There are some explicit examples of how the government interferes with domestic business and media:

As there is no current investigation, further evidence confirming operations is limited. Yet the unprecedented mass behavior, in light of a pattern of government intervention and media hit pieces, is strongly indicative of an underlying clandestine program.

The operation would need to shield itself from scrutiny.

The primary tactic in avoiding inquiry would be part of the offensive effort, disseminating negative information about those who challenge the precepts. This is why anti-vaxxers must be regarded as dangerous non-conformists, not to be taken seriously.

Criticism of the government is simply deemed foolish or a conspiracy theory, thus the existence of a huge PSYOP is easily dismissed and never considered by the general public.

The concealment of the PSYOP is integral in the fabricated distortions that dominate the disinformation. Truth, human rights, and common decency are pushed aside in the name of fighting a virus.

One might argue that using — whatever it takes — as the core of a methodology to promote vaccines is a noble objective, insisting the pandemic and the campaign for vaccines must be fought like a civil war.

This certainly could be the government’s rationale for developing and using a PSYOP to quell a pandemic. But its utilization raises a number of questions regarding moral and legal precedents and potentially harmful results.

Motives and malfeasance

In establishing the possibility of a heinous offense, in this instance a domestic PSYOP, it is important to examine the alleged perpetrators’ stated intentions.

Motivation and outcome could be considered mitigating factors in understanding why extreme tactics might be used. If ending the pandemic is considered the primary goal of a government plan, it should entail the development and application of appropriate prevention and treatment modalities.

A strong case can be made that the COVID-19 vaccines were presented with a false pretense. Promoted as safe, effective, and free, an examination shows that all three of these superlatives are unsupported exaggerations.

  • Safety can only be determined by an objective assessment of data. This information has been intentionally limited or obscured. What little detail is made public indicates incredible risks vs. benefits.
  • Lack of effectiveness of vaccines in preventing transmission, which should be their primary function, has been admitted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Need for additional doses, conveniently labeled as boosters, reveal initial expectations were exaggerated. Current analysis shows vaccination has not impacted the spread of the virus and rates of infection.
  • The financial costs of vaccines and the profits made from their proliferation present numbers that show they certainly are not free. And the public health cost of focusing on a failed modality will only be revealed by historical outcomes.

The loss to those whose lives could have been saved by immediate treatment with other remedies is incalculable. Although some pharmaceuticals are being tested for late-stage symptoms, there has been no warp speed development or application of drugs for early intervention in the treatment of the illness.

There are very few protocols issued by the government for caring for those with COVID-19, other than staying at home until there is a need for hospitalization.

The overall progression of the pandemic suggests that emphasis on vaccines is misguided or deceitful. And the government and news media continue to scapegoat the unvaccinated — the latest ruse is blaming them for the growing economic crisis.

Malfeasance is undeniable. Although most evidence has been intentionally obfuscated by powerful forces whose motivation appears to be everything but benevolent.

Law and disorder

It’s worth scrutinizing the actual incentives for using propaganda to promote the universal vaccination program. Whether motives are financial or political, the use of a PSYOP in response to the pandemic is unethical and reprehensible.

The U.S. government has a history of overstepping legal boundaries to control what it deems national security threats.

PSYOP and other manipulative techniques have no place in a country that rejects absolute sovereignty, founded on principles of inherent individual rights.

The application of subversive tactics is a symptom of the overt degradation of constitutional principles.

The use of PSYOP remains specifically illegal under U.S. law, which forbids federal and military intelligence agencies to operate domestically unless there is a clear and present foreign threat.

There is continuing justification for abuse of power with invocations of war-like extremis. And it is feasible the government and the agencies charged with disseminating vaccine compliance would use the most sophisticated mass psychological techniques under the administration’s command.

However, no matter what the degree of disaster or suffering, trustworthy government response to the pandemic should rest on a foundation of openness and democratic principles.

The obvious dismissal of this approach reveals the core morality of the current public health policy.

The most compelling circumstantial evidence of a duplicitous scheme to manipulate the public is the overt hostility, deception, and defensiveness of leadership in promoting vaccination as a panacea.

Strategy for intervention

Government programs, supported by news media, that secretly engender or condone public, cult-like behavior are catastrophic and deeply disconcerting.

The entrancement promulgated by corporations and government agencies to achieve their ends has reached a crescendo. This approach has resulted in extreme polarization, heightened tension, and deterioration of personal relationships.

Most people who are hostile towards the unvaccinated don’t realize how much their inflamed emotions have been encouraged by manipulative forces who project animosity out into the world.

The damage to those who have embraced the burden of the government’s vaccine campaign, both physically and emotionally, is yet to be calculated.

Contributing further to their disturbance is clearly counter-productive.

It is difficult, but important, to not respond with animosity or scorn when blamed for the downfall of a policy full of inherent flaws.

Divisive language and insults will only cause additional tension and suffering. Strategies for improved communication are best when they are gentle, humorous and dynamic.

As demands and attitudes are mollified, informative, non-judgemental discussions can heal the divides caused by manipulation, deception, and coercion.

No doubt there will be obstinate resistance, but eventually, as a lack of an imminent threat becomes apparent, people will come to their senses and recall that questioning authority should be instinctive and welcome.

Maintaining an open, inquisitive mind to understand new and different ideas is a more natural and practical approach to resolving differences.

This ancient knowledge seems lost in the shadow of distorted, hardened policies, but this will pass as compounding new data emerges that can’t be hidden or denied.

The fallacies that have been widely accepted will vanish as verifiable and irrefutable information about the pandemic and vaccines come to light.

Truth is a relentless force that awakens us to what is important.

The outrageous possibility that U.S. government psychological operations have been applied to sway the public should be investigated thoroughly.

If this criminality is confirmed, it is the utmost priority that a major shift is implemented towards protecting all citizens from totalitarian tactics.

As we recover from imposed divisiveness we should not lose sight of a guiding concept: There is never a justified cause to eclipse humility or lose compassion for our fellow human beings.