7 Ways You Can Use the Akashic Records To Succeed at Business

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By Jennifer Longmore | Soul Journey

The Akashic Records have been such a blessing to my life and my business, and I wish similar alignment for you. Here’s just some of the magic I’ve experienced as a result of being aligned to the Records:

  • Immense personal growth and cultivation of wisdom from the privilege of working with so many amazing souls
  • An abundance of downloads for divine offerings that my ego mind never would have considered! These divine offerings have always been my most popular and most profitable because I was being guided by higher energies to be the vessel for how the universe wanted to work through me (even if I couldn’t see it myself)
  • Clarity of pricing, magical marketing, sacred systems, aligned partnerships, angelic team members, and so much more just by tapping into my Records
  • Clearing of any nigglies that prevented me from getting out of my own way, from being more visible, from making more money, from being in allowance of a divine partnership with the universe, and any other interference that may have prevented ultimate flow with ease and grace
  • Divine guidance of exact timing of launches, writing copy for specific programs, where to focus my energy for greater impact and results
  • And so many more magical and magnificent outcomes!

Here’s why the Akashic Records are the only conscious biz tool you’ll ever need:

1. They Powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and activate your divine gifts and talents beyond what you ever could have hoped for or imagined

Energy that was once spent ‘searching’ for your purpose or stressing over “what’s next?” can now be reinvested into ‘Being’ your purpose. This is very liberating and allows you to joyfully see all of the wonderful possibilities that await you as you prepare to spread your wings! It also allows you to align all aspects of your biz to be the perfectly divine container for you to express your purpose to the world while constantly checking in to make sure all choices and relationships are aligned to your purpose.

2. The Records expand your divine biz vision beyond what your human brain could have fathomed for it (since your biz has its own consciousness)

Just as it is important for you to be clear on the evolution of your purpose so that you can best invest your energy and focus, it is equally important to be clear on where you are headed so that you do not misdirect your precious energy on activities and goals that are not completely aligned to your purpose. You may already have a vision, but if you’ve upgraded how your purpose will be expressed through you, you will naturally need to upgrade your vision to be an aligned reflection of that. The Records help you do just that!

Vision gives you a sense of direction that you can powerfully align all of your thoughts, actions and relationships towards. Again, your energy is then free to BE rather than spent searching.

3. They amplify your energy field to be fully magnetic so you can attract all that is ideal for you

Imagine being able to raise your vibration to match what you wish to attract in, but also receive divine guidance about how to manifest *anything* quickly with ease, grace, flow, and speed. Not only can you release opportunities that you considered to be aligned (only to find out that they weren’t), you can shift your energy to reflect what you do wish to attract, and then receive guidance from your Records on how to create that.

4. Working in your Akashic Records can instantly shift your relationship with the energy of money and sacred commerce

Imagine attracting all that is ideal but not being able to receive it because your unhealed money stories block you from experiencing prosperity on all levels?

I have developed highly specialized tools and energy alignments from the Akashic Records that fully support you in healing your relationship with money, and as an added bonus, you instantly shift your ‘relationship’ energy in all areas of your life and your business. In fact, all of my money programs that I offer to my tribe were downloaded, with ease and crystal clarity, from my Akashic Record.

Oh, and it’s a lot easier to live your purpose and run a purpose-based biz when your money house is in order as so much does revolve around money.

5. You can download your divine offerings (and much more) in your Records

Imagine having the power (and confidence) to tune into your Akashic Records for all things business related, including your divine offerings, along with how to price and package them, write copy for them, and market them ALL in a way that is aligned to the next exalted version of your soul’s purpose so that you can serve even more people, and create greater impact with ease and abundance!

I’ve downloaded countless unexpected offerings (i.e. Heal Your Money Story, Wealth Blueprint, Akashic Record Certification, and many more) as have my clients that have all been highly profitable because they are coming from Source (not from ego). They’ve always become much bigger than expected because Spirit is working through me (rather than me racking my brain trying to figure out how to serve and what to offer that people will respond to).

How does it get any better than that?!

6. The Records teach you how to serve as a spiritual ninja

If you’ve been guided to create a biz and you’ve been guided to work in the Records, it means you’ve been called to serve in a bigger way and reach way more people. The Records can show you how to step into your spiritual leadership with joy, confidence, and integrity. It makes running a purpose-based biz so much easier when you’re embodying the energy that allows you to serve from this place.

The Records provide guidance, clearings, and activations to help you step up in this way beyond what you could have imagined!

7. Aligned Thought + Aligned Action = Aligned Results by working in the Akashic Records

Whether it be busy work behind the computer, focusing on low dividend activities, creating distraction, hiding, or any or misaligned action, the Records quickly help you identify what’s really going on and clear it, so that you can remain aligned to where your energy and focus is best spent. Instead of the typical entrepreneurial worry, fear, anxiety, procrastination, analysis paralysis, and perfection paralysis, you’ll be confidently creating and implementing like a Spiritual Ninja.

Whether you know how to access your Akashic Record or not, if you are ready to release the struggle, the working hard for the sake of working hard, the servitude and anything else that is keeping you from creating impact, flow, ease, grace and abundance in your biz, then you’ll definitely want to jump on the opportunity to participate in my ONE-TIME ONLY LIVE Akashic Records For Biz Group Coaching Program where you receive a ton of guidance, tools, and activations on the above topics, but so much more for just a smidgen of what your investment to work with me privately would be. The Akashic Records for Business program began on January 11th but you can still sign up without missing anything! The program includes:


  • SEVEN 1 hour sacred group training sessions in the Akashic Records, facilitated by yours truly. All calls are LIVE, but recorded for your convenience
  • SEVEN 30min sacred group laser coaching calls in the Akashic Records also facilitated by yours truly. These are LIVE, but questions can be submitted in advance if you are unable to make one or more of these calls live, and you also receive these recordings
  • Lifetime access to sacred group forum where all of your call details, recordings, updates, templates and *invaluable* e-coaching are provided
  • If you choose to be part of the VIP program, you’ll ALSO receive FIVE 45min private 1:1 Akashic Records Readings with me to further personalize your experience

Editor’s Note: The author of this article, Jennifer Longmore, held a special Online Akasha Party on February 9, 2016 where she guided listeners through an introductory experience of accessing their Akashic Records. You can listen to the replay here.

Read more great articles at Soul Journey.

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  1. 193445031011818@facebook.com' Jay Cee says:

    For business? Lol wtf

  2. 10209005517444941@facebook.com' Tonderai Finanza says:


  3. 735946283174286@facebook.com' Mas Wahmad says:

    is an information that you understand all lebel and level sociaty to create a service and product to gain in the long run.

  4. 1119175114761511@facebook.com' Fred Smit says:

    One thing i do know about Akashic records, they are not to be used for making money or succeed in business..

  5. 506999902835652@facebook.com' Annette Paulus says:

    Big business has been using the occult sciences for centuries; from the Sons of Mithras to the Knights Templar, to modern day high level Free Masonic orders to even the Vatican. So yes, we little people can also make use of the very same information. The word Occult simply means ‘hidden’. The global elites count on us believing that occult study is evil so we do not know what they know.

  6. 941543439265767@facebook.com' Karl Grünherr says:

    The “Akasha Chroniks” or -Records offer more than just success for buzzyness! This text is just a small describtion to make money with. Perhaps a beginning for some of us. So try! Why not…:)
    (but you don`t need money to be enlightened, lol)

  7. 10206068409088977@facebook.com' Todd Vilardi says:

    Save your money for my new surfboard that rides gravitational waves! What a ton of energy filled enlightened unicorn rainbow BULLSHIT. I liked this page in hopes of intelligent posting. Boy was I wrong.

  8. 1480862878892224@facebook.com' Lania Shortt says:

    Interesting …. ?

  9. 1480862878892224@facebook.com' Lania Shortt says:

    It’s all really about what
    You think
    And choose to believe…

  10. 939183579451996@facebook.com' Tom Brown says:

    $250 for 30 mins? inflation must be universal

  11. 593030664196933@facebook.com' John Yossarian says:

    Maybe “conscious” and “business” should be understood as antithetic.

  12. 10208565309032483@facebook.com' Prateek Choubey says:

    Hahahaha….now conscious life news you have started to succemb to stupidity and idiocrity…Please logically think bout it…everything in every religion is logical you just dont have the perspective to see it!How ….when…where…why…always ask these 4 then move forward!? i cant fathom this shit…still

  13. 1077461832266077@facebook.com' Cindy Goedbloed says:

    Money is one of the most evil things mankind created.

  14. bankability@gmail.com' Zack says:

    No one should be charging money for claiming to be the gate-keeper of spiritual information meant for all of humanity. Disgraceful.

  15. luke14002@gmail.com' Luke Smith says:

    Healing your relationship with money to allow you to experience prosperity on all levels sounds like an amazing benefit of aligning your life with your Akashic Records. You make a good point about how much easier it would be to live your purpose when that relationship is in order. I would imagine that tuning in to your Akashic Records is a highly personal experience, so finding a guide that you connect with would probably be a good first step. https://www.akashicbysusan.com/about-the-reading.html

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