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Intention & Focus | Your Light is More Potent Than Words

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Video Source: Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd delivers an awesome message about how we can use the power of intention and focus to create a better world. Below is the transcript:
Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. Love you. Sending you a big virtual hug wherever you are on this amazing Earth plane right now. Okay. So here's the message for today. I want to preface that if this does not resonate with you, please just keep going this message may not resonate with some people but it is the message that came through. So if it does resonate, let it sit in and sink in. So here it is.
There is a lot, as you're all aware, of really intense experiences and consciousnesses that are continuing to be shown to us. Whether it is genocide in certain countries right now like Armenia, whether it is more intense lockdowns like in Australia, whether it is the millions upon millions of children that are being sex trafficked and held in cages and tortured in this now moment, whether it is the corruption of many different governmental systems around the world, whether it is the insanely intense censorship that at least the United States and perhaps the entire world is experiencing right. now, these things are going to continue to be shown to us, especially in this month.
And so what I was shown in terms of how we can continue to and more courageously navigate what we're seeing is through intention and focus. So here's what my guides mean when they say intention and focus.
Our intentions are more powerful than words, believe it or not. An intention is where you are setting your energy, where you are focusing your energy. Energy is more potent, way more potent than a word.
And so if you start to pay attention to what you are focusing on and how you are focusing on it, you have the ability to shift it. So what do I mean? Let's just talk about the country of Armenia or the country of Australia or even the children that are being sex trafficked or the censorship that's happening or you name it. You can name anything and everything that we're experiencing right now that is very chaotic and very dark.
When you set your intention on it, right, you're basically looking at it regardless of where you're at. You're focusing on them focusing on Armenia, or I'm focusing on sex trafficking, or focusing on the government, or focusing on racism or focusing on the vaccines, right? So your awareness is on that. Okay?
Then you decide what your intention is when you're looking at it. If you just look at it and allow it to give you an experience like fear, anger, and rage, then you're only going to be perpetuating that consciousness.
So instead of just looking at it and getting upset over it, you hold an intention. You hold an intention to it, which is we are healing it: there are love and light and compassion and empathy and love that you are emanating to it. Your intention is to literally throw light on to it. That's what my guide showed me through prayer, through meditation, through intention.
So what we've been doing is this knee-jerk reaction almost – I'll say a lot of us – this knee-jerk reaction of we're overwhelmed. We don't even know what to do. And the consciousness from these dense experiences creates anxiety, worry, and stress. We're freaked out a lot right? Some of us don't even want to look at it, which is totally okay.
But we now need to switch to being the warriors of light. We now need to get into action. We need to become action-oriented warriors of Light, which is: I see, I'm focusing on it, and now I'm going to intend a crapload of light onto that on an energetic level from wherever you are on the Earth plane. It doesn't matter.
That is the power of prayer. That's the power of your meditation That's The Power of your focus and your intention. And when you do that, you literally shift that consciousness. And when we do it as a group like a global meditation like we're doing on 10/10 – Jason Shirk (sp?) and I are doing that global meditation on 10/10 – when you do it as a group, it's even more powerful.
So the message this morning this afternoon, this evening, whenever you're listening to this, is to begin to start to recognize when I focus on something, what am I intending through that focus? Am I just looking at it and getting angry and getting upset, and fighting and arguing, debating?
Or am I focusing on it and intending, stepping beyond the third-dimensional matrix, beyond the divide, beyond right and wrong, and I'm beginning to use my light as the warrior that I am to break down that consciousness. Whatever country is going through, whatever they're going through, can I focus on that and literally emanate light, and love, and peace, compassion empathy to that consciousness, to that experience?
That's one of the ways that we need or are going to start to innately feel like being.
It's not enough to just speak sometimes. The intention and the focus and the prayer and meditation towards these consciousnesses are way more powerful. My guide showed that the light that emanates from you is like a magic wand, they said. Your light is like a magic wand. Your intention and focus is a magic wand. Where you put your focus and intention, the light goes to. And the frequency of that light is dependent upon the intention.
So what's your intention? Literally visualize that when you're looking at something even if it's in a country that you're not necessarily seeing it with your physical eyes, but you're seeing it with your third eye. What are you focusing on? And when you focus on it, what is the intention around it? To get angry? To get rageful. To get disgusted? To scream and yell?
Great – now also can you then move beyond that! And can you assist in healing it? Can you assist in clearing it by seeing it and literally recognizing that what I'm focusing on is light? There's light going to it; there is light going to it!  Visualize light surrounding it – whether it's Australia, whether it's Armenia, whether it's South Africa, whether it's Canada, whatever country you want, Venezuela, I don't care. Whatever country, whatever situation the government, whatever, huge light around it! Huge pulses of love around it!
Freedom, a peace that is how we are going to now literally jolt into this next time line. It's time we recognize that this is how powerful we are; that this is how we shift.
That when we stay in words. When we stay in just words and behavior, that's great. But the power of light is way more intense, is way more magical. It's a magic wand. What are you focusing on? What are you intending when you focus? And how often throughout your now moments can you focus on and intend light, love, peace, freedom, unity – instead of anger, rage, divided, right, wrong, good, bad.
You can have the emotion, obviously. You're going to have emotion when you look at these things. But then let's go beyond the emotion and let's use our magic wand of light through focus and intention and shift the consciousness, shift the consciousness. That's how powerful we are. That's how powerful you are. Focus and intention.
I love you so much. Thank you for being here. And we got this! This month of October is going to be rocky. But we have this. Pay attention to how you're focusing and intending on things. Give yourself more love not less. Give humanity more love not less.
And remember, they showed me this today again. They show it to me every single day. Remember, we've already made it through this. We've already come out the other side in this more expanded, unified, love state. We just have to go through it.
And it's up to us as light, and we'll embody to decide how we're going to go through it.
It's not a matter of are we going to make it, or how bad is it going to get? It's more of how are we going to navigate this? How are we going to get through this? How many roads are we going to take? How many detours are we going to take?
And what they showed me today: intent and focus will catapult us through this faster, like a time warp…
I love you. Thank you for being here. You are courageous. You are loving you are light and human form.
I love you.

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