Reality, The Paranormal and Why YOU Need to Pay Attention!

Paying attention to the paranormal may be just the ticket for your personal transformation

As far as the paranormal is concerned, many people treat these “strange” and unusual occurrences in their lives as just imagination, hallucination or momentary delusion.

Why is this so? And why are so many resistant to examine the extraordinary encounters they have?

In the spirit of transformation, we look at the possible true nature of reality and how embracing the “paranormal” in our lives may just hold a powerful key to our own evolution.

We also examine specific “paranormal encounters” including after-death communication or “ADC’s, a term coined by Bill and Judy Guggenheim in their book Hello from Heaven.

We look at three fascinating ADC’s including those involving the late pop star, Whitney Houston, Jazz legend Nancy Wilson, and a young woman who heard her “deceased” father’s voice – on the phone!

The material from this episode is based on Alexis Brooks’ best-selling book, Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential, from the chapter, “The True Nature of Reality – Do We Know the Whole Story?”

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4 Ways Your Loved Ones in Spirit Are Trying to Contact You

4-ways-loved-ones-contact-youBy Melanie Jade Rummel | GaiamTV

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult. As a medium who communicates with spirits, I know that the smallest message or sign from a loved one in spirit can mean the world. Your loved ones in spirit have several ways to get messages to you, but their messages are subtle, so you may overlook or discount them if you don’t know what to look for. Here are 4 common ways your loved ones in spirit may be trying to contact you:


When your loved ones visit in a dream, it will feel peaceful and more real than a typical dream. Instead of just watching your dream like a movie, you’ll be able to control what you say and do.

My grandfather was a jazz drummer, and in one of my dreams, I suddenly realized I was hearing drums. Then, I saw my grandfather playing the drums and smiling at me. His eyes sparkled, and I felt filled with love and peace. He waved to me, and then I woke up.

It’s common to wake up after you’ve received a message from your loved ones, so if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, try to remember what you were dreaming about.

To make it easier for your loved ones to visit you in dreams, start paying attention to your dreams and writing them down. Have a notebook and pen by your bed, and let your loved ones know before you go to sleep that you’d like a visit from them.


Electricity is easy for spirits to manipulate. Recently, my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary, and we were thinking of our loved ones in spirit. Just as we clinked our champagne glasses in a toast, the lights near us started flickering. I knew our loved ones in spirit were joining our celebration!

When you’re thinking of your loved ones or celebrating a family event, watch out for lights flickering, a stereo suddenly turning on and playing a loved one’s favorite song, or phones or other electronics malfunctioning in ways that can’t be explained logically. It might be a little “hello” from your loved ones in spirit.


A million different events happen in your day, and none of them stand out to you. When a seemingly benign event suddenly grabs your attention and makes you question if it’s a sign from your loved one in spirit…it probably is.

Before my husband’s great aunt passed away, she told me that butterflies were her symbol of being free from the physical body. A few days after she passed, I was watching a television show where the main character had just given birth, and it stood out to me that the walls in the nursery were painted with butterflies. They named the baby Elle, which is short for Elizabeth. Mark’s great aunt’s name was Elizabeth, and I knew this was her way of saying hello to us.

Most signs are subtle. You probably won’t get a marching band coming to your house with a sign that reads, “Mom says hi!” It’s much more likely that when you’re thinking about your mother, a picture of her falls off the wall, somebody gives you a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or you stumble upon a card from her that you’d forgotten about. It may not be the specific sign you asked for, but if you suddenly wonder if it’s a sign and think of your loved one, it’s a sign.


What Soul Age Are You? Learn About the 5 Soul Ages and Discover Yours

By Aletheia Luna | Loner Wolf

They say life is a “journey”, a “school” and is here to teach us “important lessons”. But why?

Have you ever considered the possibility that the lessons we learn and wisdom we accumulate in this life, extends into other lives? Is it perhaps possible that our life is not the only journey of experience, advancement and maturing – but the whole of conscious existence is?

Is it possible that reincarnation, also known as metempsychosis, is responsible for the tremendous range of world views, instinctual drives and essential life decisions we make?

What makes us so different from one another? What makes one person wise beyond their years, another driven by power, and another childlike, despite their age?

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Regardless of whether you believe in, or entertain the possibility of reincarnation or not, you will find that the following Soul Ages theory applies to the vast variety of people in your life.

What Exactly Is A “Soul Age”?

According to the Soul Age theory, man doesn’t have simply one shot at living and learning.  He has multiple lifetimes in which to grow, learn and mature.

Soul Ages are based on the different levels of advancement a soul obtains throughout its reincarnational journey.  As a person progresses through the hierarchy, paying off karma as he or she advances, it is said that he or she is free to return to universal and infinite consciousness at the end, achieving final liberation.

Some call this the state of “nirvana”, others “heaven” and others “paradise”.

The 5 Soul Ages

Understanding the different levels people exist on is a useful way of developing empathy, understanding and insight.  Also, these are all essential keys to enhancing the connection we have with our souls through soulwork.

Below are the 5 Soul Ages in order from ‘beginner’, to ‘intermediate’, and then to ‘advanced’. You’ll also discover the sixth Soul Age which transcends all others: the Elder Soul.

1.  Infant Souls

Primary Focus:  Being alive.

Lessons To Learn:  Basic life skills, survival, mortality, physicality.

Age Comparison:  0 – 4

Key Characteristics:  Raw, untamed, playful, excitable, unsophisticated, tribal, cautious, childlike, group-reliant, hunter-gatherers.

Also known as Newborn Souls, these people are often perceived by others as being ignorant, childish and innocent to the complexities of life.  Possessing a very simplistic understanding of life, and a genuinely guileless approach to the world, Newborn Souls find it hard to adapt to ‘civilized society’.  Instead, they prefer familiar clans, tribes and groups of people in wild, untamed environments.  If this sounds like you, take the Infant Soul Test.

2.  Baby Souls 

Primary Focus:  Belonging.

Lessons To Learn:  Social structure, rules, roles, human relations.

Age Comparison:  4 – 13

Key Characteristics:  Compliant, regimented, dutiful, role-defined, absolutist, proprietous, disciplined, traditional, strong values.

Also known as Child Souls, these people seek to make meaning, order and stability out of the chaotic and uncertain nature of life.  Perceived by other people as being clean, modest and rigid, Child Souls tend to be very conservative, religious and rule-bound.  The Child Soul’s beliefs and senses of self are defined by their culture and traditional moral or religious system.  If this sounds like you, take the Baby Soul Test.

3.  Young Souls

Primary Focus:  Independence.

Lessons To Learn:  Personal-advancement, free will, personal-achievement.

Age Comparison:  13 – 29

Key Characteristics:  Ambitious, competitive, innovative, material gain, enterprise, freedom, individualism, self-centered, self expression.

Also called Teenage Souls, these people often live by the maxim “my way or the highway”.  The Teenage Soul, similar to an adolescent, seeks independence, social status and material gain.  Essentially, these people are agents of change and are responsible for many of the greatest advancements in the world.  Driven and externally focused, Teenage Souls tend to be “workaholics”.  If this sounds like you, take the Young Soul Test.

4.  Mature Souls

Primary Focus:  Interpersonal harmony.

Lessons To Learn:  Empathy, psychological stability, interdependence, self-awareness, relationships.

Age Comparison:  29 – 55

Key Characteristics:  Sensitive, inquisitive, neurotic, diplomatic, introspective, egalitarian, cooperative.

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Also known as Adult Souls, these people enter life seeking interpersonal and psychological harmony.  Adult Souls are often perceived as being neurotic but caring.  Focusing on the inner world, these people often struggle with the complexities and subtleties of life.  The mature soul is liberal, relationship-orientated and visionary.  Life is no longer about survival, role-filling or material gain for the Adult Soul, but about understanding, empathy and camaraderie. If this sounds like you, take the Mature Soul Test.


The Science of Spirituality and the Tragedy of Pharmaceutical Suicides

Last Saturday’s Cosmic Creating Show with Beth Lynch Medium includes shocking revelations about the role of prescription drugs in suicides. This information must be spread to avoid more tragedies.

The first half of the show focuses on the science of spirituality, vibration and the law of attraction, the discussion about the pharmaceutical suicides starts around the 30 minute mark.

Please listen and share.

This is a tragedy and a travesty and there are too many young people being put at serious risk because of prescription medications.

Jan Moore interviews Beth Lynch – Medium on the Conscious Creating Show on Cosmic Reality Radio

You can find out more about Beth at InnerLightTeaching.com

Listen to other Cosmic Creating Shows here, and you can listen live at CosmicReality.com/radio every Saturday from 11-1pm PST, 2-4pm EST. Join in the chat room to post questions to my guests.

Jan Moore - The Success AlchemistJan Moore – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach. She provides practical life and business strategies plus intuitive guidance, sprinkled with spiritual and metaphysical principles so you can create unstoppable success in life and business. Jan also hosts the Cosmic Creating Radio Show every Saturday on Cosmic Reality Radio. Get your FREE copy of her Dream Achievers Success Kit or sample her coaching with a complimentary Unstoppable Success Strategy Session

4 Shifts You’ll Experience When You Connect With Your Twin Flame


By Max and Lana | in5d.com

In recent years, more and more people have met a partner they believe is a twin flame, or their soul’s literal other half. Anyone who has encountered a twin flame, or even other soul relationships that mimic one, can attest that the experience is extremely powerful, heart-wrenching, challenging and, as a result, quite transformative. Regardless of whether a twin flame couple unites permanently on this plane or waits until beyond it, the permanent reunion is the twin partners’ ultimate destiny. However, both partners have free will consciously and/or unconsciously to impact the timing and nature of that reunion in this incarnation–which is usually why the intense, conflicting, and often wild twists, turns, dramas, and traumas of the relationship come into play.

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For those twin couples who have: beaten the tremendous odds against their incarnating together and then finding each other on this plane; survived the “runner” or separation phase(s) after they connected here; made it through emotional, physical, and energetic boot camp that is the twin flame process; and finally reunited permanently in this difficult 3D world, many wonder “What comes next?!” The “post-permanent reunion phase” is such a rare and rarely discussed stage of the twin flame process– though it, too, can be quite strange, awakening, and remarkable.

The following overview may validate some of what you have experienced or are noticing since you reunited permanently.

For individuals or couples who are currently wrestling with key decisions about moving forward with a twin partner, the points below may assist you in making more informed choices regarding the timing and dynamics of your relationship on this plane. In other words, you’ll know more about what to expect.

For those whose twin flame reunions appear to have been put on hold or postponed indefinitely in this incarnation, the points should help explain some of the reasons why, and some of the true benefits of those delays!

After the Permanent Twin Flame Reunion:

SHIFT #1: The energetic self feels complete, fulfilled, and matched. It no longer feels like a piece of the soul is missing, elusive, or adrift.

CHALLENGE: Your sense of belonging and connection to the twin make the rest of the world and other relationships, interactions, and connections feel strained, flawed, and even unwanted. The “perfect fit” with the twin is contrasted by your feeling even more out-of-place, foreign, or ostracized in the world around you and the world at large. You have filled the inner void, but now sense the human dynamics around you are irreparably empty, hollow, misguided, and/or uncomfortable. Despite the twin relationship in your life, you may feel extremely depressed or discouraged because the rest of the world really does NOT understand you now or share your perspectives.

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TIP: Keep in mind that a twin flame experience of any sort is meant to awaken your senses, talents, and levels of consciousness. If encountering a twin feels like a deep and pivotal “awakening” of the soul, the permanent reunion can trigger or feel like the soul’s quick “mid-life crisis.” The great news is that ALL types of awakening afford you a variety of incredible opportunities to share your new understanding and light, as well as make large–or small, but profound–ripples of change in this imperfect human world. The secret to emerging from any twin flame or awakening gloom: Don’t hesitate to plant your seeds of possibility, change, hope, and joy in the world around you; just temper your expectations of when and how they bloom. Enough of them will, and it will be beautiful.

SHIFT#2: The twin and the twin relationship are THE priority, at all costs. Like it or not, the twin becomes your life purpose.

CHALLENGE: The time, energy, and attention necessary to maintain, nurture, and grow a twin flame partnership typically come at the expense of other previously important priorities, relationships, roles, or endeavors. As a result, when the twin relationship thrives, your family ties, finances, career, aesthetics, health, or a previously cherished sense of autonomy or control may weaken, suffer, and/or take a downturn. In other words, you and others may wonder if the trade-offs and tremendous sacrifices for the twin flame relationship were or are worth it since you are both still living in the “real” 3D

TIP: It’s helpful to remember that many twin flame relationships don’t reunite permanently on this plane because the energies, time, and efforts of one or both partners are needed elsewhere, for the bigger picture. There are numerous instances when the world around a twin partner requires the focus more than his or her twin does—or a twin needs personal health, finances, or family relationships to move forward more than he or she needs the twin relationship to be active at that moment in time. Trust that you are being guided for your highest good and THE highest good. If your permanent twin reunion constitutes your life purpose, it may feel unusual, unconventional, or even frowned upon in certain contexts, but there is reason and there is value in that life purpose. On the flip side, if your gifts are meant to be directed elsewhere, your twin relationship may be put on the back burner awhile, but the time lines are truly meant to serve you both and those in your circle. So, embrace the direction or purpose you are being shown, even if it’s different than what you had imagined, dreamed, or coveted before that time.

SHIFT #3: As the energies of both partners merge, sex, health, intimacy, and emotions feel different; they are expressed differently than before, are co-created, and are experienced jointly.

CHALLENGE: When what you feel, what you sense, and what you experience are shared, mirrored, completed, and co-created, it’s difficult to know what’s yours, what’s your partner’s, or what are you both “picking up” from the world around you. That uncertainty makes it even harder to know whether to act on something, express it, or change it—and, if so, how. Sometimes it feels like you are carrying all of your partner’s emotional and physical baggage on top of your own, and yours was heavy enough!

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TIP: One of the best ways to view the convergence of frequencies is to think of both partners as two sides of one body. One is the right side and one is the left. The right side may have a few of its own unique ailments, weaknesses, and strengths. The cells on the left side may not always be directly impacted by them, but both sides do share information, vitals, and structure. Both sides need to function well independently, but are still connected to and part of a greater whole. Like the two sides and countless cells in the body, twin partners eventually learn the nature and severity of each other’s signals and warning signs, including emotions, physical maladies, urges, cravings, etc. Also like both sides of the body, the twins can learn to “tap into” one another as a resource in order to heal, balance, or propel each other. Learning this empathic or intuitive “give and take” dynamic is not an easy or comfortable process but, if practiced, it can become quite useful and effective with a twin, with other soul connections, or even with others in your circle. In a sense, mastering this confusing dynamic is quite the catalyst for you to emerge as an effective “energy healer” for those you care about most, not just a twin.


Secret Ancient Mysteries of the Sun Revealed

Wayne H. Purden | New Dawn Magazine/Humans Are Free

From 1209-1249 one of the worst genocides in history was conducted against the Cathars, a heretical sect in southern France.

Pope Innocent III, promising gold and indulgences (the remission of punishment due for sins) in exchange for the blood of the Cathars, sent 30,000 crusaders into France to massacre the Cathars and their supporters.

The Cathars were hunted, tortured, burned at the stake and savagely murdered by the Church’s hired killers. Estimates place the total number of Cathars and sympathisers murdered between 300,000 and 1,000,000 men, women and children.

Throughout this bloodbath, an amazing phenomenon was witnessed. The Cathars did not express fear, anger or pain, but only bliss, despite the most horrendous atrocities committed against them.

What were they on?

According to William Henry in Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator, it was a psychoactive substance produced by the brain – the Cathars had learned the techniques necessary to produce it from the secret teachings of Jesus.

It was called Christos (anointing oil) by the Essenes, who passed on their secrets to Jesus from Moses, who had obtained them in Egypt from descendants of the banished Atonite priests of Akhenaton.

These teachings involve the power of the sun and the power of the spoken word and constitute what I call “the mysteries of the sun.” They were part of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek mysteries, and the Gnostic teachings of the early Christians and secret societies.

They have been given to every culture by great adepts as means of enlightening the minds of the people and freeing them from the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

In this article, I will briefly examine the life and teachings of the founders of various mystery schools in the Middle East and Mediterranean area from the Pharaoh Thutmose III to Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov.

There were other mystery schools in India, China, Peru and elsewhere, but the ones I have chosen represent a continuity that spanned millennia and formed the spiritual roots of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

The story of the mysteries of the sun is as old as mankind and as new as the latest scientific breakthrough. In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly published Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.

In this book, he argued convincingly that Atlantis had established colonies in Peru, Egypt and elsewhere and that the mythologies and mysteries of these peoples represented the original religion of the Atlanteans, which was a form of sun worship.

He wrote:

“The religion of the Atlanteans, as Plato tells us, was pure and simple; they made no regular sacrifices but fruits and flowers; they worshipped the sun. In Peru a single deity was worshipped, and the sun, his most glorious work, was honoured as his representative.

Quetzalcoatl, the founder of the Aztecs, condemned all sacrifice but that of fruits and flowers. [We can see how far the Aztec religion degenerated over the centuries to the low point of human sacrifice by the time of the Conquest.]

“The first religion of Egypt also was pure and simple; its sacrifices were fruits and flowers; temples were erected to the sun, Ra, throughout Egypt. In Peru the great festival of the sun was called Ra-mi.”

Between pre-dynastic Egypt and the eighteenth dynasty, the “pure and simple” solar religion of Egypt became very corrupt and complicated. There were several sun gods and a whole host of minor gods.

The priesthood was rich and powerful and the people depended on them for magic amulets, praying to the gods on their behalf and giving them a proper elaborate send-off into the afterlife. Fruits and flowers were no longer fitting sacrifices; animals took their place.

Enter Pharaoh Thutmose III. A younger son of Amenhotep I, he owed his rule to the intervention of the priesthood of Amen-Ra who, in a religious ritual invoking the will of Amen-Ra, appointed him pharaoh, even though he was not in line for the succession.

Thutmose realised that the priesthood was becoming too powerful and sought to curb their power by outwardly paying obeisance to Amen — Ra, but secretly worshipping Aton and supporting a separate priesthood of Aton at Heliopolis who were loyal to the throne.

Under his rule, Thutmose III permitted the common people to indulge in all their fanciful beliefs and superstition such as magic amulets.

He believed that a gradual change in the existing religious beliefs could be more easily and permanently accomplished by establishing a secret mystery school, the students of which would put into practice higher standards.

He wanted to gradually infuse into Egyptian religion from the top down those mysteries, myths and rites that would raise the people to a higher understanding and morality.

Thus, in 1489 BCE he founded a secret mystery school, the Order of the Rose Cross, which the Rosicrucians claim descent from and which still exists today.

Members of this mystery school were called the Therapeutea, meaning “physicians of the soul.” The sungazing Essene sect of Alexandria later adopted this name and the rosy-cross symbol.

William Henry, in The Healing Sun Code, linked the rosy-cross and the Rosicrucian secrets with the “rising of the Healing Sun, the source of life and wisdom.” I recently talked to a woman who studied Egyptology for 25 years and knew about Thutmose III and the Rosicrucians.

She told me that she once knew a Rosicrucian lady, who every time she felt ill would face the sun and do a special breathing exercise in which she would breath in the fire of the sun to burn impurities in her body.

She lived to be very old. This technique was part of the secret teachings of the Rosicrucians, which they were very careful not to reveal to the uninitiated.

Another technique used by Thutmose III and members of his order was the use of healing rods while sungazing (see Figure 1).

These were copper and zinc tubes that contained hardened coal and magnetite respectively. They were reintroduced to the world by the Russian mystic Count Stefan Colonn Walewski, who was a member of a sungazing mystery school in the Caucasian Mountains.

They amplify the current that passes through the body between the sun and earth while sungazing, enhancing meditation and quickening healing and the development of psychic powers.

Thutmose III’s son and grandson continued with the mystery school and the cult of Aton, but it wasn’t until his great grandson, Akhenaton, took the throne that things came to a head.
The Revolution of Akhenaton

In 1369 BCE, Amenhotep IV took over the reigns of Egypt from his ailing father Amenhotep III. During his upbringing, he was educated at the Temple of the Sun at On (Heliopolis) where the priests instilled in him a devotion to Aton.

When he became pharaoh, he was given the secret mysteries of the sun handed down from his great grandfather. He learned that Aton was the one true, self-created, unmanifest God and that most of the other gods, including Amen-Ra, were man-made.

Early in his reign, he changed his name to Akhenaton, meaning “the servant of Aton.” Unlike his great grandfather, he had no tolerance for spiritual ignorance.

Akhenaton initiated a change in the religious climate from a fear-based polytheism with its death cult, magic amulets, numerous idols, animal sacrifice, and secretive rituals of a powerful priesthood to a more devotional religion, which was free of graven images, obsession with the afterlife, and magic; which emphasised reverence for sunlight and cleanliness, and simple burial; and which allowed ordinary citizens to freely worship in open-air temples with offerings of fruits, flowers and incense, as was done in the original solar religion of Egypt.

Aton’s temples had no idols or graven images other than the one Akhenaton devised – a sun disk from which proceeded rays, the ends of which terminated in graceful hands. Some of these hands held the ankh, the symbol of life, to the nostrils of his sungazing worshipers.

This symbolism shows that Akhenaton understood the relationship between sunlight, prana and breath. He knew that sunlight is the source of all life upon earth.

This was not worship of the physical sun but worship of one God, a supreme deity, whose spirit was in heaven and whose physical manifestation was the sun – the symbol of life.

It changed the worship of the sun as a god to the worship of God symbolised by the sun.

Paintings and carvings of Aton were always accompanied with a sort of hieroglyphic footnote (seen at the top of Figure 4, page 56), stating that it was just a representation of the All-encompassing Creator.

Thus, Akhenaton established the first monotheistic religion by elevating Aton over Amen-Ra and other gods.

His mother, Tiya, did much to mediate and stem the tide of controversy caused by his bold opposition to the powerful priesthood of Amen-Ra.

However, after she died, he took the offensive and ordered his army to disband the priesthood and deface their false gods.

Akhenaton loved to officiate at ceremonies as the high priest of Aton. The following quote from a decree made by Akhenaton upon the founding of his capital city, Akhetaton, shows that morning sungazing was a daily ritual of Atonism:

“Every eye beholds him without hindrance while he fills the land with his rays and makes everyone to live. With seeing whom my eyes are satisfied daily when he rises in this temple and fills it with his own self by means of his rays, beauteous with love, and embraces me with them in life and power forever and ever.”

During these ceremonies, Akhenaton and his congregation would sing his Hymn to Aton.

Although the vast majority of Egyptians did not give much credence to Atonism, and Akhenaton’s court followed the rituals of the outer religion out of a sense of duty, there existed an inner circle of about 300 initiates who learned from Akhenaton the mysteries of the sun.

Among these were Joseph the son of Jacob, who Robert Feather, in The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran, claims was Akhenaton’s vizier Nakhte.

The Bible records that Joseph married Asenath the daughter of Potiphera, a priest of Aton in Heliopolis, and archaeologists discovered a private chapel to Aton in the ruins of Nakhte’s home in Akhetaton.

Robert Feather thinks that after Akhenaton’s death, some of these initiates went to the sun temple of Heliopolis and others, including Joseph and his family, went to Elephantine Island in the land of Cush (Ethiopia), where they built another sun temple and established a branch of Judaism that exists to this day.

The Mysteries Formed the Basis of the Judeo-Christian Tradition

After the death of Akhenaton, the teachings of Atonism, its rituals and precepts, were almost completely destroyed by fanatics of the established religion.

This has been the fate of every mystery teaching involving the sun in the past. Most historians and religious writers think that Akhenaton’s monotheism was a brief aberration in a long tradition of Egyptian polytheism and that it died with him.

But, buried in the pages of historical and scriptural texts are hints that his ideas survived in the Jewish faith. For example, Psalm 104 is almost identical to the Hymn to Aton.

They also survived in the secret teachings of the Essene and Therapeut Brotherhoods, which were associated with early Christianity.

In the History of Egypt, the Egyptian priest Manetho wrote:

“Moses, a son of the tribe of Levi, educated in Egypt and initiated at Heliopolis, became a High Priest of the Brotherhood…

“He was elected by the Hebrews as their chief and he adapted to the ideas of his people the science and philosophy which he had obtained in the Egyptian mysteries when he established a branch of the Egyptian Brotherhood in his country, from which descended the Essenes.

“The dogma of an ‘only God’, which he taught, was the Egyptian Brotherhood interpretation and teaching of the Pharaoh who established the first monotheistic religion known to man [Akhenaton].

“The traditions he established in this manner were known completely to only a few of them, and were preserved in the mysteries of the secret societies, the Therapeutea of Egypt and the Essenes.”

After returning from Heliopolis, Moses became an annoyance to the priests of Amen-Ra and the court of Ramses II because of his Atonistic ideas.

The historian Josephus records that Moses was sent on a military expedition to Cush in an effort by Pharaoh’s courtiers to get rid of the “dissident.”

There he not only found a wife but another outpost of Atonism on Elephantine Island. Robert Feather thinks that it was in the wilderness of Cush that Moses saw the burning bush and received his mission.

Flavia Anderson, in The Ancient Secret: Fire from the Sun claimed that the burning bush was actually a small golden tree with a crystal that reflected sunlight so brightly that it appeared to be on fire.

A similar talisman, called a punchao, was used by the Incas to put worshippers in a trance so that they could see and communicate with beings of light.

Anderson also relates this golden tree to the Urim and Thummin (perfect light) of the Jews, which was a crystal set in a golden stand, and by which the high priest communicated with God.

Anderson thinks that Moses encountered this golden tree during an initiation in the sun temple of Heliopolis. But it’s more likely that he saw it in the sun temple of Elephantine Island right before he returned to Egypt.

It’s also likely that some of the Atonite priests who were descendants of Joseph and his family joined Moses in his mission. The Bible records that there were two rival factions of priests during the Exodus. One faction had Egyptian names such as Korah, Dathan, Abiram and On.

In The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran, Robert Feather shows how the descendants of these Egyptian priests, originally appointed at the time of Akhenaton, could have maintained their cohesion down to the beginning of the Qumran Essenes (610 BCE).

When they entered Canaan, they settled around Shiloh and so became known as Shilonite priests. They became prominent around the time of Ezekial (589 BCE), Onias IV (160 BCE) and Jesus (4 BCE). These were also times when the Essenes were active.

The Qumran Essenes, based on the Shilonite priests, came to have a much purer Judaism that rejected animal sacrifice, idols, amulets and burial with worldly goods which crept into the Judaism of the rest of the Israelites.

During the Exodus, these priests were pro-Moses and against the priests of Aaron. It is likely that the priests of Aaron, who backslid into idolatry of the golden calf (the Egyptian goddess Hathor) while Moses was on the mountain, may have been responsible for reintroducing another Egyptian practice of holocaust sacrifice, prohibited by Atonism.

On Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the first set of tablets to present to the Hebrews. Figure 2 (page 55) is a detail from a painting by Beccafumi. It shows Moses receiving the tablets from the sun, which is depicted as an opening in the sky.

However, when he came down the mountain and saw how the people had lapsed into idolatry, he realised they weren’t ready for what was on the tablets. So he smashed the tablets and went back up the mountain where God engraved ten simple commandments on a second set of tablets.

What could have been on the first set? Perhaps the solar mysteries! In any case, the mysteries were handed down by word of mouth from Moses to the Shilonite priests to the Essenes.

Archeologists found in the catacombs of Rome a drawing of Jesus holding a rod of power when raising Lazarus from the dead (Figure 3, page 55), showing that early Christians understood that the source of Jesus’ power came from the sun.

The Bible records that just before Jesus raised Lazarus, he “lifted up his eyes” to the sun and prayed. The rod is a symbol of the life force, which every Egyptian sun god and sun gods from Babylonia, India and Peru are shown wielding in paintings and wall carvings, such as in Figure 5.

Many scholars are now coming around to the realisation that Jesus was a member of the Qumran Essene movement and that many of his teachings are similar to the Essene teachings. The Essenes and Therapeuts considered themselves to be the children of light and so did the early Christians.

According to Gene Savoy in his book The Essaei Document: Secret Teachings of an Eternal Race, Jesus received the Essenes’ secret teachings, which he calls the paradosis, meaning a divinisation process by which one became immortal. Savoy hints at sungazing being a key factor in this secret teaching.

He writes:

“That the Essaei [Essenes] faced the sun at these times [sunrise and sunset] suggests that the sun was used as an intermediary by which men of the earth were linked by ‘cords of light’ with heaven… and were nurtured on a divine food upon which the angels fed…”

The Therapeuts believed that pure souls returned to the sun and that sunlight indeed is the heavenly, incorruptible food of the soul.

Savoy’s “cords of light” linking everyone can be thought of as an energy grid. The sun is one part of this energy grid; the earth is the other.

Savoy wrote elsewhere:

“The followers of Mithra gathered on the summits or stood in the waters, lifting their hands in prayer before the rising sun…” Savoy also mentioned in Project X that sun worshippers in Peru would stand on the summits of mountains or sun temples.

This made me think of the vortices and ley lines of the earth grid, which are focal points and lines of electromagnetic energy usually found on high points on the earth’s surface and in stream beds.

Richard Leviton and Robert Coons, in “Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam,” a chapter from Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, claimed that the electromagnetic system of our bodies, the entire biosphere and the earth grid are part of a much larger solar system grid and it’s all connected. And the energy that powers this grid is the Light of God.

They wrote:

“The landscape temple made of stones and crystal… linked Heaven and Earth through Man. The terrestrial temple also functioned as a Grid Door by which human consciousness… could actually exit this plane and enter ‘the realm of the Gods’ [what William Henry called ‘the dimension of the blessed’]. Through this Grid Door, the Gods could also channel their spiritual vibrations and messages.”

Perhaps that’s how God channelled the mysteries of the sun and then the Ten Commandments to Moses on the terrestrial temple of Mt. Sinai, as depicted in Figure 2.

It’s significant that key events in Jesus’ ministry occurred on the peaks of mountains and in streams (his baptism, his last temptation, the sermon on the mount, his transfiguration, his death, and his ascension).

Jesus passed on the Essene secret teachings on the mysteries of the sun to his disciples, including Mary Magdalene.

The early Christians, who were not privy to these teachings, at first worshiped the spirit of Christ in the sun, but around the third century they lapsed into a personality cult of Jesus worship, which has continued to this day.

Fragments of these secret teachings can be found in the Dead Sea scrolls, in the apocryphal text known as the Pistis Sophia, and in the Essene Gospel of Peace, which was hidden in the Vatican library for centuries before Edmond Bordeux Szekely discovered it in 1928.

In the Pistis Sophia, an ancient gospel suppressed for over a thousand years and ignored by the orthodox churches even after its publication in the last century, Jesus, after his resurrection, elaborates on the solar mysteries and how necessary they are for entering the kingdom of heaven:

“Ye are to seek after the mysteries of the Light, which purify the body of matter and make it into refined light exceedingly purified.

“Amen I say unto you… I have torn myself asunder and brought unto them all the mysteries of the Light, that I may purify them… else would no soul of the total race of men have been saved, and they would not be able to inherit the Kingdom of the Light…”

How this purification occurs is hinted at in this further passage:

“Now, therefore, he who shall receive the mysteries of the baptisms, then they becometh a great, exceedingly violent, wise fire and it burneth up the sins and entereth into the soul secretly and consumeth all the sins which the counterfeiting spirit hath made fast on to it.”

In the Essene Gospel of Peace, Jesus gives a teaching on the purifying role of sunlight in this baptism of fire. He tells the sick after instructing them on fasting:

“And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleanness, seek the angel of sunlight… For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all impurities and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odour.

“None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again of the sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father.”

The receiving of this fire through sungazing with arms upraised in a Y formation or bent at the elbow and hands spread out and facing the sun was called by the Greeks “fire blooming” because the radiance or essence of the sun thus channelled burned away impurities in the solar plexus, which, by the way, is associated with the sun and with fire.

One can find wall carvings, paintings, statues, woodcuts and photographs of sun worshippers from all over the world – Hindus, Muslims, American Indians, ancient Egyptians, Medieval monks, Russians, Incas, and even aborigines in prehistoric petroglyphs – all with upraised arms.

William Henry wrote in Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator that when Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, he also taught them this prayer position, which he learned from the Egyptians, who called it the Ka position (Figure 6, page 57).

Moses also learned it from the Egyptians and used it to invoke the Light of God during the Israelites’ battle with the Amalekites. Significantly, the battle was won at sunset.

This leads us to consider another part of the mysteries revealed by the Pistis Sophia, which is a certain power of the spoken word.

The soul, in order to be cut free from the counterfeit spirit, must utter “the mystery of the undoing of the seals and of all the bonds.”

This is the science of the spoken word, the uttering of sacred mantras, prayers and songs that remove or restrain the evil self, the “karmic records” of the individual.

These spiritual sciences and techniques were not revealed to all the faithful. According to the Pistis Sophia, the mysteries were to be given only to those initiates who proved themselves worthy through years of testing. They were also kept secret because of the threat of persecution.

Read the rest of the article here.

Research suggests we ARE living in a computer simulation!

Investigative reporter and ET/UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe lends stunning evidence about the idea that reality is virtual

computer simulation

Neil deGrasse Tyson

In April of 2016, at the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate in New York, a discussion was under foot – “Are we living in a computer simulation?” was the question on the table. And though to many conservative Newtonian-ites, such a question would have been laughed at before it could be intelligently discussed, many well heeled researchers including the debate’s moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson gathered to discuss this idea as a matter worth exploring in great depth.

This landmark discussion, along with personal interviews and testimony that researcher Linda Moulton Howe has gathered over the years, prompted her to look further into the matter and has led her to infallible evidence that such a construct may hold more truth than science fiction.

In this, our third interview together, done on-location at the 2017 Contact in the Desert in Joshua Tree, California we took a rather deep dive into this provocative question. And in usual Moulton Howe style, she left no stone unturned.

Folding into her thesis the work of the late Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe), physicist David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order) and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell of My Big Toe fame, she weaves an intricate tapestry of hard science, along with personal anecdotes from individuals she’s interviewed extensively, including Jerry Wills and his stargate travels in Peru to come up with what I’d say is nothing short of compelling evidence when it comes to considering the idea that we are more or less characters in a virtual simulation.

Watch the full episode here…

But the conversation didn’t stop there. Moulton Howe also discussed:

  • How this idea of computer simulation might affect what we call “the afterlife.”
  • How universes may in fact be overlapping each other and our ability to traverse them.
  • What might explain strange entities, including “shadow beings” and how they are able to penetrate our 3D world.
  • How time is a matter of regression, rather than regression in other universes.
  • How an attitude of empathy and cooperation are key to revealing the true nature of reality, and why “the ego” will only serve to conceal its true nature.

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alexisheadshotv2Alexis Brooks is the #1 best-selling author of Conscious Musings, writer/editor for CLN and host of the award-winning show Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks. Alexis brings over 30 years of broadcast media experience to CLN. For over half of that time, Alexis has dedicated her work to the medium of alternative journalism, having researched and reported on the many aspects and angles of metaphysics, spirituality and new thought concepts.

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How to Create the “Afterlife” We Desire by How We Live Today

 OBE expert and author of the new book “Higher Self Now” William Buhlman shares his insights about our misunderstanding of life and the “afterlife.”

We are non-physical beings, temporarily inhabiting and enjoying a physical body. – William Buhlman

Though we’ve heard many versions of this statement before, William Buhlman feels that most people still pour way too much of their energies into the physical aspects of life, while completely ignoring the spiritual dimensions.

Many will now argue that we have become more of a spiritually awakened species in recent years, but paradoxically the emphasis on the material world seems to be gaining ground as well.

Perhaps this is the grand dichotomy I spoke of in my book Conscious Musings – illustrating a time when we will know we are on the precipice of change by witnessing the might and strength of both sides: spiritual and material.

Whatever this time denotes, Buhlman is adamant that if we are to evolve as a species we’d better get it in gear and understand that we are not some laundry list of titles, religions, races, genders, etc., and moreover, it is his contention that if we don’t figure this dynamic out in life, we will reap the consequences of our ignorance in the afterlife.

This was the centerpiece of our discussion during my interview with Buhlman and it’s also the theme, beautifully illustrated in his brand new book, Higher Self Now – Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution.

For more about what we discussed in this interview including the audio episode which can be downloaded on-demand, click HERE


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About the Author:

alexisheadshotv2Alexis Brooks is the #1 best-selling author of Conscious Musings, writer/editor for CLN and host of Higher Journeys Radio. Alexis brings over 30 years of broadcast media experience to CLN. For over half of that time, Alexis has dedicated her work to the medium of alternative journalism, having researched and reported on the many aspects and angles of metaphysics, spirituality and new thought concepts.

This article and its accompanying media was originally created and produced by Higher Journeys in association Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alexis Brooks, HigherJourneys.com and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.


The Healing Power of Past Life Regression

In this episode of the Conscious Creating Show on Cosmic Reality Radio, we focus on Past Life Regression and how it as a powerful healing agent. I’m interviewing Jaci Sivley, who is a skilled and intuitive coach/healer and an EFT Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist and Reiki Master with a deep and clear understanding of how energy works.

Both EFT and Past Life Regression are excellent tools for healing those things that prevent people from realizing the soul’s innate impulse to evolve and grow in each lifetime.

EFT moves energy by tapping lightly on specific acupuncture meridian points on the face/head and upper body.  Things long buried rise to the surface to be resolved and healed.  At that point, we can begin to restructure/reprogram self-defeating beliefs and thought patterns to create a new consciousness.  Now, the soul has a better chance of achieving evolution and growth.  It’s quite effective, and can happen in a fairly short period of time.

Past Life Regression does the same thing by allowing the client to travel through time to identify the original event(s) and people who hold the key(s) to difficulties they are experiencing currently.  What has been seen cannot be UN-seen! This paves the way for understanding and healing, as well as prompting the individual to resolve any behavioral or lifestyle patterns that are repeating in this lifetime.  There are additional benefits as well, including the recovery of skills and gifts from another lifetime that can be used for the benefit of all today.

Jan Moore Intuitive Success CoachJan Moore – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach. She delivers practical life and business strategies plus intuitive guidance, sprinkled with spiritual and metaphysical principles so you can create unstoppable success in life and business. She also hosts the Cosmic Creating Show on Cosmic Reality Radio. Get your FREE copy of her Dream Achievers Success Kit or apply for a complimentary Unstoppable Success Strategy Session

Archeologists Announce The Discovery of a 3,700 Year-Old Pyramid In Egypt

By Alexa Erickson | Collective Evolution 

A land steeped in ancient history and thought to be the birthplace of Western civilization, Egypt — and its monuments in particular — continues to mystify and intrigue historians and archaeologists. The majority of these monuments reside on the west side of the Nile, known as the Land of the Dead. And on the east side of the Nile, monuments were reserved for the use of the living.

A prosperous and highly religious people, Egyptians took advantage of the land they lived on and its great resources. A nation of perfectionists, their attention to detail served them well throughout their industrious endeavours. Because the Egyptians believes their king a mortal god, who became one with the immortal gods when he died, it became necessary to protect his body, and so the attention to proper burial came to be, hence the giant pile of solid stone.

Along with the pyramids serving as tomb, they also functioned as a temple complex for the deified Pharaoh.

An interesting thing to note is that the bodies one would assume to find in the pyramids weren’t there, or anywhere else, for that matter! So many discoveries remain to be uncovered despite what we already know, and this is perhaps the most exciting part of it all.

Now, Egyptianarchaeologists have announced a new discovery that is likely to further intrigue, and potentially stir up more questions.

The team found a pyramid believed to be 3,700 years old, dating back to ancient Egypt’s 13th Dynasty.

[Read more here]

A Conscious Comparison of The Human Spirit & Soul

This year I’ve committed to finally finishing my first book, which happens to be mainly about the human Spirit and Soul and how they are alike as well as different. Growing up, I’ve heard these two terms used interchangeably by adults in my church, family, school, etc. and I honestly never really knew there was any difference at all. However, I’m come to understand that they are in fact quite different and those variances are beyond divinely incredible…

We’ve all heard at one time or another someone say that a person “has spirit” or that a song might be “soulful”, and what is apparent is that BOTH spirit and soul invoke emotion and are deeply embedded within us, so that when the creative force they invoke surfaces whether it be via painting, writing, singing, or mud wrestling (lol), each bring from our core that which makes us each human beings with a living purpose. They are intertwined and affecting one another as a whole, and yet maintaining their respected uniqueness and differences all the while.

You see, according to most religious definitions our “souls” are who we are while our “spirits” are what we have. However, I digress to argue that this can also apply the other way around. I say that since both are infinite expressions of Prime Creator, Source, God…(whatever term you feel most comfortable with), and neither can be destroyed, only ever transformed, that we could also say that we are also in fact spirits as well and also have souls just as much.

But we live in a world of duality, so what fun would it be if I didn’t get into the juicy stuff of how everything has an opposing friend to keep all of existence in harmony and balance? I don’t get to say this often, but I do agree with religion’s view that our Spirit is the (perhaps not so literal) breathe of God. I just prefer to describe it instead as “a sound wave of a certain frequency signature.” But that’s just the nerd in me talking…

I also agree that the Spirit is what provides us Consciousness of Self. It is our Awareness and is ever-flowing, ever-present in the Now. It is our direct connection to Source and is the origin of our intuition, drive, grace, purpose, and sense of Oneness. I also believe that the Spirit is energetically connected to Mother Earth as we are incarnated here as human beings. Our Spirit is what provides us our “mana” or life-force energy during our lifetimes.

If one lacks connection, to Oneself, to others, to a higher purpose, to God our Source Consciousness…there is a good possibility that you could end up “spiritually dead”. Not having a sense of purpose or direction in life is often what makes people falling into depression and feel a sense of disconnection and unworthiness in their lives.

Image result for body soul and spiritOkay, so onto the Soul. My take on the Soul is that it is something unique to Humanity and is a collective container of all your memories you’ve ever had from every life you’ve ever lived. It also contains every personality, every ancestral trauma, every perception, belief, experience, etc. It carries as well every single one of our unexpressed potentials, talents, abilities, lying dormant awaiting to emerge in this life or the next.

Your soul is like your blueprint; your grand design. The book you’re writing across all dimensions of the Universe. You forget the chapters that came before when you are writing the current one (the reasons why are an entire other article which I will most certainly save for another day!), but you are literally building it as you go. It is kind of like one of those Choose Your Adventure books when we were kids, remember? 🙂 Yes, just like that…

The Soul can be split, matrix-ed, fractal-ed. In fact, this is how our memory is wiped before incarnating. While incarnated the Soul is heavily influence by the Ego-Mind, although under that layer it contains your hidden desires, your talents and abilities, your ever-unfolding greatness…

So, while they are both YOU, they are both NOT YOU at the same time…and really…would you expect anything less and would really want it any other way in this crazy, cosmic, amazing, beautiful, conscious Universe???

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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CLN RADIO: Diving Deep Into Past Lives and the ET Connection with Mary Rodwell

Alexis speaks with ET Contact Researcher and Hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell to discuss the bizarre and “familiar” characteristics of non-human past lives

Mary Rodwell weighs in on the account of “Kimberly” – a middle aged woman from New England who describes a past life regression some thirty years ago in which she surprisingly discovered that she may have lived a previous life as an “E.T.”

During the discussion Mary illuminates just how common this phenomenon may be as she explains how she’s regressed many individuals claiming they too felt that they were “not of this earth.”

Is this phenomenon truly more common than we might think?

In this interview Mary talks about some of the clues and characteristics that give evidence to the idea of not only past incarnations as non-human beings but also discusses how many of her clients feel they are connected to other species in their current incarnation.

Though mind-stretching, the prevalence of such accounts Mary feels, are leading to clear evidence that the human species has many dimensions!

To listen to the audio version of this episode along with complete show notes click here.

To read the original account of “Kimberly” click here.

Note: This episode originally aired in January of 2015.

CLN RADIO NEW EPISODE: The ET-UFO Phenomenon – It’s MUCH Bigger than you Think!

Listen to the top researchers in the field and discover that the ET-UFO stories that you’ve heard are just the tip of the iceberg!

Alexis speaks with ET-UFO researchers Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell, and Richard Dolan.

Alexis speaks with Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell, and Richard Dolan.

Over the past several years, I’ve covered many subjects on this show that would be considered alternative or fringe, but one subject that continues to captivate the audience, and myself is that which we call the ET or UFO phenomenon.

Although these terms have been used quite loosely to define an idea…the idea that “we are not alone,” and never have been – there are many of us who feel that these labels, “ET, Alien, and UFO” diminish the incredible breadth and scope of this aspect of reality; a reality that I think we as humans are far more intertwined with than many could imagine.

Frankly I don’t know that we could ever fully describe in our own terms just what this is all about – Just who THEY are and what this all means to us. For the sake of argument or for our inability to fully define this incredible mystery, we’ll call this the ET/UFO phenomenon.

Many of you who have listened to a few of the guests that I and others have interviewed over the years, particularly more recently, we’re now starting to hear broader terms that may shed more light on the scope of the phenomenon that we’re dealing with. Rather than paint this with a broad brush stroke by calling all of these beings extraterrestrials, we’re now hearing other, perhaps more expansive terms like extra-dimensionals or inter-dimensionals, the implications of which are great.

Are the beings that we’re now discussing actually here on this earth WITH US? Are some of them human looking? Are they hybrid beings? Do they live not on other physical planets but in other dimensions, or both? And here’s a big one – are WE, some of us human beings, a blend of other non-human species and are some of us starting to have recognition or remembrance of a time when we were NOT human? According to some of the stories you are about to hear in this special episode of Higher Journeys Radio, the answer to all of the above is YES!

Listen to three mind-bending accounts from some of the leading experts in the field of ET/UFO research:

  • Barbara Lamb discusses her initial work with ET contact through hypnotic regression as she helps a young woman realize her connection to “hybrid beings.”
  • Mary Rodwell regresses a woman named “Kim” who discovers that her lifelong otherworldly experiences are directly tied to her own non-human origins.
  • Richard Dolan tells the true story of a woman who had a bizarre brush with human looking (non-human) entities on a train in the UK.

Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan

You can also access the full show from each of these guests here.

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*Note – Listed as “Conscious Inquiry Radio”


Touching Sunday Prose: The Alchemy of a New Dawn

Soren Dreier | Waking Times

At 4 in the morning two cruise ships pass, all lit up at the brink of the horizon. They come with 10 nautical minutes between them when I fix my eyes at the church tower in the village 40 minutes walking distance below me. Heading for the rock of Gibraltar.

In California 14 people are shot dead.

Further beyond the horizon Africa rests. A random number of people will die there today: Cause of death – despot dictatorship.

Yesterday a ragged band of green parrots settled in the palm tree just below me. Gossiping loudly, polishing each other’s feathers. There are no parrots here by nature. They caught a glimpse of freedom and escaped the ‘slow death’ life inside their cages, took a chance and found a family of equals. Some say they will not last long, growing up in captivity, a false world of security behind bars, they are likely now to be taken by predators. Circling the skies like deadly drones, some bigger bird will strike and have them as an after dinner mint, splitting their feathery suit and laying bare the red blood that once ran so swiftly through their veins.

Soaring death awaits ever so patiently from the skies.

Often the concept of ‘going home’ seems so inviting. Every single one of the Heart People has that longing. Not that used to being here, but they have come once again from the vastness of the cosmos with their celestial knowledge roaming wildly inside the alchemy of their hearts, looking for fellow travelers. They will find. They will know.

A fisherman’s boat gets pulled up on the beach below me. People flock in the small hour before sunset to get the really fresh seafood. A pad of dolphins swims by.

Some say that reincarnation is a complicated affair. Some say they ‘don’t have to come here no more’.
Not considering the pull of the heart.
Not considering the love for it all.
Not considering ‘Celestial Consciousness’.

We come here by desire.

We might not understand that it is one thing and one thing only that drives us, thrives us, fills us in the space between lives where we are in the flesh. Every life is a drop in a cool morning drizzle, and without the drops there would be nothing to caress the soil dark as summer into a display of abundance.

When we look from the spirit world at people in harm’s way, we don’t stay.

When our spiritual family leaves the celestial realms out of that desire, we don’t stay behind.

We see it from a divine perspective that seems like a forgotten knowledge, washed away by the constructs of a planet in deep dark pain telling us that we are not eternal, that we are not the souls we are looking for, making us petty, making us dispensable. They look at us, like some look at the dharma of the people here living ‘quiet lives.’ How dare they, even on the account of spiritual superiority.

We have to look at ‘Dharma’ as multifaceted.

New Dawn from Space

Given a touch of soulful alchemy, we can transcend our longing for release, longing for justice, longing for love, longing for celestial, into longing for change. Enforcing our stamina, sharpening our swords, living love, loving the love, play up a storm with the instruments we are given in deep alignment with our dharma.

Dharma is the ancient word for our intention in this life. Life’s path – life´s purpose. It holds the ‘why are you here’ answer.

Read the rest of the article here.



CLN RADIO NEW EPISODE: An Intimate Look at Past Life Regression and the Non-Human Connection

 ET contact researcher and past life regression expert Mary Rodwell and her client Kim Calkins share profound insights from a recent regression.

Those who know the incredible work of Mary Rodwell have heard her speak on numerous occasions about the amazing revelations that come through when she works with her clients in regression – many of whom learn that they have a link to non-human intelligence. But not many have heard her speak publicly along with one of those clients – Until now!

I recently had occasion to watch a regression of Mary’s in its entirety –  that of a woman named Kim Calkins. A dynamic individual in her own right and one who during her regression learned that she’s had a connection to non-human intelligence for multiple lifetimes.

I was compelled to connect with Kim to hear her thoughts along with Mary’s on this revelational regression experience.

Happily they both accepted.

This revealing episode of Higher Journeys Radio will no doubt cause you to think twice, not only about the idea that we share this universe with perhaps many beings, but how the multidimensional nature of reality is completely intertwined with our own.

Mary Rodwell, RN is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN). Born in the United Kingdom (UK) and eventually migrating to Western Australia in 1991, she currently resides in Queensland. Mary is a former nurse, midwife, and health educator and was employed as a professional counsellor for the National Health Service UK and Australian counselling agencies, Silver Chain and Centrecare. Since 1994

Mary has worked in private practice as a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, metaphysical teacher, researcher, author, Reiki Master, and international speaker. ACERN’s primary role is to offer professional counselling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences, particularly specializing in Abduction-contact experiences.

Mary is recognised internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life (2002), and producer of EBE award winning documentaries, Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000), and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004).

You read it right – Conscious Inquiry is now Higher Journeys Radio with Alexis Brooks – Presented in association with Conscious Life News!


Stay tuned for more frequent episodes and more great guests delving into all areas of metaphysics, consciousness, spirituality, and alternative news!