Geoengineering Cover Up Revealed in Lost 1978 Government Report

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chemtrails-at-sunsetBy Phillip Schneider |

Newly surfaced documents add to an already sizable pile of evidence that the U.S. government has been manipulating the weather for many decades.

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Just under 750 pages, the document from May of 1978 illustrates just how large the geoengineering, weather-modification cover-up really is. The beginning of the document reads as follows:

The Federal Government has been involved for over 30 years in a number of aspects of weather modification, through activities of both the Congress and the executive branch. Since 1947, weather modification bills pertaining to research support, operations, policy studies, regulations, liabilities, activity reporting, establishment of panels and committees, and international concerns have been introduced in the Congress. There have been hearings on many of these proposed measures, and oversight hearings have also been conducted on pertinent ongoing programs.”

Although the document clearly states that the Federal Government has been involved in activities that involve weather modification, the general public is still largely unaware that this is even going on. Many still adamantly oppose the idea that this is even possible. If Congress has known about this since at least 1978, why is the public still so clueless about weather modification?

Chemtrails by Any Other Name

Geoengineering is also often referred to as ‘chemtrails‘ and also ‘cloud seeding,’ because geoengineering is most commonly done by seeding the sky with particulate matter. Many independent investigators and whistle-blowers concur that the government is dumping large amounts of aluminum, strontium, barium and even coal ash in the sky in an attempt to manipulate the weather. This has been verified by numerous USDA studies and is discussed in detail in the film, Why In the World Are They Spraying.

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Climate Modification Triggers Drought and Flooding

The document goes on to explain how cloud seeding actually can affect weather patterns, thereby affecting the local population of people, plants and animals in a given area:

“There’s no question that during a dry season, cloud seeding aggravates conditions to produce drought, and during a wet cycle, it triggers even more rain and probably floods.”

Furthermore, to explain other implications and real-life situations affected by cloud seeding, an article published by ‘a nationally circulated publication devoted to organic agriculture’ states:

“According to complaints we get, the pattern is still remaining as it did in the early 1960’s. When a thunderstorm appears to the west or is starting to build up, a plane will move in mysteriously out of nowhere, and maybe fly once or twice along the leading edge of the thunderstorm, disappear, and the thunderstorm just practically dissipates.

In a recent article contributed by the Tri-State Natural Weather Association to a nationally circulated publication devoted to organic agriculture, the following evils, supposedly brought on by weather modification, were cataloged:

1. Cloud seeding has been responsible for the great 5-year drought in the Northeast United States.
2. Isolated sections in the Northeast have experienced 18 years of drought due to cloud seeding.
3. Weather disturbances in the South Atlantic [sic] have been eliminated and has reduced [sic] the east coast’s rainfall by 30 percent – rain that is needed if agriculture is to be successful.
4. The average dairy farmer on the east coast, living in an area of cloud seeding, has averaged a net financial loss because of cloud seeding.
5. Crop production losses in Franklin County, Pa., alone have amounted to $50 Million.
6. When effects of seeding wear off, cloudbursts occur, causing floods, destroying crops, buildings, and drowning people as well as livestock.
7. Seeding has been responsible for the serious air pollution problems.
8. Mental retardation and insanity are traceable to cloud seeding chemicals.
9. Poisoning of all living matter is directly related to cloud seeding.
10. Emphysema is three times higher in areas of heavy cloud seeding.
11. Cancer is virulently out of proportion.
12. Financial losses to agriculture and related industries run into the billions.
13. Forest trees as well as cultivated orchards are dying from chemical reactions taking place in the air due to the addition of cloud seeding agents.”

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More Evidence of Climate Engineering Cover-Up

This document is only one in a list of many pieces of evidence that reveal the extent of geoengineering. Another resource is the extensive list of patents relating to geoengineering.

It seems that nobody working in the government has any intent to tell us the truth about geoengineering, weather modification or chemtrails, so until the time comes when the government comes clean we’ll have to rely on the work of independent investigators to uncover the truth.

This article (Geoengineering Cover Up Revealed in Lost 1978 Government Report) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


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  1.' Donna Murnane says:


  2.' Mike Mason says:

    So where can I access this aledged document to read it for myself????

    •' Gary Davies says:

      Hey is an old document…never secret…never lost…relating to attempts at geo engineering in the 70’s…it regularly resurfaces on paranoid conspiracy sites such this one….i am actually thinking of making a resource site where all these old docs that these paranoid sites continually misuse may be located, referenced and these illogical and deceitful uses exposed…

  3.' Gary Davies says:

    More unverified and were, on occasion truthful, so distorted as to imply something other than intended in the original truth…so….cloud seeding becomes chemtrail…..Spread Fear appears to be your motto Conscious Life News

    •' Being Jabari Jones says:

      Wake up.

    •' Gary Davies says:

      Being Jabari Jones wake up and Boogie….??? To some pied piper of Paranoia??? The article referred to is nor ever was secret or lost….cloud seeding IS not chemtrails…….,this article is a mish mash of bullshit mixed with a smattering of truth…i suggest that, instead of getting your info from dodgy sites such as this that you wake up and do a little real research….only fools by such badly written crap…fools and the walking dead!!!

    •' Being Jabari Jones says:

      Gary Davies its your reality not mines im free… carry on 🙂

    •' Gary Davies says:

      Being Jabari Jones Unfortunately fear and freedom are opposed…..articles such as these are not only demonstrabley false but their sole purpose is to spread fear…….Free…no you are not…you being manipulated…and, your own massiveinternal insecurity is being manipulated so that you are unable to free yourself from it but are tricked into ‘finding’ its causes outside of yourself, blaming some fantasised ‘THEM’……and experiencing some momentary relief while you blame ‘THEM’ for your own inner turmoil….i feel for you child….

  4.' Brandy LovemiLife Warner says:

    The drones attempting to ‘think outside of the box” they were put in. Kind of sad, really.

    •' Terence Phelps says:

      May this message resonate with you all m. I would love to have the support of all you beautiful souls. I hope whoever sees this can share it, repost, leave some feedback on the YouTube comment box! I did this for my indigos!

  5.' Terence Phelps says:

    May this message resonate with you all m. I would love to have the support of all you beautiful souls. I hope whoever sees this can share it, repost, leave some feedback on the YouTube comment box! I did this for my indigos!

  6.' Nick Pirsein says:

    They do it so we dont see the smog like china. It just brings the toxic chemicals to the ground

  7.' Being Jabari Jones says:

    Blocking Sun Light. …blocking your pineal communication. …#Gnosis

  8.' Edmundo Monroy says:

    I read something, about it too

  9.' Being Jabari Jones says:

    It’s funny how people fight for this government it’s like their asleep or sheep or something.

  10.' John Hartley says:

    David Rose Charles Rose Sylvia Martin

  11.' Patricia Guirguis says:

    More proof for all those who are in denial!!!

  12.' Elizabeth Sanders Stoops says:


  13.' Juwan Couch says:

    Laura Couch

  14.' Nicole Frances Litjohn says:

    obviously they are doing it. there were none of those lines in the sky when i was a kid

  15.' Josh Mason says:

    Leigh Norris

  16.' Steven Brummette says:

    Tori Brummette

  17.' Alan Eddie Edwards says:

    So now your that powerful you orchestrate the weather..Dillusional..Overinflated muppets

  18.' Ivan A Hernandez says:

    Rene Vela Jr. Catrina, ike

  19.' Kim McAdams says:

    no kidding.

  20.' Heather Dougherty says:

    I do love a good conspiracy theory 😉

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