Scientific Proof that Galactic Energies Have Triggered Worldwide Consciousness Expansion

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Human DNA

New energy from the galactic center is raising consciousness, which is triggering an upgrade to our DNA.

On Coast to Coast AM, scientist David Sereda provided evidence that our Solar System entered a new field of cosmic energy that set off a chain of events including the vibration of the entire planet, the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn, and an early sunrise in Greenland (related to a wobble of the Earth and magnetic pole movement).  The sequence of events began the day after the combined Winter Solstice and total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 – exactly two years to the day before the end of the Mayan calendar.

On Dec 22, 2010, one day after the Winter Solstice/total lunar eclipse, earthquake sensors all over the planet all went off at the same time with full signal strength.  According to Sereda, this was not an earthquake – the entire planet vibrated.

On Dec 23, 2010 NASA reported that the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn erupted and is still going on today.  Saturn is usually a very smooth object to look at.  But, the storm on Saturn is massive.  (Note that the storm may have also begun on Dec 22, but wasn’t reported until the next day.)

The Sun normally rises over Greenland’s most westerly town, Ilulissat, on January 13, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness.  For the first time in history, sunlight crept above the horizon two days early on January 11, 2011 [1.11.11] at 1pm. The media attributed the cause of the early sunrise to the melting of Greenland’s ice.   According to Sereda, that is laughable. Even Time Magazine said no.  Many, many miles of ice would have have melted for this theory to be correct.

There was also a report that compass readings in Ilulissat were off by 3-4 degrees on 1/11/11, but returned to normal three days later.  A compass is measuring the magnetic field – not the physical earth.  However, the back and forth reading of the compass along with early sunrise indicates that the Earth actually wobbled.  It must have wobbled at least a degree to have the sunrise occur two days early, according to Sereda.

The Inuit people from Arctic region say that their world has noticibly changed – the land, the sky, and the environment – possibly indicating that the earth has titled on it’s axis.  The changes include a shift in temperature, daylight hours, sunset location, and the winds.  Even the stars look different.  For more, see the documentary “Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change” starting at the 42:00 mark at the Isuma Productions website.

Einstein said the field is the sole governing agency of matter.  Fields of energy dictate the behavior of everything – from subatomic particles to massive planets.   When you see a sudden change in an energy system, it will cause a sudden change to an ecosystem. With the giant storm on Saturn and the changes occurring on Earth, there is no doubt that something significant has happened from an energy or field perspective. Sereda concluded: “When you go into these new energy fields, changes are very sudden. you get these sudden vibrations.  And, there it was.  Everybody missed it.”

Other indications that the entire solar system is undergoing change are the melting poles on Mars, massive storms on Jupiter, and temperatures rising on many of the planets. All of these changes on the planets  indicates that the entire solar system has entered a new field of energy.

Sereda also pointed out that the human body has an electromagnetic field that can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from the galactic center, as the Earth moves through it.  Fields of energy have either chaos or harmonic information inside of it.  According ot Sereda, if these energy fields that are coming in from the galactic center contain harmonic information, then there is absolutely no doubt that you can scientifically prove that it is causing a consciousness shift on this planet and will continue to do so through 2012.

One of the theories of 2012 is that we are going to receive this new energy that will cause a shift in consciousness and it will affect everything on the planet – including the planet itself. Bruce Lipton has said that consciousness tells energy to tell the DNA what to do.  Your genes are not your blueprint.  Consciousness is your blueprint.  Therefore, it is likely that along with a shift in consciousness, our DNA will be upgraded.

A worldwide consciousness expansion is happening now and will continue through 2012, which is now confirmed by science and the events that are currently unfolding around the world.

David Wilcock, among others, has been lecturing for several years now about energy coming in from the galactic center that will trigger higher consciousness and a DNA upgrade.  You can learn a whole lot more by watching his outstanding film, “2012 Event Horizon”:


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  1.' Jeanette says:

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the return of Christ isn’t literal. The galactic energies are directly related to what God’s got on the timer for little earth, and the information about angelic beings is right on the ball, but the earth is a dangerous playing field if you’re not plugging in to the Holy Spirit. Pluggin in has been available through fasting and meditation throughout mankind’s history, but remember who made the human body to begin with!

  2.' Daniel says:

    Come on, Jeanette! Don’t be fooled into thinking that ancient myths are literal events. This new scientific theory of expanding consciousness is interesting enough, but we don’t need to muddle scientifically explorable data with subjective myths and idiosyncratic faith claims…

  3.' Johnny de Vulcan says:

    I fully agree with Daniel; all these so-called religions are installed by the Annunaki; the story of Jesus is identical, except for the names, with 11 earlier so-called religions. When the Galaxy moves through the universe the solar-system enters new and different areas with new and different energies and radiations, of course ,and some may be benevolent for humans DNA and conscious development. The Mayan calendar is a cirkel, a cirkel has no end (see Asimov) so it is not the end of the world or calendar, but a new trip around. This point is chosen because something very significant happens every time we reach it .

  4.' Zorrgg says:

    Jeanette, jeanette, daniel, daniel, johnny, johnny, johnny, you poor things, bless your hearts. always looking for answers to the wrong questions and coming up with simple word phrases to explain something that doesn’t exist. Don’t try to explain something that your feeble mind can’t comprehend. I cannot be put into box that simple for your own self edification. Zorrgg

  5.' Guy Juarez says:

    Why is it so difficult to believe what Jeanette is saying Daniel and Johnny is it such a stretch of the mind to consider that this shift just might be part of a divine plan? Surly their must be mind behind the shift, you guys almost sound like it is just happening without rhyme or reason with no intelligence behind the energy. How can this be, you both seem like logical guys doesn’t logic and reason say that this is an evolutionary calling for those individuals ready to advance to another state of being? In my humble opinion ‘Yes a misconception by a great deal of people today is that the torsion wave will just happen and everything will be honky dory,’ really? That doesn’t make any sense to me either, so “everybody will just shift into a higher consciousness no matter what they have done or didn’t do” I say NO we have to earn it. Make no mistake about it guys the creator of all life is at work here and the watchers have been waiting for Humanity to raise the vibration of the planet so that two- thirds of the population can leave to a higher state of being or if you like another life form and those that are left behind will have heaven on earth. The whole system was set up to move whoever is ready before 2012 to another existence by raising their vibration to match the energy frequency that is coming this way by what Jeanette calls God/Goddess/Father, are you ready?

  6.' Peace says:

    zorrgg. Care to explain to one who may just well understand what the real question is.

  7.' BuddhistPunk says:

    I don’t see any evidence for the headline statement. Until then… it’s all Blah-Blah

  8.' Sym says:


    why does everything have to have a meaning. it is what it is. a new conciousness. an end and a beginning, this is what life is all about. the cycle of the universe, the circle of life, and whatever else you wanna call it. who cares what it is, and lets just enjoy the fact that we are here to enjoy it.

    If you get out of the sandpit and try to analyse what everything means then you miss out on building the sandcastles.

    stop worrying about pointless crap and get on with your life.
    saying that, im gonna get back to my work.

    Peace out.

  9.' Seriously? says:

    You can’t say “scientific proof” in the title for an article when you don’t even quote your sources.


  10.' 8thecosmo says:

    i dis-proofed have of this video with my 7th grade geology book..

  11.' Shutup Slave says:

    “dis-proofed”? Serously, I hope you still have your 7th grade English book too.

  12.' Richie says:

    You all funny 🙂 one totally into god with a small (g) believe in what you want
    is a freedom of choice. Will see what happens if it true it is only for the best of mankind. I do believe that the negative entities will be replaced and the dollar will fall. Energy from the center of our galaxy sure why not we are moving towards it besides that is fact. Will our dna go from 2 too 12 I would not know nobody does. Time will only tell.

  13.' Jae Knoxx says:

    wow..all of the theories being stated are very intriguing at best..i don’t think anyone has the right to affirm or discredit anyone else’s belief..because it is..well…BELIEF lol. think whatever you like. nobody knows anything as far as a majority of this subject is concerned. you could read a thousand books about this stuff and all you’ll ever acquire is a massive database of suppositions. i for one welcome the concept of an expansion of consciousness, because i honestly cannot stand the behavior of most humans lol. we are in the age of aquarius right? revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness is SUPPOSEDLY underway, so it’s wonderful that people even wonder about topics such as these!

  14. An incredible article, thank you. If everything is energy than surely the energy being emitted from the galactic center is affecting not only us, but all life on this planet and on top of the profound shifts in consciousness the human species is experiencing, I wonder if other species are also experiencing a transformation.

  15.' Pack is Back says:

    I attended a 3 day lecture event by David Wilcock and I can tell you this guy has done his homework. Do some due diligence on his work/you won’t regret it.
    For a graceful connection of all this to the theological side with all this, see William Henry “Soul Rising”. It’s a great time to be on Earth.

  16.' gerard says:

    I have not watched it all yet, but have been struck with one glaring inconsistency. The “force” is perfect, the energy pure. The technology of our bretheren from the skies is “vastly superior” to anything we have. We are an intelligent design. They can levitate, produce manna from heaven, read minds…see the future. OK, I am fine with all that. Why then, please explain why…their UFO’s crash on Earth? Their technology is perfect, it would be impossible. He compares their UFO’s to….experimental planes? Airliners? He very conveniently glossed over that part. No logical explanation at to how they crash, why the would not be “recovered”, or otherwise destroyed. We even have self destruct systems on our spy aircraft! Nope, his whole presentation was tarnished by that for me. Still, very thought provoking. I will not discount it all.

  17.' Greg Scott says:

    Gerard, do you think the aliens could have been texting? 🙂
    But seriously from what I’ve learned from Linda Moulton Howe there is a possible answer. There was sort of a “war” going on in the ’50s in which the U.S. was trying to bring UFO craft down using radar and weapons, then that resulted in an unprecedented number of airline crashes in that era. So we stopped messing with them. Find her research at or on the Mufon LA website. Cheers!

  18.' Joz says:

    Christianity is a joke…

  19. Guy Juarez…. Thank you for continuing to share the simple truths of “love and light.” what meditation do you do? Yogiraj Guranath or other, I’m interested. Thank you.

  20.' jeanette says:

    Emmanuel Ori <3

  21.' christopher says:

    very interesting article, love the information provided but have a qualm with a couple things…..
    first of all unlike the title suggests there is no ‘scientific proof’ of anything related to consciousness in this article. Only vague assertions that consciousness is expanding. Why throw the term scientific proof around so loosely?
    Second, after a little research, this town in Greenland was the only town that reported an early of arrival of the spring sunrise…There are quite a few other towns as far north as Ilulissat around the globe, how come no reports from them?
    Just things to think about before we jump to conclusions…consciousness is expanding but let’s stay grounded in reality, and at least prove that we are aware enough to not use misleading terms and to ask relevant questions….

  22.' Flattopdevil says:

    How can you speak of expanded consiousness when you are not even self aware. Seek not your answers in half truths and myths. Live what little life you have left free of the bounds of yourself. Are you willing to die so that the earth may live? The individual has no value in the grand scheme of things. There is no rythym or rhyme. We simply are. Use not your words to explain and describe. Just experience. Energy has not a will or self awareness. It is not devine nor evil, It only is. Energy only finds it’s demise in it’s transformation into matter. As the inverse is also true.

  23.' LQQKHERE says:

    Could this be one of the reasons that the elite are bombarding us with chemtrails, which contain metals known to reflect energy from the galaxy

  24.' sean bunton says:

    I have seen the manifest destiny. It is a great star about the size of the sun that is made up of pure white light spiritual energy. I tapped into it through intense shamanistic meditation. There are no wrong answers when it comes to religion, all there is, is different perceptions of what god is. We all need to stop fighting each other regarding religion because we are all one.

  25.' munky24 says:

    Dont get me wrong about preaching religion or anything like that, but in the bible it tells about 1000 years of peace after the savior returns. what if science and religion is correct, maybe the savior is a sort of divine energy which allows the expanding consciousness of man to overall understand and practice what is good for man, not just a person being born, but our DNA being rebourne into a new generation of man. In turn we also have not been able to understand how man has evolved. from prehistory man to cave man to modern man, what if the evolution of man and everything on this planet is caused by a change in cosmic energy. name one scientist that can tell you why man or any other type of animal has evolved. Some would say it to be mutations that allow change in the evolution of all that is alive, but what causes the sudden change or mutation, could it be a change in cosmic energy, is this energy god or just nature. No person has the ability to say how or why we change or came to be, we only have a slight understanding of how things work in or time here. Yes there is a lot of change going on in the world today, people in the mid east are rising up for what, the greater good for their fellow neighbor, for a government that is fair, not some repressive dictator or military rule. some of the things going on in our present time supports the idea of a change in consciousness, also I must mention that this is aided by technology social media, the ability for mass amounts of people to converse with each other without being diluted by any type of editor or repressive person. If we are upon a massive change of how we think or who we are, maybe this is the dawn of a new type of man, one with more function of our brain, more use of our “junk” DNA. Whatever this change may be, we as people should accept what we get from it and try to better ourselves and strive for that passage in the bible that calls for 1000 years of peace and lets make it forever. Religion is all pretty much the same story everywhere, the concept of religion for the most part is for people to be good to one another, the rest is mostly fabricated to suit the beliefs of a group of people. anymore other than churches giving money to people in need or just helping people with their problems it is a racket. I’m not saying all religions are bad, but a lot of the people that are associated with current day religion or “churches” are kinda crooked. Take the ideas that are good for you and learn from your fellow man, and strive for peace, and evolve with the feeling kindness in your heart, weather you believe science or religin or both. We are all looking for the answer to all the same questions. Who,What,When,Where, and How.

  26.' munky24 says:

    o and I forgot the most important one of all WHY!!!!

  27.' Tricia says:

    Can I just say I Love You!

  28.' GROOOOVED says:

    Do it, Munk! LOVE LOVE

  29.' Flattopdevil says:

    Give me a break. Life evolves for two reasons. Survivability and Procreation. And just because the fossil record is not perfectly complete does not mean that all of the interval levels of evolution did not exist. It only means we have not found them. There is no mystery in the pathway of evolution. Micro evolution is easily apparent in all species. Bacteria evolve at amazing rates of speed and always have. Cellular diseases are a direct result of mutations of DNA. And as is true for the small is always true for the grand scale.People seem to think that the study of evolution stopped with Dawin’s “Origon of the Species” It did not. there have been on going scientific studies performed since. 150 plus years of discoveries. Recombinative DNA, adpatations in migration habits of wildlife, Etc. Etc. ad infinitum. As for the “SUDDEN CHANGES” in life forms. they are always predicated by the demise of a different dominant species. Usually due to one of two very different events. The first being dramatic climate change due to natural or extraterrestrial origon. ( Not from aliens, but from near earth objects). The second reason is long term nutritional viability for any given specie. This means if a life form cannot adapt fast enough for it’s food supply changes, it will certainly perish. And as for what appears to be sudden changes in socio-economic human behavior. 300 years ago man began changing in his socio-economic understanding. You honestly believe that it would only take a few decades to reach a sort of critical mass. That after the changes in society began in europe that maybe twenty or thirty years would pass and the whole world would follow suit. Society must have certain pressures to reach change points. One of the most important criteria is population. That required better health care and food supplies. We have now reached that benchmark in many societies. And so as a result of the natural desire of anyone to improve their lives. We are at a point where a new period of revolution is beggining. When you only see what you wish to see. You blind yourself to the truth. Reigion is the practice of blindly following ancient beliefs that limit the human consciousness to superstition. In the hopes of some better day in the afterlife. Your DNA is living tissue that was in your ancestors. And is still alive today in you. There are two universal truths about the human animal in the modern age. He is both greedy and lazy. We no longer need to share to survive. We are entering the great period of inter human competition for food and water supplies. The world as we have known it is ending. But not due to some great awakening of the human spirit. It is due to the base evolutionary need for survivability of the species. This planet has enough resources for a healthy human population of 2-4 billion. That is it. So I ask again are you willing to die for the survival of the species. I am not. I am as greedy and as lazy as the next human.

  30.' Jake Otero says:

    We’re all entitled to our beliefs and opinions.

  31.' Alex says:

    Do you guys remember that angry looking sun at the center of the mayan clock? Well the storms you see in other planets are also happening in our sun. I think that may be the bigger picture here.

  32.' munky24 says:

    selfish, greed, being lazy. These are things that I am not. These are things that do not solve problems and are not a way to make or species survive, or any other animal on this planet. I am not saying that there is a divine anything, or maybe their is, know one really knows not even you. If your telling me that those things are what makes us keep going. and as far as Recombinative DNA, do your homework dumbass, that is only possible in a science lab, it does not naturaly occur. Also the world has vast amounts of resources that are not tapped yet, you cannot put a number on how much we have, because you just blowing numbers out your ass to prove your point. If all people thought like you, we would all die. The love for one another is what keeps us going. As humans we have the capabilities of growing enough food for everyone as long as people are not so lazy. The reason you think their isnt enough to survive is because you have not made yourself survive on your own. A great man once said you have to give to receive. This is what i was talking about in my last msg. give, live, love and you will prosper. man may not be able to control weather or nature at that, but we sure do know how to think of a way around our obsticals and problems. Current day humans are more intelligent than any other species that has ever been on this planet that we know of, but if their was some others greater than us i’m sure they would have left something behind that would tell us they were here, ya know like the pyramids that the ancient people of egypt left and so on. The topic of religion, yes its a croc mostly, but it teaches people good values for the most part. Their has been human compatition for a real long time, but you dont see a species that is compatition with us so live love learn and share. You will figure this out later in life mabe when you have someone you would give your life for, like your own child. most people would say yes I would die for my child, and that is what keeps us as humans going. SACRIFICE for the greater good of your fellow man. Everyone should be positive thinking and never negative. Remember every action has a equal consiquence.

  33.' Frank says:

    How full of crap can you be?
    The amazing thing is, how Meany people actually buy this nonsense and call it science.

    •' clnews says:

      Frank, I was sorry to read your comment. It’s not because you offered your opinion that the post doesn’t contain real scientific evidence. I respect that. It was the way that you said it. You are obviously on a different time line than most of the people who come to this site. I would suggest that you read “The Art of Jumping Time Lines“, but I’m that sure you would dismiss it as more nonsense. If you want science, I suggest that you embark (if you haven’t already) on a study of Quantum Physics, and in particular, the concept of parallel universes. Also, the fundamental idea that your thoughts create your reality. When (and if) you understand the implications of this, you will never post or entertain thoughts that are so hostile.

      “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world: everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes

      Blessings to you my friend. -Ross Pittman

  34.' og says:

    hey silly people who watch youtube and became all knowing sheep. wake up. the truth is in a book called the bible. if you say you want the truth but refuse to take the truth , then dont complain when it all goes up in flames and you are part of the problem.

  35.' NVC says:

    Very interesting but not one of you have a clue as to what is really the truth; any more than I do.My birthday is the 22nd of December ( at least it is in Australia where we are ahead of most of the world – except for New Zealand and a few islands-) I will resist being nasty toward New Zealand out of respect for those suffering from the recent upheavals there.

    I do believe that from time-to-time for whatever reason there is an outpouring of something that causes a change in the world; and that this outpouring often occurs around the time of a new, or renewed religion.Not that that proves or disproves the existence of religious forces – at the best it could suggest that some people react to this change by forming or joining a new religion and the religion could still be simply what someone thought it should be. I best be careful here as we all know don’t we that the thoughts of man create the reality of man. ( as Abdu’l Baha says in his writings ” The reality of man is his thought. “) [feel free to google the above quote as it will lead you to several websites explaining who Abdu’l Baha was and when and where he made the above quote]

    If the galatic equivilant of a butterfly flaps its wings in a galaxy far, far away does that have an effect on Earth? Perhaps we need to boldly go where no man has gone before in order to find th nswer to that question.

    Anyway back to reality and the important things in life like getting out of bed, having a shower and then waking my daughter and driving her to school. Then into my office to see if I can remember what happened on Monday.

    Which begs the question: ” Could my Transient Global Anmesia be related to sunspots?” It’s as good a reason as any the doctors have suggested but none of their ideas ahs helped my remember much about Monday. I wonder if it’s significant that I have just mispelled ‘has’ as ‘ ahs’ ? It probably only replects ( reflects) my poor typing skills. I have been correcting my speling as I go but left that ahs in orderto comment on it.

    To all of you ; keep up the thinking for without thoughts we are only some sort of animal that talks.

    My apologies to flattopdevil and .munky 24 but please use short paragraphs – it makes you work so much easierto read. To flattopdevil Baha’u’llah, the prophet founder of the Baha’i Faith said sometning like the fact that because we have no evidence of something happening doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen’ just that we don’t have he evidence. Sorry but I don’t recall the reference just that i read it and thought that it was a very interesting idea.

    It was during my ‘let’s look at religion for some answers as to why we are here phase.” As a sometimes criminologist I know that just because we have no evidence of a particular act or crime happening doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen – it just means that we either don’t know that it happened or the we don’t have the evidence that it happened.

    Good hunting for the truth – it’s out there somewhere.

  36.' clnews says:

    I really don’t want this site to become a place where people argue about religion and start pointing fingers at one another: My opinion is that while the Bible is awesome, it does not contain the complete truth. I suggest that you consider studying the origins of the New Testament and the books that were left out of the Bible (found in the Dead Sea Scrolls) – by man, not God. If you really want the truth, then do your own research. Don’t take my word for it or that of the Church. I hope that you are willing to do that – especially when you are calling people “sheep” and telling us to “wake up.” If you are unwilling to consider the possibility that there might be more to life, more truths, than what is contained in the Bible, then who has the wool pulled over their eyes?

    PLEASE: Let us NOT discuss religion here. There are other forums for doing that. Instead, how about we try this:
    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” -Philippians 4:8

  37.' mary ann says:

    the space people are comming!!!! the space people are comming!!!, they were here in egyption times, and now they will let themselves bo seen,,,,by all!!!!!

  38.' Neutral says:

    I find all your responses quite negative. Is it so hard to just let people receive this information in whatever way it resonates with them. We’re all on our own journey. Why must we try to change the minds of others

  39.' Neutral says:

    I find all your responses quite negative. Is it so hard to just let people receive this information in whatever way it resonates with them. We’re all on our own journey. Why must we try to change the minds of others & spend all our time attacking people & arguing about our differences, rather than embracing our similarities & oneness with all mankind? Peace & love to you all! 🙂

  40.' Bronze Johnson says:

    Interesting, the brother lays it to da bone like buttah to da bread! Yeah.

  41.' sanantonina says:

    Bravo Jae Knoxx,

    I think that you put that so well. We all have a right to believe whatever we feel makes sense to us; and if there is such a thing as the DNA Upgrade, that will probably be one of the first things that will make us all more tolerable, being able to understand another’s perspective! : )

  42.' myserious1 says:

    I find it so amazing that so many here have all the answers – yet they all disagree lol. Seems to me that the more educated people think they are, the more they think they know it all. Problem with that is that we are as educated as the elite allow us to be. Logic should tell us that if we are a threat to the elite, then they won’t allow us to gain the knowledge they have.
    I admit I dont know the answers – why can’t others? LOL

  43.' Frank says:

    Ross Pittman
    I’m obviously on a different time line? sounds a bit like saying I don’t have faith. obviously you can not argue with the fact that the so called lecture had no scientific value, that in itself may not be offensive but to pretend like it does buy acquainting it with quantum physics which I happen to be quite familiar with is completely disingenuous, and the THEORY of parallel universe put forth buy Steven Hawkins has nothing to do with this lecture does it? Or the existence of a creator or prophecies or somebody sends you messages from somewhere.
    Then obviously to dismiss my view, judgmentally you assume I’m not loving because I express my view the way I see it (honestly) a concept most religious have problem with,
    In fact realists and atheists are more loving, giving and moral.
    Religion is the greatest impediment to morality.
    I have no problem with what ever people want to believe, but please do us a favor and don’t call it science, I have a suggestion for you, look up (systems theory) perhaps it might be enlightening and IT IS SCIENCE.

    Candidly, Frank

  44.' Chrispy says:

    What i don’t get is why David Lipton is tagged on the end of the article with a photograph of him with an awful haircut. Come on new agers… why do you guruise people so often with bad hair? If you have to fear something why not fear bad haircuts instead? Its probably a lot easier and less cortisone producing.

  45.' chuck davis says:

    what will be Chile’s role in the 2012 that’s coming?

  46. Wonderful information and thank you David Wilcock,
    Consciousness is a way of Awakening the Mass of Humanity….

  47.' Phreekoid says:

    Absolute pseudo-scientific twaddle….why don’t you guys get a decent job and stop whipping up this 2012 crap…humanity are, and always will be, benighted beings, incapable of knowing what is best for them…..stupid, semi-evolved monkeys….

  48. This understanding so fits the universal expectation on the coming of Heaven on Earth which mystics have been describing for centuries (Finding Heaven Here, o-books, 2009). It’s already here, we just need to cease thought and wake up enough to see it. As we awaken perception, we discover that the world and ourselves are already divine. We are made of God. John

  49.' Concerned says:

    I’m very concerned about the lack of sources on this article. It could very well be true for all anyone knows. I believe it to be true, but belief alone is not sufficient to warrant the trust that is necessary to truly believe it.

    Logically speaking, there is very little here to make a valid, dependable argument, unfortunately.

  50.' Julius says:

    Most of this is theoretical and therefore not proven However, the fact that all of the earthquake sensors went off at the same time can be proven. Why is it that such a significant find is not published on the front page of all of the news papers in the world? Was it supressed by the media and the governments? Did dvid Sereda send it out to the major networks? Perhaps he should have sent it to VIKILeaks? David, do you have a reply to these questions.

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