New Study: Scientists Confirm Two Planets Collided To Create Earth 4.5 Billion Years Ago

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By Amando Flavio | We Are Anonymous

A new study by a group of eminent scientists has revealed that two planets collided about 4.5 billion years ago, merging to form a new planet known as Earth.

The study which was published in the Journal Science Magazine was conducted by six distinguished scientists at the University of California, Loss Angels (UCLA). According to the study, the early Earth was mixed with a baby planet called Theia following a head on collision.

The collision between the early Earth and Theia was said to be too violent that it also formed the moon.

In the past, it was believed that the Moon was created when a smaller planet called Theia grazed the Earth and broke up, sending a smaller chunk into space where it was caught in Earth’s gravity. In 2014, a team of German scientists reported that the Moon also has its own unique ratio of oxygen isotopes, different from Earth. But this new study has refuted this claim by the Germans.

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The scientists said if that was the case, the Moon would have a different chemical composition to the Earth, because it would be made up, predominantly, of Theia.

The scientists based their argument after studying Moon rocks brought back by astronauts on the Apollo missions. They discovered that the Moon rocks oxygen isotopes are the same as on Earth.

The researchers said they analyzed seven rocks brought to the Earth from the Moon by the Apollo 12, 15 and 17 missions, as well as six volcanic rocks from the Earth’s mantle — five from Hawaii and one from Arizona.

The key to reconstructing the giant impact was a chemical signature revealed in the rocks’ oxygen atoms. More than 99.9 percent of Earth’s oxygen is O-16, so called because each atom contains eight protons and eight neutrons.

However, there are also small quantities of heavier oxygen isotopes: O-17, which have one extra neutron, and O-18, which have two extra neutrons.

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Therefore, the authors concluded that the collision between Theia and the early Earth was so violent that the two planets effectively melded together to form a new planet, a chunk of which was knocked off to form the Moon.

The researchers said they used state-of-the-art technology and techniques to make extraordinarily precise and careful measurements, and verified them with UCLA’s new mass spectrometer.

Lead author of the study and professor of geochemistry and cosmochemistry at UCLA, Edward Young said “We don’t see any difference between the Earth’s and the Moon’s oxygen isotopes; they’re indistinguishable. Theia was thoroughly mixed into both the Earth and the Moon, and evenly dispersed between them. This explains why we don’t see a different signature of Theia in the Moon versus the Earth.”

The early Earth crash with Theia is said to have happened approximately 100 million years after it formed, almost 4.5 billion years ago. The study said early Earth collided with Theia at an angle of 45 degrees or more. The scientists described the collision as a “powerful side-swipe”.

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Professor Young also said Theia did not survive the collision, except that it now makes up large parts of Earth and the Moon. He predicted that Theia was growing, and probably would have become a planet if the crash had not occurred. Theia was said to be approximately the same size as Earth.

According to Telegraph, early Earth collision with a possible different planet was first theorized in 2012 by Matija Cuk, a research scientist at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, and Sarah Stewart, a professor at University of California, Davis; and separately during the same year by Robin Canup of the Southwest Research Institute, all in the United States.

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75 Reader Comments

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  1.' Bobby Dobson says:


  2.' Kristy Mullins says:


  3.' Sofia Smith says:


  4.' Langton Mukudo says:


  5.' Robert Magnan says:

    Tiamat and Kingu

  6.' Wyatt Oblance says:

    Nope. Didn’t happen

  7.' Terrie LaSpesa says:


  8.' Daniela Federico says:

    Ya what ever, if you say so..

  9.' Michael Mantle says:


  10.' Dave Meeks says:

    No, sorry but that the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. With the scientists we have to work with in today’s world it’s a wonder we’ve made this far.

  11.' Alice Fay Parker Steinmetz says:

    I sure love what ever it is peace love and some!!!!

  12.' Keith Nelson says:

    I agree with Mr. Meeks

  13.' Vernon Williams says:

    And two rocks collided and created man and woman….

  14.' SB Stolley says:

    I am always up for new info, but I do find it hard to believe that anyone could figure out what happened 4.5 billion years ago

    •' Dave Meeks says:

      I know exactly how this planet was formed. And I’ve known this information for 13 years and have never told a single person.

    •' Nicholas Duckworth says:

      If you were to take a telescope and see the edge of the universe you would see the big bang happening for the first time, time is not relevant in space darling considering every star we.see except ours is technically not of this time and is as old as this universe

  15.' Thomas Wittbecker says:


  16.' Pete Garcia says:

    Just imagine 2 planets colliding together. How many nuclear bombs would that equal. Get real.

  17.' Hannah Chandler says:

    Y. Anything is possible.

  18.' Maurice van Marle says:

    Weren’t Americans just thinking the Earth is flat? Now this?

  19.' Graham Perrins says:

    We are told by the collective consciousness of millions of highly evolved spirits in Josephs soul group that God instigated the Big Bang and that it is not by accident or gravity that all the Planets are spheres. We are also told that Earth, by design has a crystalline core. Remarkably our scientists are correct in that Earth attracted a lot of Space junk onto the core but no mention of two planets crashing together. Our scientists should read the Joseph Communications instead of regularly spouting nonsense and wasting their time and someone’s money.

    •' Nicholas Duckworth says:

      Shall I pick off every ounce of this or shall you take godly talks that make absolutely no sense at all off this page, not saying events depicted didn’t happen but the bible was written based off man’s account and man I’d a sinner and we lie and technically you worship three different gods jesus (or as more commonly known in old tongue and the catholic church lucifer) the holy Spirit and God himself.

    •' Nicholas Duckworth says:

      You worship basically the same power as the government, you ask why? God massacred millions based off his ideals and his alone, the neanderthals were our brothers and of almost the exact same species, yet god does not mention them? Or does he. See the great flood was referred to in many nations but it was the second ice age and we killed off the sabre tooth, mammoth, and multiple other creatures of god, where is your explanation for God murdering and slaying multiple species in his holy land and ones who had no will of sin no power to truly defy him.

    •' Graham Perrins says:

      Sorry Nicholas you are writing rubbish. First of all my knowledge does not come from books written by people who are prone to distorting truth with their own perception of events or reality. If you take the trouble to even just spend a few minutes looking at the website that I have suggested you will see that the Joseph Communications are from the collective consciousness of millions of highly evolved Spirits in Joseph’s soul group. Delivered over the last 10 years throught Trance Mediumship, fully filmed, recorded, transparent and stand up to scrutiny by scientists and sceptics. God massacred no one. We are aspects of God, the children of God and as such we are Angelic. We are all given ‘free will’ and can choose where to go in creation to experience aspects of ‘being’ and examine potential. We then take that experience back to the God consciousness over time as we evolve. God never gets involved just because things have gone wrong on this Planet otherwise the experience would be manipulated. Our soul is protected in a bubble of energy and we live forever. When we return to Spirit we get our memory back. We can then choose to continue to evolve or reincarneate with the usual amnesia at birth. Millions of years ago we were a blend of the ethereal and the physical. We used ‘thought creation’ to shape our surroundings such as the architecture and furnishings. This is why Atlantis was such a paradise. We use thought creation in Spirit and the rest of Creation. There came a time when through our collective, telepathic consciousness we thought that we could speed up creation to help God. Against all advise from Spirit and long debates we went ahead and instead, over time, we solidified matter and broke the connection with the Light. This is the only pika e in Creation where this as happened and at Astral planes (cleansing spheres) were set up by Angelic Forces to support us when we return to Spirit as we have forgotten shy we are here and do not expect to survive physical death etc. etc. We all have Spirit Guides who try to reach us through our dreams to help us but the Earth’s energy field is becoming more and more negative with a progressive change in vibrational frequency and their task is more difficult as a result. We can still connect with

  20.' William Paschal says:

    Crack heads

  21.' Josh Wallin says:

    No. I cant believe this because at the speed of two planets colliding together there wouldnt be a planet anymore.

    •' Nicholas Duckworth says:

      Technically there would considering planets are formed from star dust left around a star and considering earth and this other planet are made up of that it is a very possible outcome

  22.' Krishna Yadav says:

    This is wrong. Read the Vedas.

  23.' Krishna Yadav says:

  24.' Rolizon Javier says:

    N,it was made by God!!!

  25.' Jeremiah Chinegwu says:

    I’m guessing this throws the story of creation in the old testament out of whack a bit huh?….

  26.' Emi Mesic says:


  27.' Paula Burke says:

    LOL, let’s just say the world is flat then, eh? :p

  28.' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    dust is dust and yes we were hit by something once but to call it a planet nope

  29.' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    they asteroid belt was a planet once now that is fact but one doesnt see no planet left do they

  30.' Peter Ernst says:

    Lol the big bang

  31.' Warren Ridgway says:

    Hell NO

  32.' Joseph Huey Evans says:

    Seriously? Reeeaaaallllllllllyyy???????

  33.' Danne Indigo Hippie says:

    Earth Venus mars and The belt was all a bigger timecraft (planet) Tara

  34.' Darren Walshe says:

    How is earth so perfectly round if this happened, nobody knows nothing it’s all speculation

  35.' 李寶童 says:

    Collide to create earth

  36.' Rosa Pamela Rosa says:


  37.' Vicki Kefalinos says:

    Another theory come on some things don’t have answers it is what it is and that’s it. Man keeps trying to solve the mystery of existence. Leave it alone and try solving poverty wars planet warming. Theory after theory .

  38.' Eruk'Ra Llewellyn says:

    Speculation & hypothesis! A real bad thumb suck at that! They have no idea how Earth was formed or when! Consider that time does not exist & everything else, including us & the Universe has always existed! Yes there was a time before man invented time & started measuring it <3

  39.' Kevin F. Montague says:

    Oh, sure, I remember it well. I was walking along the beach of our World Ormathora, when suddenly there was this big explosion. Next thing I know I’m an Amoeba in a whole new planet until I evolved into a chimp. What I miss the most are dorthits. Those were like Alleve to all of you on this planet. Some of those migraine headaches were a doozie when I was a chimp. So how is that for proof? WHAT! YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME! But I was there I tell you. See no one ever listens to me. What a tough audience? It’s just as good a testimony of proof as the scientific proof these scientist can come up with. Which one of them was there to see it all happen?

    •' Graham Perrins says:

      Eruk’Ra You are correct in so far as time does not exist in the linear way that it is measured on Earth. Spirit tell us clearly in the spoken words of Joseph that in simplistic terms time is experiences with a beginning and an ending. It can be thought of as cyclic. Creation has many Universes, the Multiverse. It has not always existed. There is a Begining as there was to our Universe with the Big Bang, then an expansion followed by a collapse and an end. We are aspects of God. Our soul is protected in a bubble of energy and we cannot be killed. We are Angelic, the children of God and have been given ‘free will’ to experience aspects of Creation and examine potential throughout Creation as we evolve back to the God consciousness, the God Head. We are all One with Creation…….we are God. Full explanation.

    •' Kevin F. Montague says:

      I think you didn’t catch my humor. There is no way to know if this world was hit by another world millions of years ago or any time in the past at all through scientific means, unless the scientist saw it happen. Where is the proof? All there is, is speculation mostly that have little to no evidence to support such ideas. Science requires solid proof and beyond a reasonable doubt to prove absolute truth and absolute law or events. Your response is totally off the subject. The written article is ridiculous and I’m speaking as another scientist. The article does not talk about the creation of the planet, but talks of a time after it’s creation when it might have been hit by another world. If I were teaching in a University setting, I’d give you an “F” for this one, because you were not paying attention to what this article is talking about and this is an old postulation too which surfaces from time to time in the media. While the old 1951 movie “When World’s Collide” is an interesting premise about a rogue planet hitting the Earth, what most laymen don’t know is that most planets are liked charge magnetically. This means even as galaxies collide into each other, all the planets repell each other the way healthy cells do in the blood because all world’s are like charged magnetically. So the idea of a rogue planet is not likely in terms of absolute law to how the Universe works. My response was a simple attempt to use humor to point out we have nothing in our data records that prove this world was hit by another world at any time. What would we look for to prove such an event anyway? 4.5 billion years is used as a crackpot figure when someone who is trying to use poor science, wants to be heard versus the hard core reality of what science is all about. Even Williard Lilly’s introduction of Carbon 14 dating is flawed as a way of measuring or dating things because radioactivity can not be specific at all times and so it tends to mislead when using Lilly’s method to try and date things found in the Earth. We have yet to even visit a world we can examine that offers data that it was hit by another world, let alone our own. We barely have accurate information on our solar system in the past few decades. When I was a boy growing up in the 1960’s we were taught that the rings of Saturn were solid rings. With the advent of Satellite Cassini in geosynchronous orbit around Saturn, my generation now knows we were all lied to. So even as an A student back then, if my exams were judged now, much would be seen as erroneous versus what is now known based on the data collected since then. It’s not good to make assumptions in the absence of the evidence with the physical Universe, let alone in a court of law and unless you have died to see what death is about, that’s another one that is hard to prove as to what is beyond death. Most issues of God are taken on the basis of faith, not scientific fact, because there is none or there is only limited proof connected to the religions of the world and the positions each religion takes in their basis of faith. Belief is a fierce thing versus fact. People will die for their beliefs, even if they are completely in error for lack of empirical proof and this is why science and religion fight each other. Man created the steps of science to get to the truth, because his religions were failing him some 200 years ago.

    •' Richard Mielke says:


  40.' Steven DeLuca says:

    Maybe they have a video of the event. Haha

  41.' Dave Das King says:

    God is the creator of all.

  42.' Richard D. Sparks says:

    This is a partial explanation, the larger picture being expressed in Zecharia Sitchin’s “Genesis Revisited.”

  43.' Fiona Banyai says:

    Ohhhh so if two cars smash into eachother at the highest speed. Would they make a another car.

  44.' Nathaniel Chuck Coe says:


  45.' Suman Chowdhury says:

    You can never b sure f that. Prof has to b overwhelming!!

  46.' Sabreena Juanillo says:

    Let there be earth….

  47.' Violet Chauncy says:

    No it was accumulation there was a little grain of sand then it joined another and they made lava and so on and so on.

  48.' Raghupathi Surpur says:


  49.' Matt Andrews says:


  50.' Morris Greenrey says:

    inner earth

  51.' Pete Townsend says:


  52.' David Jackson says:

    My 4th grade teacher told our class that in 1965… and a big ball of leftovers created the moon. ‘Scientists confirm’ LOL. Guess someone needs funding to study it…

  53.' Robin Cameron says:

    Hardly a “New Study” Conscious Life News. This has been widely known for decades.

  54.' James Williams says:

    Maybe never know happen

  55.' Migali Faylon says:

    The bombardment Theory, M.

  56.' Valmay van der Merwe says:

    No way

  57.' Luciano Garcia says:

    I’m here for the comments. I love it 😊

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