5 Methods to Achieve Intense Tantric Intimacy


By LJ Vanier | The Spirit Science

Our culture seems to use sex simply as a way to release tension. A goal oriented, five to ten minute,  hot and sweaty work out, to get that release and then it’s over. A lot of energy spent. A lot more wasted.

When a man or woman feels flooded with sexual energy the basic primal instinct is to release it. This because we all have the biological wiring to procreate. But sex can and should be spiritual. A melding of masculine and feminine energy, merging and transcending the pair into higher level of consciousness.

tantra3Sex doesn’t just have to be ordinary and it’s time we learned what eastern cultures have known for centuries. That sexual energy is the highest form of energy. The energy of creation, the energy of expression. Tantric sex, embraces these two qualities.

Harnessing the energy from the sacral chakra and allowing the energy to flow up and through the throat chakra. This is why quite literally it is said that without these two chakras, life itself would not exist.

The main purpose of tantric sex is to awaken your kundalini energy, the serpent energy running up your spine. The infamous snake known throughout ancient history, from the Bible to Buddha. Once unleashed, it rises up and activates your mind in the center of the brain. Where the spirit takes flight and arrives at the tree of life, allowing the enlightened one to travel between the three worlds.

Tantric sex will not be easy to learn at first, it’s going to take a lot of practice (wink), but once you can master it, this energy can be used to  connect back to the source of all creation.

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Everything you never thought possible, becomes a reality.

1. Lock eyes and breath deeply.

Begin by facing each other and gazing deeply into each others’ eyes. And yes, start with clothes on. It’s most powerful to focus on one eye; this keeps you intimately connected.

tantricEyes are windows to the soul, so you are gazing into your lover’s soul, they into yours. Do not look back and forth between the eyes, you will not gain the connection needed. This teaches you to stay open with your partner mentally, physically and spiritually.

2. Assume a “Yab-yum” position. 

Yab-yum is a Tibetan phrase that means “father mother”. This unique position allows for highest level of intimacy between you and your partner. You can either sit cross-legged across from your partner with your knees touching or sit with your legs wrapped around the other person’s torso. As you feel more comfortable you can then sit in your partner’s lap with your legs completely wrapped around each other.

Maintain your focus on your partner, looking into eachothers eyes and continue practicing the breathe in, breathe out technique.  Inhale deeply from your belly as shallow breathing depletes your energy more quickly. Continue this exercise as this will show you how to create a hold a higher vibration with your partner.

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3. Synchronize Your Breathing

tantra5Breathe in together, exhale together. Then move into breath exchange: you inhale when they exhale, then exhale when they inhale, as though you’re breathing each other in and out.

Next the female starts the cobra breath.

This ancient breath technique was held secret for many years and is only acquired through word of mouth. Never has it been written down anywhere as it was known as a source of great power.

Practiced for thousands of years for the purpose of harnessing this sexual energy and using to elevate consciousness, the breath pulls the Shakti (magnetic energy into the spine and changes the electro-magnetic properties of the cerebro-spinal fluid. Thus, allowing for the kundalini energy to move up easily.


7 Tantric Sex Positions for Better Sex



By Julia Blanter | She Said

Sure you’ve heard about tantric sex –  probably thanks to Sting and Trudie Tyler. But what exactly is tantric sex, and is it really the key to a better sex life?

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Tantric sex is about enjoying intimacy with your partner by focusing on a higher level of satisfaction and togetherness. Think of it as more of a full body and mind experience than day-to-day sex. Like with meditation and yoga, which both have similar ancient roots, tantric sex is about the energy within yourself and connecting deeply with another person. Fans of tantric sex believe sex is much more satisfying than regular sex,

Interested in exploring hot and sweaty tantric sex? Try these great sex positions for a taste of tantric.

1) Yab Yum

Maintaining eye contact and feeling each other’s bodies is key in tantric sex, so the Yab Yum position is a perfect place to start. The man sits cross-legged while the woman climbs on top and wraps her legs around him. The man rocks gently and can start off slow and gradually build up to one of tantric sex’s greatest gifts: simultaneous orgasm. The friction of touching bodies makes the moment of penetration more satisfying than jumping right in. His hands are free to roam and stimulate the body, and you’re both aligned to share kisses.

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2) The Sidewinder

Another face-to-face position that leads to a lot of kissing and eye contact is the spooning position but with both partners facing together. It is easy to get into this position: just roll the missionary position on its side. Depending on your comfort level, one leg may stay under the man or both can be together rested across his legs. Focus on synchronising breaths and becoming in tune with each other’s movements.

3) The Padlock

Hop up onto the counter top or washing machine and wrap your legs around your man’s waist as he takes control of the situation by grabbing onto the hips or butt. Lean back and rest on your hands or elbows to create a bit of distance and enjoy an erotic view of your lover’s body.

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4) The Butterfly

Find a comfortable, low piece of furniture to rest on, but instead of laying flat like the Padlock position, raise the hips against his pelvis. He should have a firm grip on the butt to guide himself in. Hold the table to match his thrusts, and focus on synchronising your motions and breath.