Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in 5 Min or Less (Video)

Source: David Riklan, 

Stephen Covey wrote a runaway bestseller in the Self Improvement Industry, titled the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book has sold over 10 million copies worldwide! In the book, Covey lays out 7 proven principles for success.

Let me explain exactly what I think these mean and what I learned from them.

Number 1 – Be Proactive. 
That’s almost self explanatory. It means you are taking the initiative. You are not living reactively, but are taking a proactive stance in your life.

Number 2 – Begin with the End in Mind. 
The End is really your goal or your goals. Effectiveness is not just a matter of reaching a goal but rather of achieving the right goal. Imagine yourself sitting in the back of the room at your funeral, and what people could honestly say about you based on the way you are now. Do you like what you hear? Is that how you want to be remembered? If not, change it.

Number 3 – Do first things first. 
This means to focus on your most important priorities, your top priorities. This doesn’t always mean urgent. The phone is ringing, and picking it up might seem urgent, but the caller is not always important. It could be a telemarketer. Focus on your top priorities.

Number 4 – Think Win Win 
In personal, business or other relationships, exercise “interpersonal leadership” to make both parties winners. Two wins make everyone better off; two losses hurts everyone. A win/lose relationship creates a victor and leaves someone injured. Think Win Win.

Number 5 – “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” 
Communication is a two-way street. To develop win/win relationships, find out what the
other parties want, and what winning means to them. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Number 6 – “Synergize” 
Cooperation multiplies the power of one. In fact, “creative cooperation” may yield a
force greater than the sum of the parts. The buzzword to describe this kind of relationship is “synergy,” which means bringing together a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Number 7 – “Sharpen the Saw” 
There’s an old story about a man sawing a log. The work is going slowly and the man is exhausted. The more he saws, the less he cuts. A passerby watches for a while and suggests that the man take a break to sharpen the saw. But the man says he can’t stop to sharpen the saw because he is too busy sawing! A dull saw makes the work tiresome, tedious and unproductive. Highly effective people take the time they need to sharpen their tools, which are, in fact, their bodies, souls, mind and hearts. It’s time for “self-renewal.”

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3 Tips to Heal Your Heart on 9/11 (& What NOT To Do!)

I awoke today with a shaky feeling in my heart. You see, I’m an empath and I feel the collective energy, and today is the day that the entire world will never forget. The date 9/11 will forever be etched in our collective heart, and though we certainly react to it with less intensity now than we did in the first anniversary after the event, there is still a big charge.

In fact, from my bodily gauge, it feels as if the collective emotional intensity waned as much as it could a couple years ago, and is now growing a bit again. Maybe it’s the world economy and the tension and wars everywhere, or maybe I’m just getting more sensitive. In any case, there is still energy to be healed around this date, so in that way, 9/11 offers us all a gift; an opportunity to face our fears and to grow beyond them.

So, the question is not whether we’ll remember 9/11, but how we’ll remember it. Will we focus on concepts like loss, fear, “enemy”? Or will we focus on growth, love and connection?

In every moment, we create our reality by what experiences we focus on, what we make those experiences mean, and how we choose to act on them.

Today, I invite you to choose to focus on the good, and make 9/11 mean the future is full of positive possibility. I also invite you to take some actions that heal your heart and the heart of others – actions that bolster your belief in humanity. I have three suggestions of what you can do to heal, but first, let me mention three things you DON’T want to do today:

1. Don’t Watch Old Footage of 9/11. You have enough “reels” in your memory; no need to make your body go through the trauma again.

2. Don’t Blame Anybody for the Event. Blame is a fear-induced (and fear-inducing) exercise.

3. Don’t Stay Isolated & Alone. Healing comes from heart connection with others. When we connect lovingly, we heal and are healed at the same time. It’s a win-win.

And here are the three things you DO want to do:

1. Ground Yourself – your root chakra, which is located in your tailbone, legs and feet, holds your sense of safety and security. Bolster it today with this Root Chakra Healing Song from my album “Chakra Love”:

Other things that can build your root chakra energy are hiking, gardening, pottery, drumming or walking barefoot. Another great way to ground is to meditate and imagine your tailbone is growing roots that reach down, down, down into the core of the earth, making you feel anchored and safe. Inhale energy up from the core of the earth and then back down into the core of the earth  in a continual loop for as long as you’d like.

2. Focus on Strengthening & Expanding Your Heart Energy – After you feel grounded, you can them open your heart chakra. You can do so really easily by simply focusing inward and imagining the energy in your heart glowing green and growing bigger and brighter. You can also listen to (and sing along with) my Heart Chakra Healing Song from Chakra Love (get your free download here). Once you’ve done some activities like this and you’re feeling a bit stronger in your heart, do this Ho’Oponopono meditation:

As you do it, send love to your fear or to anyone you feel frightened of. The words you say in the meditation are quite simple, but magical: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” I know it seems counter intuitive to ask your fear for forgiveness, but please just try it. It helps. The heart has it’s own logic that is completely different than the mind’s.

3. Connect with Others More – Once you’ve done one and two above and you’re feeling stronger, safer and more open, make it your
mini-mission to reach out to others today (and perhaps the rest of this week or the rest of your life!). Hug more, smile more, help more. Call or skype loved ones who are far away and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Smile at strangers. Put a few coins in somebody else’s meter. Find little, loving ways to connect with everyone around you.

Thank you for taking these little, powerful actions. When you start by healing yourself, you give a gift to the world, because our planet is nothing more than the sum of each of our individual energies. Each time one of us adds to the loving, healing energy on the planet, a small, positive shift occurs. And when our collective shifts reach critical mass, our entire paradigm and way of living will expand into a higher, more peaceful and mutually-respectful order. We are the creators. Let us choose love over fear again and again.

I wish for you a strong and open heart, and deep, satisfying healing.

Much love, Vicki

Vicki HowieVicki Howie is an empath, musician, Life Coach as well and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. Her mission in life is to coach you in a way that invites you to step into ALL of your personal power and magnificence. Find out about her healing music here. Get her beautiful healing tattoos or a private consultation with Vicki here (your first session is half off when you enter CLN coupon code: “wholenesshalfoff”.

The Universal Law of Non-Efforting

Open | Openhand

What does ‘non-efforting’ really mean?

There is an unwritten ‘law’ of non-efforting that is prevalent in countless spiritual texts with regards to walking the spiritual path. It is something we frequently refer to here at Openhand. It is of course about following the natural flow of the universe in every moment and not resisting it. However, it seems that frequently, this unwritten law is used as an excuse for not taking a certain step that’s clearly presenting itself, or indeed not doing anything much at all! In our view, this is a serious mis-understanding of what true ‘non-efforting’ really means and is potentially very limiting…

To do or not to do

Personally I have quite a strong Ray 1 influence in my life. In other words, I have a strong driving yearning to create and ‘do’ things. It’s what you might call the Warrior Energy. Earlier in my existence, at a time when ego was ruling the show, I ‘owned’ my Ray 1 which made me very goal orientated. I was fixated with achieving outcomes. This made me quite unsatisfied and not at all content with my ‘lot’ in the universe.

Fortunately, after traveling some ‘distance’, the ego masking my Ray 1 began to quickly fall away, allowing space for my Ray 2 – the divine feminine consciousness of surrender – to come through (you can read more about the subject here…Seven Rays of Divine Impulse). These days, I find I can surrender much more to the natural energy of the moment and accept things as they really are.

But what does acceptance truly mean? And is there still a place for the drive, commitment and passion of the Ray 1?
I’m reminded of the time when Trinity and Myself moved into our current house in Glastonbury. For me, it coincided with coming into full embodiment – of course shifts in the inner, always reflect into the outer: moving into a house, was like moving into a new body.

This house was very solid, and spacious, but also pretty run down. We were blessed with a huge back garden, but unfortunately filled mostly with concrete, old iron railings and the odd shopping trolley thrown in for good measure.

As you can imagine, it was a huge job to bring it back to a more natural state of being. It involved a daily, seemingly herculean, commitment from us both. Now I’m not at all what you would consider a ‘handy-man’. The last thing in the world that crumbles my cookie is digging, clearing rubble, repairing, painting, carpentry etc etc. It seems I’m just not made for that kind of work – it’s always been a challenge.

Odd then, ironic even, that I was presented on a daily basis with EXACTLY that kind of work. I quickly noticed a pattern forming. Nothing seemed to want to work. There always seemed to be resistance to the tasks that presented themselves. Nothing turned out the way I considered it might.

Show me!

I’d traveled enough to know, that if you don’t know something, or why something is happening to you, then if you ask “show me” and be open to the response, then the universe will always answer. So I stopped, went down on bended knee and humbly asked… “Show me: am I heading off on some kind of tangent here? Am I going in the wrong direction in life? Why won’t anything work? Please show me, show me what this is really all about.”

Practically immediately, I was given this message as a higher knowing…

“Sometimes to be in the flow, is for nothing to be flowing at all”

WOW! It was a bolt from the blue. I quickly remembered what “being in the flow” really means. What exactly is “the flow”? What is it’s purpose? To me it has just one purpose:

By the Law of Attraction, the flow reveals distortions within us,
so that we may confront and dissolve them
in order to fully liberate and express our soul.

Which means that to be in the flow, is to take us into all those places we might get ‘stuck’ or where we tighten or close down around what we’re being and doing. So I realised, that in actual fact, even though nothing wanted to work, I WAS in the flow. I was in exactly the right flow to help me dissolve the constricting tightness within my being around performing such challenging menial tasks.

And in order to fulfill that immediate chapter in my journey, I had to give it loads of energy, in fact barrow loads of Ray 1 commitment and Ray 2 surrender in order to get the job done.

And the result? Well not only do we have a beautiful oasis of a garden, but the five years of commitment helped me through a very important milestone – the physical embodiment here in human form.

It’s what’s termed the Resurrection.

Now that I’ve achieved what my soul was engaging me with, others have also appeared to help carry the load, both in terms of the Openhand Centre which we’ve now established, and also through the Openhand work in general. But I’m acutely aware, NONE of this help would have materialised had I not first remembered and integrated what I was meant to.

The key to effortless creation

Many times it would have been easy to give up – why ‘effort’ in this way? But this is not the true meaning of the term ‘efforting’. Efforting simply means: being attached to the outcome. It doesn’t mean not to give energy, commitment, focus and passion. These are all authentic characteristics of the soul and especially employed in the authentic creation.

So how do you know then if you are meant to do a certain task when it appears to have huge resistance to it? The key is always to watch your inner state of beingness. If there is some resistance to what is being presented, or even denial of it, then this is a sure sign you are in fact heading in the RIGHT direction. And when this direction constantly activates internal frictions, then you can be sure you’re revealing a pattern. This synchronicity is a sure sign you’re on the path of Right Action.

In these cases, a key to integrating the lesson and transcending the pattern is as follows…

To watch for the synchronistic pattern continually activating similar aspects of inner tightness; then to work with the energy, not deny it, but to apply oneself with commitment, diligence and resolve. At the same time, to keep surrendering, opening and expanding internally so as to overcome the restriction of our beingness.

Picking the real fruit in life

So as you journey through life, the invitation is to truly look at the deeper meaning through the daily events, trials and tribulations. Is there a perceivable pattern of what is being presented? What are you being invited to do? How can you benefit from the situation and apply yourself to expanding and evolving into a higher state of grace?

Remember, nothing that was ever truly worth having, ever came easy.

As my good friend and colleague Lesley says, “if you want to truly pick the fruit in life, you’ve got to be prepared to go out on a limb”. Sometimes there’s just no easy way!

from my heart to yours


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Alexis and HeartMath’s Howard Martin sit down to discuss the dynamics and mechanics of heart intelligence.

Based on Brooks’ best-selling book Conscious Musings, of which Martin is featured in the chapter How to Manifest – Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter, the two discuss the importance of not allowing mass media to co-opt the natural flow of the heart, how compassion is a powerful conduit for allowing the true potential of the heart to be realized, AND how the intelligence of the heart can be positively utilized to create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

As a special gift from HeartMath, you can register to win the emWave Pro package – a unique training system that objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence — an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and in balance, and the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of harmonious coordination.

Along with the emWave Pro, our winner will receive a signed copy of Alexis’ book, Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential!

To enter to win simply email: consciousmusings@higherjourneys.com and put “Conscious Musings 3” in the subject line.

Enjoy and here’s to YOUR heart!

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A Jungle Healing Technique You Can Use Anywhere…

Nick Polizzi  | TheSacredScience |  Aug 30 2014

A common question that I am asked after screenings of The Sacred Science film is, “Do I have to take a trip to the Amazon to get this type of healing?”.


My response to this, believe it or not, is that many of the techniques seen in the film can be applied in just about any town or city on the planet. With a little creativity, you don’t necessarily need to seek out a pricey jungle healing center or track down a traveling shaman in order to heal using these methods.

Below is one of the fundamental strategies that the shamans used in our film. Don’t be deceived by how simple it is!

Full Immersion In Nature

One of the most overlooked tools used in traditional jungle medicine is full immersion in nature. I’m talking about isolation in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nothing but trees, grass, rocks, and the occasional furry passerby.

What happens when we rid ourselves of all modern day distractions? Our televisions, our computers, the radio, even newspapers and books – things that certainly have value but also take focus away from ourselves.


If you’ve seen The Sacred Science, you have a good idea of what I’m talking about. The patients we brought into the Amazon packed a ton of extra stuff including iPods, laptops, writing instruments, painting tools, you name it.. And to their dismay, each of these items was taken “for safe keeping” by the support staff upon their arrival.

You see, in this type of ancient medicine the key is to rid yourself of any outlet that you can distract yourself with, regardless of how beneficial you might think it is.

This notion may seem odd to many of us who keep journals or take painstaking notes when learning something new. After all, how will we remember what transpired and what needs to be worked on moving forward? A medicine man might answer that the act of hastily recording your thoughts indulges your rational brain which is part of what got you sick in the first place.

The indigenous healing practices differ from modern medicine in that much importance is placed on investigating the underlying thought patterns and emotional disruptions that lurk beneath the surface symptoms of our illnesses. The sacred plant ceremonies can catapult you into this unpredictable realm alarmingly fast which can be very beneficial, but also a bit horrifying. Another way to get here, which requires awareness and peripheral inner vision, is through solitude in nature.

“Our bodies are mirrors of mother nature.
Mother nature is the mirror of our inner nature.
In that way each of us are our own best doctors.”

– Roman Hanis, Medicine Man

If this strategy resonates with you, here is an exercise that you can try no matter where you live on this beautiful planet. This can be used to supercharge whichever healing methods you are currently implementing.  A word to the wise, don’t be fooled by how simple this practice is.

The 90 Minutes of Solitude Exercise:

A.) Schedule 90 minutes this week to gift yourself. You will be embarking on a short voyage.
B.) Before leaving your house, remove all items from your pocket / backpack that could be a distraction – including cell phone, computer, magazines, newspapers, iPod, notebook, etc.
C.) Find a local forest or park and travel to it.
D.) Upon arrival, walk until you find a space away from any manmade stimuli, including other people.  And sit down. There is no need to close your eyes, just be still.
E.) If possible, remove your shoes and socks, letting your feet touch the earth.
F.) Begin to watch the ticker tape of thought and notice how it fluctuates over the course of 90 minutes.

Some things you may want to pay attention to:

– How long does it take for your mind to become extremely quiet?  If at all..

– What triggers your mind to become hyper active?

– What thoughts, positive and negative, begin to come up?

– What can you sense about your immediate environment?

– If you are working through a particular health challenge, what thoughts are coming up around this?

This type of practice is obviously not an overnight cure. But if you take 90 minutes of undistracted solitude once or twice per week, information about who you are and where you need help will begin to present itself. This hard earned information is what many healers use to help plot out a medicine map.

This inner map can be a crucial aid to ones recovery.

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

SacredScienceEBookSign up for the FREE E-book! Our FREE E-book is loaded with powerful sacred medicines that are being used by the shamans of the Amazon Jungle.


Intention and the Rite of Disengagement

Zen Gardner | Zengardner | Aug 28 2014

What we participate in is pretty much the name of the game. What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that’s leading to our own dis-empowerment? Where attention and thus intention goes, energy flows. Where is ours going, collectively and individually? Something to seriously consider on a continual basis in this massively manipulated energetic world.


I’ve been blown away recently by the rapid rise in consciousness we’re witnessing and it’s hitting me between the eyes. The awakening is clearly on and reverberating as new waves of energetic truth continue to pervade every area of society. I’m receiving so many amazing articles, interviews, emails and contributions from deeply inspired people to the extent that I’m almost bewildered. It’s just so wonderful! I love getting launched into new realms of discovery, freedom and empowerment – not just for me, but for our collective consciousness.

It all begins with each of us letting go into new awakenings in our lives which in turn affects the entire cosmic field and further illuminates and empowers the new realm we’re seeing birthed.

Realizing where our attention and intention go is of utmost importance. The last thing we want to do is reaffirm the intent of the controllers, yet we are prone to doing that in fixating on their nefarious machinations, even in our efforts to expose and stop this march against humanity. Far be it from the truth of our  overall intention, but we can unwittingly reinforce their ugly parasitic vibe and bring on their end result by helping to articulate and visualize it. Like the contained and manipulated legal and political realms, it’s again the push me, pull me futile game of the matrix. All an energetic scam.

The Awakening Rolls On

It’s time we fully woke up to this ploy. Ours is to take the initiative in wondrous awakened ways to realize, at all times, our given divine birthright and live accordingly. The hourglass for this paradigm does not have many grains of sand left. It’s time we detached and departed from their veiled realm of deceit in every way possible as it crumbles into oblivion.

Fully awakening is really the core of why we’re here. Each human soul is here to find its true purpose and direction. The matrix is a snare, a negative distraction, a challenge to our very spiritual existence. How we handle this challenge is ours to deal with.

It’s fundamentally very pragmatic. Taking charge of our lives means detaching from participation in anything illusory and hence entrapping. It can be “believing” lies of the media, serving their system for financial gain, drinking in their sewage whether it be news or entertainment, or fearing, and thus worshipping, binding governmental and financial contracts simply by participating in them.

Either we play along with the game of fear and survival instincts directing us as they’ve designed, or we go with our hearts and what we have learned and are learning to be true. It’s pretty clear once you’re detached from the disinformation. A real key is seeing what’s coming at us as fact or fabricated fiction, which lends importance to a degree of alternative information. But even there we must be selective and discerning.


Enter the Exit –  What’s in a Name?

It wasn’t until I shifted into my core identity to who I truly was that I became fully liberated. Suddenly I was free to write, act and live to my fullest potential. It’s a process and takes some doing, disconnecting from attachments that reinforce the old programming. I have yet to fully make the break with all of my enslaving documentation as outlined in losethename.com but I’m down to precious little and the principle is the same. The rest will follow.

The empowerment that awaits each of us as we become who we truly are, name change or not, is what this is all about. If it works for you fine. It’s not essential nor the focal point except to illustrate the literally binding “contract” we’ve been born into.

I find it interesting that in social media so many people use pseudonyms. This is partially why. It provides a level of liberation. It doesn’t mean someone has made a drastic detachment in their life but it exemplifies a dynamic – operating from a new sense of self and identity without all the baggage of who we once were. This isn’t always good as we know, as many use this very irresponsibly to make disparaging remarks and take pot shots at their target of the day. The system does this all the time to disguise and hide behind their many masks.

The other end of the spectrum is this exciting Babylon Is Fallen phenomenon, actually fully breaking the contract you were stapled with at birth, like an electronic store alarm tag that follows you through life. But even this is not the full issue of conscious awakening, nor does this type of detachment even work unless you’re awakened first. This is clearly outlined in the losethename  materials, as so many are looking for quick fixes or get out of jail free cards for purely selfish and self serving motives.

That’s a far cry from the essence of what we’re addressing here. Nor is it the freeman or sovereign concept of working via different forms of law. This is about being completely divorced from the whole enchilada.

The real underlying dynamic is operating from a place of total freedom which can only happen with a conscious awakening that births the process. At that point we continue to evolve in awareness. The pragmatics of what to do next become increasingly evident and it’s off to the races we go! Only it’s not a race, but more like being launched like an unstoppable, free-range, anti-gravity spaceship!

Don’t Reinforce the Negative Meme

This is something I’m becoming more and more aware of and on guard about. Energy flows where attention goes we know is true. Then why the obsessive fascination with what the dark lords and their minions are doing? I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t be aware of it or stick our heads in the sand, but there is clearly a time to back off and make sure we’re maintaining our spiritual footing. And more than that, not participating in their intention and negative energy field.

To see what’s going on we can peruse headlines on many terrific alternative reporting sites. It’s important to keep track of. But we must concentrate on solutions, personal first and societal second, as well as lucid exposures of what’s truly going on and how to navigate these times.

Ultimately it’s all about the intention. Whether we tune into theirs intentionally or by habit, or learn to discern and dissolve their lies whereupon they can be either outright discarded or alchemically transmuted back into the language of love and empowerment.

Find Your Conscious Footing and Operate from There

It’s a process. We have to keep evolving and not get caught in the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. At any level. Some of these traps, pitfalls and hindrances are not easy to identify but they eventually become clear. Then we need to jump the next hurdle and not stop. It takes commitment to truth and is not always easy. It requires change. Constant change and a willingness to go with it.

While some of these changes may appear drastic at first, many are not always big things either.

That’s what makes it fun, finding our way and helping each other through the maze. Dissolving the lies before our eyes takes practice but mostly it’s a way of life, a place to operate from.

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10 Things You Need to Know To Become a Great Leader

They fired me. They fired me as CEO. Then they fired me as a board member. Then they took away my shares. And now none of them ever talk to me.

I started the company, I had the initial idea, I raised $30 million for it from A+ investors (i.e. “rich people”),

I bought two companies for it, I hired the first 50 employees, and then I was shown the door.

The reason? I was a bad leader. Here are some things I didn’t know about my own company: I didn’t know what our product did. I didn’t know any of the clients. I didn’t know how much money we made. I didn’t know how much we lost. And I had crushes on the secretaries and maybe two or ten other employees.

I would’ve gladly stuck my tongue in the ears of any of those employees. Eewww!

But why was I fired?

I just didn’t do anything… for… anyone.

I never wanted to talk. I would lock myself in my office and people would knock and I would pretend not to be there.

If anyone wanted to talk to me about “vision” I would just nod my head and say something like, “make it happen”, like I was Captain Picard on the Starship Enterprise.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you are the guy who runs things.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you created something or you did something great in the past or some other person has given you any kind of authority.

Being a leader happens RIGHT NOW, today, and can be done without money, without authority, and without anybody. First, you have to lead yourself.

It’s a mindset. I’m going to make a list. Forgive me. Feel free to add to the list or add your own experiences in the comments. In fact, I would really appreciate if you can add to this list.

After running 20 or so companies (most of them failures). After investing in 30 companies (most of them successes) after advising or being on the board of a dozen companies (most of them successes) and after being married twice (50% success rate), I have a sense of what I think a leader is.

I may be wrong but this is my list.


Most important by far: you care about the success of others more than you care about your own success. Everyone around you needs to ultimately become better than you.

That’s how you lead. The light is in front of you and you take them to the light and then go back.

If all the people around you achieve more than you, then life will be good. You don’t have to believe me. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly.

It doesn’t matter if they are employees, investors, friends, spouses. If you just focus on this one principle in all of your actions then you are a leader. Today: figure out how the people around you can have a successful day.

Hint: don’t stick your tongue in their ear.


I just wrote a book called The Power of No. Buy it because your life will be better (and I am not ashamed of plugging it).

But now I’m about to tell you to say “yes”.

Claudia had an idea for a joke this morning that she wants to start a talk off with. I had a suggestion to change it. I didn’t say, “Don’t do that. Do this.” I said, “Yes, and…” a technique used in improv comedy.

What does it mean? I trust Claudia and value her thoughts so I if I just say “no”!” it shows I haven’t given enough respect into the time she put into coming up with an idea.

So I say “Yes, and” … and say what is good about her idea and then how I think it can be made even better and why. I give all of her ideas and thoughts respect and add to them rather than ever subtract from them.


a. “Yes, and”
 b. List what’s good
 c. How you would improve
 d. Figure out the vision that is the base of the idea that you are talking about. e. Connect the “Why” of what you are suggesting to the initial vision. Does it work better than the initial idea? f. Be open to the fact that you might be wrong. ALWAYS ALWAYS you might be wrong.


I was talking to Lewis Howes yesterday. He’s an athlete turned multi-million dollar webinar and Linkedin expert after living on his sister’s couch. He was on my podcast a few months ago.

I don’t have a voicemail set up on my phone. But Lewis told me his voicemail says, “before you leave me a message, tell me one thing you are grateful for.”

He says the messages people leave blow him away.

I always imagine a good leader is surrounded by people who call their mothers at the end of the day and tell them, “Mom, you can’t believe what I did today. Let me tell you about it.”

Not that every day is fun. Because some work isn’t. But make sure every day your employees can call Lewis Howes and they have at least one new thing they can be grateful for.

Maybe they learned a new skill. Maybe they met a new client and created value for that client. Maybe a client they hated was fired because you can’t let your employees get the disease that bad clients are all too happy to spread.


Below 30 people, an organization is a tribe. 70,000 years ago, if a tribe got bigger than 30 people there’s evidence it would split into two tribes.

A tribe is like a family. With a family you learn personally who to trust and who not to trust. You learn to care for their individual problems. You know everything about the people in your tribe.

At 30 people, a leader spends time with each person in the tribe and knows how to listen to their issues.

From 30-150 people you might not know everyone. But you know OF everyone. You know you can trust Jill because Jack tells you you can trust Jill and you trust Jack.

After 150 people you can’t keep track of everyone. It’s impossible. But this is where humans split off from every other species.

We united with each other by telling stories. We told stories of nationalism, religion, sports, money, products, better, great, BEST!

If two people believe in the same story they might be thousands of miles apart and total strangers but they still have a sense they can trust each other.

A LEADER TELLS A VISIONARY STORY. We are delivering the best service because…. We are helping people in unique ways because…. We have the best designs because…. We treat people better because….

A good story, like any story ever told, starts with a problem, goes through the painful process of solving the problem, and has a solution that is better than anything ever seen before.

First you listened to people, then you took care of people, but now you unite people under a vision they believe in and trust and bond with.

Companies live and die on this. One company I advise got built up by buying 200 regional offices, now they are unifying them under one brand.

The key to their success is how powerful the story will be that they tell of that brand. Why are they delivering the greatest value? People need to believe in the story.

By the way, this is how humans killed everyone else. Because now we could plan and coordinate in much larger groups than any other species. That’s why there are no other sapiens left on the world. Only homo sapien sapiens (i.e. “humans”).

Proof: within 3000 years of humans first landing in Australia, no species was left that could put up a fight with us. We killed them all.

Yay humans!


Everyone has pain they don’t want to feel. For instance, I might feel pain if someone makes fun of my looks. I used to feel pain if someone questioned my net worth, which I equated with self worth. If I’m CEO I might have pain if the “numbers” go down.

So we do things to hide the pain. We might wear nice clothes not because we like the clothes but because they are buffers for the pain: nobody will make fun of my looks.

Imagine all the things we do as buffers for pain. We might avoid going to the store because we don’t want to run into the people who cause us pain. We might hide some numbers because we don’t want investors to think we are bad CEOs.

Soon, everything in our lives we might think give us pleasure (because we are now avoiding all the pain) are actually just buffers against pain and change.

When you can get rid of the buffers against pain and change life becomes more insecure, but we become FREE.

We live in a bigger world, a world where risk and beauty go hand in hand and we are no longer afraid of the underlying pains.

A leader is always prepared for change. And realizes that pain is just opportunities to live in a bigger and more abundant world.

This is the secret that most people forget when they build their brick houses and hide inside from the outside world so pain doesn’t seek them out.


The other day someone cancelled on my podcast at the last minute. I had rescheduled other meetings and even changed the time I would see one of my daughter’s plays so I could interview this person, a very very successful entrepreneur.

She wanted to now reschedule but I said “no”, even to the detriment of my podcast and all the people who work with me on the podcast who were looking forward to the interview.

I wasn’t angry with the person. She’s running a business and was probably very busy. And people reschedule all the time. I just didn’t like that it was last minute. I had studio time booked and no space to fill it.

I have a vision for my podcast. Everyone who comes on are people who have transformed their lives and created the lives they wanted to. I want my listeners to be helped by the transformative stories of my guests.

The world is changing very fast and it’s scary. I want to help people be less scared and I know I am less scared when I hear the stories of my guests and learn from them.

Although I’m relatively new at podcasting (7 months), I treat my podcast as if it’s already achieved the dream I have for it. The place where people come on to help others deal with the crazy changes happening in our world and economy.

If I don’t treat my own projects with respect then how can I expect others to?

If I don’t treat myself with dignity, then how can I expect the people around me to treat me, or even each other, with dignity?


People come to you every day with problems. The problems are usually very good problems. “The client is asking for too much”. Or “Jill didn’t do her job right” or “My car broke down”.

One time an employee asked to meet me outside the office. She was crying. I asked her what was wrong. She was afraid she was doing a bad job with a client.

And she was. But it turned out the real problem was she heard one of my business partners talking poorly about her behind her back and this was affecting her every day at work.

This was the real problem that had to be fixed. And it did. And then everything, employee, client, partner, etc went well…

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3 Steps to Recover from Heartbreak

“It was Valentine’s Day and I just found out that my husband of 10 years had purchased a gift for another woman. All day I was numb. Surreally, I drifted through my day with heaviness in my heart.

I hung onto denial like it was my last friend in the world. I couldn’t bear the thought of my world disintegrating. It just couldn’t be. He wouldn’t do that. There had to be an explanation.

With a strange kind of calm that only complete shock can produce, I asked him about it when he came home from work. His convincing denials and innocent-looking face almost had me believing him. For a flash, I thought I had manufactured this in my head.

If I did not have tangible, physical proof in my hands to the contrary, I would have believed him.

The look of innocence on his face was familiar. I was shocked at how believable he appeared and I wondered how many times in the past I had fallen for his lies. Clearly, I had just not wanted to see the truth.”

That’ s the first vignette of my book Thank You for Leaving Me.

Truth be told, Thank You were not exactly the first words that came to my mind… I had other choice words to say to him. If I were to type them here I would exhaust the symbol keys on my keyboard LOL!

But over time, “Thank You” became the words.


When people hear the title of the book there are two expressions I often see… either they are smiling because they too have made the journey to gratitude and their blossoming lives are evidence of their peace and power or… they have a longing or achy look because they desire their freedom.

Their freedom from pain, from guilt, from blame and their freedom from fear.

The only way I know how to get from point V (victim) to point F (freedom) is to tell the truth… and be willing to hear the truth… even the subtle truths.

1. Pay Close Attention to the First Feeling.

Interestingly, when my husband told me that the marriage was over, my first split second feeling was relief. But right on its tail was fear. I completely ignored my first feeling and attached myself onto a conditioned response of fear and desperation. (ugh!)

The first feeling is always your truth. It is a subtle knowing that can act in complete contradiction to what the situation typically dictates but it is your personal guidance system. Pay close attention to what it is telling you.

The answer always whispers to you. Listen.

2. Take 100% Responsibility.

He made it pretty easy to be the fall guy in why our marriage went south, but in actuality, I was 100% responsible for co-creating the life that I had been living. That was a big frikkin’ horse pill for me to swallow.

When I started to look at all the ways that I had contributed to the demise of our relationship, I would call him up and clean it up. It was the most free-ing thing I had ever done.

Claiming your 100% responsibility does not negate the other persons 100% responsibility. But that is theirs to sort out. You only have control on who you are and how you show up.

I just knew that I wanted freedom too much to not undergo this valuable catharsis.

3. Tell the Truth.

Not just about the crap or that you yelled at the kids or the overwhelm and fear that you experience from time to time… but also about your beauty, your strength, your resilience, your creativity, your resourcefulness.

Tell the truth about THAT!

If you cannot tell the truth about your Magnificence ask yourself if your circle can hold space for your growth and juicy re-invention.

Surround yourself with people who will celebrate you in your pain and in your Magnificence and see them as no different. For they are not. Your pain is just a breadcrumb on a trail to your Magnificence.

And you will know that you are well on your way to Being your Magnificence when you feel the stirring of immense gratitude because you see that nothing was ever done TO you. Everything was done FOR you.

farhana clnFarhana Dhalla is a #1 Best Selling Author, International Life Coach & Speaker, and Creator of the transformational Thank You for Leaving Me Journey. She is the visionary and leader of the enlightened divorce movement and  the ultimate ‘go to’ person for shifting perspective. As a ‘suddenly single mom’ to three small children, she intimately knows the overwhelming fear and pain – -and the liberation of stepping into the highest version of oneself. Check out her free webinar Divorce Is Not Your Fault and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook

Consciousness Creates Reality: New Thoughts = New Action = New Life

Danielle Fagan | Collective Evolution

A lot of us have watched “The Secret” or have heard about the Law of Attraction from a friend or a book. Many of us have even tried to use it by thinking positively or creating “vision boards.” Too often, we don’t see results, quit and log it away somewhere in the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that we’ve left out a key component. Something vital to our success in using the Law of Attraction (LOA). Want to know what it is? Here’s a hint: it’s actually hidden in the word attraction.

The three components to using the LOA effectively are aligned thoughts, words and action. What does that mean? It means imagining your desires, talking about them and taking a new action to support new change. Why is it so important? Because we are living in the third dimensional reality. We are physical beings on a physical plane. So while we’re here, we need new physical actions to bring about new physical change.

What does your routine look like every day? A lot of people wake up, have the same breakfast, drink their coffee in the same mug, go to the same job, do the same things at work, go home, eat a familiar dish for dinner, watch the same show, then go to sleep at the same time every single day. Then they try to manifest big changes in their lives. You cannot do the same things every day and expect new results! Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

New action is required to attract new results. If you start working out every day, even if it’s for ten minutes, the new action itself would cause you to use new muscles, be consciously aware of what you are doing, form new neural pathways in the brain, and create mental and emotional stimulation. All from working out for ten minutes! Do that every day and you can’t help but feel better, think differently and finally attract new results.

Old, tired routines keep you stuck in the same mental, emotional and physical patterns and of course, stuck attracting the same results every day. We are creatures of habit, yes. We love sameness. Our ego loves being able to predict the same results every day. But adding new spices and flavours into your life in the form of action is incredible and immediately rewarding. It’ll leave you wondering why the heck you didn’t do it sooner.

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The Secret Law of Magic that Science Doesn’t Know


I will tell you one of the deepest laws of life. You may not have thought about it at all. You have heard – the whole of science depends on it – that cause and effect is the base. You create the cause and the effect follows. Life is a causal link. You put the seed in the soil and it will sprout. If the cause is there, then the tree will follow. The fire is there: you put your hand in it and it will burn. The cause is there and the effect will follow. You take poison and you will die. You arrange for the cause and then the effect follows.

This is one of the most basic scientific laws, that cause and effect is the innermost link of all processes of life. Religion knows about a second law which is still deeper than this. But the second law which is deeper than this will look absurd if you don’t know it and don’t experiment with it.

Religion says: Produce the effect and the cause follows. This is absolutely absurd in scientific terms. Science says: If the cause is there, the effect follows. Religion says the converse is also true: you create the effect, and see: the cause follows.

There is a situation in which you feel happy. A friend has come, a beloved has called. A situation is the cause – you feel happy. Happiness is the effect. The coming of the beloved is the cause. Religion says: Be happy and the beloved comes. Create the effect and the cause follows.

This is my own experience, that the second law is more basic than the first. I have been doing it and it has been happening. Just be happy: the beloved comes. Just be happy: friends are there. Just be happy: everything follows.

Jesus says the same thing in different words: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then all else will follow. But the Kingdom of God is the end, the effect. Seek ye first the end – the end means the effect, the result – and the cause will follow. This is as it should be.

It is not only that you place a seed in the soil and the tree follows; let there be a tree and there are millions of seeds. If the cause is followed by the effect, the effect is again followed by the cause. This is the chain! Then it becomes a circle – start from anywhere, create the cause or create the effect.

I tell you, it is easier to create the effect because the effect depends totally upon you; the cause may not be so dependent on you. If I say I can only be happy when a certain friend is there, then it depends on a certain friend, whether he is there or not. If I say I cannot be happy until I attain this much wealth, then it depends on the whole world and the economic situations and everything. It may not happen, and then I cannot be happy.

The cause is beyond me. The effect is within me. The cause is in the surroundings, in the situations – the cause is without. The effect is me! If I can create the effect, the cause will follow.

Choose happiness – that means you are choosing the effect – and then see what happens. Choose ecstasy and see what happens. Choose to be blissful and see what happens. Your whole life will change immediately and you will see miracles happening around you…because now you have created the effect and causes will have to follow.

This will look magical; you can even call it “The Law of Magic.” The first is the law of science and the second is the law of magic. Religion is magic, and you can be the magician. That’s what I teach you: to be the magician, to know the secret of magic.

Try it! You have been trying the other your whole life – not only this but many other lives also. Now listen to me! Try this magic formula, this mantra I give to you. Create the effect and see what happens; causes immediately surround you, they follow. Don’t wait for the causes; you have waited long enough. Choose happiness and you will be happy.

What is the problem? Why can’t you choose? Why can’t you work on this law? Because your mind, the whole mind, which has been trained by scientific thinking, says that if you are not happy and you try to be happy, that happiness will be artificial. If you are not happy and you try to be happy that will be just acting, that will not be real. This is what scientific thinking says, that that will not be real, you will be just acting.

But you don’t know: life energy has its own ways of working. If you can act totally it will become the real. The only thing is, the actor must not be there. Move totally in it, then there is no difference. If you are acting half-heartedly then it will remain artificial.

If I say to you dance and sing and be blissful, and you try half-heartedly, just to see what happens, but you remain behind…and you go on thinking: This is just artificial. I am trying but this is not coming, this is not spontaneous – then it will remain acting, a waste of time.

If you try, then try wholeheartedly. Don’t remain behind, move into it, become the acting – dissolve the actor into acting and then see what happens. It will become real and then you will feel it is spontaneous. You have not done it; you will know then that it has happened. But unless you are total this cannot happen. Create the effect, be in it completely, see and observe the results.

I can make you kings without kingdoms; you only have to act like kings, and act so totally that before you even a real king will appear as if he is just acting. And when the whole energy has moved into it, it becomes reality! Energy makes anything real. If you wait for kingdoms they never come.

Even for a Napoleon, for an Alexander, who had big kingdoms, they never came. They remained miserable because they didn’t come to realize the second, more basic and primal law of life. Alexander was trying to create a bigger kingdom, to become a bigger king. His whole life was wasted in creating the kingdom, and then there was no time left for him to be king. He died before the kingdom was complete.

This has happened to many. The kingdom can never be complete. The world is infinite; your kingdom is bound to remain partial. With a partial kingdom how can you be a total king? Your kingdom is bound to be limited and with a limited kingdom how can you be the emperor? It is impossible. But you can be the emperor. Just create the effect.

Swami Ram, one of the mystics of this century, went to America. He used to call himself BadshahRam, Emperor Ram. And he was a beggar! Somebody said to him: You are just a beggar, but you go on calling yourself the emperor. So Ram said: Don’t look at my things, look at me. And he was right, because if you look at things then everybody is a beggar…even an emperor. He may be a bigger beggar, that’s all. When Ram said: Look at me! in that moment, Ram was the emperor. If you looked, the emperor was there.

Create the effect, become the emperor, be a magician… and from this very moment, because there is no need to wait. One has to wait if the kingdom has to come first. If the cause has to be created first, then one has to wait and wait and wait and postpone. There is no need to wait to create the effect. You can be the emperor this very moment.

When I say, Be! Just be the emperor and see: the kingdom follows…. I have known it through my experience. I am not talking to you about a theory or a doctrine. Be happy, and in that peak of happiness you will see the whole world is happy with you.

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3 Quick Tips on Manifesting the Shaman Way

Jon RasmussenContributor

Jon Rasmussen

Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares three uniquely shamanic approaches for manifesting the experiences you would prefer to have regarding your health, relationships, work, and resources. Use ritual to get in the feeling place, be grateful, and think of ways in which others will benefit.

About the Author

Jon has over 35 years of experience in the fields of ancient and modern shamanism, healing, science, spirituality, and consciousness. He’s the author of the book Dreaming Your World Into Being, the CD’s Shamanic Journeys to Empower your Life and Practical Meditation for the Modern Lifestyle, as well as the DVD Let Success Find You. After several near death experiences at an early age, and extensive shamanic training and initiation, Jon leads a life of service for the healing of humanity primarily through the principle of the return of the powerful Feminine as spoken of in the prophecies of his Q’ero shaman lineage.  He travels extensively to conduct sessions, teach, and lead ceremony for individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations.  Learn more about Jon’s work at dreamingintobeing.com and connect with him on Facebook. You can book sessions with Jon in person or by phone and Skype by sending an email to jon@dreamingintobeing.com.

Integrating Sacred Wellness Systems Into Modern Life

Nick Polizzi  | TheSacredScience |  Aug 14 2014

Over the past decade of studying different ancient medicine traditions, I’ve been amazed at how many similarities exist between them. ChineseWisdomWhether we’re talking about Amazonian Shamanism, Ayurvedic medicine, or the ancient healing traditions of China, the principles that these schools of knowledge are built on share many commonalities – which is probably why many are beginning to incorporate a combination of these sacred wellness systems into their lives.

As part of a future production, my team and I are currently cataloging a number of these ancient teachings from around the world and would love to share some of our favorites with you. Particularly the passages that seem to span numerous spiritual disciplines.

There are so many brilliant works to choose from, but this week we’re going to look at a few excerpts from the Tao Te Ching. This ancient book, written by Lao Tzu (which translates literally to “Old Master” in Chinese) is among the most revered sacred texts that still exist today. The only work that has been translated more times than the Tao Te Ching is the Bible. Its pages have shaped entire religions like Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, and Confucianism and have inspired some of the greatest artists and poets of our time.

The Tao Te Ching translates to “The Way”.

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Verse 44 

“Fame or self?  TaodeChing
Which matters more?

Self or wealth?
Which is more precious?

Gain or loss?
Which is more painful?

He who is attached to things will suffer much.

He who saves will suffer heavy loss.

He who knows when to stop,
does not find himself in trouble.

He will stay forever safe.”

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Verse 8

“The supreme good is like water,

which nourishes all things without trying to.

It flows to low places loathed by all men.

Therefore, it is like the Tao.

Live in accordance with the nature of things.

In dwelling, be close to the land.

In meditation, go deep in the heart.

In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.

In speech, be true.

In ruling be just.

In action, watch the timing

No fight: No blame

One who lives in accordance with nature

does not go against the way of things.

He moves in harmony with the present moment,

always knowing the truth of just what to do.”

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Verse 11

“We mold clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that makes the vessel useful.”

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Verse 1

“The Tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.”

I hope you enjoy these bits of wisdom as much as we do!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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Time to Flush the Toilet of Your Mind

Ida Lawrence | ZenGardner 

The gravity of the situation… we hear a lot about that. In our souls, gravity is not a low-vibe thing: it’s a feeling room. Even if I had the opportunity to hang with the high-vibe folks and talk about how simple the profound is and how profound the simple, I wouldn’t make a life out of it. Day-to-day life is friction. It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s where our growth comes from.

There is no escaping our feet on the earth life, with sons and daughters and loved ones and strangers who go through things. And it’s not just them… we go through it with them, with our own stuff mixed in. Human beings go through it. Sometimes it’ll send you to your bed to curl up and pull up the covers, and shed a few ‘this stuff’s heavy’ tears.

You probably know the John Mayer song Gravity. After a weekend of fighting off the gravity of the situation, I went to bed today with John Mayer to nourish me: “Oh twice as much ain’t twice as good, and can’t sustain like one half could. It’s wanting more that’s going to send me to my knees.”

I’m on my knees, true that! But you’re not making sense, John… wanting more what?

Earlier today I went out to get some bread at a place I’ve been to a few times. I know the road so I allowed my attention to wander… but it’s all good. I got there. Then I headed back, and oddly, I noticed that the main road got a lot shorter and there were no street signs. And then it dawned on me… I took a wrong turn.

Just when I decided to come awake and look for a clue, a car pulled alongside me with the words ‘Quest Diagnostics’ printed on the side. Aha… maybe it’s time to diagnose my quest! Too much going on inside… it’s diagnosis time. Do it and you’ll come across a familiar road, and that will take you home.

Freedom… freedom to experience the new! That’s what I want more of. I’m living inside of yearning! Repetition has clipped my angel wings; I’ve been through this experience before; street signs be damned… I know my cardinal directions; what’s going on that I don’t know now? Was there something left undone the last time through?

By the time I got home I knew I’d have to clean the page. Soaking up too much information is a problem! Not ‘the’ problem but ‘a’ problem. Information is not experience… in today’s world it can become gluttony that stems from stress and feeds stress.

I don’t need to know more about the evils of the world right now, or what food is bad for me, or the secret plans of anybody, or what entities lurk about and trick your higher self into incarnating again… yes, I actually read that. Then I listened to a sky-granny who knows everything about bliss but forgot how to have fun. My mind is like a toilet… I need to flush it.

You’ve seen those memes, I’m sure, written on a photo or graphic. Here’s one that gave me a ‘huh?’ smile: “Each day do something to make you feel happy, until this becomes a habit.” Do we actually have to be ‘told’ to do something to make ourselves feel happy? Apparently so! People are so stressed they need to be told to dance and laugh and love, and go for some crazy hot love, and try to not beat themselves up all the time.

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Steven Dubner: Think Small to Solve Big Problems (Video)

Source:  Big Think

Stephen Dubner talks about the importance of thinking small in order to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems piece by piece. Dubner is the co-author of Think Like a Freak.

Transcript: One argument that we make is that we could all benefit a little bit from thinking more like children, okay. Now you could say well, we’re — first of all everybody’s biased in a lot of ways and we have our set of biases too. It may be that we embrace the idea in this book of thinking like children because we’re kind of, you know, childlike. We have kind of obvious observations sometimes. There’s observations that strike people as obvious. We ask a lot of questions that are not considered, you know, the kind of questions that people ask in good company or smart company. But one of the most powerful pieces of thinking like a child that we argue is thinking small. So I realize that this runs exactly counter to the philosophy of the arena in which I’m appearing which is thinking big, Big Think, but our argument is this. Big problems are by their nature really hard to solve for a variety of reasons. One is they’re large and therefore they include a lot of people and therefore they include a lot of crossed and often mangled and perverse incentives.

But also a big problem — when you think about a big problem like the education reform. You’re dealing with an institution or set of institutions that have gotten to where they’ve gotten to this many, many years of calcification and also accidents of history. What I mean by that is things have gotten the way they’ve gotten because of a lot of things a few people did many, many years ago and traditions were carried on. And now to suddenly change that would mean changing the entire stream of the way that this institution has functioned for many years. Therefore, attacking any big problem is bound to be really hard and the danger is you spend a lot of resources — time, money, manpower, optimism which is perhaps one of our most precious resources attacking a problem that you can’t make any headway on. So I mean, you know, history is littered with brilliant people who have attacked large problems in the past half century, century among them famine, among them poverty and most recently I think education reform, a healthy diet and so on. So these are all really big problems.

So our argument is — you know what? There’s a lot of people out there thinking big. Maybe some of them will be successful. Probably not so many honestly. It’s very, very hard. Our argument is — you know what? Let the people who are gonna try to think big solve big problems — let them go. There’s enough people doing that. Why don’t you just try to think small. Why don’t you try to find one piece of the problem that you can identify and peel it off and try to solve that problem or answer that question. So there are a lot of reasons why it’s better to do that. It’s easier to satisfactorily answer a small question or solve a big problem because you can get the data, you can understand the incentives, it’s just inherently much less complicated. If you can come up with a solution to a small problem there’s a much better chance you’ll actually be able to get it done. A lot of people feel like they come up with the answers to big problems but then you need to get all the political and capital will to do it. And that can be much harder than actually solving the problem.

So if you can peel off a small piece of a problem and then someone else peels off another small piece and you add them up, you’re constantly, you know, working toward a better place. So I’ll give you an example. If you think about, let’s say, education reform. Even that very phrase is kind of weighted or biased toward the supply side, the schools. It’s basically saying that oh, all the kids and the families who are sending their kids to school — they’re all doing exactly the right thing. But education needs to be reformed because plainly the schools and teachers and principals, they’re the bad people. So that’s kind of an assumption already about where the problem should be solved. So you think, you know, people have been talking about the many, many inputs that go into education — class size, technology in the classroom, resources spent, curricula — the way the curricula are taught and so on. [TRANSCRIPT TRUNCATED]

Directed/Produced by Jonathan Fowler, Elizabeth Rodd, and Dillon Fitton

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How To Create Miracles and Live A Magical Life – Robert Young with Lilou Mace

Source: Lilou Mace

Robert Young talks with Lilou Mace about how to create miracles and live a magical life.  Robert is the author of  ‘Your Personal SuperComputer’ – a modern guide to accessing our superhuman gifts that have been hidden in front of everyone and demonstrated by each of us in every unexplainable special experience.

Read more about Robert Young on his website:  youngsight.com.  Here’s an excerpt from his site:

The world is changing fast and this is not the time to allow yourself to be washed away by the wave of circumstances. Elevate your spirit and ride the wave as it builds to a new level of love and harmony. Join us in living the dream and making a difference.

It is not by chance that you are where you are, doing what you are doing, and it is not by chance that you are the person you are today. Some force, some influence or some attraction has called upon you to proceed in the way you are proceeding at the present moment and this process will continue to occur for the remainder of your life.