One Surprising Reason Women Fake Orgasm

Written by on July 10, 2019 in Conscious Living, Relationships & Sex with 76 Comments

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(NEWSER) – Thanks to Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, even guys know that women fake the big O—but who knew they did it for pleasure? A study published in the Journal of Sexual Archives says women will fake orgasm not just for the relationship or their own insecurity, but to feel sexually excited, the Huffington Post reports. The US study looked at 481 sexually active, straight women with an average age of 20 who weren't in a committed relationship, and asked why they faked it. Their top four answers:

1) Altruistic deceit (making the guy feel better)

2) Fear and insecurity (avoiding bad feelings about the experience)

3) Elevated arousal (turning herself on)

4) Sexual adjournment (getting sex over with)


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76 Reader Comments

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  1.' Desiree Tobias says:

    I find it hard to connect with someone intimately the first time. Even if I’ve waited months after dating them. I fake it to get them off & hopefully the next time I will be able to climax

    •' James P Moon says:

      Why not just communicate.
      Why build a relationship based on deception?

    •' Desiree Tobias says:

      I tell whomever I’m choosing to give myself to that I most likely won’t have an orgasm the first couple of times & they take it as a challenge. I always tell them I fake it to make it more intense for them & not one of them has a problem with it. After the first couple of times I’m usually ok & don’t have any issues. Where is there deception? It was nice of you to ASSUME I don’t communicate with my partner & I just lie! Next time don’t be so quick to judge!

    •' James P Moon says:

      Calm down sweetheart.
      I wasn’t assuming anything. I was asking a question which you answered quite eloquently.

      You didn’t mention that you tell them you fake it. Which I find bizarre but whatever works for you.
      I wouldn’t need you to fake it.
      I climax in a stiff breeze 🙂

      Hope this doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

      I thought we were just having a conversation 🙂
      Why do you assume I meant any disrespect 🙂

    •' Desiree Tobias says:

      What made you believe that I don’t communicate though? I didn’t feel the need to elaborate my personal life on here. I was just adding my own personal experience to the conversation. I don’t fake it because they aren’t good in bed. It’s myself that has somethings inside that just doesn’t let me relax enough to get to that climax point. I think it would make a man feel pretty shitty to just lay there & say “oh you’re done, ok good. How’s was that for you?” Lol

    •' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

      … “I fake it to Just to get them off” yeah good communication… Love making sounds fun with you…

    •' Desiree Tobias says:

      You’re fkin retarded! You’d have the best sex you could imagine with me! I’m not lazy or selfish like most females! I have a nice juicy, TIGHT pussy because I don’t sleep around! If you read my above comments maybe you wouldn’t have said that you fk tard! You probably have a tiny dick anyways so sex would suck with you! I’d have to fake it every time with you! ????

  2.' Malika Ung says:

    To get it over with lol

  3.' Johanna Lovejoy says:

    “Average age of 20” pretty much sums it up.

  4.' Sunil Damien Cunningham says:

    1) Altruistic deceit (making the guy feel better)
    2) Fear and insecurity (avoiding bad feelings about the experience)
    Oh dear… fake orgasm start in a fake in the first place. Remember guys can fake entire relationships!

  5.' Donna Smith-Lyon says:

    Oh dear- these young women are not helping with their situation and they are not being true to themselves. Come on ladies it’s NOT all about him!

  6.' Julie Shumaker says:

    No reason to fake an orgasim if you’re having sex with someone you know you’re into and there’s passion….you gotta feel the passion there first otherwise what’s the point in sex…

  7.' James P Moon says:

    Any woman who fakes an orgasm with me would find herself finding new accommodations

    •' Suzanne Hummel says:

      Oh brother!!

    •' Lisa Erin says:

      Keep in mind that the ‘women’ questioned had an average age of 20…..not women at all…girls learning the ropes

    •' James P Moon says:

      Lisa Erin I like the way you think.
      I’m of the opinion faking an orgasm is tantamount to deception.
      I require no deception to spare my fragile ego.
      If a woman doesn’t enjoy my love making she’s welcome to stare at the ceiling in boredom until I finish, or request I stop.

    •' Karl Meinhardt says:

      They all have

    •' Barbara Cooper says:

      Hahahaha oh James like you would know the difference

    •' James P Moon says:

      Actually Barbara Cooper I would know the difference but that’s not the point.
      Why are you antagonizing me.
      Is there something specific you want to say or do you just generally go around passing men off for no reason?

    •' James P Moon says:

      Barbara Cooper you make a comment like that then wonder why you don’t get any respect.

    •' James P Moon says:

      I bet you call yourself a feminist, but you ma’am are not feminist you’re the nemesis of feminism.
      You actually might cause an entire generation of men to become gay, good job.

    •' Lisa Erin says:

      Not for nothing: who is the antagonistic one now?
      Just a thought.

    •' James P Moon says:

      Lisa Erin, she started it lol:-)

    •' Gayle Dilligaf Andrews says:

      James trust me, all women fake it with you 🙂

    •' James P Moon says:

      No actually they don’t 🙂
      I got them lining up around the block for this stallion.
      I don’t even take my pants off until they cum at least once 🙂
      That’s what fingers tongues and vibrators are for.
      I’m honest with them and they’re honest with me.

      But thanks for acting like a typical feminist Gayle Dilligaf Andrews

  8.' Earl Rhodes says:

    To stroke their mans ego , you know how fragile we are

  9.' Suzanne Hummel says:

    How stupid!!

  10.' Kristin Lee says:

    If they are with a man who can’t tell the difference, they are with the wrong person.

  11.' John D. Vedilago Sr. says:

    Because they Can???

  12.' Janice Labbe says:

    If you fake it he’ll never get it right

  13.' Brian Mcfarland says:

    get it over

  14.' Shana Wyatt says:

    I find there very negitive social repercussions if women are faking orgasm with out a second thought.
    *Sex is one of the only things that , usually, if you can “talk the talk” you can most likely “walk the walk.”
    Hardly any “fields” of “knowledgeable experience” is like this.
    And so just to avoid the awkwardness; + AVOID GIVING MEN THE WRONG SENSE OF “ACCOMPLISHMENTS” aND sparring OTHER WOMEN from having to deal with a “clueless” lover:
    All you have to do is just talk about “the act” with him for a little while. One can usually tell if he is even interested in “orgasm” let alone YOUR orgasm. Or even YOUR sex , for that matter!
    Or just is it tallying up another lay stress release work out.
    AND the false orgasm to boot??
    You girls are just creating IDIOTS for men out there!
    Please stop! Its a mess out there with 50 year old men who have NEVER genuinely given a woman an orgasm.

    •' Shana Wyatt says:

      These women who fake the orgasm are having sex with men for a different reason than just to “share” that release together.
      Again, maybe, learn some fucking skills or something!!
      Pardon me.?

    •' Barbara Cooper says:

      Oh get a grip everyone is fine

    •' James P Moon says:

      If a woman is faking an orgasm what else is she faking right?
      Barbara Cooper seems to have some sort of disgruntled feeling about this subject.
      I wonder what her problem is.

  15.' CeCe Sharpe says:

    1) I got mine and im tired and want you to hurry the hell up…

  16.' Leanne Bailey says:

    to make her man feel competent to be able to ge ther to satisfaction

  17.' Vincent Tan says:

    Let It Be…

  18.' Meagan Dickson says:

    Well, i would state that i am guilty of doing this and more then just once or twice ..reasons have varied . The top one is knowing my partner is skilled but i personally in the moment hit a block or loose what ever physical interest i had. I sorta just shut off and down . They are giving a 10 performance but i just am not there. The second is to finish quicker .. i know that sounds bad but once i tune out, i rather fake it then be a jerk or make them feel awkward . I mean that is a very venerable place . No matter how you say it ,its a blow to the other persons self esteem … the third is even if i am present and fully engaged with a partner ,its a time consuming ,difficult process to hit that point and takes alot of time .. i have insulted others before not intentionally because they want to please a woman and its hard for them to except that they could not . Its not like its not enjoyable but its just what it is … so, i resort to the other because well, its just simpler … if that makes sense … with another i am sure that the partners i had were more then adequate, in fact i know they were .. for me, climax just is some thing that does not happen often and requires alot of time not just physically …

    •' James P Moon says:

      Personally I’d rather a woman just be honest and communicate with me.
      Young men might be too fragile for straight talk about sex.
      Older men like me care more about getting you off than ourselves.

      I’m more than happy to finish myself off if you’re not into it. Just because honest.

  19.' Alden Jose Abrian says:

    Cheating orgasm.

  20.' Steven Anderson says:

    Yeah.. I know why, she wants him the hell off of her. Plus better to fluff up the ego so he doesn’t try to get it done.

  21.' Karl Meinhardt says:

    To get it over with

  22.' Karl Meinhardt says:

    Wake up people: watch the movie… Chill… It’s FINE…

  23.' Mary Wang says:

    To please the man who they know will gain pleasure in it.

  24.' Melissa Chen says:

    I do not fake my orgasm for so long as my husband does me a submarine

    •' Barbara Cooper says:


    •' Candie Rogers says:

      WTH is that?

    •' Melissa Chen says:

      You do not know what a submarine is? It came from white people. Fondle my clit with his tongue before he thrusts his dick inside me and refondles my clit again with his dick bent towards the north while inside me thrusting it forward up and backward down. My husband and I do foreplay for 30 minutes before he comes in.

  25.' carolina rey says:

    I think certain self-centered young women who are gold diggers fake it to keep their “generous lover” fooled into believing he’s the best she’s ever had…so he “rewards” her (subconsciously, because he’s insecure), with whatever it takes to keep the “compliments” coming. Meanwhile, she’s screwing around all over town, looking for that next big “O”…from any man who asks. Seen it, heard friend say she does it.

  26.' Pascal Leroy says:

    faking an orgasm is not too bright instead teach your partner (male or female) how to help you reach an orgasm otherwise you have a strange relationship if you don’t have enough love and if your partner do not have enough love for you to be attentive to your pleasure, for me the best part of love making is to feel the orgasm of the one you love knowing that you contributed to her pleasure, it is a much greater satisfaction than my own orgasm

  27.' Llewellyn Love says:

    Well by living yourself into it, is a pretty good way to get there 🙂 <3

  28.' Agnes Tan says:


  29.' Kerry Whitelam says:

    Was married nearly 18 yrs never had one hubby said doing things to woman is disgusting

    •' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

      He was probably homosexual… Sexually inadequate, or some sort of sexual abuse… Sorry to hear this… Nothing more beautiful than the female… Disgusting is Way off!!! You may wanna find a good toy…

  30.' Gayle Dilligaf Andrews says:

    If he’s doing it right there’s no need to fake it, if she’s faking it then look at yourself.

  31.' Flavia Viva says:

    Men also do it

  32.' Kristian Katanic says:

    Enough is enough…and she needs some sleep?

  33.' Robin Goffinet Mann says:

    To get it over with

  34.' Luisa Esmeralda says:

    Sex naturally lol ? joke peace people

  35.' Teresa Pilkington says:

    To make their partner feel good about themselves.

  36.' Erik Albert says:

    Mainstream sex must be a result of mainstream love. No true passion, no true orgasm. Lying to yourself, the easy way out.

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