Global push to reinvent the food system for the worse

Another official source proving synthetic beef will be thrust upon us, willing or not, is the EAT Forum, self-described as the “Davos for food.” EAT Forum is co-founded by the Wellcome Trust (an organization funded by and strategically linked to GlaxoSmithKline, a vaccine maker in which Gates is financially invested), and collaborates with nearly 40 city governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

EAT Forum also helps the Gates-funded United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) create updated dietary guidelines. The Forum’s restructuring of global food policies is part and parcel of the Great Reset, which aims to “reset” every conceivable aspect of life and society.

The EAT Forum’s largest initiative is called FReSH, the goal of which is to transform the food system as a whole. Project partners in this venture include BayerCargillSyngenta, Unilever, and Google. As reported by The Defender:

“According to Frederic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at University of Brussels, EAT network is working closely with some of the biggest imitation meat companies, including Impossible Foods and other biotech companies, to replace wholesome nutritious foods with Gates’ genetically modified lab concoctions.”

Similarly, Ireland’s Department of Agriculture has announced it needs to “reduce the size of the national herd to reduce methane emissions.” As noted by Ice Age Farmer, there’s no such thing as a “national herd,” or a herd that belongs to the nation as a whole, so what they’re really saying is “we’re going to eliminate ranchers and farmers to meet our climate goals.”

So, whether President Biden spells out the word “beef” or not in relation to his climate agenda is irrelevant. It’s clear there’s a coordinated effort underway to push for a global restructuring of our food system, with the aim of getting rid of food independence and forcing people to rely on patented food sources, including patented synthetic animal products like lab-grown “beef” — all under the false flag of climate correction and saving the planet.

The truth is that this is nothing but a gigantic power grab. He who controls the food controls the nation, and this so-called climate agenda has nothing to do with reducing emissions and everything to do with disempowering the people, preventing us from growing food, and forcing us into a controlled system where we have to rely on patented food for survival. It’s hard to imagine a more nefarious agenda.

California law could spark pork shortage

California Democrats are also fighting for legislation to increase living spaces for pigs from an average of 13 to 16 square feet to a minimum of 24 square feet per animal. The law, if implemented, would result in higher costs for pork producers across the country.

If farmers can’t afford to expand their facilities, a pork shortage could ensue in California, as the state would not allow non-compliant farmers to sell within the state. If they comply with the California standard and do expand, pork will become more expensive across the nation.

The National Pork Producers Council is currently suing in an effort to prevent the law from going into force. A ruling is expected around mid-summer 2021. If the court rules in favor of legislators, the law will take force in 2022. As reported by California Political Review:

“California residents eat about 15% of the pork consumed in the U.S. But most of that meat comes from producers in the Midwest and Southeast. And right now, only about 4% of U.S. breeding pigs … live in that much space, according to Christine McCracken, a senior animal protein analyst at Rabobank.

“The bottom line is that hog producers … will either have to change how they farm or miss out on selling meat to a major market … In other words, big Agri-businesses will be killing off the small farmer in California — that is really what this is about.”

Traditional food production increasingly criminalized

As noted by the Ice Age Farmer, the Oregon and California laws are but two examples of a growing list of legislative efforts around the world that are “moving the goalpost on how you’re allowed to create food.”

Making farming more difficult and expensive through added regulations that are hard to comply with is clearly an effective strategy to eliminate smaller food producers, and there’s a clear trend of this.

As just one example, British water protection rules for farmers introduced in 2018 are now going to be enforced, which will end up preventing many farmers from spreading their own manure on their own land during the fallow season (fall and winter), as has been done for generations. Instead, they must now figure out how to store the manure until the growing season or pay to get rid of it some other way.

Meanwhile, Australia recently reclassified manure from having no specific classification to a classification as “dangerous industrial waste,” and in the EU, a new seed law criminalizes traditional seed saving.

Regulations take aim at regenerative farming practices

In April 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that farms growing leafy greens must “implement science and risk-based preventive measures” to prevent potential E. coli contamination from nearby cattle farms.

“Make no mistake, however, FDA’s message is aimed not only at farms but at every entity involved in the commercial production, processing, and sale of leafy greens coming from the California Central Coast Growing Region. The message is that, without effective preventive measures, such leafy greens are in violation of federal food safety regulatory standards,” Food Safety News writes.

To be clear, of course, we all want and need clean and safe food production. The problem is that this benevolent aim is being capitalized upon to now impose rules that have an entirely different goal, namely the elimination of smaller food producers and producers of natural whole foods.

In essence, the FDA is drawing a line that can ultimately bar farmers from growing leafy greens and livestock together, which is the very heart of regenerative farming. You need crops and grazing animals together. That’s how you optimize both output and safety. The goal is to push us toward a food system of patented fake foods, so it’s crucial to interpret all new rules with this in mind.

Call to action

As stressed by Ice Age Farmer, we must unite and fight against this trend on every level. We must call on our political representatives to vote no on bills that restrict food freedom, and nonviolently refuse to comply with draconian food rules like bans on seed sharing.

If you live in Oregon and can vote in the 2022 general election, be sure to vote NO on IP13. You can also support local food security and a healthy and safe food system by buying food from your local farmers and encourage them to go organic, biodynamic, or regenerative if they aren’t already.

Allowing technocrats to take over the food system — which is what they’re trying to do by criminalizing and making it even more difficult to grow food and raise livestock — is a death knell humanity may not be able to recover from. Synthetic beef is ultra-processed food, and processed foods have repeatedly been shown to increase your risk of chronic disease and early death. Real food is a necessity for health and must be protected and fought for at all costs.

Originally published by Mercola.