7 Surefire Ways to Spot a Star Child

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Little girl running on meadow with sunsetRainey Marie Highley, Contributor

There is no doubt you have a star child in your life. Whether a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, teacher, or a friend, these spiritually gifted, naturally intuitive, and sensitive children are all around. So just who are these star children and how do you spot one?

Some call this new generation of children indigo, crystal, rainbow, or star children. Regardless of labels, one thing is clear—these children have come to this planet embodying the energy of grace, purity, truth, and wisdom unlike any generation before them. The star children know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all life on the Earth is sacred and should be honored. They have come with a specific mission in their hearts—one of rebuilding the Earth with compassion, honesty and unity.

  1. They Give Easily and Often

The first thing you will notice about a star child is their capacity to share with others. They give freely with an innate sense of abundance. They come into this planet with no concept of scarcity and no need to withhold from others. They are generous with hugs, kind words, and endless curiosity. Star children are likely to hand you their most prized possession without a second thought. Recently, I attended a birthday party, a science party for my friend’s six year-old twins. . The balloons were a big hit with all the kids. Imagine, 25 six year-olds running around the party trying to collect as many balloons as possible. Some of the children were gathering as many as 10-15 balloons in each hand while others were unable to capture any balloons at all. I watched a young boy named Jake overflowing with joy just to catch a single balloon. I happened to be talking to his mother when Jake walked up, so excited to show his mom his new balloon. As his mother introduced Jake to me, he gave me a big smile and then reached out his hand. “Here, this is for you,” he said, as he handed me his balloon. I knew immediately that I was in the presence of a star child.

  1. They are Wise Beyond their Years

Most of us have heard the story of the six-year old boy named Shane who was present with his family at the veterinarian’s office when their beloved 10-year old dog passed away. In the 2010 A Place to Love Dogs post, “Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First,” the veterinarian recounts the story of a family sitting together wondering aloud about why dog lives are so much shorter than human lives. Shane startled everyone when he said, “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life—like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.”

Shane’s insights reveal the profound wisdom that lives in the heart and soul of a star child. His perspective demonstrates a deep knowing that was brought with him into this life, far beyond what he had been taught. Star children like Shane possess an innate wisdom that stands out among the crowd. They are born with talents and skills beyond what we have seen before. Their very existence reminds us that what we think is possible is always expanding. Nonetheless, they can still use a little help with school work sometimes – like getting the best essay help.

  1. They Remember

Walking into yoga this week, I overheard a story about a mom who was worried about leaving her five-year old daughter alone with their new baby boy. She was concerned her daughter may be jealous of her new baby brother. He was certainly the center of attention and the daughter had been relegated to the background since he was born. Keeping a watchful eye, the mom noticed her daughter in the next room beside baby brother’s crib talking, as if she was having a very intense conversation. Mom came into the room quickly and asked her daughter what she was saying. The daughter replied, “I was asking him what baby Jesus looked because I can’t remember.”

Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, this story touches on the deep truth that lives within all of us. We come from source and will return to source. Despite the conscious forgetting attached to the human condition, the star children know in their hearts there is more to life than what they see. They remember that they have forgotten. This is a profound realization often only discovered by the wisest and most spiritually advanced among us.

  1. They Ask the Big Questions

All children seem to pepper us with questions as they gain awareness of the world around them. However, star children reach beyond the operational how’s and why’s into life’s deeper questions. What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Where do I come from? My friend’s daughters Ella and Allie are obsessed with fairies. Every week, they write letters to the fairies hoping the fairies will answer their questions and write them back. Ella and Allie ask questions like, “What is heaven like?” “What does god look like?” and “Who are god’s parents?” My friend has quite a time writing fairy letters back to the girls because each week their questions gain greater depth and complexity. Star children ask the big questions to expand our minds and push the edges of their reality.

  1. They Believe All Life Has Value

One characteristic that is easily apparent among star children is a deep love for all life. They hold a high vibration of compassion in their hearts and they share this compassion with every being on the planet. From the whales to the fish, the birds to the flies, the butterflies to the worms, and the dogs to the fleas…no life is too small, too slimy or scary-looking to have value. All life is significant, even spiders, mosquitos and ants. My friends’ son, Garrett, insists that all insects found in the house should be carefully relocated outside and that great care be taken not to harm or step on even the smallest bug or scariest pest. These star children recognize that all is life and as such, should be respected and valued. They identify with a much broader definition of life than previous generations, inspiring all of us to love and care for every animal, tree, and blade of grass on the Earth.

  1. They Desire Harmony

Star children display unity consciousness in their interactions with others, realizing the importance of working together in harmonious synchronicity. You will see a star child choosing cooperation over competition, preferring to preserve the feelings of other children over winning and possessing the prize for themselves. Most of us have seen The Universal One Facebook post about an anthropologist studying Ubuntu with the children of a tribe in Africa. The anthropologist created a contest where the children would race to a tree and the first to arrive would receive a decorated basket full of candy. The game started and as the children began to run, they looked at each other and grabbed one another by the hand so that they would arrive at the tree at the same time. As they shared the candy with each other, the anthropologist asked why they ran together when any one of them could have had the whole basket of candy to themselves? The children responded, “How could any one of us be happy if all the others were sad?” This mentality is a prime example of a star child’s desire for harmony above hierarchy. Star children are innately connected to their community and their tribe. They know they must work together with a spirit of cooperation to achieve real change on the Earth.

  1. You Can See It In Their Eyes

While researching this article, I asked my husband how he recognizes a star child. He said, “I don’t know, I just do. I can see it in their eyes.” In fact, this may be the most accurate way to identify a star child. As your conscious awareness continues to grow, you will notice more and more of these children entering your vibratory field. You will look in their eyes and you will see something much deeper living inside of them. You will see Home. You will notice something even more exciting when you look into the eyes of a star child. They see you too. You will see them looking back at you, recognizing you, and connecting with the expansive and eternal part of you that is connected to all life on this planet and beyond.

Ultimately, the star children are a gift to our planet and a source of joy in all of our lives. The young generation of star children now inhabiting our planet hold the keys to our future. Their flickering memories shine a light on our collective journey, inviting each of us to remember the real reason we are connected to each other on this Earth adventure.

Rainey Marie Highley BioAbout the Author

Rainey Marie Highley is the author of The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whalethe first book in The Dragon & The Whale children’s book series. Her other books include Divine Macroverse and The Water Code. For more information, visit www.raineymariehighley.com.

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  1. kllyfy@yahoo.com' Kiva says:

    Amazing story!!! My aunt always called me Starchild and perhaps now I truly understand why. Excellent article!

  2. mickelsenjohn549@gmail.com' John says:

    My son was born in the year 2000 he has struggled in school but yet he has a natural gift when it comes to anything mechanical. Electrical. Etc he can fix anything that trained adults cant architectural. You name. It…it all comes natural. ..but yet the doctors have diagnosed him with adhd autism and is currently being treated for all. Of it….he use’s words that would be considered college level any one else who has a child like this i would love to hear from

    • angelheartmatis@gmail.com' Kim says:

      Hey John, you’re precious son sounds very intelligent. Has he ever been tested for higher education levels? Very intelligent children get bored with easy learning education & they do very well in higher education levels.

    • charlenetillman3@gmail.com' Charlene Woodard says:

      My son is very similar. The doctors did put him on adhd medication in elementary school. I regretted having to do that to him.

      • angelitadapi@gmail.com' ge says:

        because doctors in streamway of medical knowledge cant explained the kind of behavior so they gathered the adhd concept and making them tame like “the normals” sp suppress the inner talent of a star child and may not be so awith the medication mostly for dperssed medication..

    • cyndihliva@yahoo.com' Cyndi says:

      Hi, I also have a son similar to yours. I knew from the time he was a baby he was special, but in an odd way, different than my other kids. He was born in 1999, is extremely smart ( took trig in his junior year which is smart to me) took all high classes, but wouldn’t study. The thing that is really different about him is I can say “ Michael, when did I break my leg”, and without thinking he’ll rattle off the date (I can’t even remember) any date /event he can remember the date, years back too, it’s crazy! If anyone also has a similar child please let me know too ! My email: cyndihliva@yahoo.com

  3. pavlevlastimirovic@gmail.com' Pavle Vlastimirovic says:

    Pavle Stanimirovic is 100% Star Child sent with a profound plan and purposse he is a ballance and to awaken the new DNA strands are more advanced and more spiritual this is #punch theory not to replace but to guide you into the future contact Burl Barer author .

  4. pavlevlastimirovic@gmail.com' Pavle Vlastimirovic says:

    Pavle Stanimirovic Star Child Born in NYC 1972 .

  5. Chrissygirlie@msn.com' Momma says:

    I have a amazing 6 yr old boy..he is one of the star children. Now I understand his soul.

  6. carmen.creativejuice@gmail.com' Miracle Babies Mommy says:

    I think of all the articles I have read, this one fits my son quite well (though it doesn’t touch on some other things he also says, does and knows). Though I believe myself to be an indigo child, I was abused and medicated as a child and I think that has dulled some of my gifts. However, my son, (whose name he chose, means eternal and everlasting) has 6/7 of these traits, though a few others that are not mentioned here. He remembers his time in heaven with God, as he says. He sometimes says he wishes he could die because he misses sitting with God. He remembers choosing me and my husband when we where children after a long period of God showing him many parent options. He still gets very clear messages from God and knows of my other babies “that stayed in heaven” (miscarriages) as I was told my chances of having a child are extremely low because of damage done to my body with the childhood abuse. He also remembers how he died in a past life, but does not speak of his past lives. He amazes me all the time and teaches me so much in the most loving and layed back way. I am doing all I can and stay as open minded and receptive and accepting of all he does and says. Though I wish there was more information, support and guidance to raising a star child. Thank you for the article. Helps me to not feel so alone with my son.

  7. creelandrum@icloud.com' Lucretialandrum says:

    I found all this very intriguing and interesting. It explains some of the “genius” children that Steve Harvey had on his show.the 7 yr old boy who played a Difficult piece of classical music by memory. The two very young children who performed to perfection a ballroom dance. A child w/ photographic memory, ect ect. Like this site !!

  8. adria.sorensen@gmail.com' Adria says:

    The Part on cooperation rings very true. I like the candy story.

  9. Jennifer.cavazos2@g.austincc.edu' Jennifer says:

    It’s odd I ended up here. I had a dream that an organization was searching for “star children”. There was a ton of children dressed in white performing the same daily tasks, learning, activities. I was also one of them, it was so odd. We weren’t allowed to leave and there were studies being conducted. They made us listen to odd noises like swooshing, sounded like space and they said if it comforted us or if we remembered anything to let them know. I kept hearing the term “star child”. So I googled it when I woke up. Odd it’s actually something.

  10. rtrex.17101994@gmail.com' Sumok says:

    From the history, human kind have witnessed the star chilndren numerous times. They know what’s actually going on in this world. They are not from this world, somehow they comes here to protect us and to develop us (here another good example of their existence from the history-
    the star child skul https://www.mysteriesrunsolved.co.in/2017/12/star-children-human-race-from-another-world.html ). But why they actually use to do that???

  11. pavlevlast@gmail.com' Pavle Stanimirovic says:

    Star Children Where are you ?
    And of June 2018 .
    Time is moving quickly and we are getting closer to our goals .

  12. Kthompson18@nc.rr.com' Chaplain says:

    I can hardly contain myself, I just heard about Star Children. I know there are children extremely smart. About 50 years ago I was taken away by the Holy Spirit, in regards to Ephesians 1:10 (KJV) I know the scripture teaches our weapons will be made into plowshares and our swords into pruning hooks. Scriptures also teach Jesus is coming back for people without spot or wrinkle.
    Also we will be like Christ. I now know how this is coming about. Star Child. We and all creation is moaning and groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God, the earth included. we do not know how large a squash or cucumber etc. will grow. no policemen , no doctors, etc. Star child is just the beginning.

  13. adria.sorensen@gmail.com' Adria Sorensen says:

    I made a video to show a gew eays to find out if you may be one by using a pendulum or getting aura photography https://youtu.be/-53ZaOOl9NM

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