The Ripple Effect: How We Are All Mirrors Encouraging Self-Reflection


Everything is energy; this is not a new concept and is considered to be simple science. But a fundamental certainty we aren't often taught is that while the energies of the Universe are forever reacting to one another in one shape or form, and the forces behind these interactions are electric and/or magnetic, these forces also exist within each and every one of us and are as much responsible for our individual emotional growth and spiritual awareness as they are for the expansion of the cosmos.

Many of us view the world we live in through eyes that focus on hardship, pain, cruelty, blame and struggle. And yet others can view the same world through eyes that see order in the chaos, growth in the pain, the need for love behind the acts of hate, and the underlying connection beneath the illusion of competition. So, what accounts for these different ways of seeing the world? While our environment and upbringing absolutely have an effect on our overall viewpoints, we are all born with not only the ability, but the innate free will to choose how to adjust our individual lenses. And it serves us all to stop and clean off these lenses every once in a while and to question our own beliefs; if only to know that the information we are taking into our minds and hearts as our ultimate truth of the world around us, is based on an equal contribution of reason and intuition, unaltered by the filters of society.

We are offered the chance to see ourselves in another in every single human interaction we have, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Some instances are more obvious than others and often more easily taken in and accepted if they instill a sense of joy, peace, or encouragement. In other words, if they reflect back to us parts of ourselves that we like, are comfortable with or truly see great potential in. A mother easily sees herself in the smile of her child, a close friend who struggles with confidence sees that part of him yearning to come to the surface and is inspired as you deliver an amazing speech, and a little girl sees her own playful spirit dancing and singing in her favorite cartoon princess. This glimmer of ourselves in another; this connection to something so familiar that it ignites within us a feeling of joy so deep is no accident. And while we are quite willing to reflect on the parts of ourselves we see in others that we like, we may not completely understand why we are shown reflections in others of ourselves over and over that we’d rather not see.

We might hold the belief that things just happen to us in life and that for the most part we play a solely reactive role to these things with little to no control over them. Wherever this belief stems from, if we stop and take a look at it, we see that it puts one in a place of victimhood, perhaps even with a constantly active sense of fight-or-flight. A person with this view of the world might be untrusting, or keep a distance from others, and seem guarded and unapproachable. Or they may find themselves complaining a lot, resentful of the world and how “hard” life always seems to be. It can manifest in a number of ways, but one thing that rings true in any person out of touch with the true amount of power they actually have in how their life plays out, just by being a co-creator of the Universe, is that until they are able to fill their own cup, and live life as their true, authentic self, they will undoubtedly continue to see unhealed aspects of themselves in others reflected back to them over and over. And it often takes a huge shift in perspective to even realize what we are really being shown.

When we interact with other people in our daily lives, we might think that we are merely observing them and that our feelings and thoughts we end up having around them are based solely on things we can measure, label, and categorize such as their personality, appearance, demeanor and general place in our lives such as “family member”, “co-worker” or “stranger”. We might even change these opinions over time depending on things these people say and do or don’t say and don’t do; how they “treat us”. What we might not ever stop to consider is that what we are observing when we interact with others is actually a reflection of ourselves.

For instance, we might tell ourselves a story that there’s this co-worker of ours that even though we show hesitation each time, they continue to always ask to borrow money, and even though they never pay us back we continue to lend it to them. And because of this, we really feel this person is rude, unappreciative, annoying, takes advantage of us and we just wish they would leave us alone already. Sounds simple enough, but could there be more to it than that? Could it perhaps be the Universe’s way of holding up its proverbial mirror (in the form of a persistent, mooching co-worker), to get you to look at parts of yourself that need attention simply so you can grow into your most authentic self? And could it perhaps be that the Universe does this through every single one of our relationships, not to torture or punish us, but instead to direct us to walk the path of greatness we were all meant to walk? And perhaps we can’t even begin to see that path until we clear away all of the “muck” floating around us such as fear, judgement, self-pity, guilt and regret?

So, let’s take another look at this co-worker situation. And rather than viewing the issue through the lens of “things always happen to me”, let’s instead try out the lens of “what is this trying to show me?” When the bigger picture comes into focus, the following questions might arise: Do you tend to have trouble setting boundaries? Do you struggle saying “no” to people when you do not feel what they are asking of you is right in your heart? Do you have an underlying belief that people will always want more and more from you and you simply fear that you might never be enough?

When we give ourselves the chance to view difficult situations in our relationships through a different, less reactive (blame it all on the “out there” stuff) lens we allow ourselves the insight and the freedom to bring to fruition the response that will most encourage our growth, empowerment, intuition and awareness. But we must first see these things in others as the true reflections of what lies within ourselves. And the Universe, being the vast know-it-all that it is… (I find it hilariously insane how divinely designed it truly is), has gifted us all this most precious gift of reflection. We are all mirrors until that time we can embody nothing else but pure self-love; accepting all of our perfect imperfections, and until then we continue to play this cosmic game of human relationships, bouncing off one another our awesomeness we are yet to discover and awaken, hidden in the form of our innermost insecurities.

We often don’t give much thought to how much deeper our relationships actually run beneath the emotions involved, and furthermore how our feelings about ourselves actually determine the direction and outcome of all of our relationships. When you keep in your awareness that it’s a cosmic game the Universe is playing, you can immediately see any hardship or obstacle as a lesson or opportunity. You give yourself the freedom to no longer automatically react from the guiding pull of your emotions, and instead to consciously create your reactions. Choosing to give attention to those aspects of yourself that do not best serve you is not easy, and comes with great responsibility over one’s own life. But the moment you do, you realize the game was always rigged in your favor.

When one finally feels whole and secure, complete in one’s own presence, alive fully in truth and authenticity, then there is no longer a need for mirrors. As there is no more insecurity or imbalance to bring to the surface, we no longer see these reflections in the people we have or attract into our lives. We instead see everyone as we see ourselves…pure love.

“I have gone from rags to riches in the sorrow of the night,
In the violence of a summer's dream, in the chill of a wintry light,
In the bitter dance of loneliness fading into space,
In the broken mirror of innocence on each forgotten face.”

Bob Dylan, Every Grain of Sand

With this change in how you see yourself and ultimately others, comes a change in how the world also perceives you. People have no choice but to see you as your true authentic self, full and present in awareness. And I believe there is a certain frequency that comes with that presence that others are drawn to in a positive way. When you are vibrating with nothing but acceptance and love for who you are, you merge with the consciousness of all that is, the I-AM presence which resonates the connection of everyone and everything. Some call it Ascension; some might call it going back to Source or God. I call it simply remembering who you are. And that you are not the pebble tossed, but the ripple in its wake; a wave of breathing awareness, branching out and melting every strand of separation with a gentle cosmic touch. But an individual sliver of divine creation, giving back to and merging with the outer world impressions that once seemed so separate; mirroring the distance within by cracking the reflection into a thousand grains of sand. At last, encircling to close the gaps into a single point of light and letting ourselves finally catch fire and come alive.


TamaraRantTamara Rant is a Co-Editor of CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. Connect with Tamara on Facebook by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to

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  1.' clnews says:

    Absolutely brilliant article, Tamara!!! Love it! -Ross

  2. How to synchronize the energies without losing their individual strength?

    We can control the energies and bring the mind to stillness and then create a positive wave which is strong enough to disturb the stillness and develops ripples.

  3.' Caro Line says:

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. (y)

  4.' Tee Goulston says:

    Matthew Denmark you might like this article. Is interesting.

  5. Chad Dechow reminds me of your ex and how we keep having the same problems with her. It never goes away, it makes sense. Read it.

  6. Monique says:

    Thank you

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