ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos

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Chemtrails over Malmo, Sweden

Chemtrails over Malmo, Sweden.

This alert is meant for the entire world, not just those living in the U.S.  It is of the utmost importance that we flood the U.S. media with an awareness that a heinous crime is being committed against humanity and our precious planet in the skies around the globe. We  believe that the U.S. has bullied the rest of the world into following their chemtrail-geoengineering agenda.  If the U.S. stops spraying, the rest of the nations will quickly follow suit. Therefore, we are asking everyone who reads this message to immediately follow the simple instructions detailed below (and tell others to do same).

First, understand why it is imperative that you take action NOW. Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri recently posted a shocking and detailed article about the dramatic increase in toxic heavy metals the air that we breathe.  There are at least 12 different toxic metals at levels that far exceed the allowable limits, including levels of arsenic (a toxic poison) that are 418 times the allowable limit!

Secondly, understand that what we are asking you to do is quite simple and, in fact, was already done by many thousands of people just last week.  All you need to do is send a few emails and fill out some contact forms on the media websites.  The email address and links to the contact forms are provided below.  We even provide sample text.  Modify the text to fit your situation, then just copy and paste into the emails and contact forms.

Finally, understand why this plan will succeed. The vast majority of people on the planet are unaware of what’s happening simply because: (1) they have been conditioned to believe that what they see in the sky is normal; (2) they aren’t told by the TV news that it is not normal and, in fact, the chemtrails are highly toxic.  If it’s not reported on the news, it’s not real.

Last week, a TV segment on chemtrails was presented on a Now, we know that a lot of you have pictures and videos of chemtrails. We want to see them. So, send them to us at: We’ll post them on our website.”

News about the request for chemtrail pictures spread like wildfire around the internet after it was initially reported by The Intel Hub Radio and then  Both experienced massive spikes in traffic.  Many thousands of people sent in their photos.  CBS Atlanta received so many emails, their account was overloaded causing many of the emails to bounce.

Why do we have to wait for media to ask for our photos and videos before we send them?  The answer is: WE DON’T!  All TV News shows, news radio shows, and newspapers want your photos and videos.  They just don’t know it yet.  One of them is about to break the biggest story ever!  Watergate pales in comparison.

All we need is for one of the media giants to provide fair and in-depth coverage of the geoengineering-chemtrail crimes (similar to this local TV news segment, but much more in-depth) and the others will follow.  The general populace will be awakened. There will be an outcry to elected officials to immediately stop the spraying (similar to what former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson said).  This WILL lead to the truth being revealed and a worldwide stoppage of the spraying.

Skeptical?  All we ask is that you give it a try.  It will take you at most 60 minutes to do as instructed below.  And, you don’t have to do it all at once.  Spend 10 minutes for six days and then you can rest.   Understand this: your action is crucial to our success! If you want the spraying to stop, then you must take action NOW.  People around the globe are waking up to the fact that things just aren’t right, and are now ready to hear and believe YOUR story.

OK, let’s get to work.  As mentioned above, there are two ways to contact the media online: (1) via email; or (2) via the “Contact Us” forms on their websites.  Email address and contact links are provided below.


  1. Only send one or two photos via email.  We will quickly overload their email inbox if everyone sends a dozen photos or more.  You can also provide multiple links in the text of your email.
  2. You cannot send attachments via the contact forms, but you can provide links.  We suggest that you provide a link to a website that has photos or a video of chemtrails in your area.  For example, if you live in Sussex, England, then go to and search for: Sussex chemtrails.  Then click on the images and/or the video link on the left.  After you land on the website containing photos or video that represents what is happening in your area, just copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser, and paste it into your text.
  3. You can save time by composing one email to yourself and use the blind copy (BCC:) feature and put all the media email addresses in so that they will all go out at once while keeping the other addresses confidential, it will just appear as if you sent it to yourself while they get a copy.
  4. Some of the contact forms are limited in the amount of text that you can enter.  So, you need to be concise.  For example:

My name is Greg Scott and I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I frequently see planes spraying toxic chemtrails in the skies above my home. My health is under attack.  For evidence of chemtrail spraying in LA, see:  Also, see for evidence of a worldwide geoengineering-chemtrail effort and the serious negative impacts to our health and our planet.

Be sure to modify the above text to include your name and location as well as the links that you want to provide.  Save your text in a document so that you can easily copy and paste it into the forms. Here are the links to the contact forms (just click on the link and enter your info):

CBS – Contact Us form for CBS Evening News, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, etc.  See below. Be sure to contact each separately.

CBS Contact Us Options

Twitter: Tweet @TeamCNN

MSNBC –  Contact us form

Below are the email addresses for several of the media giants. You can attach 1-2 photos to your email and include as many links as you want.  Again, save your text of your email in a document so that you can copy and paste it into all of your emails.

send email to:

Time Magazine
send email to:

Newsweek Magazine
send email to:

Feel free to contact others including local TV news stations, newspapers, and radio shows. You can usually locate their website by doing a google search.   Look for their “Contact Us” link, which usually appears at the bottom of their homepage..

If you have a link to contact list of email addresses for your country or region, send it to:

We’ll add a link to your list above.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. We are all in this together.  And, together we will succeed. Godspeed.

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  1.' Sconey says:

    Im an Aussie. We been onto them for doing this in Australia. We have had mass weather effects in the east side of Australia. The link here will direct you to a google page. It shows the seeding game they been playing here.
    In Tasmania on one link explains it workd too well. QLD use this pratice. You will find that also.

    Please share. This info is correct…

  2.' Sconey says:

    Today our Government anounced the will have an enquiry into the floods. I bet you they wont even look into this as many think it is myth..

    Our Government have a rule.
    1. Dont have an enquiy unless you know the outcome first 🙁

  3.' clnews says:

    Hi Quinn. I don’t know exactly when the spraying started. But, I did get an email from somebody with a photo from a 1980 movie that sure looked like chemtrails in the sky. Most believe that the spraying started around 1998. Here’s what Ross Pittman wrote in an article on our site after seeing the movie ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?‘: “Alzheimer’s disease was extremely rare 30 years ago. In 1979, there were only 857 reported deaths due to Alzheimer’s in US (and before that it was virtually non-existent). By 2007, the number of death’s attributed to Alzheimer’s disease was 74,632 – an increase of over 8600%, making it the sixth leading cause of death and climbing. It is estimated that an astonishing 5.3 million Americans now have Alzheimer’s disease. Post-mortem examinations of Alzheimer’s patients have shown high concentrations of aluminum in the brain, which we are apparently inhaling with every breath we take.” Here’s a link to the article.

    Thank you for commenting on our site.

    -Greg Scott

  4.' Randy says:

    do you people understand water vapor? most “chem trails” are water vapor.

    •' Greg says:

      Randy, contrails which are water vapor are not what these people are referring to. They are referring to persistent contrails that do not evaporate like regular contrails. There are multiple patents, international agreements, air, water and soil tests, whistleblowers and literally SO much more evidence that it cannot be denied any more. Be sure to watch the Mt. Shasta California government discussion on the subject. It’s happening, and it’s bad for our health and the planet. PS, if you are 40 or over you will remember what contrails used to look like, i do and they never ever lasted more than 5 minutes.

  5. There are image hosting sites where you can upload your photos as well. photobucket, tinypic imageshack and more. On some of the sites you can even label your pictures. You could upload 1 or 2 photos in your email and then upload the rest of your photos to the image hosting sites and link to them in your email so they can view more. Just some options!

  6.' Adam says:

    I’m a pilot and you all are mentally challenged at best.

    There are plenty of things in the environment or in what we eat that are causing increases in different sorts of cancers, alzheimers, etc. If you think vapor trails from aircraft is the government spraying stuff on us (for the purpose of?) and not the condensation of aircraft exhaust when it contacts the outside air then, please, for the rest of the species…stop reproducing. Or take a physics class.

  7.' Jonny says:

    They are called contrails not chemtrails idiots

  8.' Mike says:

    Clearly Alzheimer, Cancer, ect is caused by vapor trails and not from preservatives, made made chemicals in food, all the various things we put in our body, chemicals you wash with, the air you breath, drink, etc… yeah, it’s probably chemtrails, that’s clearly the most logical answer.

  9.' Johnny Conspiracy says:

    You mean the Fluoride in my water is bad too?? OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I thought it was just good for my teeth and stuff!!! So what about Toothpaste?!?! Is that bad too?? Is the American Dental Association In on this grand conspiracy too?? Are they evil dark members of the league of Shadow Government as well??? So I haveto let all my teeth rot out of my head to keep from being brain-washed?? OMG! The why are you telling the public about this! don’t you know the Evil shadowmen have people that can trace your comments back to your computers and locate you and find out who you are and what you’ve been doing for the last 15 years, and make you disappear! Quick! unplug your computer from the internet! they’ll find you. You must do this for the good of the public! If you don’t who else will blow the whistle on these super-evil geniuses!!! hang on.. someone’s at the door.. ok.. I’m back.. it was my friendly census taker, asking me about me and my family.. He says the fluoride is ok. I liked him.. he was nice..

    •' Greg says:

      Johnny, are you really that dense? Please watch “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson. It’s very professional and done by an award winning investigative journalist. It’s on youtube, look it up, you will be smarter afterwards.

  10.' Shutup Slave says:

    You are spot on Johnny! Go ahead and unplug your computer like you were saying.

  11.' claudia Milan says:

    Thanks Abe, don’t listen to the goons that are obviously brain dead and can’t see the difference in the skies.. i grew up next to the airport in LA.. never saw anything come out of a plane that lingered in the sky for hours until the last 5 years.. we are completely under siege globally.. i travel a lot .. i see them spraying when i’m flying.. and they are not coming out of commercial flights.. these are military owned large jumbo jets with all the custom fixtures to deliver a deadly mixture of all kinds of toxic death.. the idiots that can’t figure that out by looking at the skies and looking at these things that can’t be seen from the ground.. most of the jets used have cloaking technology.. it’s weird, me and my friends just watch them strip the skies and we comment..”can’t see the plane, but i see the trial”.. duh.. the jack asses that can’t tell the difference are so retarded and or are just government shills paid minimum wage to post nay saying comments on activist sights… they will be the first to go anyway, because there is some kind of shelter being offered to the ones that do actually realize this genocide of our planet..

    The spiritual see this happening, the drones and, “jack outs”, or “slaves”, don’t,they are controlled inter-dimensionally somehow.. not really alive.. they are like zombies, clinging to a matrix that doesn’t exist anymore..

  12.' Greg Scott says:

    Dear chemtrail skeptics,
    I don’t care what you call them but they are in fact persistent jet contrails. They are not from commercial aircraft as commercial flights must take established FAA routes.
    So we did our homework because geoengineering is coming, the House is using your tax dollars and they are planning to spray your taxes in the air. Don’t believe me? That’s good, you should be skeptical, in fact you should do your own fact checking.

    If you’re not up to speed here is a document proposing “Solar radiation management” using aerosols in the upper atmosphere:
    A video on the hearings(open with windows media player):
    And the main page:

    This was also proposed originally by Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the atomic bomb who suggested using aluminum based aerosols in the upper atmosphere to combat global warming in a paper for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (see pdf link). Teller says, “We expect that introduction of scattering-optimized alumina particles into the stratosphere may well be overall competitive with use of sulfur oxides; alumina particles offer a distinctly different environmental impact profile.”

    So do you contrail deniers think this is a good idea or are you going to pretend it isn’t happening?

    If you think we’re nuts, that’s ok but we want to bring this issue to your attention because it is not on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or FOX. We want you to be aware of this, and stop this geoengineering. It is a waste of taxpayer money.

    I will look forward to your scholarly educated responses.


  13.' devilsadvocate says:

    Just a simple question. Why would the government spray us with stuff that causes a long excruciatingly disastrous death requiring government help to pay for aftercare and insurance to reimburse for 24/7 nursing when it would just be easier to lop us off quickly? While I don’t quite believe everything above us is 100% contrail, the Alzheimer theory is spongy at best.

  14.' aerobroken says:

    For those that doubt this here is a company that does just that and there are more then this one doing it, do some research so you don’t look like a fool ->

  15.' Studa says:

    Wow, look at all the baseless arguments.
    A couple of facts..
    1.If you aren’t “aware” enough to spot the CHEMTRAILS, and you DON’T WANT to see them, you won’t.
    2.We really don’t want to tell you you’re stupid, you’re going to have to figure that out for yourself.
    Thanks to Abe, who restores my faith that there are competent Physicists out there who aren’t owned by the Government.
    Adam, the Pilots and crew likely don’t know it’s going on. The likely mechanism is GPS tracking and Satellite imaging from space to place the “clouds” where they want them, activated from a remote central location.
    I’ve really tried to be nice to “people”, but, if after CAREFUL observation you can’t see that they can turn the “contrails” on and off at will, and that is only one aspect that is definable as “wrong”, then you truly are just stupid. Or afraid. Just to fan the flames, it’s the same for 9/11.
    As I probably won’t return to read this, all you “de-bunkers” can go ahead and try to character assasinate me, but really, you don’t matter. Only those who are true to themselves, and aware enough to try to make our condition better concern me.Tell ya what, show me some proof of your position, and I’ll consider it, but just ignoring and denying my proof isn’t going to wash.

  16.' HennyHughes says:

    @Johnny- There is more to fluoride than you think. It is a lesson in unintended consequences. Not only is it in most peoples’ water in the US at about 1ppm, but because of this it is now also in food grown that has been watered with fluoridated water or processed in facilities that use fluoridated water and from residue of fluoridated pesticides such as cryolite and sulfuryl fluoride. There are many negative health effects that are well documented in peer reviewed research. These include dental fluorosis, subclinical skeletal fluorosis which is virtually indistinguishable from arthritis, neurological effects, certain cancers such as osteosarcoma, increased hip fractures and more. I’d be happy to provide references if you like.

    Fluoride was once used as a medication to treat overactive thyroid because it displaces iodine, which is necessary for producing T3 and T4. The dosage used was 2-10mg per day. The department of health and human services’ own estimates show the average person in a fluoridated area takes in 1.6-6.6mg let day, well within the range of thyroid supression. You may be interested to know that synthroid and it’s generics are now the second most prescribed drugs in the US.

    Sad thing is, fluoride is not as effective as people think. In 1986-87, the National Institute of Dental Research studied 39,207 children ages 5-17 across the US. The children were spread across fluoridated, partially fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas. The study found NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN RATES OF TOOTH DECAY ACROSS THE THREE GROUPS.

    I will leave you with one last thing. Call your local water department and ask the source of the fluoride. Like 90% of the country, it is probably fluorosilicic acid or fluorosilicate, both waste byproducts of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

  17.' Johnny Conspiracy says:

    wooooooow.. I was so hoping this site was something like the onion… unfortunately it’s not and there really are nutsoid people out there that believe this crap.. Go hide in your shelters tin hat brigade.. and please don’t come back out. The Men in black in their “cloaked” (LMAO) helicopters and jets will come get you if you don’t. In Fact they are probably watching this site now.. tracing your posts.. coming for you.. look out the window, is that them?? hide little whistelblower hide! they are coming for you. And yes, I MUST be a minimum wage paid gov’t lackey who does nothing but monitor these sites for the purpose of nay-saying.. I Couldn’t be anything else, like, i dunno, a sane person who uses his common sense to tell the difference between reality and Crazy. And I couldn’t be someone that just LOVES fucking with idiots such as yourselves, who really do suffer from Paranoia and should be taking some sort of medication.. but wait, those are probably gov’t mind control pills right?

  18.' Adam says:

    Are you talking about seeding clouds to make rain? That’s rather different (and well known). The Chinese did it during the summer olympics. In fact, that less-than-reliable technology only bolsters the physics behind contrails.

    No one has yet to really explain what the motive is here. Please…elaborate.

    Also, Claudia…”these are military owned large jumbo jets with all the custom fixtures to deliver a deadly mixture of all kinds of toxic death.. the idiots that can’t figure that out by looking at the skies and looking at these things that can’t be seen from the ground.. most of the jets used have cloaking technology..”

    I won’t even address cloaking technology. They’re probably time traveling also. But let’s assume for a moment that you’re right about all that. How would you know that? Where did you hear this? What kind of gas? What’s the purpose? How do you know these jumbo jets are military owned? Is the FAA aware of these flights or are they in on it? The burden of proof is on the kooks.

    Also good for you for living by LAX. I live 3 miles from a major international airport also. That doesn’t give weight to any of your crazy statements.

  19.' George England says:

    Thank you for your kind words, I suggest that you get your head out of your arse and pay attention to the things that are going on around you. It seems to me that you really need to stop digging a hole for yourself. You are a prick, Everybody has a right to know the truth, Many things have been explained in great length and detail, but you choose to be narrow minded and shallow with bare faced facts. All you are here for is to disrupt things with your head in the sand. You carry on making yourself look an ass by all means, after all its good to have a debate. However It’s not good to ridicule another’s point of view especially without knowing the facts, May I suggest that you do like I have done and check it out properly before you fall in the quagmire of crap you are creating.

    January 22, was the first Chemtrails Awareness Day.(1) For those of us who, for years, have been researching these aerosol toxins that continue to be sprayed on us, it was a day to redouble our efforts once again to educate those who have not been paying attention to the momentous changes in our skies. Just look up! We rarely have full days of real sunshine. Instead, now we have 20% less sun, and mostly a blanket of artificial “clouds” filled with toxins. This is due to illegal Weather Modification programs that have never had any official public discussion. Our air quality, over the past 12-15 years, has declined dramatically. Do we really think we are immune to these poisonous effects? If one connects the dots as to how this has affected our well being, all we need do is see how illness has increased significantly in humans, animals, and plant life (in short, all living things). Millions of people are getting sicker, not better. What has happened is staggering in implications for all life on this planet. Yet, despite two documentaries(2), the important and vital research contributions of Clifford Carnicom, various Skywatch and other citizens groups’ concerns, Dr. R. Michael Castle’s 2007 Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act (stalled in Congress), and possibly thousands of calls and letters to those in charge, US public officials and agencies continue to either ignore our real concerns or dismiss them as unfounded. There has been absolutely NO accountability and NO precaution. Instead, lies and deceit abound. This cannot continue. How many more days do we want to be poisoned?

    A new preliminary draft report by Arizona Skywatch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals that simply do not belong in our air. NOTE: The level of Manganese is so shockingly high that Arizona Skywatch also included additional information about it (see below). This report will be posted online shortly.(3) Here are the pre-publication results. [NOTE: the Manganese and Copper ratio.]

    This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona air particulates.
    2010 Air Particulates
    These figures indicate how many times they are over the “allowable” toxic limit:
    Aluminum: 15.8
    Antimony: 63.3 [This is not a typo]
    Arsenic: 418 [This is not a typo]
    Barium: 5.3
    Cadmium: 6
    Chromium: 6.4
    Copper: 9
    Iron: 43.5 [This is not a typo]
    Lead: 15.7
    Manganese: 513.8 [This is not a typo]
    Nickel: 10.7
    Zinc: 7.5

    These figures show that there is no air “quality” [a word meaning: excellence or worth], but instead there is a combination of hazardous metals permeating the air. These toxins do NOT belong in the air we are breathing. In fact, if precaution were accurately factored in, the “allowable” toxic limit should be ZERO. Due to the extremely high level of Manganese, Arizona Skywatch also includes the following information on this metal:
    We are looking at a few metals that are without question harmful to health and environment, such Al [Aluminum] and Ba [Barium]. The third year of air particulate collection and analysis shows lower Al and Ba but still much higher than rated as safe. Manganese [Mn] continues to be extremely high for 2010. The full report for 2010 is not complete, but do not be fooled by the idea that Iron or Mn are harmless –there are defined health impacts with high intake. Not all the Manganese being ingested will be from food, fine particles of Manganese passes through blood-brain barrier and can be deposited. [For how this happens, see Mark Purdy’s research below.] See 2008 and 2009 particulate report analysis –2010 will be finished and posted in the coming weeks.

  20.' Free_Humanity says:

    Question: How long can a naturally occurring jet engine exhaust contrail last in ideal conditions?

    Just wondering because I’ve filmed and taken pictures of “contrails” that expanded into huge, long clouds, quadrupling in width, and lasting for 3+ hours until they have drifted over the horizon.

    As soon as someone can give me empirical, scientifc proof that a naturally occurring jet contrail can do such a thing, I’ll throw out the chemtrail theory.

  21.' bro-ken says:

    @ Johnny Conspiracy, @ Adam, @Netmonger, @Abe and all the other naysayers:
    Either you folks are ignorant and need more proof or your are in denial or just perhaps you are paid disinformation agents for the FED’s. Whatever the truth about you may be here are some facts you CANNOT refute:

    1. An aviation company in Arizona has SuperTanker aircraft:
    2. You can watch one in action:
    3. They define their Markets as:• Firefighting• Oil Spill Containment • Weather Modification• Biochemical Decontamination

    Read more about it here:

    And, depending on the mission’s requirements, the Supertanker’s versatile application system will disperse retardant (or other chemicals) under high pressure, Read about it here:

    Now if they are capable of “Biochemical Decontamination” they can certainly Biochemically CONTAMINATE. Here is some information on what has been identified in the chemtrails:

    Take a peek at their “spray nozzles” here:

    Oh and by the way sodium fluoride NaF is a poison. The lethal dose is between 5 to 10 grams. Its affects are chronic and non-lethal doses cause MENTAL STUPOR. Sodium Fluoride is a class 4 neurotoxin. Read about it here: and here

    I don’t know about all of you folks, but don’t you sometimes just get plain tired with all of the LIES?

    Jesus said: John 10:10 (King James Version)
    10The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

    SDG and liberty to the captives! bro-ken now made whole in Jesus Christ

    BTW: I’ve been educated in all the formal ways with advanced scientific and business degrees. I’ve worked for the Fortune 100 Corporations and have even started my own. But until the foolishness and stumbling block of the Cross becomes your wisdom and power you will never fully understand…

  22.' Anon says:

    The chemtrails contain high levels of Barium, which is used to block radiation. If you stop the chemtrail then we will be expose to high level radiation being emitted by the Sun’s binary star which is a brown dwarf, which will make its passing to our solar system in the coming year/s. But the government and NASA won’t tell you that.

  23.' contrail vs chemtrail says:

    The condensation trail, contrail, we see with airplanes only lasts for a few seconds, while the chemical trail, chemtrail, we see following those high flying jets lasts much much longer. This link shows that Corexit chemical was used to spray in the Gulf Oil Spill in early 2010. Look at the chemtrail in this link, and check it out for yourself the difference between contrail and chemtrail.

  24.' gb says:

    I have been involved in the systems being used.This is widespread and most people are unaware of what they are looking at..Its funny what people say when they are uninformed..My connects have indicated that partial discloser is coming in june..The industry is very reluctant for full exposure due to law suit possibilities..Will see how it goes..

  25.' hopin says:

    Boy, what a bunch of know-it-all idiots. contrails evaporate, chemtrails DO NOT.
    Try looking up Evergreen Aviation and note that they do lots of spraying for the govt. Listen to Bill Gates and his depopulation speach. Before you shoot off your mouth maybe your should use that useless lump on your shoulders to do a little reading and research.

  26.' j4rp says:

    Wow, what a busy day in the skies they have been pouring them on all day long! It amazes me that they can be claimed as vapor trails, contrails, etc. To the best of my knowledge, dont commercial planes pretty much fly the same flight plan at pretty much the same times everyday. I live right by the airforce base, I dont see the jets spewing out huge, long stretches of vapors that seem to hang around and linger, expand and eventually look like some form of clouds. I dont see it on the planes that come in and out of the international airport which I also live by. I live on the bench of the mountains, with a valley below and I see the spray eventually settle to the bottom of the valley floor where most of the people live, and it sits as a white sort of mist, that then Im told is pollution. In fact our freeways have signs that say air is bad today, drive less.
    Then I mention something to my neighbors or friends, and they cant imagine what Im talking about, I think wow do you ever look up? Today would have been a beautiful sunny day instead by 3 in the afternoon we are under complete cover of? Vapor trails? Are you kidding me? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    I guess those who have eyes to see will, they will because they want too, they know longer want to put their trust in the arm of flesh. Wake up and think, yes thats right think. Realize this is not making any sense, they can call them what they want it just does not add up.

  27.' Bob says:

    Isn’t this well-documented on You Tube? Lots of videos of chemtrails on YouTube, and not just still photos. Tell those TV producers they should spend a few days reviewing the thousands of videos of You Tube… and it’s also all over the internet, just google it in various ways.

  28.' Adam says:

    Let me say it again. The burden of proof is on the people making the crazy claims.

    Its the same with aliens. Just because I can’t prove aliens aren’t visiting the planet, doesn’t automatically mean they are. Every argument here that is pro-chemtrail is rife with logical faults.

    “Look up!” Oh. Those clouds must definitely be a.) be chemicals the government is spraying us with. Sorry Ariel, looking up isn’t all that is needed. You definitely need more hard evidence to make your point than simply observations made by a non-expert.

  29.' Adam says:

    Also, what do you mean “jets following the direct path of the sun”? I honestly don’t mean to be rude but you really have no idea what you’re talking about. I can’t put it any more politely.

  30.' clnews says:

    Dillon. Thank you very much for your suggestion. We were just talking about doing this two days ago. You have confirmed our thoughts. There are no coincidences. Warm regards. -Ross

  31. The “ingredients” in chemtrails not only harm the entire Earth (this includes you and anyone you love) but chemtrails actually act as a shield around the Earth making it very difficult to receive high vibrational frequencies. For example, one of the main elements chemtrails are known to dish out is aluminum. In a lecture from David Wilcock, he talks about seeds being sent into outer space in aluminum casings did not grow.

    Put two and two together, eh?

    If you are a part of the control system for this planet, and you know the energetic shifts occurring and the inevitability of a golden new age and such heightening of consciousness that is to come you will try to stop it in any way right? Because you cannot control a liberated people. So – feed them mind-numbing foods, add apathy-inducing fluoride to their drinking water, get them hooked on anti-depressants, and while you’re at it – why not shield the Earth too just in case all of the above don’t work (or – to get at those who refuse your gmo foods, fluoride water, and prescription drugs).

  32.' thor says:

    contrails can and often do persist, spread and cover the sky in a haze of cirrus-like cloud. The water vapor in jet exhaust condenses, freezes into ice crystals…these crystals persist or dissipate depending on surrounding humidity levels…

    Much like a cloud- cirrus clouds persist…and so can contrails.

    If anyone says contrails cannot persist- and never have- they are either ignorant or lying.

    Its as simple as that.

    The physics that dictate the behavior of jet exhaust have not changed..contrails have always had the ability to persist and spread. They have been observed since the 20s, studied for decades and are a well known behavior to atmospheric scientists…Has anyone wondered why there is not a single atmospheric scientist- anywhere in the world- who is equally alarmed by the trails in the sky as “chemtrail” Believers??

    There are literally 100s of peer-reviewed scientific paper detailing the process of contrail persistence- written over decades by scientists from all over the world- research the term “contrail cirrus” to open your mind to a wealth of information on the physics of the atmosphere.

    They may very well be “spraying” something but you cannot tell just by seeing a persistent contrail.

    some papers to review- old and new:

    Measurements of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail
    R.G. Knollenberg
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
    Volume 29, Issue 7 (October 1972)

    “It is often observed that contrails spread considerably…Under favorable conditions, a lateral spread of kilometers is observed…If sufficient air traffic exists, and entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours with rapid growth in the ice budget of individual contrails.”

    “Contrails to Cirrus- Morphology, Microphysics, and Radiative Properties”
    David Atlas
    Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
    January 2006

    read and learn!

  33.' MrC says:

    and yes I know how to spell chemtrails and i put “in” twice…sorry I was typing fast and I can’t stand seeing these government shills on here DENYING and LYING what’s obvious to those of us who are not Sheeple.
    So tired of the lies- look, the WH science “czar” John H. admits they are spraying barium, aluminum and other metal oxides in the air to reflect sunlight and UV radiation and so on. No one needs to be doing any chemistry problems, it needs to be stopped post-haste. Along with all the LYING.

  34.' Rey says:

    I have personally followed this in a while and I can honestly say that there are facts relating to this occurrence. I can only suggest that those who are skeptical should do your research rather than being complacent to your ignorance. Same day same altitude, several aircraft with contrail another with several with chemtrail at exact time, perhaps it was the variance in temperature? I think not…… date Aluminum and Barium are the finding.

  35.' Bully says:

    The real news is, the government does not perform its duty well and it has to do better job. We expect right and authentic info from any media and there can not be anything that will be able to hide the truth.

  36.' Shutup Slave says:

    So how do you explain “contrails” that don’t have planes attached to them?
    Did it forget to follow the airplane? Did the “ice crystals” forget to melt?

  37.' Louise Rosen says:

    Anyone with half a brain, eyesight suffricient to read this blog, access to a computer, and an open mind knows that the chemtrails are real and that there has been overwhelming research done on the subject. We are swimming up the river of Denile if we believe otherwise…

  38.' Juli says:

    My brother, sister and I sat at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful view of the open sky. I explained to them about the chemtrails we saw being laid down as we sat there. Three hours later, these trails were now milky ‘clouds’ that took over the sky. They didn’t know what they were before we sat down but they surely do now. I gave them a lesson about it right then and there. They replied they had always noticed them but had no idea what they were. Two more people educated. To the closed minded people: skeptics ask why- all the time, while the close-minded are just plain idiots. It’s truly a sad thing to witness.

    •' clnews says:

      Keep doing what you are doing – educating others about chemtrails. You might want to suggest that they watch “What in the World Are They Spraying?” on YouTube. I am part of a mastermind group of brilliant chemtrail activists that is very close to launching a worldwide, multi-progned campaign to raise awareness and consciousness to such an extent that the people of the world will demand that it stop. This will include worldwide peaceful rallies, bombarding media and elected officials, worldwide boycotts, and local grassroots efforts – everything from sharing with your family and friends to setting up group events and talking at town hall & EPA meetings. There will be a huge event on Earth day, which we will call Earth & Air day. A website will be created in the next couple of days, whose sole purpose is to deliver the plan & calendar to the world and coordinate volunteers. Please sign up for our newsletter so that we can notify you when things get rolling, which I expect to happen in the next week. RATHER THAN JUST WITNESSING WHAT IS HAPPENING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DO SOMETHING THAT WILL PUT A STOP IT, WITHOUT A DOUBT. BELIEVE.

  39.' Juli says:

    Am looking forward to that…..where do I sign up for the newsletter?

    I do send out mass emails to friends when the spraying is happening right then and is obvious that something ‘unusual’ is going on and I have watched the movie and recommend it all the time.
    Have not had a huge response at all by any means, sad to say.
    Thank you for your work with this.

  40.' Adam says:

    “So how do you explain “contrails” that don’t have planes attached to them?
    Did it forget to follow the airplane? Did the “ice crystals” forget to melt?”

    That is simply because contrails can persist for quite sometime depending on the atmospheric conditions of the given day.

    The best argument put forth here is “look up. open your minds.” All this is are the collections of observations from non-experts. That youtube video posted earlier proves absolutely nothing. Not believing a point of view that has no proof doesn’t mean one is in denial. It just means us normal people don’t go around believe every email forwarded to us with colorful text and bold letters.

    People want to believe in chemtrails (and other classic conspiracy theories) because, lets face it, life would be way more interesting that way. But, alas, its not. The government isn’t intentionally spraying us with chemicals, we landed on the moon in 1969 (yes, there are many forms of independent proof), and Elvis is actually dead.

  41.' Sharon says:

    It doesn’t really matter if someone claims that chemtrails are merely contrails. Those fools are still breathing air laced with toxic chemicals. Remember when we were told to trash our aluminum cookware because they were dangerous to use? So why then is it perfectly fine and dandy for aluminum to be sprayed on us, on our food supply, in our water? And it is just one ingredient of chemtrails. Our government doesn’t care about us, their agenda is all that matters.

  42.' Adam says:

    we breath bad stuff in all the time. air pollution is definitely a problem. there’s no doubt about that. chemtrails…i.e. the intentional spraying of the population by the government for unknown purposes in “cloaked” aircraft as one person mentioned earlier…is totally different.

    unlike the conspiracy theorists, i can actually prove my point. the problem is, those kind of people will still not believe you even in the face of inarguable proof. that’s what puts them on another level, again, like the “flat-earth society” haha. its the same thing.

  43.' Shutup Slave says:

    What amazes me is how much time the debunkers give to commenting on blogs all day when they should be working. What gives them such a hard-on for chemtrails? If this is such a conspiracy theorist issue why do you waste your time?

  44.' mike says:

    You people are such retards. If you want to help this country out get jobs and stop wasting your time talking about your little conspiracy theories. This is what is wrong with the world today. Some psycho who hasn’t left his house in over 6 years comes up with some wacky theory and you gullible fu**s believe this sh*t get lives and stop being scared Pusseys over everything. Enjoy your life live it up stop living in fear I really hate people like you.

  45.' Cat says:

    So in Dr. Ilya’s paper, there seems to be a concious effort to “scribble out” her information about “Seeds of deception.” I just want to say in light of all these intensley dismissive posters that there is a conspiracy with our food. Monosanto, who almost all people have no clue about, is our food monopoly. They own and artificially modify everything in your fridge right now. Their engineered food has been shown over and over to cause sterilization and death on tested animals. Farm animals in general,are dying in mass numbers being fed GE feed. Please read “50 harmful effects of genetically modified food”. Google it. Billions of years of evolution of plants, animals and human beings are being exponentionally endangered by their practices. I read this and cried. Our water is controlled and owned, our food, and sadly now our air.

  46.' Adam says:

    Yes, I am a paid shill sent here to cause trouble. I call people crazy because the government thinks that will make people stop talking. Too bad my job is in jeopardy….i”m about to lose my trailer.

  47.' cas says:

    for those who believe chem trails are “con trails” try googling “Number of planes
    in the air per day”. One answer was 90,000. So why are there not more left over
    contrails. Or why do the “contrails” only show up on certain days that if you keep track of them there appears to be a pattern. A pattern of Chem Trails in my area is once a month the skies a filled.
    Why are birds, fish and bees dying in large numbers. All those that deny the possibily of chemicals in the air now will see the effect in the future.those that have children have a responsibility to protect them from harm.
    Don’t be brain washed by those who want to take control of your life.
    Use the brain God gave you to question and wonder why God’s creatures are dying.

  48.' George Bushfraud says:

    After chemtrail spray those polymer fibers appear on cars, trees, your head etc. That remind of “spider webs” but are colored like a rainbow and are straight and do not have a substance of a spider web fiber. That stuff gets into your lungs and your system. Massive non-compliance, non-payment of medical bills is coming.

  49.' Sandra says:

    Why would we give all our evidence to the very mass-media corporations that have been suppressing this information for years?! Be careful! Send it also to independent media of all kinds!

  50.' Greg Scott says:

    You’re spot on Sandra. Perhaps we need to spin this toward the independent media on how there is a corporate media blackout of chemtrail coverage. A network owned by government contractors like General Electric is not likely going to investigate something like this and broadcast it with the same tenacity as they do Weinergate, Casey Anthony, and the endless debt ceiling drama.

  51. The Sacrameento Metropolitan Water District advertises that they are “seeding” the skies on their web site. They did this starting in August, when there weren’t even any clouds. We’ve had the driest year so far. I can appreciate arguments of seeding clouds, but “seeding” NO clouds? I don’t get it!

  52.' Diane.M says:

    Hmmm to these people who are indoctrinated to believe these are planes then since when does a plane fly back and forth and back and forth, for in the country I have seen them do this, two planes only, weaving back and forth, perfectly spaced. I have pictures of the planes doing it also and they ain’t no large jet plane. If you google “weather modification” you can see the pictures inside one of these planes. On CBC Canada they had a documentary about these chemtrails. I know its hard to believe what you been taught that we should trust our governments is all lies.

  53.' Glenn says:

    Funny the skeptics come on and call us crazy. Here they are using supposed science which is all lies anyway to divert from the truth. Don’t call us crazy, most of us have probably done extensive research into this and you skeptics probably bugger all, just going by sheer negative attitude, most likely too dumbed down by these chemicals. I live in New Zealand and even here we are getting these chemicals dumped on us. I am 40 and I remember looking up at the sky as a kid and seeing contrails or vapor trails we call them here and they were not that long and disappeared fairly quickly, never lingered or formed into wispy cloud. Don’t tell me I’m crazy. These trails are far different from those days, something is not right here. We have had a crap summer here and I have watched these planes do the spraying back and forth until the sky is filled with these clouds. Get out from under your rocks and open your dumbed down minds.

  54.' Frank Mitairtonna says:

    I wrote them ALL months ago to cover our hearings in Suffolk county NY No one was interested

  55.' paul says:

    Youtube PRINCETRUTHCHASER & see my 5 chemtrail vids you will be amazed

  56.' paul says:

    Youtube PRINCETRUTHCHASER & see my latest chemtrails in the skies open up ur eyes pt. 5!!

  57.' Lorri Cockrell says:

    Thank you so very much for helping the public wake up as I was wondering why my joints were hurting, my eyes and feeting burning as I walk outside three times a day, after heavy spraying of chemtrails and not knowing the after affect, I went outside for only 1/2 hour in which I ended up with the most horrible migraine, stomach ache, and down right feeling like I was being gases, I had to actually lay down as I was that sick and I am a healthy active lady from Alaska….The last two week here in Pennsylvania has been being spraying aggressively….Again, thank you for helping Us get this news out, as it is a crime of what is going on….Obama had in his speak, we need to wake up after that shooting and do something when in fact he is killing with toxins from his very own planes. I just hope and pray that act of killing of these little children was a way to get the public focused on something beside the chemtrails as I believe there are more people discovering the chemtrails….

  58.' jack says:

    looking up is the proof Adam are you going to collect 1 photograph from back in the 70’s or 80’s with just one persistent contrail in. i’ll answer the question for you your not going to nor is anyone else. the burden of truth lies with people like you because your blind i can’t put it any more politely. i await your photos prooving that thousands of people around the world some of them experts in science fields like meteorology etc. and ex military environment contaminate workers. you like everybody else who is non expert like myself boils down to what you can see and what you can remember seeing and how well you can research something without a scientist who works for the government holding your hand. planes have been flying on mass for years these trails in the sky haven’t been there for years FACT (produce the photos) its also up to you to prove persistent contrails have been around like they are today (not necessarily in the same numbers but just come up with one photo do us the favor of that).

    why would there be multiple patents to drop chemicals from the sky. why would david keith your friend the scientist who is lobbying for this chemtrail operation to happen to save your ass from man made climate change. why have the house of commons UK government been discussing the regulation of geoengineering the atmosphere and written an in depth report on the subject. and finally how is this to be tested with out harming the environment. are you unaware that this if you can’t see it know is on the cards.

  59.' Garko says:

    in case anyone wants to share this video anywhere you are more than welcome too. pretty extreme chemtrails and interesting dialogue with some young guys off camera who were being intro’d to the existence of chemtrails for the first time

  60.' Belfrey says:

    Jack, I can point you to many old pictures of persistent contrails, going back to the WW2 era. See the archive:

  61.' Steve Fimmel says:

    Wow ! The trolls and ‘debunkers’ are really out in full force with this one. Perhaps some of them are secretly feeling uncomfortable that with this action, we will be able to move closer to have the truth forced out there.
    The truth WILL eventually come out, and I’d like to see us chase some of these trolls and interview them after it does come out. These would have been the same people that said allegations about massive spy programs (such as the NSA) were just paranoid conspiracy fantasies! Then Edward Snowden blew the whistle. Even James Clapper thought he could lie directly to Congress about that – and now we know he was just a deceptive jerk.
    So bring it on – let the truth come out. I’m sure both Government representatives and leading technocrats will give it their own spin when it comes out – but atleast then we can hold more productive public debates about the whole Chemtrail/ Geoengineering issue. I’m looking forward to it. Steve.

  62.' jack says:

    thanks for that Belfrey but i clearly said the 70’s and 80’s, may be from your own family shots. i don’t want to read incoherent answers from a website set up by government shills thanks. if you believe your right do something that is going to help remind me that 1.5 mile long chemtrails are something i witnessed as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s. please help me to remember not by showing me metabunk data as its irrelevant. get me a sunny day on the beach anywhere in the world during the 70’s and 80’s with one persistent contrail in that is about 1.5 miles long. then find one that has a persistent contrail of this length with intermittent contrail as if the engine somehow weirdly turned its self on and of just as a start i await the link until then your no better than an apparent conspiracy thoerist i am afraid. i mean they wouldn’t do this would they??!! why? because they are to busy gas fracking and destroying the environment that way. are there still people around that are sure a government wouldn’t help an unregulated corporation make profit whilst destroying the environment. i hope not!! i await your images

  63.' Cornell says:

    Dear Sir, I live in the Netherlands and am a photographer. For over six years I have daily gedetaillederde pictures of planes and their chemtrails. Meanwhile I have an archive of over 5,000 photos. If you want I can send you some. Spraying in Europe is more intense than in the USA.

  64.' Christopher Love Sunshine says:

    oh & one more thing….
    Be careful how you move forward. Look into the organizations CNN, ABC, NBC, etc……and look into who owns them (and how the owners of these corporations may also be involved to some extent, in the toxic spraying). Once you’ve discovered who they’re owned by, you may want to ask the question: then why am I giving them my contact/e-mail/location information?

  65.' Cameron says:

    Why do all the conspiracy people have completely different reasons for alleged spraying ? IE: weather… Mind control….. Global warming… pacify the population ….. All being done by commercial jets which fly on a schedule so tight it would be impossible to coordinate. Not to mention the conspirators all breathe the very same air! Quite silly indeed…..

  66.' karin says:

    Alt hvad der skal gøres er at USA skal indgå flere af de aftaler man gerne vil have gennemført på de årlige CUP møder .OG så skal USA tillade at andre lande
    også gør det samme

  67.' George villa says:

    What is the point of sending photos to the very same people who are doing the spraying. Just look at who ownes these networks and you will understand the futility of these actions. Who could possibly believe that news organizations don’t see the same thing you and I see.

  68.' George villa says:

    You are right on.

  69.' George villa says:


  70.' George villa says:

    How can you blame Obama since heavy spraying has been going on for at least 20 years and use of this goes back another 20 years or more.

  71.' Jil Love says:

    We are organizing a Group Performance for a Chemtrails Protest in San Francisco on April 16th. This our Artistic way to raise chemtrail awareness. Please join, share and support in any way you can:

  72.' Corillian says:

    Best laugh I’ve had all morning!

  73. If some one wishes to be updated with latest technologies therefore he must be pay a visit this website and
    be up to date every day.

  74.' clnews says:

    Got your message. Great idea. Changed the photo to Malmo, Sweeden.

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