How to Create Congruent Conditions for Optimal Living


Alignedcongruence, in tune, synced up, connected…

These are all words I would use to describe how it feels when things in my life are going great! And you could ask, “Well…what exactly are you feeling aligned, in tune, synced up, and connected with?”

And I’d answer that question with a question. 🙂 Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was or was not for you? Like a little voice deep within tugging you in one direction over another? Or perhaps a deep feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you to avoid a person or place?

You have? GREAT! So, THAT would be my answer. That voice; that feeling that is so terribly difficult for us all to ignore is what I am aligned and connected with when life is at its best. And we can actually call it for what it is; our Intuition.

Being in tune with your intuition and knowing how to read and decipher the signals and signs it sends to you is vital to creating congruent conditions in your life that will naturally draw in the experiences that you desire. This pertains to all categories of our lives…from work to love to family and education. In fact, living a truly congruent life actually means having all parts of your life existing wholly as they are. A life lived in balance and harmony. The energy that is manifested via your own creative expression that you bring to these various areas of your life. " No one can experience authentic happiness without living an authentic life in which beliefs and behaviors are congruent." Dr. Paul TP Wong.:

It is when we put too much focus into one corner of our lives, or intentionally avoid another that discord arises and our lives fall out of balance. The natural order of the Universe is to be in balance and it will always try to get you back there as well, but we silly humans have convinced ourselves that we must fight to survive; that we must struggle against this natural order of balance and abundance in order to get balance and abundance. It’s quite an exhausting way of thinking…if you stop to think about it lol.

The Art of Creating Congruent Conditions has 3 main parts, each having their further depth and lessons.


  1. Explore the main areas of your life to see where you are unhappy. For most of us, this should be a simple task as by nature we tend to focus there the most instead of on creating what we want. This exercise will show how to do just that by first acknowledging how we are reacting to/responding to these areas of our lives.
  2. Once you have the main things you wish to work on in your life for this exercise, feel through each of them to see which one gets the most rises out of you or where you feel the most pain in your heart. This shows where the deepest wounds lie and where healing needs to occur; this will lay a path for us to follow on how to best prioritize our focus in Part 2.


  1. The one area that causes you the most pain and discord in your life is what we will focus on here and how we work through this issue will be a blueprint for any remaining areas in our life that still feel out of balance and require healing.
  2. Start to pay extra special attention to how you’ve been thinking and feeling about this issue in the past and how you can consciously choose to change how you think and feel about it in this very moment. Feel how freeing it is to forgive yourself and others involved in conflicts or to face a fear that has been looming over your head. Own your feelings and you immediately take away their power to own you.


  1. Here is where the magick happens! Instead of letting the same old programs play over and over in our minds, we are going to install some new software. Call it an upgrade of sorts! It may sound difficult or complicated, but honestly it is quite simple because it is merely surrendering to All that is. Some may call it “hacking the Matrix”. This is not to be confused with giving up, as this is more in accordance with “letting go”. It’s a careful dance between control and responsibility. While we wish to take the reins of our lives and be responsible for what is ultimately created within it, to do so we must also be willing to relinquish control of part of that process. “Which part”, you ask? The “HOW”. Your part is to think of the amazing life you want, to FEEL that life NOW regardless of what your senses are telling you is going on “out there” (resonance or being in tune with the life you want will only draw it towards you!
  2. Be the observer of yourself. When you see yourself falling into old habits of wanting to complain and throw a big ‘ol pity party, don’t judge yourself, but don’t let yourself continue to think (and ultimately live) so small when you were destined for greatness! In order to live a congruent life, we must be willing to look at those areas of our lives that are not currently congruent! We must do this with a fierce kindness and patient awareness of ourselves, otherwise our egos will just stall us, distract us and/or guilt us back into stagnation and disharmony; which ironically is quite comfortable to many people! We need to change that and feel GOOD about our lives like we were all meant to.

An “optimal” life will look very different depending upon whom you ask, but I think we can all agree on one thing. We all enjoy being happy, and a simple shift in the perception that happiness is somewhere we eventually get to or that it is dependent on “outside” things such as material items, to one that knows that simply being alive, incarnated onto planet Earth as sentient human beings instills the birth-right of abundance to us all. The vibration and resonance of “lack” is taught and is a state of mind, no matter how much material wealth you may have or not.

It is always possible to choose how you see ANY situation. This is not to condone one way of life over another or show apathy towards those born less fortunate, not in the least, but this is rather to empower people back into their own minds. No matter what riches it appears we are born into or not afforded in this lifetime, absolutely no one has the ability to take our thoughts, which are our power tools for creation! Once you learn how to use your thoughts, a manifestation is at your fingertips and the Universe WILL respond. This is resonance, cosmic harmonics, and how the Divine speaks across all dimensional fragments of space.

Tune into that fact and you are whole, complete and empowered with the knowledge of your true self. I cannot think of anything more powerful than an empowered human being on a creative journey of self-expression. The goal is not so much to master ourselves, but rather to master the process of creation. It is the poetry of existence; it is how we honor creation…by BEING creation.

And there are two ways to create; auto-pilot or manual. The term “manual” implies that we must do it ourselves, and while that is partially true, we must only think, feel and push out the energy of our desires and the Universe abruptly responds (by taking care of that resounding “HOW”). So, while our emotions often get crushed, our hearts get broken, our fears come to life, learning in 3D is an expansive growth process that comes with one fail-safe; the Universe ALWAYS has your back! So, while yes we must do the work to observe and heal ourselves, the Universe works its creative magic to align the cosmos to our desires in return. To me, there’s simply no question. Auto-pilot living (being in constant reaction-mode and allowing life to form you rather than you forming your life) is simply not for me.

As more and more of us are beginning to awaken from the so-called “American Dream” (which has ultimately been a nightmare for so many), we are seeing more and more people no longer willing to settle for an “OK” life or one that is constantly a struggle and/or out of balance. People are beginning to cherish themselves more (in a non-egoistic way) and therefore are able to begin to cherish others in the same way. This has begun a cosmic wave of humans that are refusing to play other people’s games any longer. And if you feel the pull to serve others from a sacred heart space rather than from a sense of obligation and necessity, like you are here for a greater calling and your current job is simply not fulfilling you, then you are most likely riding this wave as well.

Congruent living isn’t some new fad or something we need to fight for. It’s returning to our natural state of being. It’s a release that is long overdue. If we can learn anything from the vast and mighty universe it would be that in order to bring the greatest light to a situation, it must often be ripped apart. When we can embrace the letting go, the destruction of our comfort zones, then we are truly free and living in the flow of creation. When we finally realize how important we are as individuals to the Whole, then we begin optimal living. This often reminds me of physics’ Chaos Theory which states that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world can contribute to a tornado on the other side of the world, also known as ‘The Butterfly Effect” in that we seldom stop to think of the global implications of our actions and most certainly not our thoughts. But everything is energy, and with thoughts being the beacons of light upon which your life is shaped and formed, it would serve us (and everyone around us near and far) to begin to mind our thoughts with care; to keep them…congruent for the collective.


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to

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