Two Men Share Why They Chose to Get Circumcised and How It Affected Their Sex Lives

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By Andy D | Confident Lover

There has been so much debate around the topic of circumcision and it’s still hard to say if this practice should be continued as a default gold standard in both customary and cultural settings or if it should become an elective procedure.

Some suggest it’s for hygiene and prevention of disease and then there are the religious practices as well.

There are arguments about it being inhumane, suggesting it’s barbaric and desensitizes a man’s sensuality.

I was never circumcised but I am very curious to learn from men who have been circumcised as adults, to find out where and why this procedure originated and how it affects their sexuality?

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After speaking to two friends who decided to get circumcised as adults – I can say I feel lucky to be born into a culture (Armenia) during a time when circumcision was prohibited in the old Soviet Union.

Both of my friends voluntarily decided to get circumcised. One friend was 21 and the other 26.

They both reside in the U.S.

One did it for aesthetics reasons, the other because of discomfort during oral sex and intercourse.

The friend who got circumcised at 21, started watching porn at the age of 17, by the time he was 21 he was convinced that circumcised penises looked better and that’s what women preferred.

Without doing any research or speaking to other men he decided to get circumcised.

11 years later he has a very different point of view:

“I swore when I got circumcised, I would never regret my decision. Today, I live with that regret.

I am reminded of this regret every time I am intimate with a woman.

With my foreskin, I had a wonderful feeling of sensuality and sensitivity that I will never get back and never knew I would miss until it was gone.

I had many experiences with a foreskin before I was circumcised and many more since I was circumcised.

I am in a very good position to speak on the subject since I have experienced both sides.

And each time I hear discussions where parents are making the choice of whether or not to circumcise their child for various reasons including misplaced notions of health, I want to scream.

With a few necessary medical exceptions, this is a barbaric practice that is mutilating your son in the most intimate way.

My penis was always clean and sensitive. Now part of it, a truly wonderful part of it is gone and restoration is not an option to bring it back.”

My other friend got circumcised when he was 26 for medical reasons – here are his thoughts:

“Sex was pleasurable and ejaculations were intense.

Initially penetration and oral sex were uncomfortable, but after a while it would become intense and explosive.

One girlfriend I was dating at the time said it was difficult for her to give me a pleasurable blowjob because she could never get access to my head when I was fully erect.

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I thought it was normal for the foreskin not to expose the head during erection.

For oral sex with her I had to manually expose the head prior to erection, otherwise the head could not clear the foreskin opening after a full erection.

She convinced me to see a urologist saying I would be amazed at the pleasure of having my head easily exposed.

I made the appointment and when the urologist asked how he could assist me I said I want to be circumcised and he immediately responded “no you don’t”.

He gave me a magazine and asked me to go into a room and have a fantasy moment – which I did.

When he came to check on me and saw my erect penis with the head trying to break through unsuccessfully he was shocked and said ‘yes you do want a circumcision.’

Of course I didn’t want one and asked if he could just stretch the opening or just cut away a little of the skin but he said no these were not viable options.

He said repeatedly that he normally discourages adult circumcision but in my case he saw no alternatives.

We scheduled surgery and the following day after surgery I felt excruciating pain like no other pain I had ever felt.

The morning erections became an anticipation of daily awakening horror.

After several weeks things properly healed and my first fully exposed head blowjob felt worth the efforts and pain.

But as time has passed the intensity is not as great as it was the first year.

I’m certain it’s due to the daily rubbing against the surface of my underwear as the nerve endings are constantly exposed.

If I had to do it all over again I would still elect to have the surgery because of my unique condition.

If I hadn’t had the condition I’m sure I wouldn’t have ever considered circumcision as an adult.

That being said, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to or not regretting to have this procedure as an adult for non medical reasons.

So why do some cultures still practice circumcision and others don’t?

In his book “Circumcision A History Of The Worlds Most Controversial Surgery” David Gollaher does a great job diving deep into the history.

He explains why and where this practice originated and why it’s still being practiced in some countries like South Korea, U.S. Iraq, Turkey, etc…

The chapter that was very eye opening for me was how circumcision entered modern Anglo-American medicine — how it was transformed from a Jewish ritual into a routine medical procedure deemed suitable for all boys.

He also does a great job of explaining the intellectual and cultural context of medicine in the 1870’s, and why circumcision came to seem so reasonable and powerful.

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He clearly opposes routine circumcision, though not in a biased way. Instead he presents the available evidence.

I also enjoyed reading his summary of the foreskin restoration movement.

Quick Facts

  • The foreskin holds sexual fluids during sex creating a more friction – free environment.
  • It’s estimated that the male penis has 24,000 never endings, of which 20,000 are contained in the foreskin.
  • It’s been noted that Dr. Kellogg (From Corn Flakes Cereal) introduced the procedure to the American culture in the late 1800’s.
  • Structurally, the penis is highly integrated. The glans and foreskin function as one, not as a collection of separate parts.
  • Circumcision is a very ancient custom, found in diverse cultures.  There are some evidence that circumcision was practiced in pre-dynastic Egypt.


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  1. Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return. It is simply a matter of becoming more aware of what you already possess.

  2. Noel Levin Noel Levin says:

    I absolutely wish my parents hadn’t mutilated my genitals when I was an infant. It’s a medically unnecessary, painful, and barbaric procedure. #HisBodyHisChoice

  3. I don’t mind I have very very good sensation and I think it’s cleaner

  4. Noel maybe you can get a job in the circumcision ward 20 skins a week and a chance to get a head

    •' Dan Bollinger says:

      “Nervous laughter is laughter evoked from an audience’s expression of embarrassment, alarm, discomfort or confusion, rather than amusement. Nervous laughter is usually less robust in expression than “a good belly laugh”, and may be combined with confused glances or awkward silence on the part of others in the audience.”

  5. Ke Duarte Ke Duarte says:

    It makes them a lot more sensitive when they are not circumcised, sex can sometimes only go for about 30 seconds and it can become really smelly if it is not cleaned constantly.

  6.' Dan Bollinger says:

    This is a great article that reveals a hidden, if not taboo, fact. The penis is a carefully crafted sense organ. Damaging it in any fashion reduces it’s ability to feel and function. Doubly so for the amazing foreskin.

  7. Star Shea Star Shea says:

    This article is amazing. It covers any and all of the issues of the intact penis.
    Educate yourself.

  8. So happy that my man is intact! He is perfect. I do not find cut men appealing.

  9.' Sandra says:

    The 26 year old man had phimosis which is treated easily with a steroid cream and gentle stretching. Even if he had frenulum breve, it could have been treated without circumcision.
    I’m appalled to see some comments here from those who think men are not as capable of washing their genitals as women are…

  10.' Julia Rose says:

    Look at the people defending the forced genital cutting of babies, likely former victims (Vince Rockburn, John Fabatz) and those who support baby torture for their twisted sexual perversions. (Ke Duarte)

    For scholars who are interested in learning more, there’s this –

  11.' says:

    All people, not just females, should be guaranteed the right to *all* of the erogenous, sensitive tissue that their DNA coded for them. It is despicable that we do not have laws protecting boys from unnecessary genital cutting like we have done for girls.

  12. Julia Rose Julia Rose says:

    Look at the people defending the forced genital cutting of babies, likely victims themselves, and those who support baby torture for their own twisted sexual perversions.

    For the scholars among us, there’s this –

  13. How is genital mutilation still ok in today’s world?

  14. Shawn Race Shawn Race says:

    It doesn’t matter

  15. I’m sorry but I don’t like the look of uncircumcised penis’ but that’s just my opinion

  16.' David Biviano says:

    Unfortunately, your medical “professional” was not educated/informed about the use of steroid creams to soften, loosen and stretch the foreskin to relieve the phimosis. This is a non-surgical treatment that would have saved your foreskin. His incompetence is unconscionable. Surgery is the method of last resort, and he didn’t appear to know of the preferable treatment, yet is called. “Doctor” and a “Urologist”. Such is the state of medical practice in the U.S., where medical textbooks display only circumcised penises, and do not educate about the anatomy and 16 functions of the foreskin.

    This article is well done, unlike the treatment given to the second man.

  17. Ari Calvez Ari Calvez says:

    Foreskin ❤️ there’s nothing wrong with natural. It’s a shame some men feel they should be circumcised purely based on the appearance of their penis. I feel like porn can be seriously damaging to a man’s self image. For women too. Circumcision is categorized as a cosmetic surgery because there is rarely any medical benefit. And it’s crazy that some men would elect to have one willingly without there being any underlying medical reason for it :/

  18. I think most people are really just uneducated about the whole thing. I had my son circumcised because I was young and thought that’s just what we do. I was just unaware at the time of the reasoning behind it and honestly i didn’t want him to feel weird as an adult. Many people are still uninformed and look down on someone who wasn’t circumcised. We just need more education about it.

  19. I cannot stand uncircumcised penises. Regardless of how much they shower and how clean they are, most smell god awful and last half the time circumcised men do. You like uncircumcised? Great for you. Have fun with the higher risk for UTIs for both of you, yeast infections, and a myriad of other related issues.

    •' Tim Sally says:

      Your concerns about hygiene could just as well apply to female genitalia. But if you like circumcised penises, great for you. One’s sexual preferences, however, do not give them the right to authorize that a child’s normal, healthy, functional body parts be surgically removed. Bodily integrity is a basic human right. His body, his rights, his choice. (same applies to girls).

  20.' F. Bacon says:

    Is that what makes boys and men as mean as a snake? They’re seeking stimulation which their circumcision no longer allows?

  21.' Tim Hammond says:

    The medical community has never investigated the long-term adverse consequences to boys and the men they become. Circumcised men have begun to document this harm themselves.

    See: “A Preliminary Poll of Men Circumcised in Infancy or Childhood”

    See also the : Global Survey of Circumcision Harm

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