Nelson Mandela Didn’t Die in Prison, and Why it Matters

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Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”   – Mark Twain

If you remember seeing media coverage of Nelson Mandela having died in prison in the 1980s, and you’re wondering why he’s just this month been reported dead again, you’re in good company. Mandela is one of the most commonly discussed celebrities who has been seen alive after having been reported dead. When we personally witness disparities between events we remember having happened and what reliable physical evidence suggests has occurred, we might at first feel a sense of dissonance. Fortunately, we need not stay confused, since noticing the differences between our memories and evidence in our current reality allows us to gain valuable direct experience of how malleable reality can truly be. Recent scientific discoveries suggest it’s quite likely that both this so-called “Mandela Effect,” also known as the “Alive Again” phenomena, are not new, as shamans and spiritual teachers from every continent and age of humankind have described for millennia.

The Mechanism Behind the Mandela Effect

We are fortunate to be alive at a time when scientists from several different branches of physics are converging on the idea that we live in a holographic multiverse… AND that everything including you and me have a truly quantum nature. When we put these two big ideas together, we see the mechanism by which we can understand and appreciate how things like intuition, synchronicity, the placebo effect, and spontaneous remission can transpire.

Illustration of Holographic Multiverse from “Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity”

Illustration of Holographic Multiverse from “Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity”

Evidence supporting the concept of many parallel universes being interconnected comes from UC Berkeley’s Raphael Bousso, whose view of reality has been gaining support ever since last year’s discovery of the Higgs boson. And there is further good news for those wondering, “Where are these other parallel universes?” Some of the first hard evidence of other universes was found just this year by theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Carnegie Mellon professor Richard Holman, through cosmic background radiation data collected by the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope, which indicates the presence of other external universes to our own at the very moment of the Big Bang.

What Happens in the Quantum Realm Doesn’t Stay in the Quantum Realm

In much the same way that some people prefer that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” many physicists have hoped that the weirdness known to happen in the quantum realm would remain safely confined there. This appears to not be the case, as evidenced in recent ground-breaking laboratory experiments over the past few years. Increasing numbers of studies with macroscopic scale objects, such as diamonds, are consistently and repeatedly demonstrating such distinctly quantum behaviors as entanglement–which Albert Einstein once called, “spooky action at a distance.” 

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Other behaviors previously presumed to reside exclusively within the quantum scale including: superposition of states, coherence, and teleportation are also being witnessed on the macroscopic scale. This is happening to the point that a growing consensus is beginning to form amongst physicists, such as those surveyed at a recent conference that you and I and everyone and everything around us exists in a superposition of states.

This means that in one possible reality, you have not made a decision that resulted in your catching a cold, but in another possible reality, you have. We can expect to occasionally experience quantum jumps from one possible reality to another, particularly when we are aware that such leaps are possible. These jumps from one reality to another can be a lot of fun, as some of the world’s quantum jumping experts can attest.

And who, might you ask, are the world’s quantum jumping experts? Such experts include most of the world’s top athletes, medical miracle experiencers, heroes, survivors of close brushes with death, experienced meditators, beneficiaries of the placebo effect, and people experienced with hypnosis and lucid dreaming have experienced leaps to better possible realities. These people often trust intuition, and benefit from a sense of there being a connectedness between themselves and everyone and everything else.

Evidence of Possible Futures & Pasts

As the saying goes, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” But how can we find evidence demonstrating that alternate histories occur, when typically the only “proof” we have that a change has occurred resides in our own memories? One way to collect such proof is to rapidly document peoples’ experiences immediately following highly memorable historic events like the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger space shuttle explosion, or Princess Diana’s death. Such flashbulb memories provide reference points by which the same people can later be asked about.

Researchers Ulric Neisser and Nicole Harsch at Emory University investigated flashbulb memories of students immediately following the Challenger space shuttle explosion by collecting handwritten student reactions immediately following the disaster. When they followed up two and a half years later with the very same students, Neisser and Harsch were startled to find that students’ accounts of where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news were different from what they’d initially described. One student said,“That’s my handwriting, but that’s not what happened.” 

Kindness Matters

Discrepancies between memories also often appear amongst people who were all together for a particular event, but later remember what transpired very differently. Chances are pretty good that you’ve encountered disagreements with people you’d usually consider competent and aware… except for when they insist something happened some way you know for sure couldn’t be true.

If we didn’t live in a holographic multiverse in which we’re all venturing in various directions to experience a multitude of different possible futures and pasts, we wouldn’t find the tremendous divergence between peoples’ memories. As we enter the Quantum Age, it’s time that we stop calling such differences in memory “false recollections,” in favor of “alternate recollections,” indicating respect for the fact that each and every one of us exists in a superimposed state, with access to many possible alternate histories, presents, and futures.

And most importantly, it’s time we truly show respect for one another and our multitudes of alternate histories and recollections.

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Do you remember Nelson Mandela having died before? Take the poll, and share your recollections with alternate histories in the comments below.

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Further details, explanations, research, examples and references about the ideas presented in this article are provided in Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

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  1.' Joyce Aldrich says:

    I remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the eighties. There are other discrepancies I have experienced, as well, including being seen at an even by two police officers when I was at home. I was at the vent two days later doing what these officers said I was doing two nights before, when I was at home. Also, my mother insists that a table she has came from an entirely different source, when I know I found it for her. My mother has been known to bi-locate. Perhaps it’s the Mandela Effect, too. So happy to have found this website. I know others who also believe Mandela died in prison…a real head shaker.

    •' Keith says:

      Mandela was in prison until 1989 or 1990. I remember his release. Two years later he was elected president of south Africa. The idea that he died in prison is obviously propaganda put out by the ruling class of south Africa at the time. The theory that the past is changing is nonsense. People have flawed memories for many reasons, drug use, Head injuries, or many other variables. Stop grasping at straws folks. You sound like you have no grip on reality.

      •' Louis says:

        Perhaps he did die and the person who was released was not Mandela, but just another Illuminate mind fuck?

      •' Malcolm says:

        Growing up i specifically remember the accounts of mandela trying to revolutionize africa and being locked away for it. When he died “supposedly” before i was born, there was global mourning. This was completely real to me

        •' amyjo9 says:

          so touching that you remember there was global mourning for his death before you were born. Do you have the ability to think logically?

          •' Rebecca says:

            Well, “I” was alive then, an “I” remember the world mourning Mandela’s death. ….But I attributed the discrepancy to a news error (or… could it be… that “fake news” isn’t a modern discovery? — insert slight sarcasm here).

            The fine art of “disinformation” for political gain is as old as we’ve had politics. Occam’s Razor hints that this could be an example of error in news gone international. Not nearly as intriguing as parallel universes, but a lot simpler….

      •' JC says:

        I distinctly remember national news reporting his dead in the early 90’s, and so does everyone in my family. Are we all delusional?

      •' Stephen D Redgrave says:

        I hope for your sake you’re not as backed up physically as you are mentally.

  2.' Kalyn says:

    It’s like I remember very clearly that The Berenstein Bears, but now it’s Berenstain Bears. Even the old books and stuff says Berenstain. I’m not the only one that remembers Berenstein, but younger people remember Berenstain. That in mind, I’m 16, so my memory isn’t that bad and I do recall stuff happening one way and my 13 and 14 year old sisters remember it another, and my dad kinda remembers it a mix of what my sisters and I recall it as.

    • BerenSTEIN Bears Go To the Moon was the very first book I ever read, and I later memorized every word. I had that book in the bookshelf next to my toilet for 30+ years. Now, today, I found out it is called BerenSTAIN bears. But why would I, a 5 year old, call it “Stein” when “Stain” is more familiar and easier to say???

      •' Rick says:

        Exactly. I clearly remember it being Berenstein Bears NOT stain. … this is so weird .

      •' SatireSurquedry says:

        You remember it being Berenstein because that’s how you pronounced it and how a lot of other people pronounced it. I remember pronouncing it “Bern-steen” bears when I was little but then my grandmother telling me that it was pronounced “Bear-en-stain”.

        •' Lindsey says:

          Wrong there are books in my Toddler classroom, the original “Bernstein Bears”

          •' Ricky says:

            It was Bernstein bears and the only way that book cover can change is if everyone today is looking at books published after the 2000 its just publishers changing the pronunciation of words to better understand and the book publishers today also change words in the Bible to pronounce and understand it better for today’s language and Grammer prime example the new international Bible has totally different words and in different places than the kjv and earlier bibles if there is a Mandela affect u can bet its from dark energy that’s evil intent

    •' Sharon says:

      You mean its not the Berenstein Bears ! I didnt know that. And I read Stein Bears to my child every night.

      •' Ricky says:

        We did call it Bernstein bears as kids everyday on school I’m 33″ years old and remember now the reason we called it Bernstein is because we couldn’t pronounce berenstein that the real cover says we just made it short and said Bern ther is no Mandela affect its all memory and perseption

    •' KRinSF says:

      I agree, but I notice this occasionally with other words as well. When I expect to see a particular word or word combination, my brain actually processes it that way and I actually see that word. Sometimes when I proofread a document, I can read the same document 10 times, literally, and never notice the wrong word. Someone else reads it and calls my attention to the issue and then yes, suddenly, I see it. But I swear it is was not there before, but I know it was. This is because, reality, is one thing and our perception of reality is quite another. The human brain is complex and will go to great lengths to make sense of the word (and often to confirm our preconceived notions). It is quite possible to read a childrens book 30 times and never notice something, because your brain has already made “sense” of it and your perception was never challenged.

      On a larger scale, this is why it is so important as a society for us to engage in discussion and challenge each other’s thought and ideas and compromise. Every single person is convinced only they know they “truth” and “reality” and everyone else is wrong. In “reality,” each of us has only our own flawed perception of reality colored by our brain’s attempt to make sense of this silly world.

      •' KRinSF says:

        As proof of the great lengths the human brain will go to confirm that our perceptions are valid, we are here now relying on quantum physics to ponder the possibility of parallel realities in which the Berenstain Bears were actually spelled Berenstein Bears, rather than admit the possibility of our brains making a common misperception. LOL

        One reason for this is that the notion that our brain misperceives something is extremely distasteful, as it calls into question everything we know and our basic sanity. For example, remember that flap about the color of that blue/black dress? 50% of people see blue, while 50% see black. Everyone’s first reaction is “No, you’re wrong its blue (or black)” when it turned out to be our brain’s making us see one or the other. Due to evolution, our brain must make judgments quickly and definitively.

        Regarding Mandela, the majority of people remembering this were children when he was released from prison. It was widely reported that he avoided the death penalty and received a long prison term within the same breath as his release. It is possible that a child hearing of Mandela and the mention of death could leave a vague memory that is later recalled as reporting of a celebrity death. In America, we don’t generally have news reports of celebrities being released from long prison terms, but we often have news reports of a celebrities death. This is the much more common outcome, so our brain makes sense of this by remembering it as a reported death.

      •' Sam says:

        So you’re saying the entire basis of the scientific method, i.e. human observation, is so unreliable as to render our science null and void? Whoa, that’s a mind-bending thought!

  3.' Evan says:

    I came here to find flaws in your logic and left by purchasing your book on amazon. I’m excited to understand these concepts even better!

  4.' Sam says:

    I’m 12 and I used to watch the BERENSTEIN bears on TV. Now everywhere I go it’s “Berenstain”! I even have a drawing from when I was younger of the Berenstein bears… Labled “The Berenstein Bears”! Also, I remember being taught in SCHOOL that Nelson Mandela died in prison, and I never heard of him dying in 2013 until I googled him.

    •' Lisa says:

      I live in Germany and also remember being taught in school that he died in prison in the 80’s. It was in english class and we had to read a text about his life. I remember being impressed with his life before prison and being sad and a bit angry at humanity;) when the text ended with his death in this horrible prison. Also we had to answer questions so i know i had to read this text more than once. When i heard of his death in 2013 i thought for a moment i was going crazy, even told my mum about it.

      •' AL says:

        I also live in germany, and, being born in 67 and growing up in the 80s, there was never such a thing as mandelas death. he was imprisoned, and there was a huge public interest in germany/ europe to set him free. there was even a huge concert for him at wembley stadium (I guess on his birthday) with bands like U2 and such, that was broadcasted all over the world. later he became the president of south africa and probably everybody I know and their parents and children have read his biography. I find the phenomenon of the mandela effect very fascinating (rodins thinker, mona lisa, tianmen square etc), but to name it “mandela effect” alsway felt weird to me.

    •' JUSTIN LE BLANC says:

      Post that picture!!
      Or send me it

  5.' d says:

    Sorry, i was following up untill the jumps in the quantum. Im currently studying physics, there is no proof in relation to a holographic universe. There are no publications from reliable scientists that state this and explore this at this present time.
    The whole maps thing, think about it! We now use GPS and sattelite imagery to figure out what our earths surface looks like. Even 20 years ago, maps would look alot different, there are variations on many maps, humans have drawn out these maps. I cant understand whats so strange about that?

    Sorry guys, but this is aload of crud.

    If you mean, you still have a map from 20 years ago, and it has actually changed, maybe its because you are trying to remember something from 20 years ago.? As far as i can see, maps have always been altered and changed, nelson mandela didnt die in prison in the 80s. It was news scandal, where was the funeral? What date and time? What prison? Jesus christ i cant believe you people. im not gunna bother adding any thing else. Use your brain for god sake.

    Another thing, this mandela effect is the by product of this website along with other spiritual news outlets, look on google, the same people own all these spiritual news sights who are publishing this. On one of your pages it states, nelson mandela didnt die in prison in the 80s. Then on your conciouslifenews page you state the opposite. You are fueling the fire.
    We all know mandela didnt die in the 80s. Is it hard to believe that the news told a few porkies to sell a few papers? It happens now.

    Sorry guys, but this is all bull created by tabloids, If you check out who owns the websites, on a website checker, you will find that the top hits with this story are all owned by the same people, yet have slight variations and contradictions. You can decide.

    •' Alex says:

      Finally thank you god for their are still intelligent people with common sense. I read so much croc on the internet about dumb crap like this and see so many people making up so much @$!#. Read people. Common freaking sense. The news is not accurate. Read!!! Everything your told is not true. Other people remember something else because it they were not paying attention, the information they received was from another source. Or just plain old bad memory. If you tell a story to one person and that person tells a story to another person. By the time it reaches the 10099th person it has completely changed. Its never the same. Unless chisled in friggin rock or written in paper. And even that can be changed. @$!##!$ morons.

      •' screw thegov says:

        idiots… u are either fools or tools of the government. CERN is rhe cause of all this.

        •' Stephen D Redgrave says:

          You got it!! I know for a fact STS 25 exploded 91 seconds after liftoff. Not the new 73 second version. It stopped being 91 seconds in 2008 the first reported year of CERN operations.

        •' Damanda says:

          Amen, finally someone with some real intellectual knowledge from certified research. People choose to be blond an ignorant because their small tiny brains aren’t able to fathom such a reality.

      •' mark says:

        people arent doing chinese whispers, it there memories what they are speaking, a whole new different concept.

    •' 24strand says:

      What are you talking about Spiritual News Sights owned by the same people , Youtube is filled with videos about this!

    •' Someone apparently smarter than you says:

      How much did you smoke before writing this? You went on for a paragraph about maps without coming to an actual point you just changed the subject. Like get to it already, you didn’t even compare it to anything. Also its a good thing you are not an English major cause your spelling isn’t “gunna” cut it. It’s spelled gonna.

  6.' Grynn Anna Barett says:

    I think people who publish misinformation in a world already hurting are devils deed doers’ who will soo regret the wronging to mankind’s best interest.

    So why would a publisher do that? Same reason Miley plays coochie on stage. They are divinely inspired to do what ever really stupid thing the fowl spirit tells them. Like hey write this simple thing and put up a website then put up another and change the story a little and do it x amount of times and you will make lots of money… Do it do it…and look they did it. Freaks of the industry. Miley did it, will smith kids did it… Big booty kardash broads are doing it.. Why.. They are all clones and don’t give a dayam… That’s why. Its all to sickening.

  7.' Joseph says:

    You are suggesting a quantum multiverse is responsible for variations in media reports which implicate segmented intelligences among a larger intelligence gathering multi part humanity.

    There is another area which implicates those who observe media details, hold memory, lose sight of material media detail, and then regain sight, then if noticing a difference of printed materials due to a segmented information output by time, experiencing a multiverse.

    For your claim of a multiverse please, I beg you, test your same theory and factor out the variable of human language variations, human political conditioning, or human variations in understanding over time.

    Start with fire is hot and ice is cold.

    Or, Clouds are white, the sky is blue.

    While these are obviously consistent factors in each multiverse, if you follow this path, slowly but surely you will burst the segmented bubbles of multiverse, and what will stand in each is the same, language differences, political conditioning by media, and human learning over time.

    As these factors are all variations in each multiverse, then the last piece is removed, and there is no longer a multiverse, just one universe we appreciate with media lies and misconceptions.

  8.' Old greg says:

    I clearly remember writing a paper for black history month about Nelson Mandela dying in prison when I was like in 6th or 7th grade. I honestly didn’t even know he was still alive up until 2013 till i goggles the Mandela effect. I mean id choose him being president and doing his deed rather then dying in prison for those dreams. So I can see why reality is shifting in ways that retread the time line in ways that will move us closer to a better overall reality. I believe the mandala effect can effect people, cause one day I woke up and my fiance was a veggitarian. I’m still getting used to it but it was like all of a sudden no previous notions about the topic there was just a change.

  9.' rooroo says:

    The only thing i remember about Mandela was that he was released from prison

  10.' Chad Curry says:

    Mandela Effect is pure rubbish proliferated by individuals with idiotic claims such as Bernstein/Bearstain Bears is completely ridiculous…

    •' Stephen D Redgrave says:

      What you’ve mentioned is a tiny fraction of actual changes. You must be too wrapped up in your bubble to see it. Ignorance is bliss. Or, you simple don’t have the capacity to understand complex issues. Sad really, but a necessary part of humanity to do hand labor.

  11. I truly love Mandela ‘s personality

  12.' Ryan says:

    I remember having a song on my phone, and it was called keep the feeling, I remember it incredibly clearly even the singer sung keep the feeling, but one day, I looked at my phone and it said keep the faith, then all of a sudden, the singer sung keep the faith, it’s really creepy

  13.' Benny Lockspeiser says:

    I’m trying to leave this in as many places as possible.

    In simple terms CERN discovered the ability to send messages to the past but specifically only to their own organisation.

    They told their organisation in the past to try and change banal things in the cultural milieu of the past, to see if they would change now, in the present -such as video editing Dolly’s braces out in Moonraker.

    At first this was done, with a few different examples to see the impact of the changes in the present, having demonstrated its success, it is now a commercial venture where big companies have paid for changes in their band, that now appear in our timeline.

  14.' Anonymous says:

    I clearly remember it as BERENSTEIN BEARS but now it’s BERENSTAIN! I’m ten so I was born it the 20th century. But I clearly remember George having a tail and I watched it recently and he doesn’t have a tail. PLUS I CLEARLY REMEMBER NELSON MANDELE DYING IN 2013 IN PRISON. BUT MY FRIEND REMEMBERS IT AS 1990.

  15.' Leyla says:

    Nelson Mandela didn’t die in the eighties because when he was released from prison in the nineties he become president soon after. Then he died. He didn’t die in prison.

  16.' 24strand says:

    When my wife and I heard in 2013 that Mandela had just died we were shocked, we both vividly remember his dying in prison in the 80’s, for those who say it’s rubbish or that it was propaganda I ask this question, how is it that he was released from prison and led South Africa and Apartheid was alive and well, you would think that Apartheid would have been defeated with such an influence in power wouldn’t you? The only answer is he died in Prison. Then again according to Google Apartheid ended in 1994 I remember it lasting longer than that, could this also be part of the Mandela Effect?

  17.' 24strand says:

    If Timelines have somehow meshed or it’s a result of entanglement or experiments at the LHC one question is the reality that Mandela died in positive or negative? If he died in 2013 and I was alive for it am I now living in a different reality as most of us who remember he dying, this is so confusing!

  18.' Taylor D says:

    I am 50 years old, I had lived in Houston when my class was called to the auditorium for a moment of silence for Mandela, he has died in Prison. This was in the 80’s..

    •' Mary M says:

      I am around the same age…and I remember the same. I also remember his wife “winnie” talking on television a few days later and riots starting.

  19.' kunz says:

    Steve Biko died in prison around 1980. He was a prominent figure in south African plea for freedom. His funeral was the biggest in south Africa at the time. Mandela was still in prison at the time of Biko’s assassination. There is possibility that Mandela’s name was mentioned a lot in association to Steve Biko. You then associated the name Mandela with Steve Biko’s funeral, resulting in false memory. Movies also contribute to this, by watching documentaries on how something could or would have been can also cause false memories to be created in association to the true event.


      Peter Gabriel -Biko (Released 1980). Lyrics and their meaning:

      September ‘77
      (Mo Farah was just a glint in his mother’s eye)

      Port Elizabeth weather fine
      (on the beaches for blacks and the nicer beaches for the whites)

      It was business as usual
      (in the separate schools, hospitals, buses and universities, there since 1948)

      In police room 619
      (Police enforced the “Apartheid” law that held that whites were superior to blacks)

      Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
      (Steve Biko was a former student leader and an anti-apartheid activist)

      Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
      (like other activists he was banned from speaking to more than one person at once)

      Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
      (Biko was picked up at a road block, questioned for 22 hours and beaten into a coma)

      The man is dead
      (Biko died on
      12 September 1977)

      The man is dead
      ( and the police were never charged )

      When I try to sleep at night
      (only in dreams could a Black South Africans be free. In real life, long before Biko, their movements had been curtailed by White governance)

      I can only dream in red
      (The African National Congress youth wing’s resistance movement started in 1949. Churches and unions joined)

      The outside world is black and white
      (blacks had to carry pass books while whites didn’t. In one township in 1960, thousands protested at a police station, refusing to carry their pass books)

      With only one color dead
      (police opened fire and 69 protestors died in what became known as the Sharpeville Massacre)

      You can blow out a candle (Sharpeville didn’t deter protestors, it spurred them on)

      But you can’t blow out a fire
      (The massacre galvanised international support for the anti-appartheid movement)

      Once the flames begin to catch
      ( international sport, consumer, cultural and academic boycotts and trade embargoes)

      The wind will blow it higher
      (When Geoff Boycott didn’t observe the boycott there were calls for a Boycott boycott)

      Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko (senior members of the ANC were imprisoned for their protests against apartheid)

      Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
      (In Xhosa, Yihla Moja means “Come, spirit”)

      The man is dead
      (but the memory of Steve Biko and other victims of apartheid lived on)

      And the eyes of the world are ever so important: sustained international pressure and resistance from within led to 1990’s end of apartheid

      Watching now
      (they were when 20 million people voted in the first universal general election in 1994)

      Watching now
      ( and they watched when the ANC gained a majority and Nelson Mandela was elected President )

      Watching now
      ( South Africa’s challenges today are many. But apartheid is gone and new nation has been born. Because of Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, and the millions of people who got behind the anti apartheid movent when ” Live Aid” and numerous other charities and Anti-Apartheid supporters around the world came together (re: Song title “We are the world”) to try and help South Africa heal centuries of injustice and inequality brought on through capital and natural resource driven interests (Diamond and gold mining, Slave trade human trafficking, among a laundry list of other crimes against humanity, against ecology and social, economic, ecological and geopolitical injustices perpetrated over centuries.

      Nelson Mandela was a HERO. Nelson Mandela was a man who SUFFERED FOR MANY YEARS FOR HIS PEOPLE.

      Not for people’s flawed memory.

      The TRUE MEANING of the Mandela effect is to

      To use his name for anything but this is to do his memory a deep and pointless disservice.

      If you don’t know who Nelson Mandela was, do yourself and the rest of the world a favor…


      If you have never heard of Live Aid, the Anti-Apartheid movement, Steve Biko, or Peter Gabriel..

      -Thank you-

    •' Gary Porter says:

      I think that’s a good call, dude and a reasonable explanation for any confusion individuals experience. This Mandela stuff is pathetic.
      Really glad the Beatles are getting back together, though.

  20.' kunz says:

    okay, this has just gotten crazy. mentioned Steve Biko last-night on post above. work to see google search celebrating his 70th. this is some freaky weird staff. such a massive coincidence. maybe google search algorithms are too personalized , they have began creating information baubles.

  21.' Rick says:

    and that
    Mandela died in prison from a hunger strike

  22.' Luna M. says:

    I’m 32 years old, and I do remember hearing/learning in grade school that Nelson Mandela had died in prison. I had no idea who he was, but I further remember arguing with people when he was being talked about in present tense, and again when he “re-died” in 2013. Weird stuff.

  23.' J says:

    CERN is altering the past to change the future

  24.' J says:

    Also…how many of you THOUGHT Eisenhower was on the dime.

  25.' Gary Porter says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks for letting me join in your comments group because this is the coolest so far. Hey, well, once I remembered some stuff and then another time, well, I remembered some other stuff, but yay I sure knowed it was the same stuff, only somehow THIS TIME it was different… but only a bit, like, JUST not the same, and so I was like, “woah, this stuf is like crunchy and blue but the other stuff was THE SAME!” Has any of you ever had that? It’s almost like I was there. So strange.

  26.' Crystal says:

    I clearly remember that Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1900’s.

    Bernstein Bears too, I remember not Berenstain Bears!

    I also remember Oscar Meyer wieners not Oscar Mayer.

    I remember Luke, I am your father…. Not! No, I am your father.

    There are so many changes and I remember most of them.

  27.' Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 dwogu

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