A Better Vision for Humanity

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humanity worldBy Richard Horracks | Waking Times

Humanity now has the resources, the means, and the collective will, for every human being on this planet to live in material security… no-one no longer needs to struggle to survive. That so many do struggle to survive, whilst so few live in material excess, is insane, and can no longer be accepted.

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Such a situation does not reflect our true humanity. From the richest to the poorest, there is no-one who wants others to experience poverty, who wants them to suffer in war-zones, who wants them to endure environmental destruction, who wants others to die from curable diseases.

Certainly, there are those who are willing to benefit from such suffering – the large multi-national corporations, the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, and, sadly, our governments, but such behaviour is rooted in ignorance and delusion, blinded by consciences that have been quarantined.

We know that 22,000 children die every day because of poverty on a planet of abundance. There are many damning statistics but, really, what else needs to be said? That fact alone should surely be enough to make us deeply reflect upon this situation. Our true situation is so serious, so urgent, and so desperate for so many, that the only reasonable, sane, and acceptable thing to do is to drop everything, and rededicate our lives, our societies, and our resources to fixing this horror once and for all.

I mean that sincerely. We should pause everything that is not necessary, organise our systems so that our basic needs are met, and then – much like with the space race or major war effort – we should direct all our expertise and efforts into ensuring that every single human being on this planet lives in material security. That means appropriate and plentiful food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, freedom, education, protection, opportunities… everything. Whatever we want and demand for ourselves should be the bare minimum for all.

This is what we all want. Right now in the West we could easily develop systems and societies where everything needed was provided for as standard. If we do not need to work for our food, our shelter, our clothing etc. anymore then why are we? Between the many beautiful minds on this planet we could create incredible economic systems that serve us all, instead of serving the ridiculously tiny minority that our current system does, as well as mind-blowing technologies that will liberate us from our toil and our plight.

This is what we can have. There is no human being who does not want material security. No-one wants to struggle to survive. We all just want to be able to survive with the minimal effort, and if we can provide this for each other – and we really can – then why would we not? I want to be free to explore this amazing life, to be creative, to be of service, to expand my mind, to live adventure after adventure… not to rape my soul in a call centre all week just so I can fucking eat. It’s insane.       

Material security for all human beings.

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A simple, positive, and unifying vision that we can all get behind… that we all need to get behind, and that we must demand of our governments. Would it be difficult to achieve? Yeah, of course, it’s a huge challenge. But is it possible? Yes, it really is. Between seven billion of us there are not going to be too many problems that we cannot overcome.

And, look, what do we have to lose? Most of us aren’t happy. We have subjected ourselves to the most empty, mundane and meaningless lives. There’ll probably be no space for any new iPhones or the golden age of television, but we can get back to all of that when we’ve fed all the starving children etc. etc. Not that I think we would want to. This would be such an incredible adventure. It would spark so much creativity and growth and marvel… every single amazing facet of humanity would be on show, and it would be a joy to behold. It would bring the hardest heart to tears.

All of this is, of course, very naive. But that is the beauty of being naive… it allows you to contemplate what others would never imagine, and in that contemplation the, seeds of possibility are sewn. And whilst there will be many who dismiss and ridicule such a vision, there will also be those beautiful, longing souls who will read this and connect with it so profoundly that this seed will take root. They are reading this now with a flickering heart and a mind abuzz. These words are truth – a truth so rarely spoken, and it is alive in your spine. I know you feel it. Inspiration floods your veins and ideas crash in waves over your mind. You will take these few pieces and add your own, and one by one, piece by piece, we will, together, begin to form a beautiful profound picture… and so it will be.

This is the sort of vision and passion that infects. It inspires an enthusiasm that is relentless and contagious. Like all moments of truth, it defines a culture and a time. You don’t need marketing teams to sell such a vision. Truth speaks for itself. Material security for all human beings… no more struggle to survive! Tell me it is not possible, tell me it is not right, tell me it is not what we all want. This is not just the right thing to do… it is the only thing to do. So urgent and vital is our situation, so pressing a concern is the suffering we allow. This is what we all want, and if we can have it, then nothing and no-one should stop us having it.

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Alas, no mighty oak started as a mighty oak, and no mighty oak needed to start as a mighty oak. For now let us dream sweet of food and water and shelter and clothing and medicine and freedom and peace and education and happiness for everyone. It would be a beautiful start.


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  1. 1494242824205303@facebook.com' Kelvin Lee says:


  2. 10206544382504222@facebook.com' Tommy Holland says:

    I can think of thousands who who wants others to experience poverty, who wants them to suffer in war-zones, who wants them to endure environmental destruction, who wants others to die from curable diseases. The next debate is NOV. 10, 2015 and hosted by Fox Business/Wall Street Journal. Listen and weep :/

  3. 1049139558437755@facebook.com' Darryl McDougall says:

    wtf is this nonsensical babble, never heard of the rothschilds or the bushes huh

  4. 10156184485660576@facebook.com' Kathy Wilcox says:

    That is 1% of us that want all humanity except them to fail. The rest of us care what happens to this earth and its inhabitants. All of them.

  5. 183221622018602@facebook.com' Wade Wilson says:

    Bush and most big business owners could care less. They are pure evil and consumed by greed. They see other people as beneath them. Believe that. If we cant vote the right person in then we need to seize control of the whole thing and fix it ourselves.

  6. 1716514941902925@facebook.com' Dan Snoek says:

    denial……is this a ‘version’ of happy lol, yes yes there are….. quite likely inhuman.

  7. 10155924829940346@facebook.com' Spencer James Smith says:

    Haha actually there are people that want that. It’s the people causing it. A chunk of Washington, rothschilds, rockellers. They definitely want poverty, war and slaves.

  8. 10155924829940346@facebook.com' Spencer James Smith says:

    And what’s this curable diseases crap? Pro vaccine propaganda.

  9. 10155924829940346@facebook.com' Spencer James Smith says:

    Vaccines don’t work. All that science and history you think you know about diseases and their relationship to vaccines is false. Don’t tell me “o I remember my grandma suffering from polio”. I’m really sorry about that. But how does that make you know that what she was suffering from was polio? What caused it? Was it vaccines that actually “eradicated” polio? First of all polio never was eradicated. They just changed the name. Polio-like effects are actually caused by vaccines sometimes themselves.

  10. 1494242824205303@facebook.com' Kelvin Lee says:


  11. 972625236123454@facebook.com' Erik Albert says:

    All have to team up to not vote. That is the one and only true power behind voting. Show those brainless politicians you are sick and tired of their bullshit.

    Feeling the need to vote clearly shows you are unable to think for yourself. You basically vote to not become the president yourself. It is easier that way, as all the belief systems that managed to catch you, now do all the thinking for you. Politics, religion, culture, borders, all pointless belief systems. All you do is more of the same, which is completely pointless. It blinds you, only to allow for your current sick fuck world leaders to do more of the same, too. If you want to trigger global changes, you need to drag your ass out of your comfort zone and take all governments down. However, if you think that’s a bit of a hussle, or you can’t really manage that, feel free to continue to pray and vote. However, for each belief system you keep on feeding, your planet and world citizens pay a very high price. You have to move on from the simplicity of crawling along like headless chickens. You must start to live for a living.

    • 1494242824205303@facebook.com' Kelvin Lee says:


    • 10205092209129655@facebook.com' Paula Davis says:

      Erick how do you suggest we (you) will take down any government?

    • 10153032927912172@facebook.com' Lynley Ruth Butt says:

      Eric Albert, I hear you. What I press for is Systems Change… Or if we can’t manage that, systems accommodation. Language well used with honest outspoken conviction and sincerity (that is understood, comprehended and addressed to those whose business it is to hear … ) Is a great persuader. Instead of handing responsibility over we must be active on issues that affect us, the world’s environment, scientific findings, moral dilemmas human rights, human health and development, where our tax money goes. Presently I see Avaaz on line, voting on each and every vital issue that is taken up by them, as THE exponentially growing global pressure group -that is actively making a vital difference!
      Indeed I feel they are the cooperative beautiful international brotherhood that humanely & conscientiously examines , scrutinises, uses mind and heart to petition and puts scientific truths and rationalism and the future good of the planet and mankind dependent on it, first. They speak out their truth, Unafraid, vote in a democratic manner, and serve to bolster up right government with their voice. A united voice, composed of numerical critical mass opinion and politely phrased requests, practical moral pressure.

    • 972625236123454@facebook.com' Erik Albert says:

      Thanks all for taking your time to read and comment.

      Raising awereness is key. Today, there are only but a few of us that truly want to move on from today’s nonsense. And even less actually have a proper vision of what needs to be done.

      I obviously got it all worked out, if not, I wouldn’t be shouting it out loud. However, I do not compromise and have set extremely high standards.

      Anything less than moving on from all old fashioned ways and belief systems is a complete showstopper for me.

      Politics, religion, culture, tradition, and racism are all language driven belief systems that were put in place to make sure you do the exact contrary of what we pretend to achieve here. Without overcoming belief system triggered differences, global changes can not be achieved.

      Raising global awareness to empower world citizens is the first step, and that process has been triggered. For now, this is where all our attention and energy should go.

  12. 182009732139787@facebook.com' Liz Adams says:

    PLEASE don’t bring the “western” concept of what you think all “need” to those who you believe “live in poverty”!

  13. Endless says:

    Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang is talking about this very thing right now! Check out Yang’s interview with Joe Rogan. Humanity First!

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