World’s Water Supply Running Dry; How You Can Help Conserve Water

Written by on March 20, 2017 in Environment, Environmental Hazards with 49 Comments

Source: RT America

New data from NASA claims that a third of the world’s water reservoirs are running low, and numerous causes, including climate change, are being implicated.

With the global water supply in jeopardy, how are governments and environmentalists prepared to handle this growing crisis? Manila Chan speaks with Emma Lui, water campaigner for the Council of Canadians, on how people both at home and in the public could manage the threat of water scarcity.

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49 Reader Comments

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  1.' Nadine Girouard says:

    I, thanks to Wyoming’s abnormally wet spring, have not used the water hose for my garden yet. I gathered the water from my roof as it fell, barreled it, and it is used to water my lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and berries. We use less for dishes and showers than we did just a year ago. I still have times when it’s just running and trying to stop myself when I do. I hope we can get people together instead of having deniers issues here, Nestle! I am willing to do whatever 8s necessary to help our world heal and to help my neighbors learn the truth as well.

  2.' Ron Peterson says:

    Make Nestles quit stealing it!!

  3.' Jill Cirr says:

    Aarika! Freaking out now, thanks Nate!!! ??

  4.' Travis Colley says:

    Climate change as well as over population as we are made of mostly water and consume vast majorities of it as well as other resources including fossil fuel and trees who produce our oxygen (last I recall H2O) and still nothing about acidification of our oceans and rising sea temperatures and sea levels polar ice cap melt. We are our own worst enemies

  5.' Jason Caruso says:

    By uniting and confronting the corporate takeover and exploitation of a fundamental, inalienable right to life: water

  6.' Donny Ebah Carter says:

    I thank all of the nuclear, atom and hydrogen bomb testing from our government and military all over the world! But that’s non of my business lmfao!

  7.' Sovereign Moka says:

    Now Tell Me CAN WE DRINK MONEY ???? You Dumb Fuck

  8.' Oksajame' Weber says:

    We can start with eliminating stratospheric aerosol geoengineering!

  9.' Poloko Motebang says:

    I thought this is over, climate change is man made phenomena – geo-engineering is a reality not a conspiracy theory or a mere theory per say :-/

  10.' David Charles Mcdermott Jr. says:

    No shit Sherlock

  11.' Michael Mora says:

    Fracking, geoengineering, nuclear, atom and hydrogen bomb testing, radioactivity pollution, plastic pollution, oil pollution, corporate greed bottling it, factory farming and so on. Sick of hearing/reading about climate change, its complete bullshit, made up for many reasons and even Edward Snowden said he has the documents to prove it. I wasnt buying into the story in the first place anyway. Shady ass motherfuckers

  12.' Venus Fairchild says:

    The net is flooded with info on climate change being entirely made up to suit a much bigger elite agenda. The elite are most likely storing vast amounts of water to support another big agenda! We are all waking from eons of this programming!

  13.' Terri Strong says:

    Too many people trying to live like Kings and queens.

  14.' Scot Beaudoin says:

    Lol. NASA! They can’t even get a rocket off the ground! Water has nowhere to go. It can’t evaporate into space, what was here billions of years ago is still here. Massive shifts of water have been proven, and more than likely it’s us as humans contaminating the water, thats where the loss is.

  15.' Albert George says:

    Another fuckin scam???? C’mon u fuckin crooks!!!!

  16.' Roman Smart says:

    Simple we need to start breeding less. We are way to over populated but mother nature as we all know has a a way of dealing with problems like this.

  17.' Becky Dowell says:

    How long have we known things will change

  18.' Rhys Maclean says:

    Relax everybody. I’m from an affluent first world nation. Youl all die releasing the water stored in your bodies long before it’s any kind of problem. – Thank you for your sacrifice.

  19.' Barbara Tims Halbert says:

    nestle has it stowed away,they probably even posted this to fill you with fear,so you can be grateful when they sell it to you

  20.' Derek Kesek says:

    Its a lie and propaganda:) we have so much water on earth:)

  21.' Joshua Smallin says:

    As long as the ocean has water we will never run out. Desalinate the water, distill the water, drink the water.

  22.' Glyn Morrall says:

    How would NASA know? They haven’t even been past low earth orbit.

  23.' Helen Owen says:


  24.' Richard Jensen says:

    Quit your geowar and we’ll be okay.

  25.' Nathaniel Smith says:

    I don’t buy this bullshit. This is just more false information to keep you distracted from what really matters.

  26.' Anders Allikmaa says:

    It’s about drilling resources FROM the Earth, from underneath the surface… From there releases tons of toxic chemicals and from there it gets to the groundwater… Also the spillages of grand chemical companies, nafta spilling and so on… motherfuckers… oh and remember all… I mean ALL the media is based upon deception and fear… even if it says CONSCIOUS life… what a load of BS! also… you should check out how much water is being drilled out and sold and how much money is put to alleviate the matter… motherfuckers…

  27.' Paul Hanlon says:

    Can’t believe it. In England we have to much water, with the floods we are having.

  28.' Larry Keen says:

    Another point, false point, … to make you believ you must pay for free water!

  29.' Geryk Hively says:

    Fukushima. Just saying.

  30.' Denise Epstein says:

    How about Corporate America draining our rivers to sell back to us bottled!

  31.' Toby Lesley says:

    God dammit Obama.

  32.' James Joseph Chicago says:

    Easier step? Stop eating almonds, stop eating cows and stop using corn as a fuel. Oh and bug paste. Next question.

  33.' Robert Walker says:

    8,000,000 gallons of clean water required per fracking well,save water ban fraking…..

  34.' Julie Moncur Draayer says:

    We all need to conserve. All life depends on it!!!

  35.' Cliff Carter says:

    She obviously didn’t visit Ireland this winter. 300% increase.Have some of ours.

  36.' Rarn Johnston says:

    yep wish all people knew what TPPA actually means and how its goint to ruin lives

  37.' Isaac Alcantara says:

    eating less meat!!..

  38.' Andrei Fazekas says:

    Climate change is a hoax, since the 70s TIME mag has been conditioning the masses to believe it’s real, whilst geoengineering isn’t factored in scientific models. WAKE UP!

  39.' Terry Rainey says:

    Water DOES NOT disappear….. It is in Many forms ….Ice , Snow , Oceans , Rivers , Fog , Clouds , Dew , in ALL life Humans , Animals , Plants , Ground Aquifers , Gases…..and Yes BILLIONS upon Billions of Gallons of Bottled Water …..when it Evaporates it turn into Gas……it Does not simply disappear

  40.' Zion Son says:

    NASA tells too many lies, can’t believe nothing they say. I’m surprised you take them seriously after that silly Moon landing hoax…

  41.' Russell Redford says:

    Nowjust Blake

  42.' Andrew John says:

    I just can’t believe a word NASA has to say?

  43.' Jeff says:

    This article is pure horse manure. The Earth is 3/4 + water, and although a lot is salted, it can be de-salinated. Dont fall for fear tactics people. Reuters is Rothschild controlled=not reliable…FAKE NEWS ALERT !

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