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Hiding in Plain Sight: ISIS & Terrorism

By Robert O'Leary, J.D., BARA


Editor’s Note: What if ISIS is really a company in Arizona, a government contractor hired to justify and deepen a continuing War on Terrorism. And what if you could easily find them on the Internet with a basic search? Alternative Media sometimes points out suspicious activities & so-called false flags in the wake of major news events and catastrophes-most recently in the case of the Boston Marathon Bomber. Special thanks to Adrianne Simone Knobloch, who generously shared this website on a comment to a Facebook posting by David Icke.


Julian Assange…Chelsea (a/k/a Bradley) Manning…Edward Snowden…Dr. William H. Thompson…and the list goes on. These brave individuals left their comfortable mundane lives and took a leap into uncertainty where they knew they could be allowed to fall flat and hard to the lowest depths they could imagine or into the supportive arms of people who would call them heroes.

These individuals, we call “whistleblowers”, mined the shadowy depths of black budget operations and brought tremendous secrets to light. The aggregation of their revelations no doubt overjoyed those activists who have long been asserting that nefarious things were being perpetrated by our government, in our name, and with our tax monies.

Regrettably, we got soft-pedaled and whitewashed versions of this story from our mainstream media hidden under the superficial question of whether it was right to reveal these secrets, or not, and whether the whistleblowers were traitors or not. Meanwhile President Obama, who promised unprecedented transparency in government, persecuted more whistleblowers than all of his predecessors… combined.

But not all secrets are hidden in the dark. Some are right out in the open if you know where to look.

So what do we have here???

One instance of high level skullduggery hiding in plain site may be found in a website that you can find with one of the following Yahoo! Searches:

“ISIS headquarters” or

“ISIS hq”

The following page showed up at the top of the search:

The website belongs to an organization, called: Integrated Systems Improvement Services.

Where is it located?  The website states that “ISIS is headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona, outside of Fort Huachuca, with offices in The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Through its associations with various military, defense and business clients, ISIS maintains a presence in several states across the country, as well as a number of countries in the middle east.” Ft. Huachuca is said to be the  “home of the United States Army Intelligence Center and the US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.”

So, why is this company in business-what does it hope to accomplish? The website tells us that: “ISIS exists for one purpose: To provide government and business the sophisticated intelligence, technology, security and training they need to support and protect national and corporate interests in the most challenging of global environments. All with the utmost professionalism, transparency, and integrity. – [according to]Don Wright, President & CEO”

Moreover, the following is listed as their mission: “ISIS' mission is to continuously provide impeccable Quality Service through enduring relationships with our customers and employees by demonstrating ISIS' values: Professionalism, Quality, and Teamwork”

What kind of work does it do? The website states that: “The members of our management team have extensive industry experience, supervising, managing and serving on numerous OGA contracts operating in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa in the protection of U.S. national interests. Collectively, we’ve served as army intelligence officers; in special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Panama and Haiti; as consultants for the U.S. Government on the Counter-Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force, and more. Over the last 10 years, our leadership has successfully obtained and managed millions of dollars’ worth of government and corporate security contracts.”

It would be easy at this point to be skeptical and tell me that this must be a coincidence. And you might be right. Everyone must make up their own mind about this, based upon their own inferences and further investigation. However, let’s look at more of what the website offers. Let’s take a look under the heading of “ISIS Management” to the information for 2 of its employees, Jose Haw Zamora and Jorge Mar Gonzalez. They are said to be responsible for the “ISIS Training Center” Mr. Zamora’s job description is as follows:

Jose Haw Zamora has had 20 years of military experience and has held various operational, commissions and management duties of human and material resources. He served as a training instructor in courses and units of Mexicans Special Forces for nearly 16 years and received training in leadership, organization and operation of special operations detachments in any geographical area, rappelling, first aid, basic climbing, mountaineering, offensive and defensive driving vehicles, communications, hand to hand combat, regular shooting competition shooting and reaction with handguns and rifles, and sniper shooting. Also well versed with Close Combat Training, VIP protection, and held noteworthy commissions such as security officer with Marisela Morales Ibañez former head of the PGR and various officials of the Mexican Department Of Defense. His last unit before retirement was the Special Forces High Command (GAFE del Alto Mando) [Emphasis Added with Italics; See].

The job description for Jorge Mar Gonzalez is as follows:

Jorge Mar has had 20 years of military experience and has held various operational, commissions and management duties of human and material resources. He served as a training instructor in courses and units of Mexicans Special Forces for nearly 16 years and received training in leadership, organization and operation of special operations detachments in any geographical area, rappelling, first aid, basic climbing, mountaineering, offensive and defensive driving vehicles, communications, hand to hand combat, regular shooting competition shooting and reaction with handguns and rifles, and sniper shooting. Also well versed with Close Combat Training, VIP protection, and held noteworthy commissions such as security officer with Marisela Morales Ibañez former head of the PGR and various officials of the Mexican Department Of Defense. His last unit before retirement was the Special Forces High Command (GAFE del Alto Mando). He also has certification by the STPS (Mexican Department of labor) as an external trainer. Emphasis Added with Italics; See

One could reasonably suggest that these trainers have the skills to train men and women to be soldiers to fight in various ways in various situations in various countries and, in light of the Special Forces training, the trainees could conceivably fight in overt or covert military actions. This company overtly states that it has numerous government contracts. Is it not also conceivable that they might be hired for, and agree to perform, in missions posing as enemies of the United States and their allies?

Another of their employers, Mark Benedict, said to be the Senior Director & Site Manager/Operations, has the following job description:

Mark Benedict is a mission-focused, performance-oriented professional with extensive training and experience in a variety of security disciplines and programs in hostile environments. Mr. Benedict is familiar with and capable of effectively managing complex security operations; comprehensive knowledge of physical security, personal security, and force protection issues. Experienced in combat zone security operations and activities requiring a high level of human relationship skills, Mr. Benedict is an accomplished instructor with experience conducting basic, intermediate, and advanced individual classroom and field training for more than 5,000 military personnel each year. Average class size ranged from 80 to 100 students, where he provided leadership, direction, and technical expertise to all students. Emphasis Added with Italics; See

This employee brings some additional skills of working and training in different “security disciplines and programs in hostile environments.” Certain parts of the Middle East could be characterized reasonably as a “hostile environment”.

Another employee, Luis Vega, said to be the Vice President of Business Development has the following job description:

With an MBA in International Business, Luis Vega has successfully obtained and managed billions of dollars [sic] worth of government and corporate security contracts, domestically and abroad. Prior to joining ISIS, Mr. Vega was Executive Vice President of Business Development for SOC, a private security company specializing in international force protection and low profile, high-end security operations in high-threat environments. As an operator and executive for the company, he developed all of the procedures pertaining to risk/threat and vulnerability assessments. Mr. Vega has served as the Senior Inspector for South Florida’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training's Internal Affairs Division. Currently, he is a consultant for the U.S. Government on the Counter-Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force, and has served as an agent for Legacy U.S. Customs Service, under the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program. Mr. Vega has active duty military and Special Operation’s experience, and has served overseas as a team leader and operator in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Panama, and Haiti; performing various security assessments for multi-national corporations and sovereign governments in the regions. Emphasis Added with Italics; See

Now, let’s look at what is found under the heading of “Mission and Values”:

Mission and Values

At ISIS, the quality of service depends fundamentally on our basic belief about ISIS personnel truly understanding the meaning and value of ISIS' mission and values.  Every ISIS employee is indoctrinated through training, evaluations, and a values pocket card that reinforces the importance of our mission and how we intend to get there through demonstration of our behaviors.

ISIS Mission: (Quality Policy)

ISIS' mission is to continuously provide impeccable Quality Service through enduring relationships with our customers and employees by demonstrating

ISIS' values: Professionalism, Quality, and Teamwork.

Relationships established through ethical conduct and truthful communication.

Quality: Commitment to the needs of the customer through conformance to contract requirements, adherence to ISIS' certified quality standards, and continuous improvement measured by customer satisfaction.

Teamwork:Together Everyone Achieves More by continuously collaborating on the most effective solutions for our customers and employees.

ISIS understands our values to be important because they influence behavior, provide a moral compass, provide continuity through change, help employees make the right decisions, help employees be more proactive, and integrate into all levels and functions of ISIS for a steadfast identity of one organization with one goal: Quality for the customer [Emphasis Added with Italics and Bold; See].

Finally, let’s take a look at their section, entitled “Ethics”:


In light of our company values and mission, we continually seek to improve our standards of ethical and social accountability. To help meet our own ethical expectations, and those of the federal government, we have gathered our policies, standards and codes into one written booklet to serve as guidance and training for every ISIS employee.

ISIS' personnel adhere to exemplary ethical conduct by means of:

​-Our Ethical Standards Policy and Compliance Training Program, which establishes awareness and promotes compliance.

-A method of reporting ethical misconduct or abuse by means of our Ethical Standards Hotline

-An internal control system which offers appropriate responses and solutions to ethical issues via an anonymous reporting system.

-Following congressionally enacted legislation requiring contractors to report violations of federal criminal law, violations of the Civil False Claims Act, or overpayment in connection with awards of covered contracts and subcontracts.

-Easy accessibility of our designated Ethics Officer.

Our designated ISIS Ethics Officer serve the company and our employees

-Honesty – Truthfulness, fairness, uprightness, justness, free from fraud, unadulterated

-Integrity – The possession of, and strict adherence to, high moral principles and standards

-Respect – Consideration, equality, and thoughtfulness toward another

-Accountability – Purposefully exposing one's actions to others for open critique and analysis

-Transparency – Clarity, openness, hiding nothing

ISIS is proud to be a quality company of ethical excellence.

ISIS Ethical Standards Policy Hotline: 520-459-5012520-459-5012, ext. 52. See

If, indeed, this organization is behind what the media and our government have called “a terrorist organization,” it has allegedly beheaded several people, destroyed valuable priceless artifacts and committed many other heinous and shocking acts. It would be very easy to make a prima facie case for violation of national and international criminal laws, with regard to any one of these incidents.

Of course, we only have video evidence which can certainly be doctored and create the impression that these actual acts are being perpetrated, as was recently alleged in such articles as “Jihadi John ISIS Japanese Video Faked, Government Confirms”. See  Sheep Media, “Jihadi John ISIS Japanese Video Faked, Government Confirms”, January 23, 2015, at But, presuming that they are accurate depictions, criminal charges and summons should be issued against this organization and its employees.

If, on the other hand, our government has given these individuals some sort of immunity, shouldn’t we as the represented know about it and have the opportunity to be heard by and instruct our representatives, who sit in their seats subject to our present, and future, votes.

Add to this another consideration: why would our government have hired this company to kill innocent Christians and others and consequently create even more alienation and enmity between Muslims and non-Muslims than there already is? Might it be to:

-create justification for wars;


-killing other people

-for justifying expanded war and surveillance budgets; or

-further encroachment of the rights of U.S. Citizens?

If you knew any one of these to be true, would you not demand some sort of change?

In any case, irrespective of our immunity laws, the International Court of the Hague could still bring charges at least against those in our government who have allowed this company to do its murderous work.

A video from Former Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes shows him making the following sad and very concerning revelation: we need to “keep fear alive” to justify terror budget. As the article, “FBI Official: We Need to ‘Keep Fear Alive’ to Justify Terror Budget” further quotes him as saying: “If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that ‘We won the war on terror and everything’s great,’ cause the first that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half,” states Fuentes. ‘You know, it’s my opposite of Jess Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’ – it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.” See Paul Joseph Watson, “FBI Official: We Need to ‘Keep Fear Alive’ to Justify Terror Budget”,, February 2, 2015, at

The article goes on to state that “[a]s the New York Times reported in 2012, the vast majority of domestic terror plots in recent years were ‘facilitated by the F.B.I….The agency does not disrupt planned domestic terror attacks but rather creates them, then publicly praises itself for stopping its own plots,’ wrote Glenn Greenwald in response to the story.” See Paul Joseph Watson, “FBI Official: We Need to ‘Keep Fear Alive’ to Justify Terror Budget”,, February 2, 2015, at

It appears that certain independent contractors and some government employees are acting, in-concert or coincidentally, in a manner that puts citizens, their families, and their property in danger without explicit informed consent or opportunity to question their actions. Certainly, the employees, agencies and companies are complicit in these activities, but they are agents of their principal, i.e., the government and the president – to echo President Harry Truman’s famed quote, “[t]he buck stops here”.

Certainly, we hear each president stating often that it is necessary to give the government considerable latitude in its domestic and foreign activities in order to protect freedom or liberty or safety or “the American Way”. Yet, there is no reasonable justification for planning or facilitating destructive and deadly terror plots just to justify an agency’s raison d’etre, its reason for continued existence.

And the curtailment of freedom, the profiling, and the other actual assaults freedom and liberty that these policies engender has arguably rendered our country less distinguishable from totalitarian countries or the alleged terrorist nations against from whom they tell us we are being protected.

Further, as the above article shows us, it is hard to know which alleged plots are real and which are faked or “false flags”. This is a vile form of mental manipulation being perpetrated on us and the world with our tax dollars. This is also fraud, and implicates us, via our tax dollars, in murderous and otherwise criminal acts.

Questionable Ethics in General

Given what various whistleblowers have revealed, it seems reasonably safe to say that our government’s ethics are questionable when they are doing their spy and anti-terrorist work. In fact, with such laws as the Patriot Act and NDAA, there seem to be very few legal controls upon their actions.

Moreover, it seems that the Patriot Act is now becoming anachronistic and unnecessary with some calling for its repeal. See Giuseppi Macri, “House Revives Bill To Completely Repeal The Patriot Act, Dismantle NSA Spying”, March 24, 2015. Even its author, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, according to one article, “has said that it was never intended to allow dragnet surveillance of all phone records.” See Mike Masnick, “Author of The Patriot Act Says Patriot Act Was Written Specifically To Prevent NSA Data Mining”, June 13, 2013,

Hopefully, the new bill will be successful because, regrettably, no Congress has had the courage to repeal it in the thirteen (13) years since it was enacted.  Nor has the president shown any more inclination than his predecessor to change it.

This makes it reasonable for its long-term opponents to charge that President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others intended for the Patriot Act to become a permanent fixture in our countries legal authority. So, not only might we charge that the Iraq War was based on a lie about WMD’s and a diversion from those who were more likely responsible, we can also reasonably level a charge of intentional misrepresentation (i.e., fraud) against them with for the purpose of aggrandizing more power and likely money for certain governmental bodies and contractors.

Other evidence favoring the view that ISIS was created by U.S. & Allied Powers

One article, dated July 21, 2014, is entitled “ISIS Leader a Confirmed CIA Puppet”. It states, in pertinent part, that:

According a document recently released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, now the Islamic State, is an intelligence asset.

The NSA document reveals the United States, Israel, and Britain are responsible for the creation of ISIS.

Earlier this month Nabil Na’eem, the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former top al-Qaeda commander, told the Beirut-based pan-Arab TV station al-Maydeen all current al-Qaeda affiliates, including ISIS, work for the CIA… The NSA document states the group was established by U.S., British and Israeli intelligence as part of a strategy dubbed “the hornet’s nest” to draw Islamic militants from around the world to Syria…

[It goes on to states that ] [t]he hornet’s nest strategy was designed to create the perception that Israel is threatened by an enemy near its borders.

According to the personal diary of former Israeli prime minister Moshe Sharett, however, Israel never took seriously an Arab or Muslim threat to its national security.

“Sharett’s diary reveals in explicit language that the Israeli political and military leadership never believed in any Arab danger to Israel,” writes Ralph Schoenman. “They sought to maneuver and force the Arab states into military confrontations which the Zionist leadership were certain of winning so Israel could carry out the destabilization of Arab regimes and the planned occupation of additional territory.”

In 1982 Oded Yinon, an Israeli journalist with links to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, wrote The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.

The white paper proposed “that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units” and the “dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run.”

The destruction of the Arab and Muslim states, Yinon suggested, would be accomplished from within by exploiting their internal religious and ethnic tensions.” See ISIS leader a confirmed CIA puppet, July 21, 2014,

Not only might a leader of ISIS be involved, we and our allies may be actually arming and feeding them to enable them to continue doing what appears to be murderous work. As the February 26, 2015 article, “Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Delivering Weapons to ISIS” suggests, “[t]here are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIS terrorists through air(dropped cargoes),” this being a quote from Hakem al-Zameli, Committee Head for the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq. ” See Unattributed, “Iraq Army Downs 2 UK Planes Delivering weapons to ISIS, February 26, 2015,

He goes on to state that: “Iraq‘s army has shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIS terrorists in Al-Anbar province…The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIS,…[and] government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from people and security forces in al-Anbar province on numerous flights by the US-led coalition planes that airdrop weapons and supplies for ISIS in terrorist-held areas.

The article also notes that weapons of U.S., European or Israeli make and model were found in various liberated territories, suggesting that these weapons were being used by ISIS.  Some of the weaponry is reportedly advanced, even including anti-aircraft weapon. ” Id.

Another senior Iraqi legislator has gone so far as to suggest that “the US-led coalition is the main cause of ISIS’s survival in Iraq.” Id.

Another individual, Jome Divan, a member of the al-Sadr bloc in Iraq’s parliament  went even further to suggest that, beyond insuring ISIS’s survival, the coalition is also not doing all that it can to defeat them, stating that: “[t]he international coalition is only an excuse for protecting the ISIS and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons…[and that] [t]he coalition has not targeted ISIS’s main positions in Iraq.” Id.

Majid al-Gharawi, the Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission MP seconded this notion and added that the coalition forces are “not serious in fighting against the ISIS organization, because they have the technological power to determine the presence of ISIS gunmen and destroy them in one month”.

Lastly, he suggested that “the US is trying to expand the time of the war against the ISIS to get guarantees from the Iraqi government to have its bases in Mosul and Anbar provinces.” Id.

I could point to other articles on this subject, like the following:

“Blowback! U.S. trained Islamists who joined ISIS: Secret Jordan base was site of covert aid to insurgents targeting Assad”, by Aaron Klein, June 17, 2014,

ISIS authorized to call in US airstrikes in Syria, by Mikael Thalen, February 18, 2015,

Putting the ISIS Company into Context

So, it seems like the “ISIS” company and website – within the context of some proof that ISIS was trained by the coalition and is currently being supported by them at least in terms of food and weaponry – might be “ISIS” in a sense. The words on their website, their purpose, their mission, and their backgrounds of their personnel could very reasonably be called upon to serve the U.S. and coalition forces in the Middle East.

I know that it would be easy to for some bridle at the notion that our government and allies would do such things. Yet, it has been documented in various sources that the CIA was behind establishing and maintaining Al Qaeda, a predecessor of ISIS. Once such source is the article, “The CIA’s ‘Founding’ of Al Qaeda Documented” by Gordon Duff, dated April 20, 2013, at

It contains an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski about his role with President Jimmy Carter in authorizing the covert operation that led to the formation of what later became Al Qaeda.

Regular folk just are not generally privy to what goes on in government. There are geopolitical goals that are not shared with us except in general terms. This may be why we have continued expensive military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and began some in Libya and Syria despite some serious economic issues at home. Our politicians poor mouth when regular folk and agencies serve them ask for help, but mysteriously money shows up when some in the government wish to go to war.

One of the geopolitical goals that has been shared with us is that we should make our military more smaller and more mobile, this being a shift away from large military forces at the ready for large-scale ground and other offensives. We began to hear this back at in Bush II’s Administration, even though much of what Pres. Bush did in his foreign policy included a larger scale ground offensive.

Nonetheless beginning with President Bush, we began to see these smaller,  military groups being placed into various countries, 70 by the time Bush was done and about 100 by the time President Obama was in his 5th year (i.e., 2013}.

The article, “Empire Under Obama, Part 3: America's “Secret Wars” in Over 100 Countries Around the World” has more to say about this:

“Obama's global terror campaign is not only dependent upon his drone assassination program, but increasingly it has come to rely upon the deployment of Special Operations forces in countries all over the world, reportedly between 70 and 120 countries at any one time. As Obama has sought to draw down the large-scale ground invasions of countries (as Bush pursued in Afghanistan and Iraq), he has escalated the world of ‘covert warfare,' largely outside the oversight of Congress and the public. One of the most important agencies in this global “secret war” is the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC for short.

JSOC was established in 1980 following the failed rescue of American hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Iran as “an obscure and secretive corner of the military's hierarchy,” noted the Atlantic. It experienced a “rapid expansion” under the Bush administration, and since Obama came to power, “appears to be playing an increasingly prominent role in national security” and “counterterrorism,” in areas which were “traditionally covered by the CIA.”[1] One of the most important differences between these covert warfare operations being conducted by JSOC instead of the CIA is that the CIA has to report to Congress, whereas JSOC only reports its most important activities to the President's National Security Council.[2]

During the Bush administration, JSOC “reported directly” to Vice President Dick Cheney, according to award-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh (of the New Yorker), who explained that, “It's an executive assassination ring essentially, and it's been going on and on and on.” He added: “Under President Bush's authority, they've been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. That's been going on, in the name of all of us.”[3]

…By September of 2013, the U.S. military had been involved in various activities in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde Islands, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia, among others, constructing bases, undertaking “security cooperation engagements, training exercises, advisory deployments, special operations missions, and a growing logistics network.”[31]

In short, Obama's global ‘war of terror' has expanded to roughly 100 countries around the world, winding down the large-scale military invasions and occupations such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq, and increasing the “small-scale” warfare operations of Special Forces, beyond the rule of law, outside Congressional and public oversight, conducting “snatch and grab” operations, training domestic repressive military forces in nations largely run by dictatorships to undertake their own operations on behalf of the ‘Global Godfather.'

Make no mistake: this is global warfare. Imagine for a moment the international outcry that would result from news of China or Russia conducting secret warfare operations in roughly 100 countries around the world. But when America does it, there's barely a mention, save for the passing comments in the New York Times or the Washington Post portraying an unprecedented global campaign of terror as representative of Obama's “values.” Well, indeed it is representative of Obama's values, by virtue of the fact that he doesn't have any.

Indeed, America has long been the Global Godfather applying the ‘Mafia Principles' of international relations, lock-in-step with its Western lackey organized crime ‘Capo' states such as Great Britain and France. Yet, under Obama, the president who had won public relations industry awards for his well-managed presidential advertising campaign promising “hope” and “change,” the empire has found itself waging war in roughly one hundred nations, conducting an unprecedented global terror campaign, increasing its abuses of human rights, war crimes and crimes against humanity, all under the aegis of the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Barack Obama. See Andrew Gavin Marshall, The Hampton Institute-A Working Class Think Tank, October 17th, 2013, at

Independent Contractors in the Mainstream and Alternative News

The role of independent contractors in working with our government is not by any means a new thing. Blackwater began in 1997 and under its new name, Academi, is still being used by the U.S. Government in providing security for the CIA and State Dept. See

In the recent trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, another independent contractor was implicated in alternative news with compelling evidence (at least in this author’s opinion), but received little to no notice in mainstream media. Craft International, founded by “American Sniper”, Chris Kyle, is a government contractor that has operated since 2009 and has already had contracts to train and perhaps otherwise work with what appears to be all parts of the U.S. Military and Secret Service. See The so-called “official training partner of Craft…” is called TacFlow. They have trained, among others, the Town of Sharon (Massachusetts) Police Department. See

Sharon is just 17 miles from Downtown Boston. At least 4 Craft employees (as denoted by gear similar to that seen on the website, as well as backpacks, baseball caps and shirts with the logo upon them) were seen at the site of the Boston City Bombing and some people believe that one of their bags may have had the famous pressure cooker bomb inside of one of them. Curiously, none of this seems to have been brought up in the recent trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Nor was his mother seemingly called as a witness, although she stated in an interview that:

“I am 100 % sure that this is a setup. I know that my two sons are really innocent…[Tamerlin] was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years. They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions, and what sites on [the] internet he was going ]to]…They used to talk to me…they were telling me that he is a serious leader and they are afraid of hi…They were controlling every step of him, and they are telling us today that this was a terrorist act” See

Or how about any of the other concerns brought up in the following article: “Tsarnaev Brothers had a CIA Connection” See Dave Lindorff, May 2, 2013, at

Moreover, it appears that Tsarnaev was barred from testifying by a little know gag rule, called “Special Administrative Measures”, that was imposed by the government on August 27, 2013. The article states that this kind of allows:

the “government to restrict a prisoner’s communications in ways that: ‘may include housing the inmate in administrative detention and/or limiting certain privileges, including, but not limited to, correspondence, visiting, interviews with representatives of the news media, and use of the telephone, as is reasonably necessary to protect persons against the risk of acts of violence or terrorism.’

The law was established to prevent presumably dangerous inmates—those accused of terrorism, espionage, and mob or gang activity— from communicating to the outside plans that could result in death or bodily harm.  See Lana Turner, “Why the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Is Silent”, January 6, 2015, at

Did Tsarnaev have any evidence that might have implicated other people for committing this crime? If so, not only does this gag order possibly permit a fraud of the highest order, it also meant that the jury was not able to hear any evidence that might have created reasonable doubt.

In fact, his attorney, Judy Clark, disserved him greatly by not fighting for reasonable doubt on the murder conviction, by failing cross-examine any witnesses, and by failing to call his mother or any other witnesses that might have shed doubt on his involvement in this crime. In my legal opinion, these facts may have given him a good argument for ineffective assistance of counsel. Ann O’Neill and Mariano Castillo, CNN, “Tsarnaev attorney: ‘It was him'”, March 4, 2015, at

Surely, Attorney Clark must have known that there were some suspicious activities surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing, including photographic and video evidence. Since she was likely aware of them, and she did not use them to argue for reasonable doubt on the murder charge might even be a basis for a complaint to the Board of Bar Overseers, the agency that oversees attorney ethics.

So, obviously the government uses various outside agencies as independent contractors for various purposes, International Craft, Blackwater, Halliburton, and very possibly, ISIS, the company that has an easily accessible website online.

So, where do we go from here?

I invite you to do your own further exploration of this issue and to share your results with your social media and other connections. If you take away anything from this article, it should be the following: not all of the wrongdoing of our corporations or governments is hidden…some of it is hiding in plain sight and those who are called villains, by talking heads in the media, may be innocent pawns in a chess game of the powers that think they are.

I would also urge you to start asking questions. Call or write your congressperson, chime in on their social media pages and ask them to look into this corporation and even Craft International. And don’t take mere platitudes or “blow-off” answers from them. Persistently ask the typical reporters’ questions, “who, what, when, where, why and how?”

It is likely that you congressperson knows about this company, or at least the concept that independent contractors are generally hired by the government to do dirty work other agencies do not wish to, or cannot afford to, do. They may even have benefactors that let them know that there are certain questions that they would rather they not ask.

Nonetheless, enough public pressure and awareness can force them to bring things to light, and then we can push for meaningful change.

This may be one of the most important issues for us to become involved in because, make no mistake, when as a nation we muck around in the Middle East, we could very easily toss a proverbial match into the wrong area and set off a powder keg of world war. Whether or not you believe in or follow the teachings of the Bible, which suggests that World War will happen in the Middle East, each of us would be foolish to play war games in this area.

Besides, do we not have enough to do at home-domestically? It was not long ago that we were trying to balance our federal budget and told that we do not have enough money to go around for necessary social programs and infrastructure. Who is paying for all of our official and unofficial military occupations, all of our police actions, and all of our wars? We must finally realize that we hold the reins on government…we just need to choose to pull on the reins.

 Robert O'Leary 150x150Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website, He can also be reached at




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  1.' anonymous says:

    Julian Assange…Chelsea (a/k/a Bradley) Manning…Edward Snowden…Dr. William H. Thompson…

    actually, all of them are controlled operations, controlled opposition, manfactured,
    half-truth fronts. the real ones, you don’t see in mainstream
    media. yet.

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