5 Ways the Mind-Blowing Power of Gratitude Makes Your Life Better

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The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive.” – Wallace Wattles

1) Gratitude Connects You With the Divine

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Gratitude actually connects us with the creative power of the Source. Wallace Wattles, in his book, “The Science of Getting Rich” (it’s one of the greatest self-help books ever written – you can get it here for free along with 21 other transformational books) said this about gratitude:

“You cannot exercise much power without gratitude because it is gratitude that keeps you connected with power. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention. The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it will receive the best.”

2) Gratitude Brings More Good Things to You

Gratitude is so vitally important, Wattles said it is a predictable and repeatable law of the universe:

“There is a law of gratitude, and if you are to get the results you seek, it is absolutely necessary that you should observe this law.”

Wattles goes on to say:

“The law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.”

In other words, when you live in gratitude, you are given more to be grateful for:

“Gratitude will lead your mind out along the ways by which things come.”

3) Gratitude Makes You Happier

Research has shown that we can actively choose to practice gratitude, and in so doing our happiness increases. In this 2003 study, researchers randomly assigned one group of study participants to keep a short weekly list of the things they were grateful for, while having two other groups list negative or neutral events. Ten weeks later, the first group was significantly happier than the others.

Other studies have shown the same pattern and have come to the same conclusion. If you want to be happy, choose to be thankful. It’s that simple.

4) Gratitude Makes the People Around You Happier

In addition to increasing our own happiness, choosing gratitude can also bring out the best in those around us according to this 2011 study. Think of gratitude as contagious, and try to spread it around as much as you can.

Think about how you feel when you’re around a really grateful person. It’s uplifting, isn’t it?

5. Gratitude Makes People Like Us

Gratitude makes us nicer, more trusting, more social, and more appreciative. As a result, it helps us make more friends, deepen our existing relationships, and even improve our marriage. (See: Why Gratitude Enhances Well-Being: What We Need to Know)

Cultivate Your Gratitude by Keeping a Gratitude Journal

One of the best ways you can increase your gratitude is by keeping a journal of the things for which you are grateful. Grab a notebook, and at the end of each day, write down at least 10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours.

When you do so, be sure to connect to the heart-felt feelings of gratitude. Really engage your emotions in this process.

Be sure to include at least a few things you are grateful to YOURSELF for: how you’ve handled your day, positive actions taken, things you’ve done to care for yourself like exercise and healthy eating, kindness towards others, etc.

By doing so, you will not only be happier, you will attract more in your life to happy about. It’s a wonderful, circular process.

MUST SEE: Watch This Stunningly Beautiful TED Talk by Louie Schwartzberg on Gratitude


Be Grateful for Life Itself

It’s not too difficult to give thanks for the blessings in our lives.  In the song Hallelujah, songwriter Leonard Cohen takes thankfulness to another level, suggesting that we should be grateful not only for our blessings, but for ALL of our experiences in life (good, bad, happy, and sad). Read more (and watch 4 breathtaking renditions of Hallelujah): Why Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” Is The Ultimate Thanksgiving Song (You’ll Be Amazed By Its Meaning!)

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Ross Pittman
CLN Editor

Breathe In & Out NEW Solar Light Codes to Augment the Lunar Eclipse Frequencies on Nov 18-19 | Patricia Cota Robles

Source: PatriciaCotaRobles

Patricia Cota Robles shares a transformative prayer for each of the 12 solar aspects of deity to augment the powerful lunar eclipse frequencies occurring on Nov 18-19, 2021. The activity of light that is present during this time will assist us to in-breathe the highest possible frequencies and then project that light on our out-breath through the bridge to freedom.

According to NASA, for people on the U.S. East Coast, the partial eclipse begins a little after 2 in the morning on Nov 19, reaching its maximum at 4 am—that’s when you’ll really want to be watching the moon. For those on the West Coast, the partial eclipse begins at 11 pm on Nov 18, with a maximum at 1 am.


Hi, precious heart. Thank you for joining us for our weekly Vlog. On November 19th, we will be blessed with a full moon. partial lunar eclipse. And on December 3rd, we will be blessed with a new moon, total solar eclipse. The company of Heaven has revealed that with the integration of every person’s I AM presence, the full restoration of our threefold heart flame, and the presence of Unity Consciousness now secured in our heart, we will be able to receive higher frequencies of the twelve, fifth-dimensional crystalline solar aspects of deity during this powerful Eclipse series than ever before.

This is an important step in raising awakening humanity to a frequency of vibration that will help us to perceive on a conscious level the resplendent patterns of perfection contained in the new contingency plan for Mother Earth’s ascension process.

These patterns are flowing into the mental and emotional strata from the fifth-dimensional record keeper crystals recently placed in Earth’s crystal grid system by the mighty Elohim.

The company of Heaven has given us an activity of light that will assist us to in-breathe the highest possible frequencies of the 12 solar aspects of deity from the heart of our Father-Mother God. And then project that light on our out-breath through the bridge to FREEDOM, which is a tremendous pillar of light that connects Heaven and Earth. This sacred fire will then expand through Mother Earth’s planetary grid of comprehensive Divine love to bless every particle and wave of life on Earth. If you have the heart call to participate in this essential facet of the present unfolding divine plan, please join with me now. And we begin.

I am my I Am presence and I am one with the I Am presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth.

Collectively, humanity’s I Am presence’s now merges into one luminous being of light. It is cradling Mother Earth and all life evolving upon her within the divinity of our unified heart-flame.

Humanity, the elemental kingdom, and Mother Earth are now breathing in unison with me as one elevated, holy breath.

I accept and know that the light of God is exponentially expanding within the hearts and minds of all Humanity during this powerful Eclipse series. Mother Earth and all life evolving upon her, our daily ascending into new, celestial and cosmic coordinates, Earth’s adjusted position in the universe is allowing all life on Earth to daily receive higher and higher solar light codes through the portals of the Sun’s in-Earth’s lineage.

This includes the solar light codes flowing through the portals of our physical Sun, Helios, and Vesta, our Central Sun, Alpha and Omega, our great Central Eloweh and Elowah, and our great, great Central Sun, El and Allah.

Beloved Father-Mother God, beloved solar logos, and beloved Elohim, I ask that you now breathe the new solar light codes for the 12 fifth-dimensional, crystalline solar aspects of deity through the 12-pointed, crown of the Elohim above the Earth, the 12-pointed crown of the Elohim on the brow of Humanity’s Collective I Am presence, and the 12-pointed crown of the Elohim on the brow of every person’s individual I AM presence.

On the holy breath, expand this Divine Light through every person’s fifth dimensional, crystalline solar spine, our 12 fifth-dimensional, solar chakras, our Acupuncture meridians, and our Acupuncture points. As this occurs, simultaneously expand these news solar light codes through Mother Earth’s planetary grid of comprehensive Divine love.

Now, I inhale and exhale deeply as we begin.

I am in-breathing the new solar light codes for the sapphire blue, first solar aspect of deity, and the Divine qualities of God’s will, power, protection, illumined faith, and God’s first cause of perfection. On my out-breath, this sapphire blue, solar light blazes through the bridge to freedom, that unifies heaven and Earth, transforming this bridge into a pillar of blue light that blesses every particle and wave of life on Earth as it expands through Mother Earth’s planetary grid of comprehensive, Divine love.

I am now in-breathing the new solar light codes for the yellow-gold, second solar aspect of deity, and the Divine qualities of unity consciousness, and enlightenment. On my out-breath, this yellow-gold solar light blazes through the bridge to freedom, transforming it into a pillar of yellow-gold light that blesses every particle and wave of life on Earth.

I am now in-breathing the new solar light codes for the pink, third solar aspect of deity, and the Divine qualities of God’s comprehensive Divine love, oneness, and reverence for all life. On my out-breath, this pink solar light blazes through the bridge to Freedom, transforming it into a pillar of pink light that blesses every particle and wave of life on Earth….

(Patricia continues with the remaining nine solar aspects of deity.)

5 Ways to Live a Good Life

In the beginning…sometimes there is no choice.  We are born for instance, seemingly there is no choice there, in the physical sense.  Yet, how we end something is entirely our choice.  

The way we end something is also how we live our life. The ending is part of the flow or the conflict, it’s our choice. Do we wish to struggle, resist or get upset?  Make a decision on what is important, develop what is useful, and determine to have a good ending.

How to Develop a Good Ending and Live a Good Life in the Meantime

1. Set an intention for peace. Relax. Breathe. Be.   

2. Be observant. Witness what is going on around you or in a current situation or relationship.  Make room for things to be ok, without strife, conflict. How? Let go of feeling you have to be in control of the situation. Don’t get caught up in results. Allow your expectations to be open-ended. Keep them in an open hand. Agree with another as much as you can with another, otherwise, show polite disinterest or just nod your head. 

3. Go opposite of the crowd. Instead of following or listening to the masses telling what you must think, do or be.  Listen to your heart. If you can’t discern with your heart, then set an intention to develop it. Remember, the heart is not only a muscle that pumps blood, it is a communicator of inner knowing and wisdom. Your heart has much to offer: get quiet and learn. Ask, what do I need to know right now?  Get quiet and listen. As an adult, you can choose what to think about, how to use your time wisely. Train your brain!  Listen to your heart.

4. Embrace synchronicities and serendipities. If something pops up that is convenient, use it, otherwise embrace the ‘walk’.  The walk is your life, activities and all that goes on around you. When you develop your heart and live with higher intelligence, then synchronicities come more often. Or do they?  Possibly you are in tune, now recognize and utilize them.  As these synchornicites happen be grateful, when they don’t enjoy the process. The process will often take you where you need to be. This is living a serendipitous life. Serendipity is finding something you needed while doing another thing. As you live serendipitously, it is almost like being part of a game.

5. Live so you never have to say you are sorry.  In other words, don’t be a jerk. Be kind, be patient and gracious. Grace is a gift. It is a good attitude, a gesture of love, good intentions and is given even when the recipient is, in your estimation, undeserving.   

Remember, how you live your life is up to you. Make good choices and live well. Love, Julia

Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.   


How To Improve Self Confidence

By Yoshita Swarup Sharma

If you were to do a google search to look for how to be more confident, you’re going to get a whole host of suggestions and advice that would range from “love yourself” to “being positive and looking for positive in every situation” to “trying something new” and “knowing your strengths”. However, as a leadership coach, I do come across a lot of people who struggle with self-confidence, and in my experience, here are some things that you can do to handle this lack of confidence.

Step 1 – Know Yourself

When I say “know yourself”, I’m not talking about knowing your strengths, but I’m talking about really deeply understanding the situations where you feel the lack of confidence. These could be different kinds of situations. For example, it could be a lack of confidence at work or in a meeting, or when suddenly asked a question. Maybe one feels tongue-tied, unable to say what they want to say. The way to build awareness of these situations is to start journaling. Every day, write down incidents that have taken place where you felt unsure or lacking in confidence, in your journal.

Step 2: Identify the Pattern

Once you have done journaling for, let’s say, 15 days, you would be able to identify a pattern. This means that while there could be different types of situations where you don’t feel confident, there is likely to be an underlying theme around which your confidence gets shaky. For some people, it could be that it’s shaky around people in authority, like clients or bosses, or elders. It could be a lack of confidence when you’re in the spotlight. Or it could be a lack of skill/ capability that is making you feel that way.

For example, through journaling, you may figure out that every time you’re suddenly asked a question or when you have to do public speaking in front of a large group, you feel inadequate. Whatever your pattern, you need to be able to identify that.

Step 3: Identify the Underlying Belief

Having understood the pattern, the next step is to dig deeper and identify the underlying belief, because of which you lack confidence. Once, a client of mine was really struggling with her confidence. After many souls searching, what emerged was that her underlying belief was that “I don’t know how to express myself clearly.”  This was strange because she could express herself quite clearly. She was extremely articulate, but her belief was that she was not a good communicator. Whenever she was called upon by anyone to answer a specific question or to talk about a certain situation, she would just feel a panic attack coming on to her.

Step 4: Identify the Genesis of the Belief

Once you are able to identify the belief, you have to look for the genesis of that belief. Sometimes, people skip that step. But I think it’s a very important step. You must ask yourself, “ Why do I believe this about myself? Where did I first hear it? Who did I hear it from? Who were the people who made me believe that I am lacking in this aspect of myself?” Most of the time, this lack of confidence comes from outside. It has come from someone’s opinions of us that we have accepted as truth, maybe at a very young age. It is very important to understand this. Sometimes you’re even able to access an old memory of a teacher or a parent saying something in childhood in a given situation. As a child, we take their word as gospel truth and that becomes our narrative of how we see ourselves. So, when you start understanding the genesis of a belief, you can separate from it. You can see it from a different perspective, without getting attached emotionally to it.

Step 5: Question the Belief & Reframe It

Identifying a belief and its genesis allows us to move forward. We can now question the belief and reframe it. You can question the belief by asking: “Is this really true?” For example, if I think I’m not articulate, I ask myself, “is it really true? What is the evidence supporting it and what is the evidence against it?” And then, you start understanding that, it’s not true. In the above example, my client was able to think of a situation, where she was able to express herself really well and even got appreciated for that. So, she realized that it is her limiting belief. Once you realize your limiting belief, you can reframe it. You can look at the situation again and reframe it in a different way. So, for example, the belief that “I cannot express myself well” or “I’m not good at articulation” can be reframed as “If I’m well-prepared, I can speak with a lot of logic”.

Step 6: Affirmations and Experimentation

Finally, when you are trying to replace old beliefs with new ones, you have to do two things – affirmations and experimenting with new behaviors.  Affirmations refer to repeating the new belief statement to yourself such that it forms new neural pathways in our brain, ie new ways of thinking about the situation. Secondly, you support the affirmations with new behaviors that will help you gain confidence in certain situations. For example, you have reframed the belief that when you are well-prepared, you can articulate very effectively. Now, you can support that new belief with the behavior of going through that extra preparation. Thus, you feel more equipped, more confident, and more ready to deal with the situation that was earlier making you feel inadequate. Doing this repeatedly over a period of time is a good way to build genuine confidence.

I hope you can follow these 6 steps of deeper exploration of your lack of confidence. That way, you are much more likely to understand its root cause, and then to replace limiting beliefs with new beliefs and new behavior. And don’t forget, you are awesome!


Yoshita Swarup Sharma, CEO & Founder of A Brighter Life, is an internationally certified executive coach (PCC). For the last ten years, she has coached several senior leaders and CXO across the globe. She brings with her 22 years of overall experience and has worked as a Marketing professional incorporating Coca-Cola, Dabur, and Ranbaxy in brand management roles handling brands like Volini, Gulabari, Hajmola, etc, and doing P&L management. Recently she was awarded as one of the most influential coaching leaders of India by the World HRD Congress. She’s a leadership facilitator, advanced NLP Practitioner, and a specialist on personal transformation. Themes that she has worked on include stakeholder management, building executive presence, developing people, becoming an inspiring communicator, etc. She frequently conducts leadership workshops and has worked with clients like L’Oréal, Adidas, Vodafone, Siemens, HDFC Bank, ITC, and many more. She’s also a Kathak student and founder of Subah, A Covid Widow support group.

A Call For ALL Sovereign People to UNITE For the Survival of Humanity

Source: AustraliaOne Party

“We need to look after our babies, your grandkids, my grandkids… Here’s the thing: By the time I die, when I’m closing my eyes… I want to look into my grandkid’s and my great-grandkid’s eyes and I want to be able to look them in the eye and say: ‘When it was bad. I stood up for you. And I’m leaving you something healthy because we stood up.’ I cannot leave this world knowing that we are leaving our children to a cesspool of parasitic sickness and knowing that I did nothing. And that’s why I’m in this fight brother. Because as the ancestors, it is our responsibility to stand up for future ancestors. And when our great, great grandkids and me, and you are gone, and we’re finished, they’re going to be looking back in this time. The difference now to what’s been going on in the last few hundred years is they’re going to be able to SEE what we’ve done. They’re going to be able to stand in pride in what we’ve done… This is about the survival of humanity and our babies. Failure is not an option! When they look back and they see that we have stood up and we have not only ensured that their future is one of prosperity and health, they’ll also see a nation that is built on truth, honor, and respect. I once read a long time ago that a country is not a nation until its people are walking in unison. This is our chance.” ~ David Cole (aka Lurnpa)

Watch and be inspired by this extraordinary master class on Australia’s past, present, and future with David Cole (aka Lurnpa) and Ricardo Bosi, the leader of the AustraliaOne Party.


11/11 Mass Meditation for UNITY of hUmaNITY REPLAY

CLICK the above image to watch the REPLAY of this super powerful event.

Source: Transforming the Darkness

“Join us on the potent 11/11 portal to hold and raise our energy together for the UNITY of beautiful HUMANITY in this most glorious EVOLUTION of human consciousness! When powerful, awakened, sovereign individuals come together in harmony we are invincible. There is immense power in synchronization and mass meditation. Through coming together and holding high intentions and focus at once we create massive energetic ripples of consciousness around the world. Now is the time more than ever to take advantage of such powerful tools as we anchor in extremely high frequencies of light for humanity and the Earth.” ~ Regan Keely

Today on 11/11 at 11 am MST, Regan Keely is leading a mass meditation for the unity of ALL of hUmaNITY. Here’s why this is an incredibly important meditation for lightworkers (which you can replay at ANY time):

“During the next 40 days from November 11th through the solstice on December 20th and 21st, 2021, we will experience several powerful influxes of light from both celestial and global events. These events will provide a tremendous opportunity for lightworkers around the world to greatly enhance our unique individual and collective facets of this awe-inspiring, divine plan… Assisting awakening humanity to reach a level of unity consciousness is the divine mission we are all being called to assist with during the remaining months of 2021.” ~ Patricia Cota Robles

Watch Patricia’s full, inspirational, and instructional message to lightworkers regarding the time we are in right NOW:
For 40 Days Beginning on 11-11, We Will Receive Powerful Influxes of Light To Uplift Humanity and Gaia – STAY STRONG!

To put you in an awesome state of being prior to the meditation, listen to this heavenly angel music:
11/11 SPECIAL: 1111Hz Angels Love and Blessings | Receive Help & Protection | Angel Number Frequency

And, here’s a great article about why mass meditations are so important and effective:

Rise Up: Meditations, Messages and Tools to Dramatically Accelerate Planetary Awakening

What the World Can Learn From the Buddhist Concept Loving-Kindness

Avalokiteshvara, 1656, Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi (4). Richard Mortel via Flickr

As the world deals with the trauma caused by COVID-19, World Kindness Day, observed on Nov. 13 annually, is a good opportunity to reflect on the healing potential of both large and small acts of kindness. Indeed, it was the kind acts of essential workers that helped save many lives.

As a scholar of Buddhist studies, I have researched the ways in which Buddhist monks talk about kindness and compassion toward all beings.

The Dalai Lama has famously been quoted as saying “My true religion is kindness.” Although there is more to Buddhism than just kindness, Buddhism’s teachings and exemplary figures, I believe, have much to offer to a world experiencing intense suffering.

Loving-kindness teachings

Some of the earliest Buddhist teachings developed in India – which are recorded in the Pali canon, the collection of scriptures in the Pali language – emphasized the idea of “metta,” or loving-kindness. One teaching from this collection of scriptures is the “Karaniya Metta Sutta,” where the Buddha exhorts the good and wise to spread loving-kindness by making these wishes toward all beings:

In gladness and in safety,

May all beings be at ease.

Whatever living beings there may be;

Whether they are weak or strong, omitting none,

The great or the mighty, medium, short or small,

The seen and the unseen,

Those living near and far away,

Those born and to-be-born —

May all beings be at ease!

In order to put these words into practice, several Buddhist teachers from North America teach meditation practices meant to develop one’s own metta or loving-kindness.

During meditation sessions, practitioners can visualize people and chant wishes of loving-kindness using variations of phrases based on the Karaniya Metta Sutta. A commonly used version is from a well-known Buddhist meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg.

May all beings everywhere be safe and well.

May all beings everywhere be happy and content.

May all beings everywhere be healthy and strong.

May all beings everywhere be peaceful and at ease.

Practitioners spread this kindness toward themselves, people close to them, people they do not know – even distant people or enemies – and finally all beings throughout the world. After visualizing this attitude of loving-kindness, practitioners find it is easier to radiate kindness toward others in real life.

In addition to metta, Buddhists also practice compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekkha) for a peaceful state of mind.

Cultivating compassion

Later forms of Buddhism in East Asia and Tibet developed the idea of compassion further through the figure of the bodhisattva.

The bodhisattva is a practitioner who has vowed to work selflessly for the enlightenment of other beings. The development of this state of mind is known as “bodhicitta.” Bodhicitta provides the motivation and commitment to this difficult path of putting others before oneself.

One practice for cultivating bodhicitta is exchanging self for others. In this practice, those on the bodhisattva path would regard the suffering of others as if it were their own and would offer help to others as if helping oneself.

As the Indian Buddhist monk Santideva writes in his classic eighth-century work on the path of the bodhisattva, “The Bodhicaryavatara,” one should meditate with this sentiment in mind: “all equally experience suffering and happiness. I should look after them as I do myself.”

Many bodhisattvas and their meanings

The Buddhist figure most focused on kindness is the bodhisattva of compassion, known originally as Avalokiteshvara, who became popular in India by the sixth century A.D. A popular way to depict Avalokiteshvara is with 11 heads and 1,000 arms, which he uses to benefit all sentient beings. Tibetan Buddhists believe that all Dalai Lamas are manifestations of this bodhisattva.

This bodhisattva is known by various names across Asia. In Nepal, the bodhisattva is known as Karunamaya, and in Tibet as Lokesvara and Chenrezig. In China, the bodhisattva is a female figure called Guanyin and portrayed as a woman with long, flowing hair in white robes, who holds a vase tilted downward so she can drop the dews of compassion upon all beings.

Throughout East and Southeast Asia, this is a popular figure. People make offerings to seek help, especially in regards to success in business and starting a family.

With practices that urge people to practice compassion toward others and with figures who can be asked to bestow it, Buddhism offers unique and diverse ways to think about and express kindness.

By Brooke Schedneck, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Rhodes College

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

The Connection of Prayer and Why it is Important

Prayer is More!

Is it asking, requesting, or petitioning? At times yes, however, overall it is more.  It is being in alignment with your highest self. It is a mediation, a visualization, an expectation that propels one from the ordinary to a peaceful state.

How long shall I pray?

Prayer lasts a moment, a day, even a lifetime. When it ends, it begins again.  There is no failure, just hope. Disappointments still exist, yet don’t remain and are transformed by the renewing of the mind. In prayer there is quiet. A quiet mind and a heart that is hopeful. Prayer may not change the immediate landscape, experience or circumstance however it provides a means of compassion, love and the desire to be part of the solution. In this it allows satisfaction and clarity to arise.  It allows a soothed heart and peaceful mind.

How does one pray?

The answer is the same for all and yet as varied as each individual. It is all about connection.  Connecting within and recognizing an all-knowing, honoring, loving being resides there.  Getting to this point may take many paths, yet has one requirement. Surrender, letting go, yielding to the heart knowledge that the great I Am is within. Always and forever. The words are inconsequential, the stance matters not. The connection is paramount.

Why is connection paramount?

Because this is your truth. This connection will and does express itself for your and others highest good. It is the light within that glows from your eyes. It is the sound within that emanates from your heart. It is complete presence.

Prayer is acceptance

Prayer is accepting ‘the more’. More than you can see, have known, learned or even understood. Prayer is communicating beyond your ability to understand and it is the realization that all is as it should be. Prayer is the comfort for a wounded soul. It is the celebration of melding of hearts.

Prayer transforms

Prayer transforms the darkness by absorbing the light. It changes perspective so that conditioned thought does not prevail and harmony reigns.

What to do about Prayer?

Pray without ceasing my friends. Live this life in much hope, with much love and shine.  Be at peace within, this is prayer.


Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.  

There’s Not Enough Of Them To Stop Us | NEW DAVID ICKE 2021

Source: Inspired

We don’t need a solution. We need to remove the cause of the problem. The only way the few have always controlled the many is because the many have acquiesced to the few. We can put an end to the tyranny right now because there are not enough of them to make us comply. ~ David Icke, Author, Researcher, Speaker, Legend



People say what’s the solution? Well, I’m not interested in solutions. I’m interested in removing the cause of the problem because that is the solution. You can constantly look for solutions to a problem. And what solutions normally do (see politics) is lead to more and more problems, which need more and more solutions, which lead to more problems. If you’ve gonna break the cycle, then you have to remove the cause of the problem. If you remove the cause of the problem, the problem must disappear because its cause is gone.

And the problem, and you look right the way through human history, the problem with humanity, which is why the few have always controlled the many – I don’t care what the culture is; I don’t care what the historical era is; it’s the same – is because the many give their power to the few in the form of acquiescence.

And that is how the few have always controlled many. And if we didn’t do that, the few have no power over us. So if someone comes out of Downing Street or the White House and says “we’ve had a discussion” (they do it all the time these days) and this is what’s going to happen. If enough of the population said, “We’re not doing that. WE’RE NOT DOING THAT.” – then they have no power. There’s not enough of them to impose it.

I’ll give you an example. When the Covid era started and the first lockdown started, people went under house arrest meekly, because they thought well, we gotta do this to protect ourselves from the virus. And at that point, only a few people were protesting, which made it that easy. Along came the police, arrested them, and away you went. But as the summer unfolded in 2020, more and more people started to question it. This doesn’t make sense – there’s a lot of things that do not make sense here.

And so I spoke in two events in Trafalgar Square in August and September of 2020, which I had about 35-40,000 people. And the police try to come the brutal route on the second one, but there were too many people to just drive people away.

And then by the spring after another lockdown through the winter, hundreds of thousands of people walked through the streets of London. I’ve been on most of them. And instead of the police coming and arresting people and breaking it all up, they stand on the side of the road and watch the people go by – because there are too many people for them to do anything about it. Now, that is a visual expression of how we bring an end to this: we stopped cooperating with our own enslavement!

You know, through this whole period I’ve never worn a mask, have never social distance. I will go out of my house when I choose, thank you very much. And I’ve not done any of it. I thought this is nonsense. I can show it’s nonsense and I’m not cooperating.

And what’s happened through this period up to the present day is more and more people have realized there’s a scam going on, because it’s become more and more obvious. They have to now refuse to cooperate with the system. It doesn’t need violence. Just say no and mean it, because the next lockdown is meant to be the last one. We are not meant to come out of it.

And if people want to see the vaccine agenda, look to Israel. If you want to see the Orwellian agenda in terms of lockdown, look to Australia because that’s the blueprint. They’re the 2 blueprints. And so we stand up now and it’s stop cooperating, or we acquiesce to fascism, which is what’s planned – as I’ve said it in my books for 30 bloody years!

WATCH: The Key to Everything | Regan Keely

Source: Transforming the Darkness

Watch this awesome video with the amazing Regan Keely in which she shares the key to everything.

Below are some notes from Regan’s brilliant presentation:

Regan announces that she will be hosting a Mass Meditation for Unity on 11/11 at 1 pm Eastern.

Sovereignty is rising in the world – but it’s just the beginning.

Mass meditations have a strong ripple effect.

We need to remember that we are not separate.

The key to everything is coming back to presence – unconditional presence in the self.

Conditional presence is: I’ll be present when I have this, or when I feel happy, or when I get this job, or when I have so much money, etc. It’s an insidious trap that keeps you from being present.

Being present unconditionally, honing in on unconditional love, is our greatest power. Presence is acknowledging that you already are everything, you already are infinite, you already have everything within you.

It’s about coming back to who we really are and not being so sucked into the physical world, which is currently reflecting back to where we are not present.

We are in this world, but we are not of it.

Presence is how you access your greatest potential.

The physical world is Maya – it’s a dream.

Remember we are not separate from source/all that is/Creator/God. We’ve believed the lie that we are separate.

When you align with God, it’s literally everything that you could ever want or need: unconditional love, creativity, power – everything. That’s what it feels like.

We are never separate from source. When you remember this and are present with this, you can reall feel that it’s everything you need.

Everything else is an illusion. The physical world is not the point. The point is about your connection with and co-creation with God.
We forgot that we are not separate from God. Everything that you could possibly dream of, your highest love, you are not separate from that.

There’s so much fear around death, and there really need not be, because we are mostly not physical. We are literally almost entirely invisible. It’s not about the physical body, it’s about the energy/consciousness/love within.

It’s like we have a split personality – the ego and the higher self.

When it comes to consciousness, the ego is like a toddler – yet it’s necessary for survival. And, it’s been mostly in charge.

You can have conversations with your ego telling it that you don’t need to be the driver anymore because my higher self is back in charge.

What the awakening is about is coming back to God, coming back to complete faith.

Be present as deep as you can in each now moment.

The ego never feels entirely safe. It’s constricted. But, the higher self wants us to experience flow again.

Trust that you are right where you need to be and that everything is right on schedule. The more you lean into that, the more things will work out for you. You don’t worry about the physical anymore.

There are similarities between what happened in Atlantis and what we are experiencing now, because of our disconnection from source.

Know that we are creator beings, but don’t create from Ego, from the illusion of separation.

Living in a state of surrender and trust is very freeing. Don’t try to force things to happen. Live in a state of flow.

Be present with your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, whatever is happening around you.

The key to your life is NOT outside of you, it’s all within.

When you realize that you have everything you need within you and that you are not separate from God/source, it will bless you energetically, and in turn, physically.

The physical world is a reflection of our internal world.

When you lose your physical vessel, you don’t end.

You are almost entirely invisible, and you are eternal.

Those who have left this plane physically are still with you.

We are all one with God and can never be separate. The more we remember this oneness, this inevitable, infinite, innate connection to God, we have everything we need. What would there be to be afraid of? Anchor into that.

Our infinite abundance, joy, love, harmony, wealth, health, freedom, sovereignty and liberation are all within.

The external world is an amazing mirror to show us when we are not being present.

The more you can bring what you desire into your presence, the more it will show up in your physical world.

Contemplating the Ordinary | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Video Source: Eckhart Tolle 

Eckhart shares the power of contemplating the ordinary moments of everyday life. By bringing consciousness to the small moments that often seem insignificant, we bring awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment to all forms of the present moment.

How To Self-Overcome Like Friedrich Nietzsche

By Gary Z McGee | Waking Times

“Here the ways of men divide. If you wish to strive for peace of soul and happiness, then believe; if you wish to be a disciple of truth, then search.” ~Nietzsche

In German Überwindung means self-mastery, or self-overcoming. Überwinden means to overcome. Mensch means man or human. So ‘Self-overcoming Human’ seems to be the most accurate translation of Übermensch.

Nietzsche used the Overman as a personification of potential genius, demonstrating that Truth moves, and moving, demolishes thrones and altars. If it’s not moving, then it becomes stale. Thrones become entrenched. Alters become golden idols. The truth that doesn’t move, and keeps moving, soon becomes a fallacy. It dissolves into delusion. It grows uncouth.

Thus, self-overcoming is the life task of man. If we never discover this life task, we limit ourselves to merely existing. We become stuck. We comfortably and contentedly believe rather than adaptively and proactively seek. We would rather comfortably bow to thrones and revere altars than uncomfortably discover new ways of being human in the world. We would rather have faith than have the fortitude, and often we confuse the two.

The most powerful way to prevent this merely existing—this stuck-ness, this comfortable annihilation, this confusion of faith and fortitude—is to practice the art of self-overcoming. When we self-overcome, we are forcing Truth to move. We don’t allow it to grind to a halt and become a millstone. We don’t allow it to rule over us. Instead, we use it as merely a stepping stone into higher and higher truth. We transform it into a Philosopher’s Stone.

As Nietzsche said, “And Life confided the secret to me: behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself.”

And so, foremost, the art of self-overcoming is the ability to continue the search despite the urge to give it up to a particular belief. It’s the ability to cease merely arriving and to focus instead on courageously thriving. It’s the ability to overcome. Let’s break it down…

‘Belief’ is an existential hang-up:

“Faith: not wanting to know what is true.” ~Nietzsche

Belief in any ideology is a spiritual camouflage pattern based upon fear. Belief is almost always fear conditioning. The statist ‘believes’ in nationalism out of fear of being ostracized. The religious zealot ‘believes’ in their particular religion out of fear of the afterlife. As Krishnamurti said, “Any activity or education that conditions the mind through nationalism, through identification with a group, an ideology, a dogma, is an impediment to the truth.”

The same applies to almost every level of belief, and the more blind the belief the more fear tends to be the driving force. But fear-based reasoning can be extremely unhealthy, and even dangerous. As Nietzsche said, “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”

When it comes to self-development, belief tends to be the fear of growth, the fear of being wrong, the fear of stretching one’s comfort zone, the fear of the unknown. The list goes on. Perhaps the greatest fear is the fear that one’s worldview could be wrong. This fear is so powerful that it creates a kind of blind spot in our reasoning. It’s called cognitive dissonance, and we all suffer from it.

When it comes to navigating through cultural, political, and spiritual change—and all change, really—there is a level of cognitive dissonance that comes into play that amps the difficulty to near impossible proportions. The cart of cultural pressure is set so firmly in front of the horse of our reasoning powers that it seems unpassable. Our ability to progressively evolve becomes blocked by the comfort and security infrastructures we have erected. So what can we do?

We can choose self-interrogation over belief. We can choose discomfort despite the security. We can choose the question mark over the period. We can choose to have a flexible notion rather than a rigid opinion. We can choose to be adaptive and transformative rather than stuck in our ways. We can become game-changers. We change the way the game is played by taking responsibility for change itself, by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable truth, by moderating our comfort and security with courage and flexibility. Most of all, we become game-changers by admitting that we could be wrong.

If it’s true that, as Daniel Dennett said, “There’s no polite way to suggest to someone that they have devoted their life to a folly,” then it stands to reason that we simply get out of our own way in the first place so that we are not so devastated when we discover our folly.

If we rigidly and dogmatically cling to a particular “basket,” (rigid belief) then we would probably be crushed under the heavy blow that our worldview has suddenly become invalid (or maybe our cognitive dissonance will have been so strong that it keeps us mired in ignorance).

But if we cultivate an open-minded, flexible, and humorous disposition regarding our “answers” then there would never have been any basket worthy enough to hold all our “eggs” in the first place, and so we would not be so devastated. We would be more likely to simply shrug our shoulders, have a good laugh at ourselves (self-deprecating humor is a staple for self-overcoming), and then move on with our new knowledge in tow. Indeed. We would be more likely to embrace the wise words of Aristotle, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

‘The search’ is an existential jumpstart:

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal. What can be loved in man is that he is an overture.” ~Nietzsche

The key to keeping the search alive, then, is to keep belief at bay. All belief. Whether it’s the abstract belief in God or the concrete belief that we exist. All belief must be taken into consideration rather than believed so as to prevent falling victim to the blind spot and tripping into dogmatic thinking, which is the opposite of thinking clearly.

So, the secret to keeping the search alive is discovering the joy and transcendence of uncertainty. Where certainty bottles us up, constricts our perception, and puts up walls around our comfort zone; uncertainty shatters the bottle, unknots our thoughts, and demolishes all the walls preventing us from further expansion into Truth. Indeed. There is a virtue in uncertainty that the certain will never know.

It’s a matter of attitude. A bad attitude falls into the trap of right and wrong, of good and evil, whereas a good attitude goes beyond. It transcends. A bad attitude plays the victim; a good attitude plays with victimhood. A good attitude transforms tragedy into a teacher, pain into a professor, labor into a laboratory.

This, the self-overcoming philosopher knows: The lodestone must become a whetstone before it can become a Philosopher’s Stone.

Transforming Life into a whetstone gives us something to sharpen the sword of our self. This is the essence of self-overcoming. Where yesterday our sword was dull, having not experienced honing, today, after the honing, it is sharper. Self-overcoming is allowing the possibility of our own personal sharpening. Without honing there can be no sharpness. Self-overcoming is taking the sword of ourselves and honing it against the whetstone of hardship. It’s the ability to use the hardships of life, the setbacks, the slings and arrows, the ups and downs, to make ourselves stronger, resilient, more robust, and even antifragile despite the fragile culture.

Self-overcoming is honoring the grit, the coal, and the dullness within us, and, through such honoring, recognizing the vital importance that polishing, pressure, and honing have in transforming us into pearls, diamonds, and sharpness. It’s the deep understanding that in order to experience growth there must be a rub, friction, testing. There must be a crucible. Self-overcoming is allowing life to be a crucible for transformation, rather than a comfort zone of stagnation.

When we are in the throes of self-overcoming, the search is always on. We are continuously searching for truth. We may discover “answers” here and there—ideas, knowledge, wisdom, love—but these “answers” do not hinder our overall truth quest, they only strengthen it, they only compel it, propel it, launch it above and beyond the need for an answer. For we understand that the truth quest—allowing the journey to be the thing, forever questioning, never settling on a belief—is the answer.

Nietzsche was able to tap the depths of the human condition like no other philosopher before or after. He was able to do this because he practiced self-overcoming. His philosophy was a hammer that shattered the very concept of belief itself. It crashed through all values. It even launched us into a revaluation of all values. It taught us how it is possible to recondition our cultural conditioning. It taught us how the self can also be a hammer, and how, through the hammer of the self, new, healthier values can be created despite the rigid, inflexible, and entrenched dogmas that trip us up as a species and prevent us from evolving in a healthier way.

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGeea former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

The Quantum Keys to Unlocking Lasting Happiness are Acceptance & Gratitude

What Is Quantum Mechanics? Quantum Physics Defined, Explained | Live ScienceAs you may or may not know, the study of Quantum Mechanics is the branch of physics that focuses on “the very small”. Not necessarily what we would consider being “matter”, but rather the cosmically tiny common subjects such as atoms and quarks that bond & unite energetically to create matter and bring it into physical 3D existence. I use the quantum reference here as it applies to life because there are two very simple and very small, yet VERY significant things you can do to actually guarantee your own happiness…

No, this isn’t some scheme or trick, it’s physics; it’s Universal Law. Everything is energy and reacts to matter it comes across energetically. Magnets are not the only things that repel or attract, but perhaps you could say that we all are just like magnets in that we also repel or attract energetically.

How so? Your feelings, your thoughts, and the action you take (or don’t take) in your life all hold a frequency; they all communicate a certain type of energy and this is why you always hear the great Zen Masters and Gurus speaking about how to always be mindful of your thoughts.

How we feel about things could be considered the “charge” behind the energy. If we feel passionate about writing a book, there is a high, yet strongly grounded energy there which fuels the action to write often and from the heart. It is when we fear moving towards our own desires and dreams that this energy can “turn” on us.

That’s not to say it actually has an agenda against you, but rather it is the Universe’s way of answering the energy you’ve put out by refusing to face your fear and step into your greatness. It will reply, “Oh, you want to continue to live small? Here you go.” And to the person who is unaware of the power of their own thoughts, feelings and intentions can often see this as life being against them in some way and put themselves into a victim mode which only draws in more things to make you feel like a victim.

So, how do we stay in high vibration so we can finally lead a happy life?


#1 – Accept what is without judgment or a need to change things to suit your perceptions/beliefs; be at peace with that which you cannot control or change. The moment you accept something in your heart, you re-form your Source connection to it, and immediately any low energy is released. Now, there can be movement again which is required for healing and growth. It is when we let our negative thoughts keep us in the feelings of fear, doubt, stress, etc. that there can be no movement and life can become stagnant. This is why while we should always take the time to sit with our feelings and find out what they are trying to tell you, we shouldn’t let them run the show or stay in their vibration for extended periods of time (worrying, etc.). We should also be cautious of letting our feelings and emotion put us into a reactive mode rather than allowing ourselves a moment of conscious response.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” ― Lao Tzu


#2 – Get to a place where you can wake up each morning and find at least 1 thing in your life to be grateful for. Then each day for a week, add 1 more thing. At the end of the week, take a long, hard look at the list you’ve created and look at it again whenever you need a little reminder. Sometimes when we get caught up in those emotions and feelings, it can be hard to be grateful. But this in itself is a test of integrity, and if you can muster up the will each and every day to connect to your heart and for one breath feel nothing but gratitude for your life, those you love, those who’ve tested your patience, those who’ve broken your heart, those whom you’ve taught, etc., happiness will be your ultimate reward for you are giving yourself the freedom to be at peace with all that IS. Be grateful for one thing until you can be grateful for it ALL.

When you are actively practicing both acceptance and gratitude in your life, happiness is INEVITABLE! Why? Because you’ve cleaned off the filters of your “world-view lens” that were previously clouded by your core beliefs and perceptions of the world and those around you; as well as your place in the world and your purpose for even being here. With clear vision comes purposeful action…

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

– Eckhart Tolle


Give it a try for even one week and see how much your life can change… xoxo

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

How I Practice My Beauty Walk

My beauty walk…..

I don’t feel lonely. Even though I am often alone. Why? I have nature, curiosity and imagination as companions. I have a well cultivated music playlist that creates a mood or enhances it. I invest in relationships and I reap the benefit of friendship. 

I remember, I have a body and thus I am not my body.

I realize time is a great healer and heart breaks mend. 

I practice a life of gratitude and forgiveness. 

I love what I love and am not in a hurry for anything. 

How did I get here? By facing life boldly and not offering excuses. Also, by smiling in the face of adversity and practicing kindness as much as possible. Never seeing my self as a victim, but as one who has much to be thankful for. 

My prayer for you and me is that we always be soft and walk boldly, never timid or unsure. To be full of confidence, knowing that we are more than flesh and blood and our great unseen Self is the guru. 

The brilliant Mary Oliver captures my heart in words…..

Wild Geese

Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

are moving across the landscapes,

over the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers.

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,

are heading home again.

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting—

over and over announcing your place in the family of things.


Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.   

Two Powerful Methods to Awaken Heart & Brain Connection | Gregg Braden

Video Source: Gregg Braden Official 

Gregg Braden shares two ways that you can begin to awaken the heart and brain connection. One technique enables you to connect with your heart to gain crystal clear answers to important questions. Another is a practice that shifts the conversation between the heart and brain to be in a coherent frequency. When they are in harmony with this frequency, you open a doorway to even more mystical abilities, including self-healing.