Here’s How to Give Your Woman a Healing Tantric Yoni Massage

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By Jennifer Lawless | Tantra Ecstasy 

Yoni (YO-NEE) is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. In Tantra, the vagina is a sacred part of the female body, which must be treated with care and respect. The Yoni massage is a sensuous form of intimacy that builds trust between partners and brings them closer together emotionally and spiritually.

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Although the Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating, the purpose is not to bring the woman to orgasm. Rather, it is to relax both the giver and the receiver and to bring emotions to the surface. The experiences and feelings that a woman may have during the Yoni massage can be very different, ranging from anger, lust, sadness, or even indifference. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. The Yoni massage is not about focusing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The idea is simply to observe and to experience. As you learn to master the Yoni massage, your sex life will be greatly enriched, and you will learn a great deal about feminine sexuality.

Before beginning the massage, you should gaze into each other’s eyes while embracing and engaging in deep, relaxed, synchronized breathing. This is a type of Tantric foreplay in which the couple forms an emotional and spiritual bond. Both the giver and receiver should remember to keep breathing deeply, slowly, and with relaxation during the entire process. You should gently remind your woman to start breathing again if she stops or starts taking shallower breaths.

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When you are both ready to begin the massage, the woman lies on her back with one pillow under her head and another under her hips to elevate her pelvis. She bends her knees and opens her legs to expose her Yoni. Sit comfortably between her legs with your legs crossed. You may wish to sit on a pillow or cushion.

Begin by massaging other parts of her body to encourage her to relax. Gently, but firmly, massage her legs, thighs, stomach, breasts and arms before venturing toward the Yoni. Next, massage the pubic bone area and then move down to the inner thigh area. Do this motion at least nine times. Then, with the right hand (the right hand is used to balance the polarity of Tantra), apply a high-quality oil or lubricant to the mound of the Yoni, pouring just enough so that it drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the Yoni.

Gently rub the oil on the outer lips of the Yoni at least nine times. With the thumb and index finger, gently squeeze each lip of the Yoni, sliding the fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Then, carefully repeat this process with each inner lip of the vagina varying the pressure and speed of touch according to your partner’s preferences.

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Next, gently stroke the clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Then, squeeze her clitoris between your thumb and index finger. Next, slowly and with great care, insert your middle finger into her Yoni. Very gently explore and massage the inside of the Yoni with your finger. Varying the speed and depth of your finger, feel inside the Yoni up, down and around. With your palm pointing upward and your finger inside your partner’s Yoni, bend your finger to make contact with her G-spot, known as the “sacred spot” in Tantra.


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  1.' Tạ Minh Khoa says:

    Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Open your mind to the wonders of life. Open your heart to those who love you. And always be true to yourself. – Donna Davis Love Relationship Therapy

  2.' Jacci Branscom says:


    •' Christina Dv says:

      Exactly what I was thinking!! ??

    •' Jacci Branscom says:

      that’s the most perverted thing I’ve ever heard of.

    •' Sharona Knack says:

      Making love and fucking someone are very different. I can only gather that you have never made love. And that you have only mindlessly fuckked people. Because that is what is perverted to me… But to each their own…

    •' Jacci Branscom says:

      that’s a whole lot of assuming some very personal facts about me. There could be multiple reasons I feel this way but that wouldn’t matter to you. maybe if you would open your mind as much as you have clealy opened your legs to make love you would have enough self-respect that you wouldn’t need to take facebook comments so seriously that you feel the need to insult people who simply don’t agree with you. and fyi…its about a massage; not sex, fucking, making love, or bumping uglies. but if it rocks your boat…more power to you. but I’m going to pass on this one forever.

  3.' Shibshankar Chakraborty says:

    Namaste,,,Tantric Yoni<<<thisi is NOT the right POSE<<<<

  4.' Shibshankar Chakraborty says:
  5.' Lillitu Sophia Krishnadas says:

    Maester Rajarshi Narayana

  6.' Tanya Frederiks says:

    Don’t u mean pussy massage? LOL !!!! Yoni??!!!! Feeling a little lonley? Massage my YONI?!!!! BAHAHAHAHA

  7.' Knud Sandbæk Nielsen says:

    “Your woman”? Seriously? Are we still stuck in that muck? I’d like to think “awareness” isn’t just another excuse for not being there at all but just following instructions, and thus believein your instincts are not only suppressed, but disintegrated. Perhaps in the US, but not everywhere!

    •' Sharona Knack says:

      Should they reword it to “the woman in your life” or “your significant other”? Does it make that big of a difference to you? Also, I am sorry that is all that you took from this post xD

  8.' Technology News says:

    Amazing very interesting I love

  9.' Sharona Knack says:

    I can’t believe all of you who are commenting such ignorant things xD get a brain

  10.' Brandon Broach says:

    Angela Oakes look! The yoni!

  11.' Charles Michael Jones says:

    I love licking that Thai pussy!?

  12.' massaggi24 says:

    understand the tantra yoni massage is not easy, we can talk about it for many days but the only way to figure it out is to try it on your own skin and feel all the various sensations that run through our body! It passes from the pleasant to the most most disturbing emotions, but the tantra massage is also this, not only pleasure but also pain that is released from the soul, and which then gives way to pleasure … good job and good article!

  13.' Litos says:

    This is an awesome article, my wife recently allowed me to give her a yoni massage i say allowed because she went through some trauma relating to sex and unwanted advances as a child which has affected her view on self pleasure and sex. The act of touching her yoni was always uncomfortable and off putting for her. After years of talking about what the massage might do for her she allowed me to do it. After the experience which lasted over three and a half hours she finally released what looked like a mountain of emotions and pent up energies. She cried, she got angry, she told me she loves me and then the next day told me that i should be doing this for women everywhere because this yoni massage is not sex but a way to get a deeper connection to yourself,a way to let go of the past. its been three months since the first massage and i must say that all men should learn how to do this yoni massage if not find out from women who have had it and what the experience was like for them.

  14.' Erica says:

    You need to modify this article, as you’ve used the wrong word for the vulva. The vagina is inside the body, the vulva is outside the body.

  15.' Richard B says:

    My wife and I have just started this type sexual awareness. Its been a little bit more than 2 weeks now. At first my wife was a little apprehensive so I sent her a few articles on the subject but it took her awhile to open them up. This past September we celebrated our 35th anniversary along with our 40th year of being together. When we first met she only had sex with one guy who only cared about himself and nothing about her. She didn’t know anything about her body and what pleasure she was missing, she didn’t even know she could orgasm until I told her about it, she was still young at 20 but I couldn’t believe she didn’t even know she could orgasm. I was always reading, trying different things but it was hard to make her think outside the box. But she became a willing participant, and loved it. We’re still new at Yoni but learning fast. The first time we tried it was mind blowing, after 45 minutes she was so emotional tears were flowing. I thought I hurt her so I stopped, held her in my arms, asked what I did. She told me that she couldn’t believe that she could love me even more than she already has. Well to make a long story shorter she did some research on her own and found ways to pleasure me using the same type pleasures she was receiving with her own twist. Now at 60 years old I don’t need to take the blue pill anymore and rediscovering ourselves is something we look forward to nightly. It’s great to be 30 again.

  16. massagem@tantra.nem' Massagem Tântrica says:

    we can find more relevant files at which is a portal aimed at therapists and therapies of tantric massages, fundamental this reading.

  17.' Amsterdam Tantra says:

    I don’t quite understand the negativity in the comments here — are people offended by the article or find it strange, when it is already categorized under “Relationships & Sex” and the content is quite vanilla?

    As a Tantra practitioner (based in Amsterdam — see, I get to see the beneficial effects of Tantric bodywork on my clients, physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes, there is a sexual dimension to it, but so do almost all our interactions in adult life. To quote Madhavi Menon’s brilliant “A History of Desire in India”:

    For tantrics like the 10th-century CE Kashmiri yogi Abhinavagupta, the point of yoga was to unite the male and female principles – Shiva and Shakti – within one’s self. This union is pointedly non-sexual even as it is deeply physical. The figure of Shiva embodies this paradox – the erotic intensity of his unions with his first wife Sati and then with the reincarnated Parvati is the stuff of legend. But an equal part of the legend is his ascetic lifestyle and secluded abode on top of Mount Kailash. Shiva is both sexual being and renouncer of sexuality. He is a renunciate who understands the intensity of sex. And a sexual being who embraces the value of renunciation.

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