Why Women Sometimes Fake Orgasms and 5 Signs That She Is

Written by on March 6, 2018 in Conscious Living, Relationships & Sex with 30 Comments

woman having orgasm

By Christina Antonyan | Confident Lover

Oh yes- oh yes – yes- yes- Oh my God! You’re the best… Sounds convincing right? At least in this video it does.

I’ve never understood why a healthy woman fully capable of having an orgasm would have the need to ‘fake it’ until I spoke to a few women who shared their reasons.

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Why Women FAKE Orgasm

Hathai from Thailand says:
“When I see him trying really hard to please me and it’s just one of those days where I know I can’t come, I feel sorry for him and fake it so he can finish.”

Veejanna from Amsterdam says:
“Sometimes I am just bored and it is starting to hurt, so I fake it for him to finish quickly.”

Alisa, from USA says:
“Some people fake being happy, so why can’t I fake an orgasm when I feel self conscious about my body and can’t reach an orgasm. It’s a way for me to maintain my relationship.”

Yulia from Ukraine says:
“Knowing that my boyfriend can’t last long, I get nervous when we are having sex, so instead of focusing on my own pleasure I focus on his erection. I love him and don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I moan and pretend I am having an orgasm before he comes.”

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When I asked these women, why they can’t share with their lovers how they feel, the common response was ~“I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

A man feels more like a man if he knows he’s satisfying a woman’s sexual needs. Most women understand this and know the importance of boosting a man’s confidence.

It’s important for a man to feel like he’s an adequate lover so a woman feels the need to fake her orgasm to make him feel like he’s a good lover.

How Can You Tell If She’s Faking Her Orgasms?

1) Her PC Muscles don’t contract

When a woman has a real Clitoral, G-spot or Vaginal orgasm, her PC muscles contract involuntarily.

If your penis or fingers are inside her not only will you feel these contractions but you will also feel a cringe on either your penis or fingers.

If you want to see exactly how this happens, check out the PC muscles video.

2) No Fluids

When a woman is having an orgasm, her fluid drips from her vagina. Usually the discharge of fluid is visible. If there is no additional discharge, she may be faking it.

3) Too Relaxed

Most women don’t know how to relax during orgasm as a result they are at the height of muscle tension throughout their entire body during an orgasm.

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During orgasm the muscles start to spasm, especially in the pelvis. This is a combination of the vagina, uterus, anus, and pelvic floor contracting that causes waves of pleasure throughout the abdomen and the rest of her body.


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30 Reader Comments

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  1. 921544747958665@facebook.com' Patrick Boyland says:

    To do the guy a favour,

  2. 10156376099680523@facebook.com' Johnny Walker says:

    if she completes her orgasm in less than 20 seconds she’s probably faking it

  3. 506055966224271@facebook.com' Cantor Llamoso Florence says:

    To be fair wth my husband…

  4. 10156376099680523@facebook.com' Johnny Walker says:

    you don’t have to fake an orgasm to keep your man happy, just don’t get mad at him if he finishes before you. and even if he does, he should be willing to finish you off another way

  5. 106706353066146@facebook.com' Rich Art Lopp says:

    Yeah.. A lot of women don’t understand how pointless it is to fake it..
    I can only assume that it is because they themselves feel personal satisfaction when we climax, as if it has something to do with ‘them’.. As a result, they assume that we feel the same way.
    Which for me, personally.. It is simply not the case. The climax is for her, not me.. I’ll be as patient as she needs, but if she can’t get hers, I honestly don’t care
    Anyone concur?

    • 926227084165128@facebook.com' Alina Rafalska says:

      Thank you for very clear explanation what is going on in some men’s mind. I do not know anything about you, but I have impression … you ( well… we all, including me ) should have different kind of ppl aroun us to love , to be loved, to talk to, to open our heart etc. Or maybe for a handsome man as u are in your age sex is more like going to gym, maybe for women I mean for females with gentle and loving souls sex is more about intimacy and love… what about tantric sex? and so on, so on, so on…

    • 106706353066146@facebook.com' Rich Art Lopp says:

      All of that could be up for debate.. But the one thing I can’t think past.. Is honesty. If I have a sexual partner, and it is about intimacy and love.. What is loving about lying to your partner?
      I always make it clear to a partner that I would like them to ‘finish’, if at all possible, but not to worry if they can’t. It will give me something to work on.
      Now, because of the fact that no woman ever complains, and always claims to achieve climax with me,(in the last few years) this could be a bad thing if every woman is lying to me.. which i am more inclined to believe because for one, i just dont trust women.. And for two, its pretty common knowledge that climax is more often than not, rather difficult for a woman to achieve.
      It could leave me stuck with the idea that I already know what I am doing and Leave no room for development.

    • 926227084165128@facebook.com' Alina Rafalska says:

      Welll… girls have sex with you because you look good. Your good intentions : ” I want you to orgasm too” are nice, some men do not even think in such way , they just use females body as a tool for self satisfaction, visual and ..manual. To forgive them I think… welll… technically we are just monkeys!.. Men’ s body is overflowed with testosterone and / or in desperate need of dopamine/ serotonine- so man have sex, it is like drugs…

    • 926227084165128@facebook.com' Alina Rafalska says:

      Yes, you are right about women, they want to see a happy man… but there is such thing as ovulation 🙂 – it’ s when females have such very specific happy sparkles in eyes, which attract males- oestrogen makes them to feel like that. More than 50 perc. females do not have orgasm at all, kind of never. If they will not ” fake” it or willl look unhappy or honestly dissapointed- what is the point , another man does not mean anything better will happen in the bedroom. And so on

    • 106706353066146@facebook.com' Rich Art Lopp says:

      I say, to simply it, before 2 people agree to sign the papers and become sexual partners, certain things should be specified. If orgasm isn’t in the contract for the woman, it should be put out there in the open. Trust me, no man is going to refrain from having sex over this!

    • 106706353066146@facebook.com' Rich Art Lopp says:

      I’m more than aware of the neurological differences between men and women. This is irrelevant in retrospect to the simple topic of whether or not orgasms are genuine or not on the woman’s end

    • 926227084165128@facebook.com' Alina Rafalska says:

      Genuine sexual chemistry with your true soulmate ( yeah..sounds little bit unrealistic…) probably could be solution.
      But when the same female willl go to bed after working, shopping, cooking, washing, looking after children, thinking about unpaid bills, sick pets, unhappy in- laws, etc- her mind is not in the right state for satisfying herself. So life is complicated.

    • 106706353066146@facebook.com' Rich Art Lopp says:

      Lmao I was married with 2 kids.. I’m very aware of that. I’ve done it.. As a man.

  6. 10154165226223706@facebook.com' Liz Carmichael says:

    Mmm. Why fake it?

  7. 412939148915037@facebook.com' Kelly Rush says:

    To get it the hell overwith! Sex has always sucked for me, so the sooner he’s done, the better.

  8. 921544747958665@facebook.com' Patrick Boyland says:

    I like the sound, and I find it helps, most of sex is psychological so if your partner isn’t in the right mind for it she can help you along your way to a happy ending, that’s with a partner though and not a one night stand.

  9. 1509939922639251@facebook.com' Becky Dowell says:

    Hell yes. I bad lover is either to young and no am not your Teacher lol. I do and can bring that’s one to his knees if it’s right

  10. 10153999423175579@facebook.com' Brandon Capes says:

    If Im not hittin right bitch better be fakin it. Tryna bust -a- nut not join a muh fuckin truth movement

  11. 225760024427102@facebook.com' Anca Marian says:

    Why fake it? ?

  12. 200832253584222@facebook.com' Jamie Bellwood says:

    Who cares? She does a good job anyway?

  13. Androji78@gmail.com' Aca says:

    It will ruin my confidence for sure…. 🙁

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