

One thing that will be present in all spiritual practice is consciousness. Consciousness is hard to define as is spirituality because again it is not one thing, but to make things simple consciousness on an individual level is your awareness of a thing, even if that thing is nothing.

One of the problems that can arise as a result of expanding your consciousness or awareness is a hard slap around the face of reality. It’s almost like The Matrix’s when Morpheus offers Neo the red or blue pill. Once you take that red pill reality can be hard to comprehend.

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Spiritual practice and the expansion of your consciousness is like dissolving a barrier that has been slowly put up throughout your childhood and adulthood- through education, society’s expectations and family and friends.

Once this barrier is down it opens up the floodgates for all the good there is, but also the darker side of the world.

Firstly if you look at the collective consciousness you will see a lot of disharmony between people. As you walk down the street you will see peoples pain and on a global scale you will see how terrible the wars and suffering are. That’s not to say you didn’t see some of this before but once awakened it can be hard to ignore.

The second thing is your individual consciousness, once activated this spiritual awareness is like the holding up of a mirror and while it will help us to see the good in ourselves and others it can also help us to see the mistakes we are making and where we are going wrong.

Spirituality makes you face your flaws, the pain you have caused and the negativity which lies within you. Sometimes it can make you question who you are and what you stand for. It will also help you to realise the pain you have locked away and at times this can be a lot to bear.

One of the things that is common to experience is an initial feeling of euphoria when you reach a certain level of spiritual development and while this euphoric feeling is great it can often set you up for unrealistic expectation of yourself and others.

For some it will manifest in an expectation of others to understand your process and while it is good to have people around you who are on a similar path, it is ultimately an individual journey.

Another misconception is that a spiritual awakening is the end goal, when in reality it is just the start, it’s a bit like capturing a wild lion and expecting it to be tame. You have to nurture your spirit and continue to ask questions. Sometimes you will not like the answers and at other times the answers will not always be clear, but if you persevere you will find what you are looking for.

Taking the road of spirituality can be both the most difficult and rewarding thing you will ever do and it’s important not to get attached to your current situation, you will usually find that the dots connect and nothing you have ever done has been pointless.

One of the most important things you can do to minimise stress and anxiety, is to trust the process and know that if you continue to move towards your goals the only thing that can stand in the way is time or if you decide to give up.

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When you can separate the darkness which we all have from the light and understand that both are normal and necessary it will make the road a lot less bumpy. Different states of mind serve different purposes and when you get to know your own emotional cycles and how they affect you, you can use these states to perform at your peak.

Ultimately making a conscious effort to grow spiritually is the best decision anyone can make. Spirituality will inform you of the truth, positive or negative and once you can face that truth in your own life growth will be inevitable!

Thanks for reading this article, let me know where you are on your spiritual journey by leaving me a comment below.

Much love to you and if you want to talk about this article hit me up at with the name of the article as the subject line, I would love to talk to you, just try to keep it as short as possible so I can respond!

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24 Reader Comments

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  1.' Sundus Aslam says:


    PoWered.®By Zeeshan Ahamad

  2.' Darshan Chawla says:


  3.' Val Emerson says:

    The process certainly cuts both ways…regardless.. Mindful practice is the greatest gift i have given myself… Whatever it brings… Thanks for the great read

  4.' Prateek Choubey says:

    But SPIRITUALITY doesnt gives ya right to publish certain very fishy and crappy articles CONSCIOUS LIFE NEWS!??It is a dark process if theres datkness in your heart, who did ever told you that anything,anything comes easy in life?NOTHING/NOONE! AND IN TODAYS WORLD …BEING YOU..THE REAL YOU…IS ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS YOU CAN DO!AND MUSTERING UP COURAGE TO APPLY AND LEAD IT …IS EVEN HARDER!

  5.' Mia Lucipher says:

    Steadfastness in self-consciousness has been the drive nurturing my spiritualness thereby energising my community-consciousness .

    I appreciate the article. ?

  6.' Therese Pipik says:

    What we were talking about – kind of- facing the hard stuff! Keigh M

  7.' Denise says:

    The hard truth of awakening is the necessity to accept that everything you thought as true is actually someone else’s truth you have been made to believe. As a result, for me, lots of things (and people) had to be left behind! Years of mourning and grieving the losses suffered have made me like the mighty oak who stands strong in its own strength. I came to the acceptance that each of us stands alone (spiritually) and that has to be enough for I have been given, by birthright, all the strength and peace I need! It’s all from the inside out, not the other way around.

  8.' Jeff Andrews says:

    spiritual as used popularly is true insanity you been misled

  9.' Sara Suzanne says:

    Sandy Buescher

  10.' Funny Donkey says:

    This is nice,I like it!

  11.' Jesus Benitez says:

    Your conscious will best develope in the darkest places because thats where the truth will reveal itself there is and always will be darknes if you have only known peace and Happiness you are being decieved. But most people chose ignore the truth they rather live their Comfortable lives as long as nothing bad hapens to you everythings okay right

  12.' Patty Woods says:

    Yikes ……it is not up to us to know any of this ……and those who truly believe they have all the answers will only be disappointed ..

    •' Mia Lucipher says:

      Honestly, on the contrary, there is no absolute best answer.
      But peace is restored to you when know yourself consciously. ?

  13.' Lexie Peterson Ulubiyo says:

    I thought it was pretty head on for a general start. My husband is very..not spiritual and I think these are things he may actually be able to relate to.

    •' Val Emerson says:

      Ohhhh lolol… This girl hears that… Lolol.. Love hubby dearly… I started messaging him my favorite articles… And he has even started reading them … Quickly perhaps.. But reading them..

    •' Val Emerson says:

      Oops Posted to quick.. Lol… Love your comment.. I keep some of my favorite books throughout the house also for my own peace and in the event anyone else finds them interesting to peak at… Keeping my sense of humor has been one of the best bridges..

    •' Lexie Peterson Ulubiyo says:

      Lol it is def an interesting dynamic to our living! He began reading one book and I could see how he would just come home slightly baffled! Lol it is intriguing how different two people can be in this regard!

  14.' Shannon LaBrake says:

    This was perfectly put into words and I couldn’t relate more.

  15.' Jeff Andrews says:

    has any assessed altered and reprogrammed and raised their stream of consciousness to gain intelligence lately..this is not what is conversation

  16.' Annie Weston says:

    They say the more you know …you know too much… you will never be happy again !

  17.' Stephen McGlew says:

    Yes it can be because you start seeing things in a different perspective from what we have been taught people see you as different or even strange. Also some things you thought ment a lot don’t so much any more and can be like a withdraw of material possessions so to speak . 🙂

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