Tantric Sex: What Is It and How Do You Incorporate It Into Your Life?

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Source: Higher Perspective

Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern method of sex that is meant to broaden the range of pleasure and deepen the connection formed when making love.

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Blending spiritual awareness with physical being, tantric practices quantifiably lengthen the time spent having sex and exaggerate the sensations felt.

Tantric sex can seem like a tall order, but it’s fairly simple to incorporate into your current sex practices. The main difference between western ideas of sex and tantric ideals is the west focuses on the orgasm, tantric sex focuses on the pleasure of intercourse.

How To Start

These are some basic methods of connecting more deeply with your partner. Take your time and do what feels natural.

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  1. Sync your breathing. Both of you should should try to follow each other’s breath, all the while deepening your breaths. Look into each other’s eyes and share words of love and encouragement throughout the experience.
  2. Gently massage and lightly touch one another. stroke one another with your finger tips to bring awareness into different parts of the body. get close to the genitals but don’t touch them yet.
  3. Move away from foreplay and into medium play. Tantric style kissing is a fun way to build connection. Th lips stay apart so breath can pass from one to the other easily. The lips eventually close enough to kiss.
  4. It would be a good time to start paying attention to the erogenous zones. Don’t just focus on these areas though move back and forth between playing and massaging other areas.
  5. After you and your partner feel stimulated and on the same wavelength, sex is the next step. Try to choose positions that make everyone feel grounded and connected. Eye contact and shared breathing are big aspects of tantric sex so try to stay mindful of them.

Tips On Growing Your Tantric Practice

Stay In The Moment, Be Honest

There enjoy what is happening now, don’t try too hard or dishonestly express yourself. The moment is the beautiful part of Tantric sex, not the finish. Communicate with your partner to make every moment amazing and blissful.

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