Why Do So Many Straight Women Prefer Penetration to Oral Sex? (Video)

Written by on September 8, 2017 in Conscious Living, Relationships & Sex with 73 Comments

Video Source: Arielle Scarcella

Popular vlogger Arielle Scarcella — known for her YouTube series “Lesbians Explain,” in which a panel of lesbians take on a variety of topics from “How Two Girls Have Sex” to “Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn” — has taken on an important undertaking, with fascinating (if not entirely scientific) results. Her inquiry: Why do straight women prefer penetration, while lesbians overwhelmingly prefer oral sex?

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 Scarcella did a bit of background research in the weeks before she released her new “Straight Girls Explain” video, asking 500 of her straight-identifying female viewers and 500 lesbian viewers whether they prefer oral sex to penetration. She found that while 55 percent of straight women preferred penetration, just 25 percent of lesbian viewers felt the same. So, for her follow up, Scarcella tried to figure out why.

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73 Reader Comments

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  1. 768322666647777@facebook.com' Andrew Wakeman says:


  2. 10200864454730993@facebook.com' Luke Duke Bambrick says:

    What is this bullshit? UNLIKING.

  3. 10206646537260811@facebook.com' Valerie Childs says:

    As a heterosexual woman penetration offers to me the most powerful orgasm, as in full body, wheras oral is good but doesn’t compare. Also I feel a deeper bond with the act of intercourse.

  4. 10153242860038247@facebook.com' David J Sider-La France says:

    Because there are spots inside there that only a foot with no toes knows how to use!

  5. 186302908378825@facebook.com' Claire Wilkinson says:

    Oral over penetration any day, and I’m straight. I like both, but I’d much rather have the former over the latter.

  6. 1178993568779262@facebook.com' Calvin Joseph Berksteiner says:

    Because they’re SELFISH LOL

  7. 10201144593494871@facebook.com' Felicia Harmon says:

    A lot of guys aren’t good at oral that’s why lol.

  8. 961596680554926@facebook.com' Steven Anderson says:

    Yeah, what’s up with that?? Gabba gabba hey, don’t turn your bf gay.. 😛

  9. 152511568431358@facebook.com' Dehlia Jane Cook says:

    Because their man doesn’t know what the he’ll they’re doing down there??? I’ll take both…sex is no fun without foreplay

  10. 10153921084491842@facebook.com' Dawn Lise says:

    what a stupid question !?

  11. 1200362516644359@facebook.com' Angelique DeWeese says:

    Im 40 years old and with a very sexual past and it has nothing to do with a mans oral skills. So at least 300 guys I’ve had do that to me not a single one had “skills” bullshit.

  12. 10152887145709159@facebook.com' Jessica Darling says:

    Uh, bc it’s a deeper connection. No pun intended. You can look into their eyes, you can KISS, you can be closer. There is no comparison.

  13. 10153103245045764@facebook.com' Paul Earl says:

    That would be down to native.

  14. 10205328843436982@facebook.com' Jesse Brunstad says:

    Because it’s all they know! hahahaha

  15. 10207950975363060@facebook.com' James P Moon says:

    Oral is gross.
    Vaginas are dirty smelly and full of bacteria.

    • 10156301535195074@facebook.com' Amy ZaPa says:

      Your dick as well… I’m so mortified! Who the fuck are you fucking??? Eeeeek!!!! But i bet no one has told you that you guys smell as bad and sometimes worse! So sad that you’re so cute and such a fuckin’ IDIOT! good luck, you’ll be cheated on tooooooooons! Loser!!!!

    • 471977106306545@facebook.com' Camee Kizzee AL says:

      I bet he is still a virgin at 33 years old. Or maybe sticking himself in a shit hole.

    • 10207950975363060@facebook.com' James P Moon says:

      Wow! Lol Amy ZaPa and Camee Kizzee AL that was some serious venom.

      I understand that you’re angry in general and I’m just the current focus of that anger.

      I said oral is gross, because it is. I think penises are dirty and covered in bacteria too.
      I don’t want a blow job and don’t ask me to stick my tongue in your pussy.

      It’s is a scientific fact however that vaginas are dirtier than penises but that’s besides the point.

      So it’s your personal opinion that my girlfriend will cheat on me if I don’t eat her box?
      I’ve had lots of sex and licked lots of pussy, and they all smell bad.
      Except Mexican girls, their vaginas taste like nachos 🙂

    • 471977106306545@facebook.com' Camee Kizzee AL says:

      Lol ok I was not angry I was only saying because of the way you wrote your message. But anyway I guess you are right. Thats why we need to shower everyday. But imagine the ones eating alot of curry lol

    • 10207950975363060@facebook.com' James P Moon says:

      I think the point here is not to jump to conclusions.
      Just because I don’t spend three hours thoroughly explaining every possible interpretation doesn’t mean I deserve to be attacked.

      A simple polite inquiry into the intent of my comment would suffice if there’s any confusion at all.

      If a women said blow job’s are gross and penises are dirty would you find it acceptable behavior if men responded to her in the manner you responded to me?

      No, that’s unacceptable. So why is it you feel it’s acceptable behavior to talk to a man this way?

      That’s feminism at it’s very core.

      That’s why I am an egalitarian.

    • 10207950975363060@facebook.com' James P Moon says:

      Amy ZaPa Camee Kizzee AL you both owe me and apology

    • 1697325763821081@facebook.com' Yasmine Karina says:

      James P Moon the smell will be ONLY if there is an infection or just being completely unhygienic (women your met). There should be no smell in a healthy body 😉

    • 10207950975363060@facebook.com' James P Moon says:

      Well Yasmine Karina it still makes my tongue cramp and I don’t want mouth herpes so I’ll pass lol

    • 1714936932076470@facebook.com' Susannah Andrews says:

      good hygiene is important before and after sex, if you haven’t found a pussy that smells good it means you haven’t found your match yet!

  16. 994907080531563@facebook.com' Daniel Young says:

    I thought it was normal and common to do both. Silly me.

  17. 1526407361014684@facebook.com' Kay Beeman says:

    Fi could never be a lesbian. I need deep long hot strokes…. just is the best. Nothing else compares, my vaginal walls ache for it. So when I masturbate, I rub it off, but t is not that good. If I suck the dick of someone I love I can come from just barely touching, but yes the embface type lf tluching, nlt distance. I tried bejng gay one time, but woke up still crazy hotny.

  18. 10153465895322599@facebook.com' Katelyn Willis says:

    Garrett P Goodson

  19. 10205510524990212@facebook.com' Kristina Schumacher says:

    I am 75% sure that the picture you’re using for this is of British youtuber, hannah witton

  20. 935381689833658@facebook.com' Kim Ward says:

    Omg. Lol. Awesome sharing for a taboo subject. It’s woman like you who open up boundaries for other woman to shy to share. I think oral a extremely intimate act and love it but with some one I care about, and rocks my world as for penetration love it too !! Haha

  21. 10153741630752766@facebook.com' John Faux says:

    Why on earth would you care? Chose both! Get creative!

  22. 1032639853445364@facebook.com' Valerie Wilcox says:

    Try both! WoW!

  23. 895847213825675@facebook.com' Jeff Beck says:

    i think that it comes down to the shape of the lady parts.. and squeeky with the colorful sheets is cute.. 😛

  24. 936761326391022@facebook.com' Dan Gee says:

    Eating vagina is my favorite pastime…..yummy yum yum!

  25. 10208018405122100@facebook.com' Sheri Dobbins says:

    Gay men are happy. Hence the word “gay”. Lesbian women seem to be mad a lot. There is energy in a penis that cannot compare with anything else. A woman not getting dick is a mad woman.

  26. 1229987843694899@facebook.com' Michael A. Monroe says:

    Thought this question was asked of the Ladies was really enjoying there comments trying learn something until all these Dudes started leaving there bit about the subject unless you are getting poked in the ass and you got some mans dick in your mouth this question was for the ladies Damn stop putting your 2 cent worth in things that don’t apply to you read what these Ladies are saying it’s only going to make you a better Lover Ladies continue with your response cause Big Daddy trying to learn what makes you feel Groovy

  27. 10208086529865569@facebook.com' Džeina Egle says:

    What a stupid question. In sex – more than everywhere else – a person prefers what he or she prefers. No reason,explanation or justification needed.

  28. 10153570819751103@facebook.com' Em Wilcox says:

    So the ones who have to use plastic for penetration would choose oral and the ones that have warm fleshy penetration choose penetration, wow who’d have thought it

  29. 10207766167977889@facebook.com' Ajsa Heremic says:

    Noel Odzeyem

  30. 10153694182006093@facebook.com' Mitch Pasquin says:

    Wow. Riveting…

  31. 10201149215489601@facebook.com' Chris St Clair says:

    I think you all need to raise your expectations. How about both? Multiple orgasms are available to everyone. 🙂

  32. 1498720120450826@facebook.com' Mj Maung says:


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  33. 803897023052552@facebook.com' Raven Bais says:

    because most of the time guys don’t know how to give head to a female!!!!

  34. 10206382051642606@facebook.com' James Wright says:

    Why not do both…

  35. 1714936932076470@facebook.com' Susannah Andrews says:

    what the crap is this, honestly! What is the matter with people, why first of all separate oral sex with penetration? a full sexual experience will have foreplay with kissing, licking, caressing, sucking, oral, and then penetration, all of it is sex, not one or the other, is a bit like saying I like cake but only the middle

  36. 1714936932076470@facebook.com' Susannah Andrews says:

    also in a sexual encounter a woman may have clitoral orgasm, and vaginal (g spot ) orgasm or both or mixed, maybe also anal sex may involve double penetration and multi stimulation, for an even deeper and wider orgasm and deeper bond with yourself and lover, also oral sex can be performed with sex toys inside vagina for extra stimuli, maybe this post is not for the sexual advance , forgive me if I said too much

  37. 1714936932076470@facebook.com' Susannah Andrews says:

    and it is nothing to do with being straight or not

  38. 10156212366080405@facebook.com' Rob De la Hunty says:

    Every woman loves Receiving Oral Sex I have found.They pretend thye don’t but they love it. It also empower’s te guy to know that he is giving the women pleasure

  39. 972625236123454@facebook.com' Erik Albert says:

    Literally, slippery slopes. Labeling is so 1437.

  40. 1229987843694899@facebook.com' Michael A. Monroe says:

    Love what you Ladies have got to say thank for keeping it 100% still learning at 56

  41. 743581832452387@facebook.com' Dee Harris says:

    It’s more satisfying?

  42. 731108410352601@facebook.com' Jonathan Andrews says:

    My wife is very wise

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