A Scientific Look At How Soda Destroys Your Body (video)

Written by on November 15, 2019 in Sci-Tech, Science with 26 Comments

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With over 1.8 billion bottles of Coca-Cola being sold every day and nearly half of Americans drinking at least one glass of soda or pop a day, it's safe to say that many of us love a sugary drink. But what would happen to our brains and bodies if we only drink soda?

As the drink enters your mouth, its high acid content begins to erode the enamel on your teeth and the microorganisms in your plaque start to feed off the sugar which can lead to cavities. Finished the can and you may have consumed upwards of forty-six grams of sugar. The receptors on your tongue sense this and send a message to your cerebral cortex activating the rewards center of the brain, which says “more please.”

After a week of substituting the recommended eight daily glasses of water for cola instead, you would have consumed around 5,432 extra calories and this is one of the biggest health problems linked to carbonated drinks: weight gain. It's been estimated that one-fifth of the weight gained in the U.S. between 1977 and 2007 can be attributed to soft drinks.

Furthermore, Yale researchers found that when people drink soft drinks they also consume more calories mainly because people don't accurately account for the added calories in their beverage.

On top of this, the high fructose corn syrup, which is the primary soda sweetener, is not metabolized in our bodies the same way other sugars are. They increase liver fat upping the risk of cardiovascular disease and don't stimulate the hormones insulin and leptin. These hormones help the body signal when we're full to prevent overheating.

The disruption of insulin also increases the risk of diabetes. Research suggests that reducing the amount of sugar in drinks could prevent 1 million cases of obesity.

So, should we swap in diet drinks instead? Surprisingly there's still a link between artificial sweeteners and weight gain as well. Experiments have found that the sweet taste, whether from real sugar or artificial sweeteners, enhances our appetite – not to mention many diet drinkers allow themselves to eat more because they believe they've already reduced their calories. Thinking: “I’m having a diet soda so I can have a large fry with my burger.”

But, soft drinks can also age us.  Telomeres are protective caps on the end of our chromosomes which are shortened over time. And, it turns out that their rate of shortening is nearly the same in a person who drinks six hundred milliliters of soda a day as it is in a smoker.

So, what if you drank two liters of pop every day. Well, one woman did just that for sixteen years straight until she was hospitalized at age 31. With no family history of heart problems, she suffered from arrhythmia. And fainting spells and tests found her severely deficient in potassium as both fructose and caffeine can lead to potassium loss through urine and diarrhea. Luckily our bodies have an amazing ability to recover and once she quit her potassium levels and other complications began to rebound.

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26 Reader Comments

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  1. 1689170994638356@facebook.com' Dan Tanna says:

    Diet Dr pepper is my weakness. I quite drinking it and had an excruciating headache for 2 days! I know it was the cause bc I’ve fallen off the “soda” wagon before and the same thing always happens.

    • tracypaints@hotmail.com' tracy says:

      I had a 30 year 2 liter a day Diet Coke (or Dr. Pepper) habit. Then I read about aspartame poisoning. I quit cold turkey, which was excruciating. I had a headache for a week, couldn’t get out of bed, it was awful. That was almost 3 years ago, and I haven’t touched a soda since. It took me a while to find a substitute (besides water) and I hit on Perrier or Pellegrino-seems it was the carbonation I missed, not the soda. That’s what I drink now, with the added bonus that they are both fluoride free. It’s worth it!

  2. 211192482564512@facebook.com' Minnie Jonez says:

    Poppy Culbert

  3. 10207962321991890@facebook.com' Martha Kakonikos says:

    I drink soda maybe once a month. Not worried.

  4. 961249230655098@facebook.com' Janet Edminston-Moore says:

    One a day is my allowance. No worries. Wish I could claim that for my other bad eating habits.

  5. 862250887255141@facebook.com' Gina Stevens says:

    Clleirrh Chichizola

  6. 225406517802493@facebook.com' Keith Newman says:

    I want to stop the pop!

  7. 1526735707628015@facebook.com' Hellen Martinez says:

    Kassie Morales Alexandra Breana Morales Alexandra Pebworth

  8. 1257115820970887@facebook.com' M Christopher Baize says:

    I used to drink coke religiously! I was hooked until my Dr said he was starting to see the onset of diabetes. After dropping soda, within the first month I lost 20lbs and avoided the onset of full blown diabetes. I encourage you to check you blood sugar before its too late.

  9. 10153249868387540@facebook.com' Jeff Jingles says:

    Courtny Gittins-Huber must read!

  10. 932617720151879@facebook.com' Joe Winslow says:

    Theresa Rohrbach Winslow

  11. 1043598405690355@facebook.com' Val Emerson says:

    Ohhh keith newman i hear exactly that with the pop… The guilty little pleasure of a diet coke zero while i eat a diet rich in high alkalizing food and get my 10,000 steps plus everyday is just so stupid… Really i frustrate the living heck out of myself with the sheer desire to drink something that tastes so nasty at first sip… When i hold up a glass if water and a glass of soda.. The water always tastes better.. Feels better…buttttttt…the coke zero still keeps its nook in the fridge… I will save this little read to pocket and read it every morning until… Until i no longer care about even the couple of glasses i have a day…thanks for the disturbing read .. I think… Lol perhaps it will inspire the self discipline i clearly lack in this regard….

  12. 10156595213145165@facebook.com' Diana Schaber says:

    Pop is gross

  13. 10205761159728447@facebook.com' Shina Ra says:

    Santina Rainey

  14. 411433862388259@facebook.com' Suncea Hastings says:

    There is not one reason to drink that crap.

  15. 889531147822093@facebook.com' Bryant Graves says:

    I can’t believe I used to drink so much soda when I was younger. It causes so much damage to your entire body and is extremely addictive due to the caffeine and high amounts of sugar. The saddest part is people drink diet soda which is even worse for you. I think the invention of soda is one of our worst creations ever. It causes diabetes, rots your teeth and your stomach and digestive track, makes you dependent on it, dehydrates you which can lead to many other problems, affects the way we think, and horrible for the liver. Fresh clean water is all we need and sadly we are running on shprt supply of that. Our bodies are over 70% water, not soda, so we should be intaking water all day to remain healthy.

  16. 10208381282918227@facebook.com' Niranjan Gogia says:

    A must read and contemplate, for everyone

  17. 10154308853558228@facebook.com' Joe Michaels says:

    The struggle is real!

  18. 940582722716001@facebook.com' Angel Mamashark says:

    What about soda water. I love the Izzy’s soda water, only 10 calories in a bottle with 2 grams of cane sugar. No fake sugars and not super sweet.

  19. 159956337707535@facebook.com' Brandon Amore says:

    Lauren Pirrone

  20. 10208380361568785@facebook.com' Juliana Ostos says:

    Nicolas Ostos

  21. 1288533977830490@facebook.com' Terri Prasaguet says:

    I gave up a 6 pack of soda a day habit after 30 yrs I feel soooo much better and even tho I’m tiny I can’t believe the weight I lost it was shocking 15 to 20lbs in 2 months just Stopping!!!!

  22. 964567083604296@facebook.com' Michelle Nava says:

    Zombiago Pedroza

  23. 10208235729986903@facebook.com' Giovanni Aquino says:

    Its been with us since 1900s right before CocaCola became popular, invisible black poison for humans to quick their lifespan

  24. 1689428781317532@facebook.com' Jyoti Agarwal Poddar says:

    I agree !!! I never drink this soda or cold drinks !!! Instead of this I like to have coconut water or any fresh juice.

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