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Releasing Attachment to Your Beliefs & Truths | Lorie Ladd

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In this video, Lorie Ladd brilliantly explains why it's so important for each of us to release attachment to our beliefs and truths.

Below is a partial transcript:

Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. I love you sending you a very big virtual hug, wherever you are on the Earth plane in this now moment. So I want to talk about attachments for a moment. And I want to talk about the attachments to our truths and our beliefs, because I think this is really important as we start to continue to shift into higher States Of Consciousness, and we continue to watch the entire human Collective shift into higher States Of Consciousness.

Now remember when an entire human collective, which is one large frequency, with billions of humans creating that frequency, when it starts to shift we start to see the lower frequencies up here on stage, right? The fear, the greed, the manipulation, the control, chaos, censorship – all of these things start to appear. These are consciousnesses.

The way the human evolution moves, the way consciousness shifts, is quite natural. Okay? But it also requires us as humans in that collective to play a role. So it's a balancing of trusting that it's going to naturally move because it already has for thousands of years and that you play a role. Now your role is your frequency. Your Role is your frequency.

It always comes back to the frequency that I am putting out from my body. Think of billions of bodies putting out a frequency creating the frequency of the one unified collective consciousness. So your thoughts, your beliefs, your truths, your behaviors, your emotions – those all create a frequency that move out from your body. Okay?

So when you start awakening into higher States Of Consciousness you start to recognize your beliefs more. You start to notice, observe your beliefs. You start to notice an observe your truths. And you start to notice that your beliefs and truths are here [Lori points to her chest]. They're not external, right? They're mine. TI'm sovereign and I have truths and beliefs that are just mine. And when we start to separate from an external truth or an external belief in which it's really ours, we feel it, we resonate with it, then we have this urge to speak it, right? Speak the truth, be the truth, educate. And that is really important when we are shifting an entire human collective. It's very very important. We're watching a lot of people begin to do this more and more.

But here's where attachment comes in. Remember number one: the entire human collective as a cloud, as one unified frequency, is naturally shifting. Remember two: that you do play a role in that shift. But if you are attached to your truths and your beliefs, meaning this is the only way it's going to go. It has to go this way. People have to hear me. They have to believe me. They have to see my truths. How are they not understanding this? How are they not seeing this? How can they not grasp this? Right? This is so frustrating. This is so exhausting. Those types of things – that's an attachment to the belief and the truth. It's very human. This is a really challenging piece to hold as we start moving into higher states of consciousness.

So first recognized: am my feeling that way? When I'm at an airport, say I don't believe in wearing masks, right? And let's say I don't believe that this is a massive huge pandemic that the the world is talking about. And I'm forced to wear a mask, right? You're probably going to feel irritated, frustrated. Why are more people not noticing this or thinking about this, you know? Why are people not reading different things from different sources, etc, etc? Right?

When you're doing that, the frequency that you're putting out is a restrictive lower frequency. Nothing wrong with that. But if we're talking about shifting entire human collective, just pay attention to that. Now, we're always having compassion around everything we're feeling. So we want to give ourselves the ability to just feel that and be okay with that. But then say to yourself: wait, am I attached? Am I attached to my truth and my belief? It's a big one. It's a challenging one because we are.

But when we're attached to it, then we get frustrated by others not being in the same state that we are in.

So, what we want to start to practice is: Okay. I've got my belief. I've got my truth. I recognize that I am literally standing in a collective field that is shifting naturally and I'm a part of it. And that no matter what, millions upon millions of humans are going to continue to wake up or shift into higher states of consciousness. And my job, my role is to be in the higher states as often as I can, knowing what I know, holding my truths and my beliefs without getting attached to the expectation that I'm here to change all of this.

You're going to have a lot of suffering if you surrender to this balancing of my truths matter, my voice matters, my beingness matters, but I'm not attached. I'm not attached. I'm going to let go.

I'm not saying don't speak your truth. I'm not saying don't educate. I'm saying continue go hard. Keep going, charge forward, get the microphone out, get the blow horn out whatever you need to do – detached from an expectation. Because when you have this expectation, there is a restriction and when you have restriction, there is a lower frequency the moves out from your body. There is suffering. There is exhaustion. There is irritability. There is anger. There's frustration.

So when you're sitting at the airport, let's say, right? And you're looking around – breathe. I know my truth. I know my beingness. I know my belief. And I know that the the hundreds of thousands of other humans that may not see this yet, will. They will because that's how the human collective shifts. I'm not saying they're necessarily going to believe that masks don't matter. I'm saying they're going to shift into higher states of consciousness. Let's get that real clear. They will – meaning they will start to shift into higher states of consciousness.

They will start to step out of the control that the external has on them, because part of what is happening when you move into higher states of consciousness is that you break free of control – meaning though the external that has controlled you. That is really what we're doing here. We are freeing ourselves from the external shackles that have held as tight and restricted for most of our lives.

And so what happens is you're awake to this. You're free. And you're looking around and you're recognizing that all of these other humans are still being controlled by the external. And it's challenging and frustrating to watch it.

But if we continue to let ourselves stay attached to our truths and our beliefs, meaning how is this happening? What's going on? When are they going to wake up etc., etc. That's an attachment. But instead surrendering and saying: it is moving in the natural progression that consciousness moves when it shifts into higher states of consciousness, which has been happening for thousands of years.

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