Ears Ringing? It Could Mean You Have This Spiritual Skill

Posted by on March 28, 2018 in Reality's Edge, Spirits with 54 Comments

A triangle in the vicinity of a female ear-compressed

By Lori Lines | in5D

Hearing ringing in your ears of late? Did you know this is a form of clairaudience? For those of you who do not know what the word clairaudient means, it is the faculty of perceiving, by hearing, what is inaudible.

What is happening in our world, as many of you are moving up the ascension ladder from a 3 dimensional reality to a 4 and 5 dimensional reality, is the light forces and the dark forces are using psychic toning to either help or to hinder our soul’s enlightenment to truth. Psychic toning is something we really want to be aware of and to pay attention to. If you have been on the spiritual path, releasing false beliefs and releasing all dark emotions that weigh you down and entering into your own light of truth, you may be noticing various tones from very high to low. Some tones are high and some are not. The ringing may last for long periods of time or they may come in shorter duration.

Those who are not spiritually awakening either may not notice this phenomena or they may notice low vibrational frequencies only.

The important thing to notice is how they make you FEEL. Noticing and acknowledging the toning is very important. Why? Because they are asking you to pay attention to your emotions, how you feel, at the time you notice the tones and their shifting frequencies. Some tones will make you feel happy and some will make you feel agitated, angry, sad (the emotions of the darkness within.)

What is happening is something is vying for your attention. Do not feel fearful about this. You have control over the tones you hear, whether you want to hear them at all. If you like them, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. But, if you are hearing them and you find your moods swinging too much or the tones are too strong, ask your Angels and Guides or your Higher Self, of the highest order for the highest good, to tone it down. Tell them if the tones are too loud or too intense. You will begin to notice the difference as your prayer is answered.

In my experience, higher tones tend to make me feel better. My Guidance tells me that when this is happening, I’m receiving delivery of upgrades to my frequency, light codes, and my DNA. Therefore, I accept them, with gratitude, to the Angels, Guides, and Masters.


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54 Reader Comments

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  1. What a crazy crock of crap.

  2. 10153322672353100@facebook.com' Youssef HM says:

    Are you kidding? Its the tinnitus isnt it?

    • Benjamin@66yahoo.com' NubianEther 8 says:

      Not necessarily, I’ve been to a few different doctors and they said I was fine. I had dreams about the high pitch tones before they came to pass at such an intense and high vibration. No pain in my head or ears🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. i think i hearing aliens !!!!

  4. I’ve had ringing in my ears 4 the last 45 years and believe me it is not spiritual

    • you’re right! It could indicate a serious health problem like Hypothyroidism!

    • rehanabacchus@aol.com' Rehana Bacchus says:

      whenever I have ringing in my ears and i rebuke it in the name of Jesus it leaves. Tells me that it is demonic trying to attack. Generally it has to do with witchcraft operating against you. And witchcraft does not necessarily mean an old woman with a stick bending over a steaming cauldron.

      • joeguywheeler@gmail.com' joseph says:

        Awareness manifests in the midst of farce. If one is drowsy, one is mumbling. The evidence is provided by the amplitude, frequency and pitch of the unaware. ~moi

  5. When meditate you enter different levels of consciousness and you hear tones

  6. It’s the existential sound it is always there it’s called Om

  7. if you want to hear it its there if you don’t concentrate on it you will not hear it

  8. Hey David Rapley Cop a gander of this.

  9. I dont believe this….my ears ringging long time….it is not spiritual

  10. I can’t hear anything. I’m deaf so fuck you.

  11. 1597698380552969@facebook.com' Misty Ayla says:

    I always believe it is the tone my DNA “choir” is singing ?

  12. Ian du Toit look at this

  13. johnp@gmail.com' John P says:

    To the people denying this, spiritually related ringing in the ears is completely different, you can tell when you have it and it’s isn’t a crock of crap.

  14. I was just speaking to a friend about the ringing in my ears, it hasn’t always happened (and I don’t even always notice it) but reading this does make me realize some patterns do exist, not to say I necessarily believe that it’s spiritual although I do also pick up all frequencies higher than anyone I’ve ever met, and the ringing usually is accompanied either by a gentle relaxation or a anxiety/nausea/foreboding feeling. Minor changes in pressure can make the ringing worsen or even make me nauseated so it may just be undiagnosed inner ear issue (I had everything checked when I first began experiencing tinnitus and nothing was discovered).

    • angelefoust@gmail.com' Angele says:

      I actually hear a low pitch ringing all the time as well as higher ones. I feel it’s a spiritual download of sorts. When in school having a hearing test done, only in my right ear do I hear a tone that the interviewer said that I hear more than anyone that was attending at the time I was there. I also hear my guide in my right ear louder than my own thougjts. It’s like they are standing next to me talking loud in my right ear. I’ve also witnessed my silver cord lifeline and felt the tremendous LOVE of GOD. People you think you LOVE your kids, HA! It’s a million times more. It broke me into tears instantly upon wakening. I have so many questions about my gifts. I know things about others who I have been connected to that have gotten hurt. It started when I was very young. Please help! Any advice or knowledge is welcome. Oh I see energy like stars and shooting stars and when I look to the sky I see energy too. My email address is angelefoust@gmail.com
      Thanks, and my name is Angel for short. May I live to the best I can be. I do miss HOME in my father’s presence!

  15. 10204812879829483@facebook.com' Scott Robb says:

    Right, will just ignore all the scientific facts and reasoning behind what ACTUALLY occurs. Thanks for doing your share for anti-intellectualism.

  16. Been hearing high frequencys a lot recently

  17. Trent0Alevedo@hotmail.com' Cole Battig says:

    This type of ear ringing may be caused by issues with the blood vessels in your neck, so see a doctor if you have it. Signs of Pulsatile tinnitus are ringing that sounds like your heartbeat or whooshing sounds in your ear.

    • twinklepalma@yahoo.com' Hey says:

      it doesnt.sound.heartbeat or whoshing.,,, its sounds like toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot,,,
      its a very high tone,,, high pictch,,, you dont know that, 😕

    • freemanmoses23@yahoo.com' Moses Freeman says:

      I went to a doctor and the doctor told me that she did not see anything at all; but the signs are still sounding in my ears; what can I do at this time?

  18. 138thisgirl@gmail.com' Anney says:

    Every time I hear it I get angry and have bad thaughts this started happening after a dream I had of being claimed by evil four months after coming back to a christian life

  19. Rickybobby4@yahoo.com' Rick says:

    Im telling you its all true…I’m going thru a very intense awakening and never believed in a higher power…HE OR IT HAS REMOVED ALL DOUBT…that’s when the frequency started and as long as I’m awake I hear it I’m just finding out whit it all means the tone the intensity its incredible

  20. Arnott1979@gmail.com' Michelle says:

    I Experience ringing ears, and usually the higher the ringing the greater I feel. I hope it is paranormal that would be awesome. Great Article

    • daedria08@gmail.com' Dria says:

      I felt a pressure right along with the ringing, almost as if I felt the presence of someone enter, or walk through me. It caught my attention and I was wondering what just happened.

  21. Faxxmatter@icloud.com' SirReal says:

    A friend once told me. It means someone is spreading gossip about you. Like focusing a negative energy spike in your honor. I have heard different frequencies. I swear I once heard the frequencies of the earth once. I was in the midst of some of my self taught kung fu ninja skills of sorts. I just reached a level of clarity and one ness with Gia. I just remember receiving this intuition that what i was hearing once actually the frequency of the earth. And I smiled the biggest smile I have ever smiled and just started to laugh.

    You think it’s just a coincidence. The thing that connects the (Gia) earth to the heart (yours, mine, animals. Anything that has a pulse)
    The earth’s heart (!$&$!)

    But check this out.

    Without ears and art we could never truly experience/appreciate mother natures golden truth.

    The heart is the key.

    And don’t forget.

    Can’t hear silence unless, you are silent and really listen

  22. Faxxmatter@icloud.com' SirReal says:

    Sometimes people start to notice numbers that seem to show up a lot in there life. Along with ear ringing.

  23. Restore34@Live.com' Trae rustic says:

    These are spirits, I am a grandfather healer 2 spirited soul, my soul is of 986 years old!! I pay close attention to the ringing, And the tones are always right, Don’t be afraid to dabble, open up to the fact that it’s not just a medical site, it was healers in the 1300 to -1800’s who were healing then discovering herbs ect, my roots are dated back to bracket Virginia, my family was there my great great grandmother letty Virginia all did healings and medicine.. the above mentioned about the ringing in the ears is bang on!!
    Thank you for your time
    If you ever have any questions please, I’m on Instagram as spiritualmessangerhealertraerustic!!msg me

    • Restore34@Live.com' Trae rustic says:

      My ears rang for 39 years but I caught on and I understood in my 20’s so I tapped in, then started closing my eyes and having premonitions!! So I now speak with medium jay Lane but the ringing is sometimes meaning changes coming, lower pitch usually confrontational events arriving,

    • ashvinjootun22@gmail.com' Ashvin says:

      Hello how r u doing…can we mail and discuss on hearing these tones….my mail add is ashvinjootun22 @gmail.com

  24. zoe.hawker@icloud.com' April perry says:

    I was at school the other day and we were talking about dad stuff and my ears started ringing and i heard voices but i couldnt figure out what they were saying. This lasted about 10 seconds and i was scared

  25. zoe.hawker@icloud.com' April perry says:

    I was at school the other day and we were talking about sad stuff and my ears started ringing and i heard voices but i couldnt figure out what they were saying. This lasted about 10 seconds and i was scared

  26. Turnermegan26@gmail.com' Megan says:

    Same here!!

  27. Dkyjbb@gmail.com' Fock off says:

    This is bs i have the high pitch ringing, i heard that u hear it when people talk shit about you/ or that when it happens a ghost/ dead person/ spirit or w.e the fuck you wana call it, has said your name on the other side, complete bs, but i do feel curious and excited when it happens, makes me feel better

  28. annalisew@live.com.au' Annalise White says:

    Hi, thanx for the info, my ears have rung for about a month now. I had my ears checked & syringed ( wax build up). They haven’t stopped ringing , I have been meditating each morning for an hour, gone over to all natural organic substances, researching hidden knowledge, grounding, sleeping w 432hz meditational music, checking out mantras, mindfulness, conscious breathing & prayer. The soles of my feet are also buzzing 😊

  29. martina.lara75@gmail.com' Tina says:

    My ears been ringing for around 5wks or so, it started when one day I woke up with pain in my ear, so I put some ear drops I had in my cabinet and it didn’t do much, but my hearing seems Hallow and that night I put more drops in and put cotton, then the next morning the ringing began. I then read the box of her drops I used and noticed they were expired by around 4-5 months. So I stopped using them of course, then went and bought new ear drops and ear wax clean out, and when I was using the wax clean out, with the suction thing it cane with, like a babies mucous cleaner. I was sucking out the wax as directed and i think I over did it, because the suction noise made a loud noise and the ringing seem to have gotten louder, and now my right ear has a constant static like noise, some would say RINGING, but it’s non stop all day until i go to sleep. I notice it seems louder at time and if I don’t pay attention to it it’s like it’s not there, but the moment i think “hey no static” I think again and nope, not gone, still there. In the midst of it though i do heat back ground noises, very faint. It kind of sounds like Morris code, or times it does sound like blood flowing, or palsing, it’s like I can hear all the inner workings inside my body, or maybe through my brain, but I notice also, when I bend over forwards to tie my shoes or reach to the ground while standing, I hear what sounds like a louder blood pressure sound, and once I’m in upright position again, it goes away immediate. This I’ve noticed each time I’ve done that. I do believe it’s a medical issue. I do have high blood oresssure and recently I’ve been feeling irregular pain throughout my body, like my arms and legs like a blood clot type of feeling, but I’m not sure exactly what that feels like but, it’s the only way I can describe the pain if i had to describe it. Usually when texting or scrolling my phone. I’ve been getting those sudden pains, but then it goes away once I relax my body in the area it occures, but this has been happening around the same time this ear symptom began, except the ear ache that morning, actually only hurt that particular day. No pain in my ears only the sound of what seems like, bad reception, which is how i describe it to my family or people I’ve explained this to, because I’ve never had this issue before. Maybe ear ringing for a brief time period, after a concert or whatever, but that’s the norm. I should get to a doctor already but, I haven’t yet. Instesd im searching through google, trying to figure it out before I have to go sit at the Doctors office, which I HATE DOING! So, that’s my story,
    IT IS, WHAT IT IS! 😉

  30. lookituponyoursite@you.com' joseph says:

    Why does it say my email address will not be published – and it is?

  31. davinnaisdope@gmail.com' Deej says:

    Tonight I was talking to my Grandma about a loved one who passed away and how he gives me signs when he’s around like how our song will come on or things like that well as I was telling her my left ear started ringing only for a moment then went away like he was sitting to the left of me on the empty space of the couch.

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