ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos

Written by on February 9, 2011 in Chemtrails-Geoengineering with 93 Comments
Chemtrails over Malmo, Sweden

Chemtrails over Malmo, Sweden.

This alert is meant for the entire world, not just those living in the U.S.  It is of the utmost importance that we flood the U.S. media with an awareness that a heinous crime is being committed against humanity and our precious planet in the skies around the globe. We  believe that the U.S. has bullied the rest of the world into following their chemtrail-geoengineering agenda.  If the U.S. stops spraying, the rest of the nations will quickly follow suit. Therefore, we are asking everyone who reads this message to immediately follow the simple instructions detailed below (and tell others to do same).

First, understand why it is imperative that you take action NOW. Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri recently posted a shocking and detailed article about the dramatic increase in toxic heavy metals the air that we breathe.  There are at least 12 different toxic metals at levels that far exceed the allowable limits, including levels of arsenic (a toxic poison) that are 418 times the allowable limit!

Secondly, understand that what we are asking you to do is quite simple and, in fact, was already done by many thousands of people just last week.  All you need to do is send a few emails and fill out some contact forms on the media websites.  The email address and links to the contact forms are provided below.  We even provide sample text.  Modify the text to fit your situation, then just copy and paste into the emails and contact forms.

Finally, understand why this plan will succeed. The vast majority of people on the planet are unaware of what’s happening simply because: (1) they have been conditioned to believe that what they see in the sky is normal; (2) they aren’t told by the TV news that it is not normal and, in fact, the chemtrails are highly toxic.  If it’s not reported on the news, it’s not real.

Last week, a TV segment on chemtrails was presented on a Now, we know that a lot of you have pictures and videos of chemtrails. We want to see them. So, send them to us at:  [email protected] We’ll post them on our website.”

News about the request for chemtrail pictures spread like wildfire around the internet after it was initially reported by The Intel Hub Radio and then  Both experienced massive spikes in traffic.  Many thousands of people sent in their photos.  CBS Atlanta received so many emails, their account was overloaded causing many of the emails to bounce.

Why do we have to wait for media to ask for our photos and videos before we send them?  The answer is: WE DON’T!  All TV News shows, news radio shows, and newspapers want your photos and videos.  They just don’t know it yet.  One of them is about to break the biggest story ever!  Watergate pales in comparison.

All we need is for one of the media giants to provide fair and in-depth coverage of the geoengineering-chemtrail crimes (similar to this local TV news segment, but much more in-depth) and the others will follow.  The general populace will be awakened. There will be an outcry to elected officials to immediately stop the spraying (similar to what former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson said).  This WILL lead to the truth being revealed and a worldwide stoppage of the spraying.

Skeptical?  All we ask is that you give it a try.  It will take you at most 60 minutes to do as instructed below.  And, you don’t have to do it all at once.  Spend 10 minutes for six days and then you can rest.   Understand this: your action is crucial to our success! If you want the spraying to stop, then you must take action NOW.  People around the globe are waking up to the fact that things just aren’t right, and are now ready to hear and believe YOUR story.

OK, let’s get to work.  As mentioned above, there are two ways to contact the media online: (1) via email; or (2) via the “Contact Us” forms on their websites.  Email address and contact links are provided below.


  1. Only send one or two photos via email.  We will quickly overload their email inbox if everyone sends a dozen photos or more.  You can also provide multiple links in the text of your email.
  2. You cannot send attachments via the contact forms, but you can provide links.  We suggest that you provide a link to a website that has photos or a video of chemtrails in your area.  For example, if you live in Sussex, England, then go to and search for: Sussex chemtrails.  Then click on the images and/or the video link on the left.  After you land on the website containing photos or video that represents what is happening in your area, just copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser, and paste it into your text.
  3. You can save time by composing one email to yourself and use the blind copy (BCC:) feature and put all the media email addresses in so that they will all go out at once while keeping the other addresses confidential, it will just appear as if you sent it to yourself while they get a copy.
  4. Some of the contact forms are limited in the amount of text that you can enter.  So, you need to be concise.  For example:

My name is Greg Scott and I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I frequently see planes spraying toxic chemtrails in the skies above my home. My health is under attack.  For evidence of chemtrail spraying in LA, see:  Also, see for evidence of a worldwide geoengineering-chemtrail effort and the serious negative impacts to our health and our planet.

Be sure to modify the above text to include your name and location as well as the links that you want to provide.  Save your text in a document so that you can easily copy and paste it into the forms. Here are the links to the contact forms (just click on the link and enter your info):

CBS - Contact Us form for CBS Evening News, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, etc.  See below. Be sure to contact each separately.

CBS Contact Us Options

Twitter: Tweet @TeamCNN

MSNBC -  Contact us form

Below are the email addresses for several of the media giants. You can attach 1-2 photos to your email and include as many links as you want.  Again, save your text of your email in a document so that you can copy and paste it into all of your emails.

send email to: [email protected]

Time Magazine
send email to: [email protected]

Newsweek Magazine
send email to: [email protected]

Feel free to contact others including local TV news stations, newspapers, and radio shows. You can usually locate their website by doing a google search.   Look for their “Contact Us” link, which usually appears at the bottom of their homepage..

If you have a link to contact list of email addresses for your country or region, send it to:
[email protected]

We’ll add a link to your list above.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. We are all in this together.  And, together we will succeed. Godspeed.

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93 Reader Comments

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  1.' George Bushfraud says:

    After chemtrail spray those polymer fibers appear on cars, trees, your head etc. That remind of “spider webs” but are colored like a rainbow and are straight and do not have a substance of a spider web fiber. That stuff gets into your lungs and your system. Massive non-compliance, non-payment of medical bills is coming.

  2.' Sandra says:

    Why would we give all our evidence to the very mass-media corporations that have been suppressing this information for years?! Be careful! Send it also to independent media of all kinds!

  3.' Greg Scott says:

    You’re spot on Sandra. Perhaps we need to spin this toward the independent media on how there is a corporate media blackout of chemtrail coverage. A network owned by government contractors like General Electric is not likely going to investigate something like this and broadcast it with the same tenacity as they do Weinergate, Casey Anthony, and the endless debt ceiling drama.

  4. The Sacrameento Metropolitan Water District advertises that they are “seeding” the skies on their web site. They did this starting in August, when there weren’t even any clouds. We’ve had the driest year so far. I can appreciate arguments of seeding clouds, but “seeding” NO clouds? I don’t get it!

  5.' Diane.M says:

    Hmmm to these people who are indoctrinated to believe these are planes then since when does a plane fly back and forth and back and forth, for in the country I have seen them do this, two planes only, weaving back and forth, perfectly spaced. I have pictures of the planes doing it also and they ain’t no large jet plane. If you google “weather modification” you can see the pictures inside one of these planes. On CBC Canada they had a documentary about these chemtrails. I know its hard to believe what you been taught that we should trust our governments is all lies.

  6.' Glenn says:

    Funny the skeptics come on and call us crazy. Here they are using supposed science which is all lies anyway to divert from the truth. Don’t call us crazy, most of us have probably done extensive research into this and you skeptics probably bugger all, just going by sheer negative attitude, most likely too dumbed down by these chemicals. I live in New Zealand and even here we are getting these chemicals dumped on us. I am 40 and I remember looking up at the sky as a kid and seeing contrails or vapor trails we call them here and they were not that long and disappeared fairly quickly, never lingered or formed into wispy cloud. Don’t tell me I’m crazy. These trails are far different from those days, something is not right here. We have had a crap summer here and I have watched these planes do the spraying back and forth until the sky is filled with these clouds. Get out from under your rocks and open your dumbed down minds.

  7.' Frank Mitairtonna says:

    I wrote them ALL months ago to cover our hearings in Suffolk county NY No one was interested

  8.' paul says:

    Youtube PRINCETRUTHCHASER & see my 5 chemtrail vids you will be amazed

  9.' paul says:

    Youtube PRINCETRUTHCHASER & see my latest chemtrails in the skies open up ur eyes pt. 5!!

  10.' Lorri Cockrell says:

    Thank you so very much for helping the public wake up as I was wondering why my joints were hurting, my eyes and feeting burning as I walk outside three times a day, after heavy spraying of chemtrails and not knowing the after affect, I went outside for only 1/2 hour in which I ended up with the most horrible migraine, stomach ache, and down right feeling like I was being gases, I had to actually lay down as I was that sick and I am a healthy active lady from Alaska….The last two week here in Pennsylvania has been being spraying aggressively….Again, thank you for helping Us get this news out, as it is a crime of what is going on….Obama had in his speak, we need to wake up after that shooting and do something when in fact he is killing with toxins from his very own planes. I just hope and pray that act of killing of these little children was a way to get the public focused on something beside the chemtrails as I believe there are more people discovering the chemtrails….

  11.' jack says:

    looking up is the proof Adam are you going to collect 1 photograph from back in the 70’s or 80’s with just one persistent contrail in. i’ll answer the question for you your not going to nor is anyone else. the burden of truth lies with people like you because your blind i can’t put it any more politely. i await your photos prooving that thousands of people around the world some of them experts in science fields like meteorology etc. and ex military environment contaminate workers. you like everybody else who is non expert like myself boils down to what you can see and what you can remember seeing and how well you can research something without a scientist who works for the government holding your hand. planes have been flying on mass for years these trails in the sky haven’t been there for years FACT (produce the photos) its also up to you to prove persistent contrails have been around like they are today (not necessarily in the same numbers but just come up with one photo do us the favor of that).

    why would there be multiple patents to drop chemicals from the sky. why would david keith your friend the scientist who is lobbying for this chemtrail operation to happen to save your ass from man made climate change. why have the house of commons UK government been discussing the regulation of geoengineering the atmosphere and written an in depth report on the subject. and finally how is this to be tested with out harming the environment. are you unaware that this if you can’t see it know is on the cards.

  12.' Garko says:

    in case anyone wants to share this video anywhere you are more than welcome too. pretty extreme chemtrails and interesting dialogue with some young guys off camera who were being intro’d to the existence of chemtrails for the first time

  13.' Belfrey says:

    Jack, I can point you to many old pictures of persistent contrails, going back to the WW2 era. See the archive:

  14.' Steve Fimmel says:

    Wow ! The trolls and ‘debunkers’ are really out in full force with this one. Perhaps some of them are secretly feeling uncomfortable that with this action, we will be able to move closer to have the truth forced out there.
    The truth WILL eventually come out, and I’d like to see us chase some of these trolls and interview them after it does come out. These would have been the same people that said allegations about massive spy programs (such as the NSA) were just paranoid conspiracy fantasies! Then Edward Snowden blew the whistle. Even James Clapper thought he could lie directly to Congress about that – and now we know he was just a deceptive jerk.
    So bring it on – let the truth come out. I’m sure both Government representatives and leading technocrats will give it their own spin when it comes out – but atleast then we can hold more productive public debates about the whole Chemtrail/ Geoengineering issue. I’m looking forward to it. Steve.

  15.' jack says:

    thanks for that Belfrey but i clearly said the 70’s and 80’s, may be from your own family shots. i don’t want to read incoherent answers from a website set up by government shills thanks. if you believe your right do something that is going to help remind me that 1.5 mile long chemtrails are something i witnessed as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s. please help me to remember not by showing me metabunk data as its irrelevant. get me a sunny day on the beach anywhere in the world during the 70’s and 80’s with one persistent contrail in that is about 1.5 miles long. then find one that has a persistent contrail of this length with intermittent contrail as if the engine somehow weirdly turned its self on and of just as a start i await the link until then your no better than an apparent conspiracy thoerist i am afraid. i mean they wouldn’t do this would they??!! why? because they are to busy gas fracking and destroying the environment that way. are there still people around that are sure a government wouldn’t help an unregulated corporation make profit whilst destroying the environment. i hope not!! i await your images

  16.' Cornell says:

    Dear Sir, I live in the Netherlands and am a photographer. For over six years I have daily gedetaillederde pictures of planes and their chemtrails. Meanwhile I have an archive of over 5,000 photos. If you want I can send you some. Spraying in Europe is more intense than in the USA.

  17.' Christopher Love Sunshine says:

    oh & one more thing….
    Be careful how you move forward. Look into the organizations CNN, ABC, NBC, etc……and look into who owns them (and how the owners of these corporations may also be involved to some extent, in the toxic spraying). Once you’ve discovered who they’re owned by, you may want to ask the question: then why am I giving them my contact/e-mail/location information?

  18.' Cameron says:

    Why do all the conspiracy people have completely different reasons for alleged spraying ? IE: weather… Mind control….. Global warming… pacify the population ….. All being done by commercial jets which fly on a schedule so tight it would be impossible to coordinate. Not to mention the conspirators all breathe the very same air! Quite silly indeed…..

  19.' karin says:

    Alt hvad der skal gøres er at USA skal indgå flere af de aftaler man gerne vil have gennemført på de årlige CUP møder .OG så skal USA tillade at andre lande
    også gør det samme

  20.' George villa says:

    What is the point of sending photos to the very same people who are doing the spraying. Just look at who ownes these networks and you will understand the futility of these actions. Who could possibly believe that news organizations don’t see the same thing you and I see.

  21.' George villa says:

    You are right on.

  22.' George villa says:


  23.' George villa says:

    How can you blame Obama since heavy spraying has been going on for at least 20 years and use of this goes back another 20 years or more.

  24.' Jil Love says:

    We are organizing a Group Performance for a Chemtrails Protest in San Francisco on April 16th. This our Artistic way to raise chemtrail awareness. Please join, share and support in any way you can:

  25.' Corillian says:

    Best laugh I’ve had all morning!

  26. If some one wishes to be updated with latest technologies therefore he must be pay a visit this website and
    be up to date every day.

  27.' Ross Pittman says:

    Patrick – I LOVE your theory: “FInd yourself, define yourself, accept yourself, improve yourself and know thyself to the point where you will always no where you stand at any given moment (through full self knowledge) so that you may make the best decision or move that is most beneficial for all , given the circumstance at hand.” Could you write a little more detailed article (or series of articles). We are looking to get more writers for Conscious Life News. You will appear as the author. In addition, you can add your resource box at the bottom of each of your articles, along with a link to your site. Furthermore, if you come up with your own category, we can setup a category-specific image Ad appear next to your post. The only thing that we request is that your article be uniquely yours and not be posted in article directories. What do you think? (Note: Your name rings a bell. I believe I seen other personal development stuff written by you in the past.)

    Blessings, Ross (one of the 3 co-founders of CLN along with Greg, and Jake).
    We all have press passes for the Conscious Life Expo in LA that begins tomorrow.

  28.' clnews says:

    Got your message. Great idea. Changed the photo to Malmo, Sweeden.

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