The production of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-1Ralpha (the yin to the IL-1 yang) was reduced in response to a bacterial antigen (lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and to yeast after the second injection — more evidence that there’s a shift to a stronger inflammatory response to fungal stimuli after injection.

They also found that Interleukin-6 (IL-6) responses were similarly decreased, which is interesting because IL-6 induces the liver to produce a c-reactive protein that activates the complement system which helps antibodies out and promotes inflammation which means that doesn’t this mean that we should see less inflammation?

So many questions. So very few answers.

Dysregulated continual synthesis of IL-6 plays a pathological effect on chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

You don’t say.

So that’s what they found in the paper, in a very small nutshell. Figure 3 (below) shows the design and some of the results of their essays.

It basically shows fold-changes in Interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) (these guys activate macrophages and induce MHC-II molecule expression) and TNF-alpha in response to stimulation of blood cells from injected people using TLR stimulation with various pathogens.

Cytokine production capacity
Figure 3: TNF-α and IFN-α production in response to heterologous stimuli in PBMCs isolated from vaccinated subjects. (A) Description of the study: vaccination and blood collection days. (B-G)

The bottom line here is this

We know that innate responses are vital to a healthy and optimally functioning immune system. They are vitally integrated with and into the adaptive responses as these two branches work in impeccable, complex harmony.

We also know that there are cases where vaccines have caused dysregulation of innate responses in humans.

We also know that something is very, very wrong with these COVID-19 injectable products with regards to persistent hyper inflammation and a plethora of systemic and physiologically-comprehensive adverse events including death from micro-emboli formation and clotting.

We also know that these authors have now provided evidence to support that these COVID-19 injectable products are modulating innate responses and that this isn’t limited to problems with COVID-19.

Problems with fungi, other viruses, and bacteria can be anticipated.

VAERS has hundreds of thousands of reports of adverse events related to fungal infections, plagues of herpes zoster occurrences (shingles) indicating weakened immunity, cancers coming out of remission, and the list goes on. And most of these reports are made for adults.

Here’s the thing …

Since children have extraordinary capabilities with regards to dealing with COVID-19 via their innate immune system responses, what will happen to them if these are not only bypassed by these injections but knocked down by them?

The kids are alright. Leave them alone.

You might not get how these circles back the kids, but it does.

Thanks for reading this to the end. And don’t inject kids with this stuff. You might mess them up and they don’t need it.

Originally published by Jessica Rose on Substack.