Getting to the Heart of the Matter

By Laurie Morse

Most conscious people I know are clear that we need a new way of thinking, speaking, being, and acting in the world. You may be on board with this too, but what does that actually mean?

Just the word consciousness has layers and dimensions to it. A Power and Presence fully connected to the Quantum Field of Infinite Intelligence, Wholeness, Abundance, and Love. What if much of this connection happens by way of our hearts?

There are about 40,000 specialized neurons in a human heart. Scientists call this the “brain of the heart.” 

Research shows that the heart has its own consciousness and that this consciousness is connected to the Source of Life, Quantum Field, and Infinite Intelligence. It makes sense if you think about it. The heart has its own electrical system referred to as a natural pacemaker, sending out regular electrical impulses that control the heart rate and send signals through the heart muscle, which causes the heart to contract and then pump blood throughout the entire body. 

Simply put, all this communication from the brain and heart and body is an electron dance that involves further impulses from outside our own body. We are not a closed system. The exchange of air, the food we eat, the connection to other people and nature all influence our electronic life force all day every day. 

In Chinese medicine, the heart is the seat of consciousness. The motherboard so to speak.

Consciousness is an awareness of self and the world. An awareness of the connection of life. The oneness of life. This consciousness is said to live in the heart center. Might it be that tending consciousness at a higher level is one of the requests of the heart? I’m coming to learn that it is. 

Beyond the imperative to procreate and keep the species propagated, our prime directive, our true purpose as a human being, is to become who we really are. It is to live into our Wholeness of Love embodied. This individual act is life and world-changing. It is a conscious choice. Breath by breath, day in and day out.

My heart, your heart, everybody’s heart is the motherboard for Love, the great director of the symphony of being. 

When there is a physical or emotional disharmony within the heart, that means there is a request for greater harmony with Love, for greater harmony with Divinity. 

When we heed this message, then harmony automatically corrects the disharmony. The heart wants what the heart wants. This can’t be ignored.

A harmonious heart has an electrical impulse that regulates her function and flow of blood in and out, creating a symphonic, rhythmic harmony. It’s beautiful music. Like an ultrasound of an embryo’s heartbeat. Even Earth Herself has Her own music that has been detected in Her magnetic field. 

Beats and rests are what create music, the symphony of our heart, and the pulse of life on Earth. 

I love that we are constantly seeking connection with Love or the Source of Life. This seeking sometimes registers as an insatiable hunger. Thus, we scour the smorgasbord of life in hopes of finding what we seek. What we seek seeks us, and it’s almost always found inside not outside of us.

There are 37.2 trillion cells in your body, and in every single cell, there are 37.2 trillion atoms. In every atom is an electron, and that electron is light. It is Divine Intelligence. That’s incalculable to the mind, that amount of Life Force and Light. The amount of Cellular Intelligence that is wholeness, way more wholeness than a disease. The ocean of Love inside each human being. 

As an “electric” body and heart, with every atom having an electron that is the surging Life Force of Love. Note to self…Let’s just get out of her way. 

The small human mind worries that it’s “not enough”, yet the decision to be in a harmonious union with all that Love automatically renders one more than enough. That ocean of Love is in your body and filed, expressing as your body and beating your heart this very moment. 

In yielding to this truth, one can be none other than the whole. Positively affecting the world beyond understanding.

You partly matter, are you not? You can see yourself reflected back in the mirror because of the matter. You are vibrating at a dense enough frequency that the naked eye can see. The same is true of the chair you’re sitting or and the home you live in. The matter is that which occupies space at varying degrees of particles and waves. 

In between the seen particles is so much unseen energy, it’s staggering. In fact, it is thought that a human being is ninety-six percent unseen energy, which means our actual physical body is only four percent of our entire being. 

As we consider that we are biophoton and bio-electric in nature, ‘bio’ meaning physical biology or matter, photon meaning the light that resides inside every cell, and electric meaning the electron in every atom that holds to blueprint for health, and that there is more empty space than there is stuff in the empty space (just look up and all around to notice that), then it starts to make sense that who we are is more than meets the eye. 

Telling ourselves the truth of our being gets right to the heart of the matter. Consciously being aware of our heart and her connection to our mind, body, field, and Life is a worthy focus. One, I tell myself, that I have the rest of my life to practice. I hope you’ll join me.

About the Author

Laurie Morse is the best-selling author of “Reverse Heart Disease Naturally: The Woman’s Guide to Not Die Before Your Time. She’s devoted the last 30yrs of her life supporting Health and Wholeness through Natural Medicine and Creative Healing. Through her private practice is based, in San Diego, California, she works with women all over the world.