The Correct Beginning Date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, Its Meaning and the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy

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Venus Zenith Teotihuacan

Venus Zenith Teotihuacan

(By Lucian Dau)

I announce a discovery that I have made regarding the marking place and the significance of the Long Count beginning date. On this date I found Venus transited the zenith at Teotihuacán, Mexico, at a place situated extremely close to the Moon Pyramid. This could have been the exact location intended, taking into account possible errors of various causes. This event occurred precisely on August 11, 3114 B.C. at 11:05 am, local time – proleptic Gregorian, or September 9 – proleptic Julian.

This is the only day when this alignment between Venus at zenith and Teotihuacán occurs.  They say that the Pyramid of the Moon covers the oldest structures at this particular archeological site. Considering its alignment with Venus should be called rather the Pyramid of Venus.

This day was considered as the day of the year when “time began”. It is now largely known and accepted as the day zero for the Long Count calendar of the Maya: 4 Ahau 8 Cumku, or otherwise known as 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

I conclude that the site of the sacred city of Teotihuacán has been chosen to be on the very place where the planet Venus passed exactly at zenith on the date of beginning of the Long Count calendar. This extraordinary discovery explains why they built Teotihuacán on that very place (Lat 19º 42’ N; Lon 91º 50’ W), throw some light on its possible much older antiquity, and reinforce the date August 11 as the real date for the beginning of the Long Count. The other dates proposed by various other sources, August 12 and 13, are out of alignment.

The Maya began their Long Count on what they referred to as the ‘Birth of Venus.’ Nobody has ever been able to determine what the Maya were referring to. The Maya based their sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, on the cycles of Venus. They have the cycle of 52 years called Haab. The Aztecs have a double cycle of 104 years. The 104-year ‘Venus Round’ cycle, was an important ceremonial event as this was the point in time when the solar and sacred calendars realigned with the cycle of Venus.

This 52 year time period also corresponds to the 260-day religious calendar, Tzolkin, when it combines with the 365-day civil calendar Haab. Every 52 Haab solar years (73 Tzolkin years) these calendars coincide. Two 52 year cycles (104 years) coordinate with an alignment with Venus.

52 x 365 = 73 x 260; 104 x 365 = 146 x 260

The date of August 11, 3114 was first discovered by Joseph Goodman in 1905. Today is accepted by the majority of Scholars as the beginning of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Planet Venus is identified with Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan).  In a passage from the Anales de Quauhtitlán it said:

“At the time when the planet (Venus) was visible in the sky (as evening star) Quetzalcoatl died. And when Quetzalcoatl was dead he was not seen for 4 days; they say that he dwelt in the underworld (inferior conjunction), and for 4 more days he was bone; not until 8 days had passed did the great star appear (4 days after inferior conjunction); that is, as the morning star. They said that then Quetzalcoatl ascended the throne as god.”

Quetzalcoatl’s prophecy

The legend says that when Quetzalcoatl left he has made a prophecy, which is called the “13 Heavens and 9 Hells”. According to this prophecy, there will come a day when will commence a period of 13 cycles of 52 Haabs, followed by a period of 9 cycles of 52 Haabs.

The end of the13 Heavens and beginning of 9 Hells was when Hernando Cortes has conquered Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) and killed Montezuma, the Aztec king. This I have found was on November 27, 1519 A.D. Julian.

Various dates have been attributed to this prophecy by different researchers. The most renowned of them was José Argüelles (1939-2011), who initiated the “Harmonic Convergence”, which was the first globally synchronized meditation and prayer for World Peace. According to him, this event happened on August 16-17 1987.

I have researched into this and found out all the three dates, beginning, middle and end of this prophecy.  To my surprise I have found a very interesting correlation between all three, in terms that all fell on the same Maya calendar-round 52-year date: 13 Ahau 8 Yaxkin. Ahau means “Lord” and Yaxkin means “first day”, or as others say “first Sun”.

The beginning of the 13 Heavens was May 18, 844 AD, proleptic Gregorian, May 14, 844 AD, Julian. In Maya notation it was Ahau 8 Yaxkin. On this day the Sun was exactly at zenith at Teotihuacán, at 11:29 local time.

Adding 246,740 days (13 x 52 x 365) to this date we arrive at the end of the 13 Heavens: December 7, 1519, proleptic Gregorian, November 27, Julian. In Maya script it was Ahau 8 Yaxkin.

Adding further 170,820 days (9 x 52 x 365) to this date, we obtain the date August 15, 1987, Gregorian. In Maya notation it was Ahau 8 Yaxkin. This date is just one day earlier than the date for the Harmonic Convergence proposed by José Argüelles (16th August).

The Maya have chosen not only a beginning date for their Long Count calendar, marked by the Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacán, but also an end date after a period of 13 Baktuns, which is equal to 5125.36 years or 1,872,000 days. This date is December 21, 2012, or in Maya notation 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. Ahau means “Lord”; Kan means “yellow” or “ripe” and kin means “day”.

The prophecy also states that there will be about 25 years from the Harmonic convergence until the end of the present cycle.

The Pleiades, “the Seven Sisters”, have been a very important constellation to all ancient civilizations, as well as for the Maya. This year on May 20, 2012 there will be a solar eclipse closely conjunct the Pleiades.

May 18 is a sacred day for the Maya. On May 18, 2013 11:31:48 at Teotihuacán, the sacred city of Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan), the Sun will be positioned exactly at zenith similarly conjunct the Pleiades.

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