Tel Aviv University Study Finds Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Reverse Aging Process


First clinical trial reverses two biological processes associated with aging in human cells

The researchers found that a unique protocol of treatments with high-pressure oxygen in a pressure chamber can reverse two major processes associated with aging and its illnesses: the shortening of telomeres (protective regions located at both ends of every chromosome) and the accumulation of old and malfunctioning cells in the body. Focusing on immune cells containing DNA obtained from the participants’ blood, the study discovered a lengthening of up to 38% of the telomeres, as well as a decrease of up to 37% in the presence of senescent cells.

The study was led by Professor Shai Efrati of the Sackler School of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at TAU and Founder and Director of the Sagol Center of Hyperbaric Medicine at the Shamir Medical Center; and Dr. Amir Hadanny, Chief Medical Research Officer of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at the Shamir Medical Center. The clinical trial was conducted as part of a comprehensive Israeli research program that targets aging as a reversible condition.

The paper was published in Aging on November 18, 2020.

“For many years our team has been engaged in hyperbaric research and therapy – treatments based on protocols of exposure to high-pressure oxygen at various concentrations inside a pressure chamber,” Professor Efrati explains. “Our achievements over the years included the improvement of brain functions damaged by age, stroke or brain injury.

“In the current study we wished to examine the impact of HBOT on healthy and independent aging adults, and to discover whether such treatments can slow down, stop or even reverse the normal aging process at the cellular level.”

The researchers exposed 35 healthy individuals aged 64 or over to a series of 60 hyperbaric sessions over a period of 90 days. Each participant provided blood samples before, during and at the end of the treatments as well as some time after the series of treatments concluded. The researchers then analyzed various immune cells in the blood and compared the results.

The findings indicated that the treatments actually reversed the aging process in two of its major aspects: The telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes grew longer instead of shorter, at a rate of 20%-38% for the different cell types; and the percentage of senescent cells in the overall cell population was reduced significantly – by 11%-37% depending on cell type.

“Today telomere shortening is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of the biology of aging,” Professor Efrati says. “Researchers around the world are trying to develop pharmacological and environmental interventions that enable telomere elongation. Our HBOT protocol was able to achieve this, proving that the aging process can in fact be reversed at the basic cellular-molecular level.”

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Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.


The Best Kept Secrets on E.T Reverse-Engineered Technology


Video Source: UAMN TV

John Lear has discussed secret operations with those that have worked on reverse-engineered technology gained from extraterrestrial civilizations. There have been numerous attempts to conceal these special projects, yet whistleblowers continue to leak vital information. Some of these incredible technologies have been given to powerful aerospace corporations that include the technology to fuel interstellar crafts.

Technology Innovations Taking Healthcare By Storm

The technology sector is currently leading global economic growth. In 2017, the tech industry generated over $3 trillion in revenue, and that figure is expected to increase over the next decade.

Technology has affected processes in several industries, including retail, education, and manufacturing. Technological innovations have also reshaped the healthcare industry, enabling healthcare providers to reach more patients, improve the diagnostic process, and develop more effective treatments. Keep reading to learn about some of the most exciting technological innovations that are changing the healthcare industry.

Robotic Therapy

Individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and degenerative conditions, such as ataxia, muscular dystrophy, and muscular sclerosis, may require physical and occupational therapy. Therapy can enable these patients to regain their mobility, maintain muscle and bone strength, and manage pain. Physical therapists use exercises to help their patients improve their mobility. In contrast, occupational therapists use exercises to help patients gain or restore the ability to perform routine tasks, such as buttoning shirts and tying shoelaces.

Technological developments have revolutionized the way that physical and occupational therapists can treat patients. Under the supervision of a physical therapist or an occupational therapist, patients can wear a bionic suit that provides support and makes it easier for them to perform typical functions, such as standing, walking, and writing. Bionic suits — also known as exoskeleton suits — can even be used to enable people who are paralyzed to move their limbs. This exoskeleton technology enables medical professionals to implement more effective treatment plans to improve their patients’ health.

Data Access and Analysis

Many patients have multiple healthcare providers. For example, some individuals may see a psychiatrist as well as a doctor and physical therapist. Patients who are hospitalized may be under the care of multiple medical professionals addressing different symptoms and needs. When a patient has this many providers, it calls for next level data management so that everyone is sure ot be on the same page.

Data virtualization software can access information from multiple sources, assess that data, and present real-time data in a useful manner. This data virtualization tool saves healthcare providers time by using data integration to compile information and present it effectively. Data virtualization software translates data into a usable format that enables healthcare professionals with the insights they need to improve operations and patient care.


The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 prompted healthcare providers to expand telemedicine services to patients. Medical doctors, dentists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists could offer some services remotely. Video conference calls were used to assess patients. Some medical treatments could be conducted remotely. For example, psychologists and other mental health professionals have provided counseling to patients over the phone or through video conferencing apps. Physical and occupational therapists use live video appointments to demonstrate how to complete exercises and monitor patients’ progress. Speech-language pathologists can also direct and evaluate their patients with video calls.

Doctors have supplemented telemedicine by phoning in prescriptions to ensure patients can access their medication while eliminating office visits. This is an effective way of preventing exposure to COVID-19, and it enables medical professionals to use their time more efficiently. Patients arriving at medical offices and hospitals must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, which takes time and requires staff. Eliminating office visits has ensured medical professionals can still provide excellent, affordable healthcare to their patients.

Automated Processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) can direct communications and perform routine tasks, such as processing payments and scheduling appointments. Customer service systems with AI can relieve the burden on representatives and allow them to concentrate on complex tasks while ensuring all patients are served. AI answering systems can also determine which staff is required to address a patient’s needs, which reduces the number of times callers are transferred and ensures prompt service.

AI systems can also be used by healthcare professionals to schedule work shifts. AI with machine learning capabilities can be used to increase efficiency and improve treatment protocols.

Exercise and Monitoring Equipment

Patients’ can be monitored remotely with electronic equipment that records their heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure. Alerts notify staff when a patient requires medical care due to a change in their condition. With technology, medical staff can assist more patients simultaneously and focus resources on patients requiring immediate care.

Individuals can use electronic devices to monitor their condition at home. Smartphones can be used to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. There are also apps for tracking the number of steps you take during the day and the number of calories you consume. App alerts can also notify family members if a diabetic’s blood sugar levels are dangerously high or low. Modern technological advances make it possible for individuals to have access to immediate, accurate health information to ensure they take medications on time and seek medical care when required.

BMW Develops Turbocharged Electric Wingsuit That Lets You Fly at 186 Mph

By | TheMindUnleashed.com

German automotive giant BMW is hoping that it can revolutionize extreme sports by turbocharging wingsuits to reach blazing speeds of up to 186 miles per hour (300-km/h).

Conventional wingsuit flying began as an extreme sport in the late 90s, with humans wearing the flying squirrel-like suits – also known as birdman suits and bat suits –to glide as they fell from enormous heights to navigate narrow canyons, caves, and gorges.

Since then, wingsuit flying has proved it’s staying power and become a veritable genre of its own on YouTube, with dozens of videos sponsored by the likes of GoPro and Red Bull showing the exploits of daring wingsuit flyers who use gravity to reach blistering speeds.

However, engineers at BMW’s Designworks studio have now created a wingsuit that would be equipped with a set of electric impellers that pump out 20 horsepower, allowing wearers to reach speeds that were previously unthinkable, reports New Atlas.

The experimental wingsuit is the brainchild of Peter Salzmann, an Austrian stuntman who linked up with the German carmaker to push the extreme sport past the limits.

The final result is this wingsuit fitted with chest-mounted, electric-powered contraption with two 25,000 rpm, 5-inch impellers.

Salzmann is a seasoned wingsuit flyer whose top speed can reach a formidable 62 mph. However, after some time the extreme sport seems less like actual flying and more like prolonged, albeit extreme, falling.

But with this new BMW propulsion system that reaches 186 mph, your typical wingsuit flyer can feel less like a flying squirrel and more like a rising eagle who can actually regain altitude – at least for as long as the suit’s electrical charge lasts.

This speed demon’s dream device has been tested in specialized wind tunnels and has been used in 30 different test jumps. In a video showing the wingsuit’s first public demonstration, an airborne Salzmann can be seen soaring past the Del Brüder mountain peaks of the Austrian Alps.

In the video, the seasoned stuntman and two other stuntmen wearing normal, analog wingsuits can be seen jumping out of a helicopter at 10,000 feet. They soon begin to fly in formation before Salzmann breaks from them and flies over a mountain peak. Meanwhile, his mates in unpowered wingsuits are forced to fly around it.

“In a relaxed atmosphere one evening after a day of testing, we threw out lots of ideas about how we could improve performance,” Salzmann said in a press release“One of them was a supporting motor – and it’s an idea I just couldn’t shake. I found the idea of being able to jump from my local mountain wearing the wingsuit and land in my garden fascinating.”

It still remains unclear whether BMW plans to go beyond releasing that one epic video and plans to release these turbocharged wingsuits to consumers. So far, this wild invention seems to be a component in a promotional campaign for its new electric SUV, the iX3

Top 10 Greatest Elon Musk Creations and Inventions

Video Source: WatchMojo.com

Elon Musk knows how to push technology to its limits. For this list, WatchMojo looks at inventions and innovations from Musk and his companies. The countdown includes Hyperloop, SpaceX Dragon Capsules, Tesla Electric Cars, and more!

What to Consider: Short-Path Distillation Equipment

For many years different distillation processes and methods have been used to separate compounds within liquids from each other. Alcohol brewers have used it to create smooth distilled whiskeys. Today, the distillation process is used in medicines, scientific experiments, extraction of cannabinoids, the creation of beauty products, and the developing of mixtures.

Using temperature fluctuations components within mixtures separate from each other through condensation, boiling, and evaporation. Even though there are so many different distillation methods and equipment available, short-path distillation has become one of the most accessible methods available on the market.

For those wanting to achieve a high quality of purity using an ethanol extraction method, the short-path distillation machine is for you. Before you run to the nearest manufacturer, consider a few things first.

What is a Short-Path Distillation Unit?

Suitable for different lab applications, this unit is compact and uses a low-pressure purification technique. To separate different components, the unit uses different short extraction feeds within a few centimeters.

Materials, parts, holders, and instruments are all placed within close proximity of each other, allowing for the unit to take up least amount of space without compromising the quality of the distillate.

In much simpler terms, the short-path distillation unit achieves purity levels of 99% by taking up much less floor space than a larger distillation unit. Because it achieves the same results as other bigger machines, it has become quite popular amongst at-home users or smaller laboratories.

How Does it Work?

An evaporating flask is connected through a short feed tube to a chilling unit. A liquid mixture is suspended into the flask via a short tube or feed. Once the mixture is within the evaporating flask, the flask’s temperature will rise gradually creating a boiling point (set by the user). When such a mixture is exposed to a specific heat it will trigger certain components within the liquid to evaporate.

Evaporation will be sucked through a short feed using a gentle vacuum. The gas vapors are then accumulated within a condensing unit. The condensing container will then use a cooling technique that will allow the vapors to change back into liquids.

After the heating and cooling process, the distillate is divided into different containers according to mass. Having all components separated allow chemists to take samples and use different elements from the distillate.

Learn more about the process here: https://www.cannabistech.com/articles/short-path-distillation-101/. Depending on the manufacturer, all different components and parts of the unit will be placed differently. But when you are looking to purchase one, you should ensure that it at least has all the primary materials to serve its purpose.

For example, if you want to use the machine for hemp and cannabis oil distillation, then the process will allow you to separate cannabinoids, terpenoids, and THC components from each other.

Where Should I Buy Distillation Equipment?

Many users are investing in a distillation system for the main purpose of cannabis oil extraction. It’s important that the system you buy has the right parts in order for you to achieve at least 95% purity.

Make sure that you buy your new system from a credible and trustworthy manufacturer. The unit should be made from durable stainless steel that won’t rust. Overall, it should be designed and engineered to deliver clear distillate liquids from botanical extracts.

What Features Should I Look Out For?

Generally, users should look out for the following features before purchasing a system:

  • Stainless steel and durable frame construction
  • Magnetic stirring functions
  • Heating mantles that are CSA certified, fabric-lined, and a reduced heat-up time
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty glass containers, some made from Borosilicate 3.3
  • Distillation of at least 4-5 liters per hour
  • Needs only one operator
  • A high evaporative surface area (0.27m2 is a good measurement)
  • Versatile settings and parameters
  • Vacuum using liquid nitrogen
  • High volume collection and jacketed feed tanks
  • Safety features

Check out this video for more clarity on how this system functions using different features.

With this short-path system being readily available to scientists, lab technicians, and at-home CBD enthusiasts, anyone can enjoy the fast and effective purification of their favorite botanical components.

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Beta Gives Users Amazingly Fast Download Speeds of 160 Mbps

By  | TheMindUnleashed.com

SpaceX launched its Starlink beta on October 26th and some users are saying they are hitting download speeds of more than 160 megabits per second, faster than 95% of U.S. connections, according to the speed-test provider Ookla.

In an October 26th email following the release, SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, told its users in the “Better Than Nothing Beta” could expect speeds of between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps.

One person on the West Coast posted a screenshot on the Starlink Reddit community of a speed test highlighting a download speed of 161 Mbps surpassing the email’s claims. They were one of many users to share their speed in recent days on the Reddit thread.

Another person on Reddit said that they were based in rural Montana and expressed that their download speed was faster at 174 Mbps and that their upload speed was 33 Mbps. “Starlink will forever change the game,” they said.

The majority of user tests compiled in a list on Reddit fell within that range, though some were from before the public beta test began.

In the email to users, SpaceX said it was trying to “lower your initial expectations” about the beta test. Space X strives to eventually transmit internet service around the world with its Starlink satellites.

In the email, the company further said users could expect “brief periods of no connectivity at all” — which some have seen issues during the trial. The West Coast user said that “interruptions are about ten to fifteen seconds, and seem to happen every few minutes.”

However, speeds of 160 Mbps are unheard of in itself. So if there are a few interruptions here and there while kinks are being worked out of the system it’s really not that big of a deal. It’s also possible that the lack of users using the network of nearly 900 satellites transmitting internet service down to Earth.

SpaceX’s intent with Starlink is to provide broadband service globally at speeds and with latency previously unavailable in hard-to-reach and rural areas. Space X has large future ambitions to grow its satellites to tens of thousands of satellites in space to operate its Starlink internet service.

Tips You Should Know About Online Gaming

Make sure you take the right steps to help you improve, and there are a lot of ideas that play a massive part in taking things forward and helping you enjoy online gaming as much as possible. The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry these days, and it is important that you do as much as you can to make the most of it.

There are so many things that play a part in helping with this as much as possible, and this is one of the key ideas that can play a part in this. Make sure you focus on taking your time to make the most of this right now, and this is something that plays a massive part in this process. Try to ensure online gaming is something you can enjoy as much as possible, and these are some of the things you need to know.

There are Loads of Free Games

There are literally millions of free online games that you can play and try out these days. It is so important to be able to come up with ideas that play a massive role in taking things forward and ensuring you think about the right way to do this. Are there a lot of things that play a part in this when it comes to the future? You should check some of these amazing free games out, and make sure you play with friends as well.

PC vs Console

PC vs console gaming is something that you need to get right moving forward right now. Try to do as much as you can to take things to the next stage, and this is really important for the future. There has long been a battle raging between PC gaming and console gaming, as well as many arguments about which is better. Both of them have a place, and you should certainly check out both if you want to be sure of success.

Mobile Gaming

There are a lot of skills you need for online gaming, and these apply to mobile gaming. This has opened the world of online gaming up mainstream and allowed a wider audience to make the most of this right now. Try to get a few mobile games that you can play remotely on a day to day basis. You might be surprised by how much this can have an impact on your life, and what this takes to get right.

Hints and Tips

There are a lot of hints and tips you need to keep in mind when you want to make the most from your online gaming experience. This means you need to look at some of the best hints and tips for games you’re playing, such as walkthrough tips, etc. There are other resources to consider, such as websites that allow you to unscramble words, and that kind of thing.

You have a lot you need to keep in mind when it comes to making the right choices here, and you have so much you need to get right. Gaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the world, and there are so many ideas that play a part in this moving forward right now. Try to ensure you do as much as possible to make the most of this, and you can benefit with a fun and fulfilling social pastime.

The Process of Folding Time In On Itself Can Allow Us To Time Travel


Video Source: UAMN TV

Are we seeing the effects of time travelers changing the past? Emery Smith reveals that time travel technology is far older than we may have thought. During his time within the compartmentalized projects, he was introduced to the technology which could propel one forward or backward in time, to specific events. He discloses the nature of this technology, how it works, and the nature of time-travel missions. We also learn that humanity is evolving the ability to detect changes to our timelines and shifts in the reality we think we live in.

Tech That Can Help to Keep Your Family Safe

When you have a family, you want to keep them as safe as possible at all times. This is completely understandable. In fact, there’s so much demand for safety that an entire industry has developed around products and services that can help you to protect your loved ones. Here are just a few different pieces of tech that can help to keep everyone as safe and sound as possible!

Phone Tracking

Seeing your kids head out into the world on their own and without you can be a big step in any parent’s life. You’ll be used to having your kid with you all the time, or resting assured that they are in school, with a childminder or in another setting with adult supervision. But at some point, your child is going to reach their teen years and will want to spend time away from the house, with their friends and without you. A good way to ease worries and ensure that you know they’re safe and sound at all times is to provide them with a phone that can be tracked and monitored. This way you can keep in touch, they can reach out if they need help and you can familiarise yourself with locating an iPhone if you are worried about their whereabouts.


Your home should be your safe haven and your family should feel safe and protected while they are inside it. A great piece of tech that can promote safety and provide comfort is CCTV. CCTV stands for “closed circuit television” and is a form of surveillance camera system that has become commonly used by many different people. Chances are you’ve seen CCTV cameras in public spaces and in stores and other establishments. But you can also now get home CCTV systems which can be attached to the exterior of your property and protect your home in the same way that similar cameras protect public spaces and private businesses. CCTV can be used to prevent people from attempting to break into your home. It can be used to prevent people from defacing your property – smashing windows, graffiti-ing, damaging vehicles or causing other trouble. When people are aware that they are being recorded, they are much less likely to commit a crime. If anyone does commit a crime around your home, you’ll have footage to help identify them and prosecute them.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems are essentially alarm systems that will trigger if someone enters your property while the alarm is set. The alarm will make a loud noise and cause trespassers to flee. They can even be fitted with settings that contact the police and local authorities when they’re triggered.

These are just a few different pieces of tech that can really help you when it comes to helping you to keep your family safe. Each is a great investment that will prove more than worth the money!

T-Mobile Has Almost Doubled Its 5G Coverage Despite Liability Concerns And Expert Warnings

cell tower 5G
T-Mobile doubles its 5G network despite warnings | Image via Caeuje from Pixabay

By B.N. Frank | Activist Post

American 5G opposition includes federal agencies and credible experts who warn the technology threatens jobs, national security, public safety, and weather forecasting accuracy (see 12). That’s in addition to the doctors, scientists, and other public advocates who warn about its serious biological and environmental risks.

Americans have already paid to have access to high-speed internet even though many still don’t have it. High-speed internet is also achievable WITHOUT 5G and WiFi. Lawsuits have been filed against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT protecting Americans from unsafe levels of radiation as well as 5G on Earth (see 123) and in space.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), several Native American tribal groups, and a group of telecom experts are among those who have filed. Another lawsuit has been proposed to save Lake Tahoe and other environmentally sensitive areas from 5G and WiFi.

5G lawsuits have also been filed by municipalities. Municipal legislators have passed resolutions to ban deployment until studies prove it’s safe (see 1234, 56) and ordinances to limit and/or control installation. State representatives in Hawaii and Illinois have introduced bills. Some congress members have addressed the FCC with their concerns (see 12).

Regardless, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile continue to install 5G throughout the U.S.

From The Verge:

T-Mobile expands its faster midband 5G network, nearly doubling its coverage

Another big expansion for T-Mobile’s 2.5GHz midband 5G

T-Mobile has announced another expansion of its 2.5GHz midband 5G network, which is now available in dozens of new cities, nearly doubling the coverage of its last major midband rollout from the end of September. With today’s expansion announcement, T-Mobile says that it now has midband 5G support in nearly 410 cities and towns in the United States.

The new expansion comes just after the launch of Apple’s new 5G-compatible iPhone 12 lineup, which is expected to vastly increase the number of 5G devices in the US.

T-Mobile’s 5G network combines its widely available 600MHz low-band network (which offers coverage on a nationwide scale but not much in the way of speed improvements of LTE) with the faster 2.5GHz network (which it acquired from Sprint) along with its ultra-fast mmWave network (which has the best speeds but the worst range).

Read full article

Over the years T-Mobile hasn’t been the only telecom company that has warned about liability issues with their devices and infrastructure. Within the last year, the company warned again about this as well as also reported serious problems with their 5G phones (see 123).

Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment. The majority of scientists worldwide oppose it until there are studies that show it’s safe. Nevertheless, telecoms keep installing it and Trump recently reintroduced his proposal for a nationalized 5G plan. Boo! Hiss!

Activist Post reports regularly about 5G and other unsafe technology. For more information visit our archives and the following websites.


Know The New Techno-Dictionary And Save Your Kids Using Iphone Parental Controls!

The constant technological advances expose children to different risks. Therefore, parents should accompany them, talk with them and warn them about possible dangers. But… What happens if these risks take place in an environment “unknown” to some adults, such as social networks and the Internet in general? So that you do not stay “outside” of the different and renewed problems that occur in the web world, we translate the main terms.

New concepts to include in our dictionary

  1. Cyberbullying: defines when a child is threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed by another child or group from the Internet, interactive media, digital technologies and mobile phones. It is a deliberate act and involves recurrent and repetitive damage inflicted through different means.
  2. Grooming: are deliberate actions by an adult in order to establish ties of friendship with a child on the Internet, with the aim of obtaining sexual satisfaction through erotic or pornographic images of the child or even as a preparation for a sexual encounter, possibly through abuse against children.
  3. Sexting(contraction of sex and texting): it is the sending of erotic or pornographic contents by means of mobile phones. It began by referring to the sending of SMS of a sexual nature. The sending of videos of pornographic nature with the term “Sexting” should not be confused. It is a common practice among young people, and increasingly among teenagers.

When we talk about Cyberbullying or Sexting, these are behaviors of harassment between peers; many times both begin apparently harmlessly and can quickly degenerate into cruel processes of systematic harassment. In contrast, Grooming must involve an adult who harasses a child for sexual purposes, which, the dangers and consequences can become equally serious, but more traumatic.

What these problems share is that, when made from virtual spaces through interactive media or digital technologies, the scope is massive and the material can be disseminated easily and widely. Thus, the initial sender loses control over the dissemination of said contents.

In turn, this can lead to the affected child or youth feeling helpless and worn out in front of a phenomenon that they can no longer stop, thus becoming the victim of different types of harassment. The impact can be devastating and cause significant psychic and physical sequelae, strong states of anxiety, late insomnia, back pain and depressive states. The affected person may experience a decrease in their performance, in addition to psychological and emotional sequels, with a strongly hurt self-esteem.

It is usual that if a child is exposed to any of these problems, by similarity and similar characteristics, one of the other two can quickly develop. In particular, Sexting is indicated as an activity that can expose minors to Grooming and Cyberbullying, as a means of pressure and ridicule against the person being photographed.

In Grooming, Sexting or Cyberbullying, children can be subjected or threatened to disclose personal information or to behave inappropriately, often with the false belief that if they do this the harassment will stop. It is precisely this response that triggers a vicious circle between the harassed and harassed, which is only possible to stop if detected early and intervened quickly.

That is why it is important that all parents are also involved in the education of their children’s behavior on the Internet and that they are concerned with fostering an effective communication channel with their children. For the purpose, FamilyTime iPhone parental control really help. These controls are rendered by digital apps such as FamilyTime and help parents monitor their kids in the digital spectrum. Using the app parents can check contacts, SMS history, call logs, all apps installed, app preferences, app usage frequency, web history and much more. With that, parents can also put parental controls where needed such as watchlisting contacts to monitor connection, app blocking, scheduling auto screen looks and remotely locking the devices etc.  Do you want to try this app for free? You can! Get it now from the app store on your phone.

3 Factors to Consider When Looking for Open Back Headphones

The world that we live in has become incredibly connected, yet individualized. We are constantly in touch with one another thanks to the wonders of social media and technology (thanks Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter!). At the same time, we are also now being given the opportunity to express ourselves according to our tastes and beliefs in a manner that has never really occurred in history before.
One way that this has come across is in each person’s taste in music. However, your love for a certain type of music might not be to everyone in your office’s taste. This is why headphones can be such a lifesaver. With this in mind, it is important to choose the right pair of headphones for your needs. Here, we take a look at how to buy the best open back headphones. Keep reading to find out more!

Open Back What?

Before getting into how to choose the perfect pair of open back headphones for your needs, it could be helpful to know exactly what open back headphones are. The defining feature of open back headphones is the fact that the back part of the ear cups are open. What this means is that more sound is allowed out of the headphone.

While you might not want this if you only want to listen to the music with as few interruptions as possible, it does have the benefit of giving you a more natural sound. This is due to the fact that sounds from the environment that you are in (it could be a park, your office, the train you are taking, or your home) are allowed in.If you are someone who enjoys listening to music, but still need to be slightly cognisant of what is going on around you (if you work in research and regularly have students approaching you for assistance for example), then this is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Your favourite music, while not being totally blind-sided by someone coming up behind you or getting so engrossed in a particular song that you miss your stop!

Now that you know more about what open back headphones are, you need to know what to look for when going out to purchase the best open back headphones for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Open Back Headphones

Factor 1: It’s All About the Guarantee

If you decide to spend a fair amount of cash on your next pair of headphones, it is really, really important that you get a decent guarantee with your purchase. This will protect you from faulty equipment. To get this right, make sure you buy your pair of open back headphones from a trusted and authorized dealer. You should get a guarantee for about a year.

Factor 2: Wired vs. Wireless

The next factor that you should definitely consider is whether or not you would like a wireless set of open back headphones. Wired headphones are fantastic in the sense that you will always have perfect signals. However, you will also always need to be attached to your device. This can be annoying if you like to move around.On the other hand, wireless headphones give you the freedom to move around, but you may lose signal from time to time. The choice is yours. It may help to know that most wireless forms come with a wire that you can attach. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Factor 3: Cost

We live in a world where we literally do not know what could happen next. With this in mind, you need to see what your budget looks like and how much you can afford. Headphones come in a wide range of prices, so buy a pair that meets the needs of your budget.

New Virtual Reality Software Allows Scientists to ‘Walk’ Inside Cells

By University of Cambridge | Science Daily

Virtual reality software which allows researchers to ‘walk’ inside and analyze individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease.

The software, called vLUME, was created by scientists at the University of Cambridge and 3D image analysis software company Lume VR Ltd. It allows super-resolution microscopy data to be visualized and analyzed in virtual reality and can be used to study everything from individual proteins to entire cells. Details are published in the journal Nature Methods.

Super-resolution microscopy, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2014, makes it possible to obtain images at the nanoscale by using clever tricks of physics to get around the limits imposed by light diffraction. This has allowed researchers to observe molecular processes as they happen. However, a problem has been the lack of ways to visualize and analyze this data in three dimensions.

“Biology occurs in 3D, but up until now it has been difficult to interact with the data on a 2D computer screen in an intuitive and immersive way,” said Dr. Steven F. Lee from Cambridge’s Department of Chemistry, who led the research. “It wasn’t until we started seeing our data in virtual reality that everything clicked into place.”

The vLUME project started when Lee and his group met with the Lume VR founders at a public engagement event at the Science Museum in London. While Lee’s group had expertise in super-resolution microscopy, the team from Lume specialized in spatial computing and data analysis, and together they were able to develop vLUME into a powerful new tool for exploring complex datasets in virtual reality.

“vLUME is revolutionary imaging software that brings humans into the nanoscale,” said Alexandre Kitching, CEO of Lume. “It allows scientists to visualize, question, and interact with 3D biological data, in real-time all within a virtual reality environment, to find answers to biological questions faster. It’s a new tool for new discoveries.”

Viewing data in this way can stimulate new initiatives and ideas. For example, Anoushka Handa — a Ph.D. student from Lee’s group — used the software to image an immune cell taken from her own blood and then stood inside her own cell in virtual reality. “It’s incredible — it gives you an entirely different perspective on your work,” she said.

The software allows multiple datasets with millions of data points to be loaded in and finds patterns in the complex data using in-built clustering algorithms. These findings can then be shared with collaborators worldwide using the image and video features in the software.

“Data generated from super-resolution microscopy is extremely complex,” said Kitching. “For scientists, running analysis of this data can be very time-consuming. With vLUME, we have managed to vastly reduce that wait time allowing for more rapid testing and analysis.”

The team is mostly using vLUME with biological datasets, such as neurons, immune cells, or cancer cells. For example, Lee’s group has been studying how antigen cells trigger an immune response in the body. “Through segmenting and viewing the data in vLUME, we’ve quickly been able to rule out certain hypotheses and propose new ones,” said Lee. This software allows researchers to explore, analyze, segment, and share their data in new ways. All you need is a VR headset.”

Journal Reference:

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The LAFD Has Hired The First Ever Firefighting Robot In The USA

Image Credit: Screenshot LAFD 

By Mayukh Saha | Truth Theory

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has secured the assistance of a firefighting robot to quell fires in the city. LAFD is the first fire department to use Robotics Systems 3, with an armored yellow exterior and water canon, to march into fires where human firefighters cannot. 

LAFD Chief, Ralph Terrazas, stated that he could afford to lose one of these wondrous firefighting robots but not a firefighter. The RS3 is a suitable alternative to enter blazing buildings and ignition sites. They can pacify massive explosions without human casualties as acknowledged by L.A. City Councilwoman, Monica Rodriguez. 



RS3, the firefighting robot,  proved to be a game-changer when firefighters were withdrawn from the building with a raging fire on Tuesday. The robot is a smart car-sized and can easily enter through double doors. With the plow front, it drove into the burning structure with ease and brought the situation under control. RS3 made it possible to quell such a destructive fire by spraying water from within. 

The firefighting robot acts as a human substitute and strides straight into the center of the fire site. Several high-definition and infrared video cameras act as the eyes and ears of the fire department and locate targets and source of the flames. 

It was a RoboCop moment when the RS3 stomped past the firefighters, into the ravenous fire. Experienced firefighters were hypnotized. 

This firefighting robot has a huge capacity of discharging 2,500 gallons of water or foam per minute. During a demonstration, Terrazas admiringly said that the force of the spray can blast off walls and roofs.  Water can be sprayed vertically from the cannon and function as a sprinkler system. Such multi-function systems can greatly improve the ways of tackling fires. 

It released thousands of gallons of water, during a demonstration and shoved a Chevy Celebrity like a USC lineman with the help of its plow. Though it is designed to function in urban areas, it can easily mount a 70-degree slope. 

A firefighter can remotely operate the RS3 firefighting robot or be tied to it. It can operate for 10 hours with the help of the heat-shielding equipment. It can haul up to 1,750 pounds on the 5,000-pound crane. 


The technology of the RS3 is also applied in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other nations around the globe. Many oil companies have registered to acquire such fire extinguishing robots. 

Howe and Howe Technologies is the creator of the RS3 and the chassis, which is used to detonate improvised explosives devices. The chassis has already been tested and approved as a durable robot to disarm IEDs. 


The Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad also possesses a BatCat, a 39,000-pound remote control vehicle, with gigantic telescopic arms and looks like a forklift truck on steroids. 

The firefighting robot has been allocated to one of Los Angeles’ busiest part, Fire Station 3. It is a part of the Urban Search and Rescue team.  RS3 was acquired by non-profit fundraising that raised $272,000. With the help of the major donor, Elon Musk, the RS3 was added with a plow, bells, and whistles. Terrazas confirmed that RS3 can reach any part of L.A. in a short time and eagerly wait to see how it functions.