What Is Tarot Card Reading and Can Tarot Cards Predict The Future?

By Kelly Wilson

Tarot reading has been the most practiced and mystic art of foretelling. Hence, it’s not a surprise that people are curious and eager to know more about its facts and influence in their lives. From tarot cards to the best future prediction app of tarot, in this post, you will gain insight on everything that you have always wanted to know about this inquisitive practice.

We as humans are always on the lookout for building a better future. Be it that expensive foreign education, or investing in that posh house downtown, we are always looking to make the future more secure. 

But, won’t it be easier if we could predict the course of life before it takes place, say tomorrow or even the next few years?

Well, this is actually possible. Innovana Techlabs Limited has actually come up with an app called Tarot Life which provides efficient tarot card reading and numerology at your fingertips.

But, before we know a little about the application, let us enhance our knowledge about Tarot cards and how they work. 

What are Tarot cards?

Tarot reading is a method of predicting the future using tarot cards. According to historical records tarot cards originated in Northern Italy in the late 14th century. They were initially used to play card games called  “tarocchi” among the rich and affluent people. For many years, it became popular across Europe as a simple card game. Only in the late 18th century, due to their so-called mystical nature, these cards became popular and tarot card reading came into effect.

Tarot card decks of today consist of 78 cards that are divided into 22 Major Arcana (arcana means secret) and 56 Minor Arcana. These 78 cards are divided into four suits; Cups, Pentacles, Wands, And Swords. Each suite has four court cards, one ace, and nine pip cards. This division of tarot cards is in fact very similar to the modern-day cards, that we see today. 

Each of these 78 tarot cards has its own images and symbols which are used for future predictions. Sixteen of the minor arcana cards represent sixteen different human personality characteristics whereas the four suits with ten cards each represent situations we tend to encounter in our daily lives.

What Does Tarot Card Reading Mean?

Tarot card reading is a method of attaining guidance through tarot cards. Tarot cards not only shares the future predictions but also answer numerous questions one is seeking for a long time. Tarot can obviously not change your life in an instant, but it can actually provide the guidance to bring changes for betterment. Using the deep insights of tarot, you may know the hidden possibilities and turn the future in your favor.

Tarot is however often thought of as psychic or untrustworthy.  But this is not the case. It is the mystic art of connecting intuitions and doesn’t possess any sorcery or magic spells. Obviously, this can be used in an incorrect manner when it goes into the wrong hands but now things have changed.

How people use tarot reading varies from person to person. Some use it to know more about their future while others use it when they face a problem. If you really want to use tarot cards for your questions, there is an answer to each question you are seeking. Using tarot you can actually get to realize truths you may have been denying for a long time.

Can tarot cards actually predict the future?

Some people actually think that tarot cards will tell the future completely. However, things are a little different here. 

Tarot card reading will definitely tell you about the promotion at work or even about the fact that you will be facing relationship blues. But this does not mean that tarot cards will tell things like when you will get that promotion or why do you face relationship problems. 

Reading tarot cards actually tells you what can happen in the future, based on what you are doing at the present moment. It can tell you about the reasons behind the present situation and suggest the steps to take so that you may ensure whatever happens in your future is in your favor. 

For example, suppose the tarot predicts that you will get a promotion soon. Seeing that you stop bothering to do your work properly and even start going to work late. Because of this, you will definitely not get that promotion.  In order to avoid this kind of situation, you will have to obviously keep working in the right manner even after the predicted promotion.

This means that, even after getting a positive or even a negative response in a tarot reading, it all depends on the concerned person. If you react well to a shared situation, you can actually convert the dreadful future to a highly beneficial one.

These inquisitive cards will definitely guide you about the future. But before you proceed for a tarot session, you should consider few things very carefully. It is essential.   Accurate reading tarot may tell you the things that are vital for your success. It may show you every detail about the future whether it’s positive and negative. So if you are not prepared for the worst, seeking tarot predictions may actually be an intimidating experience for you.

 How does the Tarot Life app work?

Tarot Life app is an intuitive tool for insightful and accurate predictions for your life. The free app is actually the best future prediction app available today for Android and iOS users. With its extensive features, you may pick your card and get love, finance and career predictions along with numerological readings.

This easy to go app has several features that can be used for getting efficient future predictions anytime and anywhere in just one tap.

1. Career Reading

Using the Career Tarot Card Reading feature, you can obtain career predictions and analysis of your past, present and future events. These can be used to enhance your career and achieve success. It also includes Career Path Spread reading for users. This card spread can be used to solve any career-related issues and concerns you have at present.

2. Love reading

Solutions to relationship issues can be found with expert advice with accurate love tarot reading by Tarot Life. Through this, you may know about the challenges and get guidance over your love and relationships. The True Love spread feature of the app is another amazing reading which can be used to get a detailed analysis of you and your partner’s feelings, mutual connection, strength and weakness of the relationships.

3. Finance reading

This feature can be used to deal with any financial issues and money related concerns you are facing at present. The Success Spread feature in the finance insights shares the secrets through which you may prevent setbacks and achieve the heights you have always dreamt of.

4. Daily Tarot Card Reading

This interesting feature can be used to know more about how a particular day will fare and how you can achieve the most of the day that is about to come. If you are a beginner or tarot reader. It is the best way to learn tarot meanings and know how to read tarot cards

5. Yes/No Tarot card reading

This unique feature can be used to get a simple yes or no to any question. If you are in the hustle and prefer knowing everything straight to the point, then this may be a wonderful feature. It can help you take some really crucial decisions in an instant. 

6. Ask a question

This tarot session can be used to get detailed answers to any questions you have been pondering about since a very long time. This free online tarot reading app gives you an easy way out to get guidance from clairvoyant tarot experts over all your queries.


So, do not wait anymore. Tune your intuitions with the best future prediction app and know detailed predictions about your life. Tarot will enable you to change things and make events better and more satisfying. 

Tarot is an insight into our future which guides us throughout the life-path. With tarot predictions, you may actually make your future better. It is a miracle of divine reading which doesn’t hold the power to change the future but has the ability to make you powerful with its intuitive readings. So, download the app now and take a step closer to your future.

About the Author

Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Expert tips with her readers.