Invisible Insight: How to Cross an Emotional Bridge You Cannot See

If anyone knows procrastination, self-sabotage, and making internal excuses it would be me. But what reflecting on each of these things on an intended regular basis has taught me, is the insight into exactly why I delay things, why I put myself down, and why I distract myself from focusing on what I need to in order to make my dreams a reality.

And I wanted to write about these things this week because it seems like we all tend to think about this stuff and do a bit of self-reflecting here and there, but then when we’re no longer feeling the jazz of the moment anymore, it’s almost as if the insight fizzles and we find ourselves right back in the same unmotivated, un-moving, space of confusion as to why nothing is different, nothing is better and although we see the days on the calendar go by, nothing has changed. Well, at least it feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it? So, what gives?

Well for one, it’s because we are living life from a perspective of “being pulled” towards something rather than us being the ones who are pushing outwards on life itself! In order to keep things IN-motion, WE have to BE the power source that is moving things in our lives forward! Instead, we tend to have a “sit back and wait for it” mentality.

But we are not necessarily taught this fact. At least not in the most emotionally empowering way. Sure we are taught, usually quite vaguely or based on the status quo, that we have to earn a living and that nothing comes for free; money doesn’t grow on trees (actually it does, it’s PAPER!), but you get my point. We are not taught that in order to get what we want in life AND feel good about ourselves and have healthy relationships with others is to realize that the hard work lies WITHIN first and foremost. If you skip that, then you seriously should prepare for everything else to be a huge pain in the ass LOL. Welcome to Earth! 😉

All kidding aside, what I really mean here is this…Everything we tend to learn in this world is ASS BACKWARDS!

For example…

To have a healthy level of self-esteem, we gotta love ourselves first and foremost and know that the opinions of others do not define who we are, but rather actually give us more clues into who they are. And regardless of whether we have figured that out or not yet, the fact remains that no matter HOW we feel about ourselves at any given moment, we always deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Why are we so often taught to feel like the opinions of others are the most important? And if you stop and notice, when they are unfavorable opinions, it can be quite damaging to our hearts and feelings, because we have developed expectations of the outside world to determine our emotional state for the most part. Instead of being taught the reality that our emotional state determines that which we experience in the outside world!

This all comes back to magnetism and energy and the recognition that our emotions are a system of energy that is constantly in motion. E-motion…Energy-in-motion. I will never forget the first time I heard someone explain emotions in that way. They know nothing else but to MOVE as this is their essence, what they do, what they are meant to do, and their method of Operandi. If emotions are stuck, they become stagnant energy blocks and will literally manifest as sickness and or issues in your life to get your attention in a more significant way than the emotion itself didn’t grab the first time.

Emotions are awesome and none is better or worse than the other. Every emotion has its job to do and has a certain aspect of healing that it points out for you. We are NOT our emotions and they are also not meant to be taken on as who we are because they are not. They are FEELINGS, and they are FLEETING. They are meant to flow in and out of our existence like rain…but if we grab and hold them, they will fester under our ego’s attempt to control them.

And the ego’s best trick? Convincing you that those feelings you have the most often, or that mood you usually carry around is actually YOU. As if you, I’m talking about Self with a capital S, could ever be contained within one emotion. You are multi-faceted. And the fact you can feel ALL emotions should tell you that you are NOT just one in particular. If you are convinced you are a single emotion, then you have at least identified where to start your journey of healing…

And here is where crossing that good ‘ol invisible bridge comes into play. We get so used to our emotions telling us how to feel, that when we are made aware of the fact they are not us, are not in control of us or our mood and that they are just indicators to our environment, that we almost don’t want to reclaim our power. Why? Because it places an enormous amount of responsibility back into your consciousness. Now that you know, you cannot un-know and you know it! LOL.

We always have a choice as to how to react to our emotions; no matter how strong or intimidating and in your face, the emotion might be. And I realize that for many, this article might trigger a reaction to actually do the complete opposite of what I’m suggesting right now and let this truth piss you off. But that’s okay because the things that piss us off are usually the same things that set us free…


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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

How to Witness More Magic in Your Life!

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely author, Pam Grout at a workshop she was hosting in Phoenix. If you don’t know who Pam is, she is the author of E Squared and E Cubed. In E Squared, Pam asks you to perform 9 experiments to prove to yourself the existence of what she calls “The Field of Potential” or simply, the FP. It’s a big ‘ol invitation to play with the Universe and the forces within it and boy was it fun!

One of my experiments was to not only get Pam to sign my copy of her book, but to get to meet her in a more personal way at this workshop. Well, upon doing one of the exercises where we were put into groups, ours happened to be a tad small so Pam joined us and sat down right next to me. 🙂

During our pow-wow we got to share ideas, projects we’re all working on, a little about who we are and what excites us and it was just so amazing to get to share in this way with her and all of the wonderful ladies in my group. And it definitely proved that the FP, the magic of the Universe, is right there at your fingertips at all times! And what I learned was a key lesson for me; one so simple, but one I had also forgotten.

I learned that the first and most important step to getting help/assistance in manifesting what you want is you have to ASK for it! I tend to be the type of person to always need to do things on my own, rarely stopping to ask for help. I send many thanks daily to the Universe for all it’s blessings, however I had forgotten how great the Universe is at giving signs not just for the big things, but for the small, day-to-day things as well. Things like finding stuff I had lost or just asking the Universe a question that I had been pondering in my own head for weeks, and getting a sign within minutes to what way I should go with this particular issue.

I also believe the first step to witnessing magic in our lives (such as my getting to meet Pam up close and personal), on a more consistent basis is to not wait for things to happen in our lives, but instead to go out and happen to things! What I mean is make things happen and live from a sense of empowered peace and creative consciousness rather than the auto-pilot mode we so often find ourselves in. We are all walking paths in this life, but instead of looking for who we are in everything that we’re not, how about we look within and simply observe all that we are? It sounds so obvious, yet we are all taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, when we have ALL of them already within us!

Owning your mind, body, soul and spirit in this way would be equivalent to the “taking of the reins” of your own life. And while it comes with a shitload of responsibility, it will also set you free! This and the rest of the E Squared experiments really reconnected me with a part of myself I hadn’t been in touch with for a long time. That part that has full and complete trust in the Universe and is working with its forces, rather than just sitting back and playing the role of being a victim to them. The dance of the ego and Spirit is a long and beautiful one, but also has very dramatic and mournful sections that can often tear at your heart strings. But once we remember that the world of ego is all illusory, we remember our true power and can fully recenter; shift back into the frequency of magic!

The ego’s job is to keep you exactly as you are, playing small in life, while otherwise convincing you that you’re changing or making progress. It is a master manipulator and will do whatever it can to distract you from positive change. This, however, is not a reason to hate or want to kill the ego, because it is still very valuable to our learning and growth in life. Instead I recommend self-study; observe yourself and how you are acting and RE-acting in various situations. Are you creating your life or are you simply just always reacting to things that “happen to you”?

When we learn how to evolve into and hold this kind of relationship with the ego, from a strict sense of non-judgmental observance, we are then and only then allowed seeing beyond the veil of the illusion the ego projects. We can then use the ego for the tool that it is and let it show those things very deep within our Soul that still need to be looked at, healed and integrated; things we were previously unable to see. This in itself can be a “magical” process as you see with new eyes; eyes that can look deeper, see more clearly, and cast loving warmth over anything they happen to gaze upon…

Then you may witness magic everywhere in life, because you are no longer waiting to simply bear witness to it, you are out there…creating your own. <3

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  -Roald Dahl

Have a magical weekend, everyone! 🙂

Tamara XoXoX

P.S. Thanks Pam!


About the Author


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Connecting to Your Higher Self Through Inter-Dimensional Travel

In the beginning, there was…

Well, this would depend on whom you’re asking! Personally, I feel that the All came from Nothing (Zero-point, the Void, and what Buddhism calls Sunyata); and thus became everything…ever-expanding. The infinite potential at rest awoke, and once self-aware burst forth splinters of its own consciousness outward. Without movement, there can be no creation…no manifestation.

I further believe that the moment Source Consciousness became aware of itself; the very first sound waves formed and thus began what we could call “divine motion”. Everything that grows needs movement in some form in order to do so. This is a rule of Nature and us humans are included. There is something hard-wired not only in our DNA but in the deepest roots of our hearts that tell us we are here to ultimately grow and expand.

We may think that we simply exist only in this third-dimensional reality, but this is just the playground of creation. We are all here, whether we know it or not, to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter during our time around. And also, to make a difference in our very own lives as this is how we grow inter-dimensionally. While we are traditionally taught to rely on our physical senses, to travel to other realms, you need to be in tune with those senses beyond your physical five. It’s the letting go of our “this world” attachments, which ultimately frees us to rise in frequency to match those “other world” spaces in the cosmos.

We’ve all been there where a certain area of our lives just feels so incredibly stagnant. The energy around it is heavy, dull, and while there is an underlying tone yearning to come forth, you can feel yourself literally holding something back within yourself. If we don’t understand we are actually doing this to ourselves, it can just feel like life is out to get us and no matter what we do, we continue to be “stuck”.

When we are in this kind of space, we are often closed off to inspiration, creativity, and of course the most obvious – action. But like they say that the truth shall set you free, so will a simple thought. A thought that can lead you to action, or to even change your actions from one resonance to another, is one that has tremendous energy behind it. And this is exactly the type of thoughts you want to have if you wish to visit dimensions higher than our 3-D plane.

You may have heard of your “Higher Self” and this could perhaps be the most popular reason that most people decided to “travel”. Your Higher Self is you, yet that part of you that is not attached to this physical realm and is your direct connection to divine guidance. Listening to your Higher Self could be equated to talking with your Spirit, or that inner voice that is always guiding you towards your greatness. The voice that always warns you with “gut feelings” and pulls on your heartstrings.

When we are open to this guidance, we begin to know ourselves as the multi-dimensional beings we are. And just like the first thought of creation, and just like the entire Universe itself (and the parallel ones all around us), we are ever-expanding. And the more we reach outward, by applying what we’ve learned from reaching inward, we begin to learn that everything travels in waves and that nothing is guaranteed except the potential of its existence.  We open a door for ourselves on a conscious level that allows us to remember that first sound, by hearing it within ourselves; the infinite beating of the cosmic drum that connects every single heart across time and space.

The following video shares more information on Inter-Dimension Travel…check it out! (Source: YouTube).

There are many resources out there to learn how to “travel”. I recommend the following terms: LUCID DREAMING, INTER-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, PARALLEL UNIVERSES.

Give it a try and who knows you just might meet yourself in the last place you’d imagine. 😉


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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The Simple Organization Structures of Complexity Theory: [VIDEO] Neil Theise

You ever have to say to someone, “Why are you being SO difficult?!?!” Perhaps not, but I know we’ve all thought it at one time or another! 🙂 Your efforts can be exhausting having to work with someone that you clash with or someone with who you seem to be at such opposing ends. Especially if you are under the impression you are working towards the same goal, tasks have been clearly defined to complete that goal, and yet when it comes time to go to work, you feel like an alien for expecting those tasks to be completed.

Now, before we go off the deep end here, this isn’t a “my way or the highway” speech, but rather a look into how living beings, yes that includes us, fancy humans, are actually living structures that seek to organize into set systems, rhythms, and patterns that are best for the whole. But, as the video below mentions, we must never forget how utterly important randomness is to adaptability and growth. Without “room to move” away from the norm, there leaves little to no room for exploration and creativity, which is vital for living structures to expand into even better, more advanced, and complex (yet better organized) systems.

Video Source: ScienceandNonduality

Our bodies are excellent examples of this with it divided into various systems that are responsible for carrying out certain functions for the body to keep it going for optimal health. We have the nervous, endocrine and immune systems to name a few and each has smaller, organized structures within them as well, which have smaller structures, which have smaller structures, and well you get the picture.

All of these systems are what they are and have remained so because they already do a kick-ass job at what they’re meant to do. But you bet your bottom dollar that on a cellular level, the “lower-level admins” as the speaker in the video, Neil Theise calls those in the structures who “stray from the norm”, are those little rebel geniuses who actually pave the way for those genetic mutations responsible for adaptation changes in species.

As he talks about those lines of ants we often see around picnics that might look like straight lines with all little soldiers following in a row, if we stop and look closer there are always a few off the line, exploring the area, and often catching a crumb or two to take back home for the group. Regardless, it’s those little guys who are actually providing the creative juices needed for that family of ants to adapt and grow collectively into the best group they can be.

So, next time you come across someone who might not want to stick to the plan or play by the rules, listen to what they have to say. If you know it’s not coming from ego, laziness, or well, just a need to be difficult and power play, then seriously, hear what they have to say because often then not, those with ideas outside the box will often lead you to places where you no longer even remember what being constrained to thinking within a box was like. And trust me, like the proverbial genie in a bottle, once you get out, you won’t want back in.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

5D Shift: The 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

The 4th Industrial Revolution on planet earth has just begun. Society is set to be transformed in the biggest shake-up since steam power. The cogs first swung into gear with a revolutionary new “White Hat” technology called “Blockchain”. It has since been seized upon by society’s controllers, fuelled by an interdimensional ET consciousness that would consume humanity into a synthetic AI-based agenda. The shadow system is currently rolling out new lines of digital banking communication like railways into the Wild West, yet challenged at every twist and turn by Benevolent, punching holes through the ensuing density so that the light can breakthrough.

The controllers would lock the shift down in one way, but with awareness and creative willpower we can ride the inflows to ensure maximum sovereign freedom is available to those who claim it. The caterpillar has just become a crysallis. Who wants to be a butterfly?

The 4th Industrial Revolution is Upon Us

“Never waste a good crisis”. So sayeth those in the World Economic Forum who would seize the opportunity to transform society following the humungous changes instigated in the name of the pandemic. It was almost so perfect for them, you’d have to imagine it was planned that way (of course it was!). But what I see is that even they are pawns in a greater game that’s been played out across the cosmos for eons. And that is the “harvesting of souls by an interdimensional ET consciousness.

As unpleasant as it may sound, as humanity unfurls his interdimensional wings, fledgling souls are going to have to get familiar with the vast array of life forms in the field all around us, a proportion of which do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. These controllers have disconnected from the usual cycle of growth through reincarnation, to that of manipulating consciousness and genetics so as to create synthetic realities of their own intention and agenda.

Understand More About the Interdimensional Intervention on Earth

AI, advanced technology, and transhumanism are the tools of their trade. BUT, this is well known and well-observed by the benevolence that is working tirelessly to illuminate this fallacy, to bring light into the darkness, and shine a realigning pathway for all with the interdimensional sense to see. Just as the crisis has been engineered purposefully to reshape society, so the benevolence is seizing the day. As society now transforms, we have a golden opportunity that we must each grasp with soulful hands.

It won’t be by any means easy, at times we’ll be pushed to our limits. But that will be the crafting of our spiritual mastery, with expanded awareness paramount at this pivotal point.

Here’s how to remove entities and implants from your Field

It’s looking pretty dense and dark out there at these times. I see around me many small businesses being closed, people being laid off and the ‘house-for-sale’ signs going up everywhere. Meanwhile, the likes of MacDonalds and KFC thrive as (at the time of writing) the stock market of the big corporations’ booms (unless the controllers purposefully pull the plug that is). It would be easy to get distracted and depressed by it all. BUT, remember where this is all really heading…

Gaia will “reset” the planet too, in the most tremendous shift imagineable, where the winner and loser, profit and loss, predator and prey mentality will be swept away in the tsunami. Right now the foundations of a New 5D Earth are being formed in the ether all around us, based upon the 5D Crystalline Grid. The 4th Industrial Revolution will transform society in the short term, yes, but it will be short lived. The 4D industrial bubble will burst, as new day dawns for 5D Earth.

Explore How the Field is opening up with the 5D Crystalline Grid

Angels Amongst the Blockchain

The controlling agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution all hinges on a new digital economy running on the “Blockchain”. It’s a distributed ledger system, which was originally built for cryptocurrency, where pioneers across the planet could exchange payment for services at lightning speed with minimal cost and crucially, OUTSIDE the heavily manipulated and stacked central banking system.

Since it’s instigation, the first generation Bitcoin has punched a gaping hole in the controllers financial dam, where now capital is flooding across to a new reservoir, which initially at least was beyond their hegmonay and manipulation. Yes they’ve piled in since, yes they will do their damndest to control it. Right now, behind the scenes, there is a race on to do just that. But as flowers bloom in the desert after spring rain, so these new technologies are opening countless new petals and blooming. Innovation and inspiration are totally natural. They walk hand in hand with freedom and sovereignty. And nothing or no one will stop us!

Here’s an initial understanding of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A veritable army of angels are amongst us, and in the ether, at this pivotal time for humanity. Plenty of souls are waking up BECAUSE of the pandemic. A wave of sovereignty is sweeping across the planet that will be hard to contain. Right now, a parting of the waves is taking place. Where some will willingly follow the carrot of the universal credit into the synthetic reality, others will find new ways to connect and collaborate. Above all, we must learn to ride the energy of the soul, which is interconnected with the Universal Torus and feeding this transformation. It’s time for us to become courageous and emboldened.

A Game of Smoke and Mirrors

DNA manipulation through Vaxxs is very much their long-term agenda because when you manipulate the DNA, you block out the carrier signals of the soul. It makes people more acquiescent. It’s all about controlling people within a synthetic transhumanistic agenda. If they can wrap you into a new autocracy, then increasingly people will be more compliant to their attempts at increased regulation.

Let’s be clear, at this moment, most of us are dependent on the resources mined by the corporations. For too long humanity has willingly fed from this teet, despite it’s destructive behaviour that we’ve clearly witnessed since even the times of Romulus and Remus. And it’s this that we must extract ourselves from.

For every soul that chooses freedom of action and sovereignty, another hole is punched in the controllers’ intentional dream. Let’s be clear what we face: the controllers aim for a highly synthetic reality with the bulk of humanity consumed within transhumanistic conurbations, interconnected through the new digital technology, all orchestrated by AI. This reshaping is ALREADY happening in the name of the pandemic by the removal of the middle classes and the intentional destruction of small businesses. BUT, what they are also acquiescent to, is that with many more of us, they cannot risk complete rebellion and breakdown in these early stages. This in turn opens channels of possibility for those who dare to reclaim your sovereign power and freedom of action.

So what can we do?

7 Ways to Gain Freedom of Action in the 4th Industrial Revolution

1) First and foremost this is a game of increasing awareness. Consciousness is ascending across the planet, which is exactly why the controllers have risked emerging from the shadows with their clear agenda. Consciousness is the key, as waves of light now penetrate through, each of us that is prepared to open up to the soul and trust in its guidance will find new reconfiguring pathways through the terraforming density. At times you’ll not even see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s okay, it’s often only by looking backwards that you see all the steps have clicked into place. So above all, understand the process of Ascension and how the soul meditates through the Shift.
Understanding Ascension…Primary Concepts

2) If you have a flare for technology, and the idea of helping break down the hegmonay of the shadow state, then do explore the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s a veritable minefield at the moment until greater ease of function is developed, but tremendous opportunity exists for increased financial independence and freedom of operation. It will be manipulated by the controllers for sure, it already is to put people off entering this new hybrid paradigm. But they are lagging behind the curve and with each passing day, new opportunities and possibilities are emerging. So if you resonate and have a technological flair, do explore the early adoption of cryptocurrency. However, do your own research and be careful of security – their are plenty of thieves out there, including those in the banking industry!
An outline understanding of the current flows in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

3) Innovation and resilience will be crucial soul frequencies to master and embody. Consider that the world around you is terraforming. Also greatly so due to climate change. Plenty of working patterns will perish. It will become nigh on impossible to live in particular climate ravaged zones. Be mindful that food chains will become increasingly challenged at times too. Importantly don’t wait until some crisis happens. Ask the soul, “what am I being invited to do right now?” Learn to follow the soul, even if things don’t at first seem to make sense. As challenging as it seems, actually due to unleashed flows of consciousness, there’s much greater opportunity. But continual innovation of beingness and how you live will enable you to thrive in this transforming world.
Here’s an Openhand video on how to progressively Innovate to Thrive

4) Some people will choose to go more “off-grid” and look for ways of living on the fringes of the system. This trend is growing stronger by the day. Small community groups are springing up all over the place, which is a trend that is set to flourish. In the book DIVINICUS I’ve likened these to “Islands in the Storm” that will pop up across the globe and flourish in the transition. There are already plenty of places where you might live in community and exchange labour for off-grid food and accommodation. Explore the Woofer network and Helpex

5) Plenty will choose to mediate through the system, like “Ghosts in the Machine”, in some ways appearing like “good citizens” yet exploiting loop holes at every possible twist and turn. The shadowstate is progressively trying to remove civil liberties. But crucially their legal systems stand under the Common Law. If you know how NOT to consent, if you know how to disassociate yourself from the legal fiction that is your name on your birth certificate, then you can NON-COMPLY with pretty much all of the bogus statutes and regulations that have been introduced. It will be a challenge, and you’ll need to pick your battles. Also be aware that high level lawful action is ALREADY taking place around the world against the legality of the plandemonium measures. The dam against the flow of civil liberty will ultimately break.
An understanding with reference material on reclaiming your Sovereign Rights

6) Perhaps the most important driver in all of this is Gaia herself. Have no doubt, she is working with us. The Old Paradigm needs to go, because it didn’t serve the interests of all sentient life. The intervention needs to be unwound and realigned – stripped away from the earth to other locations in the cosmos more of their frequency and karmic healing requirement. So she will purify, and do so through a mechanism of progressive climate and environment unraveling in the greatest shake up the earth has ever seen. Over time, this will break open the globalist industrial resource chains. Therefore within the new Hybrid State itself, local resilience and community support will become utterly essential. Explore for example the Transition Towns movement and how it might inspire you to connect with more local community support groups where you are.
Here’s an insight into the global Transition Towns Movement

7) We’re here to heal karma. This is what’s created the old 3D construct in the first place. For example: how to work in harmony with others yet retain individuality and sovereignty?; how to be at one with all sentient life?; how to be in the dense physical, yet not disconnected from the divine flow?; how to become fully multidimensional, yet grounded, integrated and coherent in beingness? These are just some of the inquiries humanity is growing through. Plenty of you reading this will have healing gifts and frequencies of beingness specifically seeded to support emergent souls in the shift. Maybe you incarnated to facilitate the emergence of a new humanity? It is for sure a powerful growth area on the planet right now and greatly needed by the wider population.
Unfurl Your Destiny and Thrive by becoming a Spiritual Facilitator in the Shift

Acclimatizing to the 3D/5D Hybrid State

The 4th Industrial Revolution has begun. Clearly, it’s been planned for some considerable time, but it won’t all go the way the controllers have intentioned it. The flow of light is spontaneous and unpredictable. It will always find ways to breakthrough and breakout. It’s a universal process of light permeating the darkness, breaking down density to progressively establish higher harmonies. Hence despite the intentions of the Shadowside, we’re going to find ourselves morphing into a 3D/5D Hybrid State. And as dark as things may at times seem on the planet right now, nevertheless, it’s exactly because the density is being so challenged.

Let’s not forget that humanity actually needs this mirror and co-created it so as to expose progressive layers of karmic unconsciousness – it’s how you wake up and integrate greater soul coherency. So as challenging as this metamorphosis may seem right now, it’s entirely necessary. And we must each summon the courage and commitment to progressively unravel through it. We are seeded to do it. We CAN do it!

When the caterpillar becomes Chrysalis it has no idea it is destined to become a butterfly. But one day for sure, the sun will shine, and for those who’ve endured the intense inner work, multidimensional wings will unfurl and take to flight, as a bright new day begins.

Through this process of metamorphosis, we must develop a strong daily spiritual practice. If you resonate with what I’ve shared and could benefit from support in unfurling your multidimensional wings as we enter this new 3D/5D Hybrid State, then explore Openhand’s Evolutionary Events 2021.



In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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Write or Wrong? The Forgotten Art of Spelling

Related imageMany people are unaware that back in the day, only the nobles were allowed to read and write. So, to understand and to be able to read and write symbols was kind of a big deal. Eventually leading to spoken languages, written symbols have always been a way to represent and give meaning to something; or you could even say to bring life to it. Sounds like manifesting to me, right?

And this is where “spelling” comes into the mix. When we think of spells, we might naturally gravitate towards witchcraft and wizardry. The casting of evil omens or good fortune depending on the kind of myths, legends, and stories we’ve heard and from what sources. We might take a more lax stance on it, not thinking much about it all other than spelling is something we were taught in school as children and if we could remember how to spell long difficult words we could get blue ribbons to show for it.

Or we might take a much more serious stance on spelling if perhaps we have received our stories from ancestors of the past who have always intertwined respectfully with the forces of nature and thus know the powers of symbols, sound, and intentions when it comes to manifesting creations within the mind, psyche, heart, and physical life.

It is perhaps wise to mention that each view tends to look at the other with confusion and melancholy and one is perhaps too serious and one too foolish? But as with the basis of both science and spirituality, comes the bridge of spelling…

For mere communication willed by fleeting emotion, ignorant to the power of words, timing, and direction with spelling with direct intention to work with the forces of nature to compel a certain outcome whether it be rain to flourish crops or energy of vitality and prana called from the heart of the Earth to heal a sick village.

The only difference between the two uses of spelling is simply awareness. With one, we are unconscious of the choices of words and the ultimate effect on the outcome of the situation to the degree to which we do have control over to direct one way or another, and with the other, we are fully present and actually calling upon symbols and phrases most likely passed down from generations long ago. Why? Because they work! Each sound contains a certain frequency, a resonance and in working with the fabrics of creation and conscious will, when we tap into our true nature and power as co-creators, we can literally use spelling to draw balance into our lives.

Now, one does not have to associate oneself with specific labels or groups of any kind to be mindfully using these concepts of intentional direction with words and symbols. Of course, there are various sanctions of practice that may or may not work for you that you are free to join or not join. That is the beauty of free-will, we can learn from whatever resources are available to us, that call to our hearts, and discard the rest. If this means joining a coven, do it. If it means going to church every Sunday, do it. If it means playing with your children more often, DO IT. Let this feeling be your temple, your place of practice, and one never even leave the comforts of the mind to enter this sanctuary of the heart. We merely need to acknowledge the door between them and allow it to open.Image result for spell casting letters

So, there really is no right or wrong way to “spell”. We all do it whether or not you want to believe it. If you write letters, you spell. If you text, you spell. If you are Twittering away on a daily, you spell. And by that, I mean, with every word we put out to the world we are choosing a vibratory expression, as well as a visual extension of ourselves. We are literally spell-casters. This is why sometimes we re-read something we wrote and it just doesn’t “sound right” or when we take out some words from a very lengthy and choppy sentence, we can feel the blocks removed, and now it is a sound that flows from our lips.

This is how we begin to learn spelling mastery and as you become aware of how certain words sound and make you feel, you will also become aware of how they affect those around you. And now that we know that we are always casting spells on each other, so why not starting casting some LOVE spells? <3

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Dawning Age of Aquarius and the 5D Ascension Shift

A lot has been written and said about the Dawning Age of Aquarius – the subject has been veritably vlogged to death! There’s even been plenty of dispute about its true beginning. As I expressed in Openhand’s Solstice Journal, it feels very clear to me that the great Saturn/Jupiter conjunct of this winter solstice did indeed mark the beginning of this New Age. It spoke to me through signs and synchronicity, not least the huge water bearing storm Bella, that swept through the UK on Boxing Day: we have moved from the age of Pisces and into that of the water-bearer Aquarius.
What can we intuit about the influence on planetary consciousness?
What does it tell us about how to prepare ourselves going forwards?

Heralding the New Age

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 has been a pivotal year, where the dust has not yet even settled on the earth shattering shifts. A shroud of darkness seeks to stretch itself across society. In the name of the bogus pandemic, people’s fear has been preyed upon by a shadow consciousness to usher in a system of control in the guise of The 4th Industrial Revolution. The shadow state has just conducted an humungous charade, a game of smoke and mirrors, through which it has blinded many of the world’s population. It’s divided group against group with the majority policing each other about how we should and shouldn’t act in the face of this “terrible disease” (which by all reliable statistics is no worse in impact than seasonal flu). This is not the kind of “Heralding of the New Age” we might have expected!

We must however deal only with the truth as we see it, and not some alternate time line we would rather wish or hope for. And let me quickly add, it is not someone else’s truth to behold either, including mine. The first thing we can accurately say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius is that we’re moving out of the age of global religion and secular leaders, into a time where each is encouraged to find their own inner guru. That is clearly one very positive shaft of light shining forth through all of this – the encouragement to personal sovereignty. So only take whatever resonates with you at a soul level. But do be open that another my hold some important keys to unlock new doorways of your own truth.

What else might we say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius?

Resolving Your Emotions Through the Baptism of Water

Curiously Aquarius is an air sign and yet symbolised by the water-bearer. When I completed my recent tour of the UK leading into the solstice (second stage yet to come), visting both high and low energy sites, synchronicity spoke of the power of water – of spilt water. Interestingly just after my tour concluded, Britain was battered by storm Bella. To me this is highly significant – we must pass through the plane of the emotions in order to reach the higher vibrations of air.

What does this mean specifically?

We might look at it in terms of the 5GATEWAYS, the five shifts of consciousness leading to human Enlightenment and Ascension into 5D. The first gateway is all about awakening to the soul and with that gaining greater personal sovereignty. The second gateway is about walking the path of the soul and finding realignment with the soul’s purpose. It’s characterised by the “baptism” – you’re being baptised as a disciple of your own soul. And this happens through water, through the plane of emotions. By working through emotional ties into the old consciousness, you start to reach the higher plane of air – or mind.

Do not underestimate the importance of resolving your relationships in this great shift, for it is pivotal.

2020: A Clear Parting of the Waves

2020 has been a highly synchronistic year in terms of numerology. I clearly felt, and stated this time last year, that it would signify a parting of the waves. That was accurate. The shadow state is leading a large swathe of humanity into new high tech synthetic reality. There will be people in your immediate familiy who, through the mask and the vaxx, are willingly sleep walking into the controlled agenda. It’s going to invite you to find your inner emotional boundaries like never before.

(Image by Lisa Yount: Parting the Waves)

Remember the difference between empathy and sympathy. To empathise doesn’t mean to carry the other’s burden for them; it doesn’t mean to jump into the flooding trench with them. As tough as this will be, it means forging the emotional strength and freedom of your own soul; aligning with your own higher soul’s path. It’s only by embodying the light and shining it forwards that you can really help anyone. AND, it is NOT your obligation to help EVERYONE, for not everyone is yet ready or willing to receive real enlightenment at this time.

So Aquarius invites you to forge your soul in the challenging plane of emotions. Break the jug. Let the water flow forth. Let it stir you up so it may cleanse you of attachment.

You’ll start to embody more through the plane of mind. Yes, the plane of mind, for it is a higher vibration than the plane of the emotions. Let’s not confuse conditioned left-brained rigid behaviourisms, which are physical vibrations, with the clarity of higher thought. The plane of the intellect can be clearly informed by your higher divinity when not clouded with emotional attachment. Now we’re getting into the true meaning of the Aquarian Age as an air sign. In the 5GATEWAYS routemap this purification process leads to unification of higher and lower mind through Kundalini Activation. But kundalini can only truly activate once the lower physical and emotional vehicles have been cleansed and realigned.

Aquarius and The Higher Plane of Mind

This is where I feel to depart from the astrology. As with all the other ages, Aquarius will endure just over 2000 years. You don’t have to wait that long! The invitation instead is to take the emphasis in which we enter this New Age in the context of the circumstances we find ourselves sailing through. These are highly charged times, pitting person against person, that will challenge family relationships to the core. As difficult as that will be, it’s necessary to forge the soul and be able to establish firm emotional boundaries –

You are NOT the others keeper. Just as you wouldn’t want another to walk your path for you, so you must lay down the burden of carrying the others karma that only they can process. Are you ready to be that emotional warrior? Can you empathically stand and reflect back the truth that you feel in your heart – can you stay true to that?

As 2020 signalled a parting of the waves, so 2021 will signify focus on the one pathway forwards that is yours and yours alone – one that leads into the 5th Density. For sure you’ll have to nagivate the turbulent seas of the emotions. Don’t let any “love n light” mantra delude you into thinking it will be easy. It won’t. But if you’re prepared to face the situations you’ll encounter in honesty and truth, then you most definitely will find the pathway through them and it will be the making of you – the forging of soul through the plane of emotions such that you may embody the air sign of the New Age. That’s the opportunity 2021 reveals when you strip back the charade of 2020. That’s the parting of the waves.

As the New Era dawns it’s time to prepare. It’s time for focus. The meditation I shared in this Facebook LiveStream is designed to help by opening to the energy and embodying essential new aspects of beingness. See how it might help you…

If you resonate with my sharing and could benefit from some support finding this Aquarian alignment in 2021, consider joining Openhands New Year Quantum Reset Retreat

In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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The Age of Aquarius, the Great Cycle, the Epoch: Mass Meditation for a New Age on Dec 21, 2020

By Christina Sarich | Waking Times

We, humans, love our myths. They boldly embrace us with the story of our own evolution, as described by great philosophers like Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and The Power of Myth, or Carl Jung as described in The Red Book.

The story arch of humankind is similar no matter what culture presents it – from Northern Borneo to ancient Ireland, to Australian aboriginal tales and ancient Hindu yugas, the Mayan’s ancient myths, and even the theatrics of the Knights Templar.

Epochs of Evolution & the Aquarian Age

We all are led down (and up) a recurring path to ascendance. It is in these epochs of our own evolution that we find grace. Now, as we enter the “Age of Aquarius,” we can compare it to the yugas, or the progression through from a Golden Age, through Silver, and a slow regression and separation from Divine thought and action, all the way into the Iron Age. Here we must overcome our full descent in order to emerge from the darkness into the light once more.

It is no mistake, and nothing new, that we now observe rampant greed, fraud, crime, war, death, poverty, and selfishness. Our disregard for one another and the planet which is equally part and parcel of our own material bodies have been neglected to the point of complete oblivion.

We, as humanity, are not just hanging on the precipice, we’re clawing our way, dirt under our fingernails, blood in our craw, and sweat dripping from our brows, trying to ascend from the abyss that is the former age. Prior to the Aquarian Age, or as the yugas call this age of enlightenment and freedom – the Satya Yuga, we suffer. But this suffering is purposeful and temporary.

It is in our desperation that we usually find our way back to the Divine, the Truth, the Universal Intelligence that provides Infinite Freedom.

One of the tools used throughout the ages to “re-tune” the frequency of humankind has always been meditation. There is archeological evidence of meditation all the way back to 5,000 BCE, and it was likely happening well before. Though there are ties to the practice historically to Ancient Egypt, China, and India, calming the mind or altering the mind in order to access higher states of awareness that might lift us from the mire of greed, famine, and war (all centered in ego and delusion) through every cultural thread.

Why is the Tool of Meditation So Effective through Every Great Cycle?

Modern neuroscientists note that alpha waves created with ease during meditative states tend to reduce depressive symptoms and increase creative thinking. They also incite neural oscillations that are conducive to unity and the overall coherence of a population. We are also influenced subconsciously by the calm that meditation affords us, and, without even conscious attention being applied once our meditation is through, we encourage others in the same subconscious way to act with elevated hearts and minds toward peace.

Interestingly, Maharishi yogi has also proven in thousands of studies that when a large enough group of meditators join in a concerted effort to alter consciousness toward peace and cohesiveness, they positively affect entire communities. Crime rates are lowered, violence is reduced.

Moreover, our parasympathetic nervous system “speaks” to others via an electromagnetic field that is much larger in the human heart than that emitting from the human brain. Scientific research has noted that a calm, coherent heart rate variability affects people we know and love even if they are thousands of miles away, and one of the most significant ways to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and heart rate variability is through meditation!

Planetary change is truly possible when collective consciousness is altered. When we meditate collectively,  alpha waves in the human brain “sync” with others around us, causing a ripple effect.

Mass Meditation for Change: The Golden Age of Aquarius

If you’re ready to sync your alpha waves with millions of others around the world to create massive change this December, please consider joining this mass meditation:

Global Peace Meditation

Help to anchor in new cosmic love energies forever on planet Earth on December 21st at 6:22pm UTC / 1:22pm EST / 10:22am PST. Commit your energies to the mass meditation today.

About the Author

Christina Sarich Freelance writer

Christina Sarich is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

Abraham Hicks: Take Back Your Power _ Law Of Attraction (LOA)

Source: Inspired

In this fabulous, 7-minute video, Abraham-Hicks explains how you can take back your power by asking some simple questions. Below is the transcript:

It is our powerful desire that you will begin acknowledging to yourself. You don’t to say this to others, because sometimes your clarity freaks them out if they’re not ready for it. You could be in an attitude of appreciation and be tuned in, tapped in, turned on. All of your power is right here and now.
And so as teachers and livers of deliberate creation, as understanders of the power of the universe, as you are recognizing that well-being is the dominant stream that flows, in fact, the only stream that flows. And that you can allow yourself to flow with it.
Do you understand that you are eternal and that you are physical and that the goal is to be both at the same time. Do you understand that the goal is to be a perfect vibrational match to the source that is within you?
Do you understand that the source within you is living the fullness of everything that you want? Do you understand that the prosperity that you seek, and the well-being that you seek, and the clarity that you seek, and the help that you seek, and the relationships that you seek, and the good feeling moments that you seek, the elation that you seek, the clarity and the passion the knowing that you seek – that the source within you, the inner being that is you, is already living all of that?
And do you know that that stuff that you want, that you feel that you don’t have, the source within you is living now fully and do you know is living it fully because of the life that you have lived?
In other words, you caused the source within you to expand and the only reason that you feel any negative emotion is because you’re not letting yourself keep up with that expansion.
So some very good questions for you to begin asking yourself, and we would ask it all day everyday.
– What does my inner being know about this?
– What does my inner being think about this?
– And what does my inner being feel about this?
Yes, that’s the thing that we so want you to hear. The source within you only sees that which is a vibrational match to that which is good. If you will ask yourself the question, how does my inner being feel about this? Let it be a question that comes up all day every day. When you asked the question, inner being, Source within me, God Force within me, whatever you want to call it, “what do you think about this?”
And you listen. You will feel thoughts of reassurance and relief washing through you again and again, as you will subject by subject, person by person, circumstance by circumstance, event by event – allow yourself to come back into alignment with who you really are on all subjects.
Because within every particle of this universe, within every person, within every experience, that there is that which is wanted and lack of it. It’s just the magnificent balance of all that is.
And when you decide to orient yourself toward what feels best to you as you focus upon it, you will attune yourself to the vibration of your true center. You will tune yourself to the vibration of the source within you. And as you tune yourself to that, you will thrive.
And we got to say to you, and you know it too, in your thriving you’re less worried about everyone. In your thriving, you are less concerned about the injustices of the world, because in your thriving you are tuned to something other than the injustice of the world.
You got to ask yourself: “Am I turning myself to injustice, or a my tuning myself to well-being?” Which is it? Am I turning myself to love or am I tuning myself to hate? Have I turned myself to confusion or have I turned myself to clarity? Have I turned myself to the best of you or have I tuned myself to the worst of you?
And when you start saying to yourself, how am I tuning myself? How am I tuning myself? You take back your power, because when you say, “I see something I do not like” and you say, “oh wait, I have the capacity to see something I do like wherever I look. Or I have the capacity to look somewhere else where there’s something that I do want to see, that is easy to see.”
As you begin to show yourself that you can control the way you feel because you can control what you think about, you can control your alignment with Source or not, then you begin to understand.
You see hateful people around you you see hateful people doing hateful things, and your heart goes out to them because you know, because you’ve been there yourself. They’re not tuned to who they really are there out there on that raw and ragged edge. They’ve taken themselves apart from who they are and they’re suffering mightily because of it. And they are undoubtedly focused upon someone else that they are blaming for it. And they are undoubtedly focused upon someone else that they’re blaming for it – until there is a chain of pain that you cannot stop by joining the chain of pain. You cannot help them as you suffer. You can only help them in your thriving.
You cannot help them in your confusion, you can only help them in your clarity. You cannot help them in your poverty, you can only help them in your abundance. You can only help the others when you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on. All of your power is in your personal alignment. And one who is connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not.
Your power of persuasion, your power of attraction, your power of influence is mighty when you are in alignment with who you are. And it is minuscule and paltry when you are out of alignment with who you are.
And so this is the art of allowing – the art of allowing me to turn myself into who I am!

The “Great Conjunction” On December 21st 2020: People Are Saying There’s Going To Be An “Event”

In Brief

  • The Facts:On December 21st of this year, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are going to be an astonishing 0.1 degrees apart — less than the diameter of a full moon. March 4, 1226, was the last time they were in such close proximity.
  • Reflect On:Is it a coincidence that this is happening on the winter solstice? Do major astrological events like this impact human consciousness in any type of way? Are the cosmos directly intertwined with human consciousness? Or universal consciousness?

In the spiritual/truther community, talk of a big event has been a common theme for more than a decade. This usually includes a giant solar flare that will completely wipe out the electrical grid, some sort of event that will upgrade human DNA, some sort of mass extraterrestrial sighting, or something along those lines that will bring about big changes and transform our world as we know it forever.

Many people thought something like this was going to happen on December 21st, 2012, it didn’t. Many have suggested various other dates since then, and they usually correlate with great astrological events, like the one that’s set to take place on December 21st, 2020, less than two weeks from now. Again, a portion of this community believes some sort of big event is going to happen, but based on these predictions that seem to have been a constant in the spiritual/truther community, nothing noticeable is going to happen. That being said, I am open to the idea of the possibility of some sort of event that’s truly special, but the idea of waiting for something to take place that will completely change the human experience as we know it today just doesn’t resonate with me, although I wish it would.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did give everything that’s happening on our planet. But I do know one thing, humanity must learn to live together in peace and goodwill.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, we are the ones that will change things and are changing things. Waiting for something outside of us to do that, I believe, is not the message of this special time that many of us feel we are living in. Furthermore, I believe we are currently living through and witnessing this “event” as a process that continues to speed up every single day, month, and year.

Perhaps from the perspective of elsewhere, this “event” is occurring in a blink of an eye, and perhaps from our perspective, it’s a process of many years. Who knows?

What’s Going To Happen: On December 21st of this year, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn coincidently will appear to almost merge in our night sky, appearing almost like one giant star to the visible eye. They are usually separated by 400 million miles. I personally don’t believe it to be a mere coincidence that such a close alignment is happening on the winter solstice, and I do believe this to be a very special event, possibly with tremendous implications, implications for human consciousness that we may not even recognize. I’m just not sure if we will be able to quite see these implications play out how some think they may, I do believe some people may be able to feel something, but ultimately I believe that for your average person, nothing will be noticed at all, despite the fact that, again, I do believe it is a very significant event for multiple reasons.

“Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to one another,” Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan said in a statement. “You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.”

According to LiveScience, “Before the very close 1623 great conjunction, which was likely impossible to see from Earth because the planets appeared so close to the sun, the last visible and seemingly intimate meeting between Jupiter and Saturn happened in March 1226.”

Jupiter and Saturn are going to be an astonishing 0.1 degrees apart — less than the diameter of a full moon. This is truly a special event for us to witness, and again, given my belief in the cosmos and their connection to human consciousness, I do believe it to be extremely significant, with huge implications as humanity moves forward.  The word “conjunction” is used by astronomers to describe the meeting of objects in our night sky, and the great conjunction occurs between the two largest planets in our solar system: Jupiter and Saturn.

Every 200 years they cross each-others path in a different sign, this year we are moving from Earth to Air, which is also why many believe this is significant. That being said, it’s important to mention here that I don’t know much about astrology, and I am not an expert.

I also believe that it’s been confirmed that major astrological events and changes directly correlate with human consciousness. Human consciousness is shifting dramatically and the way we perceive ourselves, the human experience, the cosmos, and the nature of reality are rapidly changing, and again, I do believe this is directly correlated with the activity of the cosmos. We already know that cosmic activity affects all biological systems on Earth, probably in ways we have yet to understand or even notice. I believe this is why we are starting to ask ourselves why we live the way we do, and why do we do the things we do. We are starting to ask deeper questions about the human experience, and many of us are starting to see that we have the potential to create a much better human experience, one that resonates deeply with who we are. All of this, in some way I don’t understand, is connected to the movement of the cosmos as our consciousness is connected to all. All is one.

Many believe we are also transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a time of prosperity, truth, transparency, and light, from a dark age that’s lasted thousands of years. Although the beginning of this age is highly debated, we seem to be on the cusp of it in my opinion. This correlates with various ancient viewpoints and indigenous prophecy as well. Our current age that we are now transitioning out of is described in The Mahabharata, a time when mental capabilities reach their lowest point and moral virtue is stripped from the Earth. As independent researcher Bibhu Dev Misra writes, when the “World Soul” is full of blackness and corruption, and only a small fraction of virtue remains, it “slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish, and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices, and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.” 

Carl Jung also describes this transition,

“As we know from Ancient Egyptian History, these events are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one platonic month, and at the beginning of another. They are, it seems, changes in the constellation of psychic dominance, of the archetypes or gods, as they used to be called, which bring about or accompany long-lasting transformations of the collective psyche.  This transformation started within the historical tradition and left traces behind it. First, in the transition from the age of Torus to that of Aries, and then from Aries to Pisces, whose beginning coincides with the rise of Christianity (mentioned above).  We are now nearing the great change, which may be expected, when the spring point, enters Aquarius.” 

These periods apparently mark a very important social psychological change in the life of individuals and the collective.

You can listen to Manly P. Hall, recognized as one of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult, discuss this time we are now transitioning into, here, where he discusses Carl Jung’s book on the UFO phenomenon linked above. This phenomenon is one of many that’s creeping into the collective mind because, again, we are in this time of transition and consciousness expansion. It’s just one of many examples, it’s not hard to see if you look at the world we are living in today. A lot is going on

I believe these changes, events, and energies that may be coming to Earth impact us greatly and that it happens little by little over time, and that we are currently experiencing it. I believe this coming winter solstice is probably another one of those moments, but I do believe this type of thing is ongoing. I don’t think something major is going to happen that’s going to change life as we know it in one day, but again, but who knows? One hundred years or one thousand years in our years maybe a millisecond for those who are watching from somewhere else. Perhaps our perception of time distorts how we perceive events that truly do have a giant impact on human consciousness.

Our documentary Collective Evolution III provides a more in-depth and detailed discussion of this topic if you’re interested.

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution Reporter

I joined the CE team in 2010 shortly after finishing university and have been grateful for the fact that I have been able to do this ever since 🙂 There are many things happening on the planet that doesn’t resonate with me, and I wanted to do what I could to play a role in creating change. It’s been great making changes in my own life and creating awareness and I look forward to more projects that move beyond awareness and into action and implementation.


5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

By Open | Openhand

Things are changing quickly on the planet right now, the old 3D reality is terraforming. The old normal is thankfully long gone – it was only ever a charade anyway. The controllers cling desperately to the reins as a new 3D/5D hybrid state takes shape. But there will be no quick fixes for either benevolence or our counterparts. If you’ve found yourself on the spiritual path in all of this, well done. Take a breather, give yourself a pat on the back. But make it short. There’s much work still to be done. This will be no quick sprint to the finishing line of the 5D Shift, rather a 26 mile Marathon, but one of Quantum Opportunity…

Breaking Through the 3D Mental Wall

It’s been tough for spiritual people in this first part of 2020. There’s been much moving in the field to process, much density dredged up. We’re traveling through a storm and you might well already be feeling tired, wanting this to all end quickly. That’s what it feels like after the first half-mile in the marathon. Your body hasn’t yet accustomed to the magnitude, the mind is wanting it to finish soon. But if you have some experience of marathons, you know that’s the first barrier, the first wall, to breakthrough. The resistance is mostly mental. It’s a protection mechanism against the excesses of challenge, but also a limitation. It holds you back.

You are capable of more, much more.

Navigating with Spiritual Vision in 2020

The mind likes bite sized chunks. Something that seems measurable and reasonable. But the spirit is neither measurable NOR resonable. It is beyond limit and reason. The only thing that slows it down is the ego trying desperately to justify itself with the container you should dwell in. The time has come to breakthrough and break out. Because there’s still much work to be done. The shadowside have a lot yet in store and they’re planning – hoping – on plenty giving up after the first Plandemonium hurdle, that they’ll acquiesce into the box.

Here’s how to Breakthrough Mental, Emotional & Karmic Density

The Controllers Over-Extending Themselves, Making Mistakes

Too many people have been acquiescing to the face mask. Yes, plenty has been challenging the narrative and that’s leveling the playing field. But still too many are unquestioning, behaving like sheeple. “Oh it’s only a face covering, it’s only temporary. I don’t want to cause offense”. And so now new levels of lockdown are happening, all leading to the vaxx. Will it be mand8tory? That all depends if the controllers feel bold enough to get away with it.

My sense is enough souls will awaken to intensify the challenge. The controllers will make mistakes, HAVE made mistakes: like arresting pregnant women, battering the eldery and disabled, surpressing dissenting media – yes this all sounds eerily similar to Nazi Germany prior to the Second World War. In the end it didn’t go too well for tyrany back then. It’s an important historical reflection – the shadow side always seems to reach a point where it over extends itself, that finally causes a blossoming rebellion.

The Second World War was no quick sprint either. And it required an all-out effort to bring down the pillars of tyranny. This time World War III is a war on the very consciousness of humanity, where the bullets and bombs are words and memes, created by behavioral psychologists, designed to keep people willingly in the box. Once more they are a charade, Emperor’s New Clothes, creating merely the illusion of authority and control. The only authority they will ever have is that which we give them.

Here’s Essential Information on Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

Time for a Change of Gear – A Quantum Leap

It’s time for a change of perspective, a change of gear. We’ve hit the first mental wall, the first barrier. We’ve achieved some things, but you can already feel the tiredness reverberating around the field. This is the time to dig in, to become intimate with the way things feel; to be illuminating and honest about the path that lies ahead. We have to equalize with it so as to normalize it. It’s time to confront the mind, for these are only thoughts and perceptions – they too are humungous illusions. It’s time for the first quantum leap in consciousness that elevates us from the idea of the quick sprint, and instead settles us into the stride of the Marathon.

I recall building towards the Black Belt in martial arts. There were rigours and discipline, effort, training and conditioning. Piling as much power into each punch, willing on every sinew and muscle. But then after the Black Belt everything suddenly changed. The effort fell away. Instead of, “How fast can I move from point A to B?”, instead there is, “How can I remove the space between point A and B?” As Neo discovers in the Matrix, there is no spoon!

Now you’re working in quantum leaps. The mind, fear, and pain are merely pointers of where to turn into and work through, of what to transcend. And transcendence becomes the engine of transformation. You feel the heaviness but now lean into it.

Sample this Openhand Bow for Breaking Through Density

I recall breaking a house brick in the martial arts. When you strike the surface of the brick, the reverberration informs the mind that bricks are hard and hands break – it’s 3D natural to create what you expect. But if you’ve focussed beyond the brick and committed to that, then you don’t stop at the brick’s surface. Your consciousness tells you that you’re going through and informs the brick likewise. The seemingly impossible happens. The brick falls apart. There is no spoon!

The resistance becomes your friend. The path down which you travel. Then a wonderful juxtaposition takes place. Each barrier provides a new breakthrough, a new opening, and expansion, a new gift of beingness. You now welcome the challenge as an opportunity.

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Time to Quantum Leap Your Consciousness

My friend’s work has just begun. The shift is a complex unraveling mechanism and so no quick fix. The strands of intervention must be unraveled within, like some ancient gordian knot. But here’s the opportunity to shift perspective. Here’s the possibility to discover something deeper about yourself – much deeper. Quantum Leaping Your Consciousness becomes possible when you’re in the continual confrontation of the density – when you acquiesce to the Marathon.

You hit this point where you’ve broken through the wall, through several walls, and new gears of movement and expression kick in. You pick up your pace. You’re moving with a new vigour, a new belief. You’re no longer running but flying!

Let Each Day in the Shift Start with a New Possibility

So don’t pray for the finishing line any time soon. This is a marathon, (of about 30 years according to the galactic/solar/pole shift convergences) and we’re only 9 months in. So change your perspective. This is not about the quick fix, the quick resolution, the quick shift by 2021 or even 2030 as some are saying. And it’s definitely NOT about settling comfortably into a new normal, LOL!

Once you accept that and normalize with it, everything quickly becomes okay, fine, acceptable – possible.

Let each day be a new opportunity, a new possibility, a new quantum leap. The only game going on is self-realization, the progressive realization of the True Self. it’s the only game in town. So let go of the idea of a quick sprint to the finishing line. It’s time for a quantum leap in the possibility that helps you run each mile better, smoother, faster, with less resistance and effort. Time to get your marathon legs on!

It’s high time to Quantum Leap our Consciousness – to master how to really break through and let go of internal density; to open the gateways of higher dimensional opportunity and possibility. So if you resonate, come and join Openhand’s Events and Gatherings Online and Around the World…

Quantum Reset 2021


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CIA Document: “Using Psychic Powers to Break Needles & Make Them Whole Again”

By | Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts:A document archived inside of the CIA’s electronic reading room shows that a person with gifted “paranormal” abilities was able to break/bend a needle, and then put it back together again without even touching it.
  • Reflect On:How much do we not know about ourselves and our abilities? How much do we still have to discover? How much of that would change the way we perceive ourselves, our world, and the nature of reality?

If you go to the CIA’s electronic reading room and type in “paranormal” in the search bar, you’ll no doubt find some very interesting documents clearly indicating that people with ‘paranormal’ abilities are indeed real. There are many examples of people with all kinds of abilities, whether it be remote viewing (the ability to accurately describe a remote geographical location), the ability of gifted people and children able to transport a small object inside a closed container to another one that’s outside of that container without touching it (breaking through spatial barriers), or the ability to write on a piece of paper inside of a closed container using nothing but the mind, without even touching the pen (parapsychological writing). These are a few of many examples we’ve written about over the past decade.

The document that pertains to this particular article comes from the CIA archive, approved for release in 2001 but the work was actually published in 1984 from what appears to be a journal titled, Research Into Human Paranormal Capabilities. The document was archived by the CIA and it’s from China. It’s one of a trove of documents archived by the CIA regarding China’s research into paranormal phenomena.

Page 27 of the document outlines “an experiment using psychic powers to break needles and making them whole again.”

There have already been several research reports on experiments on using psychic powers to bend iron and break wooden sticks and making them whole again. This article reports the results of an experiment conducted on using psychic powers to break needles and making them whole again in April of 1981.

In the experiment, the needles were placed in a sealed container, and the test subject (the person with paranormal abilities) was observed constantly by more than one person.

We selected at random a steel sewing needle of about 1mm in diameter. We used calipers to measure its total length. Then we broke the needle into two parts. We then measured the lengths L1 and L2. The person conducting the experiment kept L2, and L1 was used as the test object. After it was psychically broken, a magnifying glass was used to match up the break between L1 and L2, and the length was checked to make sure it was the same needle.

Researchers were able to observe that the L1 portion of the needle was broken psychically.

A picture below from the document shows the broken end of a number 4 needle magnified 50 times. Picture 2 shows the same broken end magnified 1,000 times. Results of the analysis show that a particular test object was pulled apart and not bent until broken. According to the document, “this result confirms the reality of breaking needles with psychic powers from yet another aspect.”

In May of 1981, we used an electron scan microscope to analyze the seam of a needle that had been reformed with psychic powers. Picture 3 shows such a seam magnified 1,000 times. The results show that there is only the normal seam lines, and no signs of any welding. This is almost impossible to do using common methods.

We feel that the ability to break and reform needles is a psychic ability which objectively exists and that further research into this ability, especially into the process of the super-precision reforming, could have major theoretical and practical implications.

The Takeaway:

As the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy pointed out in 1991, in a study archived by the CIA:

“Such phenomena and paranormal abilities of the human body are unimaginable for ordinary people. Nevertheless, they are really true.”

There are a number of examples of gifted people doing extraordinary things, things that are deemed impossible by mainstream academia. Perhaps what we believe about the nature of reality, or what we’ve been made to believe, prevents some minds from being open to such phenomenon, but the fact remains that it’s been studied, observed, and documented at the highest levels of government for many years.

We live in an era where we use technological advancements to build weaponry, not to better the Earth and the human experience. In the same way, the psychic phenomenon seems to have been studied by governments for intelligence gathering purposes. These capabilities are not openly studied and resources aren’t made widely available for people to learn. This is perhaps because we as a species are not ready for such realizations. We continue to be driven by greed, profit, fear, and ago. Until we shift our consciousness, the way we perceive ourselves and our world and recognize our deep interconnectedness with all life, until our world is governed by compassion, morals, and the desire for humanity and our planet to thrive, we will never be ready for such gifts. We must evolve, in a spiritual sense, in order to properly move forward. It’s not our discoveries and developments that propel us forward, it’s the consciousness that operates behind those discoveries and developments.

FEEL YOUR GUIDES: “We Are Right Here” | Lorie Ladd

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Lorie Ladd talks about how to connect with the wisdom of your spiritual guides.

The “As-If” Approach to Authentic Manifesting

Podcast #98: Law of Attraction: Is Fear of Criticism Messing with Your Manifesting? - Life Made to OrderAnyone in the Spiritual Community has most likely heard the term, “ascension” a time or two. It is apparently the universal (no pun intended) term for the overall process that humanity is undergoing via this massive wave or shift in consciousness. But what never felt quite right to me with this was the feeling that I think so many of us can relate to; not feeling good enough right now, right here.

And ascension literally encourages a climb, a rise. And while it reflects the raising of one’s frequency that occurs naturally the more wisdom that one acquires and thus also amplitude one can hold when you are attempting to already reach for a goal, it seems to only add to the pressure, and I honestly think that subconsciously holds so many of us back before we even get started.

I like to think of personal growth as more of a linear progression. A space that already exists that you simply step into. This is quite similar to how I approach manifesting in that I use the visualization techniques of living “as-if” you already have that which you desire. In this case, it’s the same thing, but rather instead of this being a calling on the Universe, this is could be considered an answer to a calling from the Universe.

You can do this in a number of ways such as paying attention to all of those synchronicities appearing in your life as symbols and omens and little signs pointing the way to some pretty awesome stuff trying to make it’s way to you.

So often we curse the Universe, Source, God…(whichever label is most comfortable for you) for not delivering our wishes, answering our prayers…etc. but if we really step back and think about it, we are always given exactly what we BELEIVE. We can put out that we want this or that, but if we have a limited belief on what this or that looks like or are very limited on how we will allow it to come to us, then we are literally closing off ways for the Universe to deliver it to us. 👄How to Discover your Authentic Voice... - Manifestation Magic

It would be like placing an order and then calling UPS and being like, “Yeah I know I ordered it, but I’ll only accept it from a man named Brad and he’s gotta bring it on a Tuesday at 3:47 pm wrapped in an orange bow or else forget it.” It makes it nearly impossible to meet your demands. So, manifesting can ONLY work when we put it out there, let it go lovingly and excitedly, and trust it will come back on the best way, at the best time, and in the best form for our highest good.

So, rather than having all of the lag, pressure, and oh-so-lovely self-loathing, guilt, etc. that often accompanies those times you either don’t meet your milestones, catch yourself procrastinating, encounter anxiety or depression, or manifest another pain/illness that distracts you from your purpose path, etc. we can get out of feeling like it’s always an uphill climb and so much work and begin to just realize that there’s nothing to do per se, but there’s simply so much to remember and realize.

And this is stepping into what I call your authentic integrity. Two more hot words in this community that have very key meanings and when coined together, I feel that it bring a new facet to what it means to be true to yourself. When most of us think of integrity, we usually consider what it is that people do for others that would determine them virtuous or not. But this also includes that which we do for ourselves because one of the most precious lessons I’ve ever learned is that if you never learn to show up for yourself, love yourself, and take care of yourself, you simply cannot be fully present in that way for anyone else. At least not authentically. 🙂


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, a heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Quantum Observations: Keeping Schrodinger’s Cat Alive (VIDEO)

Most of us might not be able to write out Schrodinger’s equation, but many of us have at least heard of Schrodinger’s Cat. With the familiarity of this unfortunate feline, one must also be aware of the fact that anything truly IS possible; just as Quantum Mechanics shows us by demonstrating this cat can exist in multiple states simultaneously.. i.e. dead or alive.

If you are not familiar with Schrodinger’s Cat, it’s a thought experiment (that was thankfully just that and was never actually carried out), in which a cat is placed inside a box with a piece of radioactive material that may or may not decay and kill the cat within the hour. Now, after the hour passes we want to know the state of the cat. Common sense tells us there’s a 50/50 chance that the cat is either dead or alive, but in Quantum Mechanics, until we open the box and collapse the wave function by observing the cat, the cat exists in BOTH states simultaneously!

And down the rabbit hole, we go…

This may sound like some whacky fairytale, but as the following video points out, Schrodinger’s Cat is quite real, and the “superposition state” (simultaneous existence) is what allows the computers we use every day to exist!

Video Source: TED-Ed

The Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment is an excellent reminder of how “energy flows where attention goes” and that if things go unlooked at in your life, they may remain in a constant state of flux or always feel unfinished and incomplete.

But just as atoms can exist as a wave and a particle at the same time, know that while you are part of this dualistic realm, you are not ruled by it and can collapse the wave by making a choice and choosing to look at things in your life. When we observe the areas we most avoid, we clear the weeds and allow room for fresh vegetation to bloom. We create space and expansion for new possibilities and growth.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that fabled feline born in the mind of a brilliant Austrian physicist can teach us is this…to remember that there IS no box, to begin with.


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, a heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.