Consciousness Survives the Death of the Body – New Research Confirms

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By Buck Rogers | Waking Times

The greatest question of all time may very well be, ‘what happens to us when we die?’ While many, individuals, religions and spiritual traditions have come to their own conclusions about the ever-lasting nature of the soul, it takes a great deal of faith to be certain about the afterlife. To the scientific mind, this won’t do, and the question looks a little more like, ‘what happens to human consciousness after clinical death?’

A team of researchers at Southampton University in the UK recently conducted one of the largest ever studies about what happens to consciousness after death. The conclusion: We still don’t know what happens, but consciousness and awareness appear to linger for sometime after physical death, suggesting that consciousness and the body are entangled actors somehow, and that may unravel and follow separate paths after what we refer to as death.

“Scientists at the University of Southampton have spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US, and Austria.

And they found that nearly 40 percent of people who survived described some kind of ‘awareness’ during the time when they were clinically dead before their hearts were restarted.” [1]

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We are accustomed to thinking of this issue in terms of ‘near-death experiences,’ which have very little scientific appeal as by their very nature these experiences are entirely subjective and impossible to quantify. Attempting a more objective look at what happens to the mind/conscious apparatus of our being, the multi-disciplinary team was led by Dr. Sam Parnia, who in an interview related to the study, remarked:

“The evidence thus far suggests that in the first few minutes after death, consciousness is not annihilated. Whether it fades away afterward, we do not know, but right after death, consciousness is not lost. We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating. But in this case, conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes into the period when the heart wasn’t beating, even though the brain typically shuts down within 20-30 seconds after the heart has stopped. This is significant since it has often been assumed that experiences in relation to death are likely hallucinations or illusions, occurring either before the heart stops or after the heart has been successfully restarted. but not an experience corresponding with ‘real’ events when the heart isn’t beating. Furthermore, the detailed recollections of visual awareness, in this case, were consistent with verified events”.

The scientists admit that they still don’t know at all what is going on with human awareness after death, even though the study gives concrete evidence that some portion of our consciousness is able to survive at least the first few minutes of bodily death, and maintain sufficient awareness to somehow observe the clinically dead body and its surroundings while awaiting resuscitation.

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The research is a scientific clue that consciousness survives clinical death, and while not all that conclusive, the study certainly opens the door for an expanding understanding of the relationship between the body and the spirit. The singularity point between science and spirit may be approaching more rapidly than ever.


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  1.' Mary R. Green says:


  2.' Annette Elliott says:

    Try reading the afterlife of billy fingers. It goes into some graphic detail of life after death. 🙂

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  4.' Pia Love says:

    Totally cool study. Totally cool article. Who better to gain subjective data from than this population.

  5.' Mike Riddell says:

    hard to believe.

  6.' Catherine Aset Cosmosa says:

    YES ! I have known this ! I have reincarnated countless times ! I love life !

  7.' Shannon Gustin says:

    I know what happens been there

  8.' Pat Scanlon says:

    the surgeon van lommel is a very interesting researcher on this.

  9.' Valerie Vasiliou says:

    I almost always feel people who have passed that I know lingering around for about a week. There are exceptions. If someone is old and has been eager to die, but hasn’t for some reason–loved ones who can’t let go, an event they are waiting for, whatever–when they go, it’s like ‘zoooom’ they’re gone.

  10.' Heather Cruz says:

    Ascension= One with consciousness.

  11.' Pupe Molina says:

    Mahtaub Golab Carlos Enrique Molina

  12.' Francisco J Camargo says:

    That is the Spirit, fools

  13.' Erik Sandoval says:

    Yes I’ve died over twenty times yet i don’t believe I will ever die.

  14.' Dave Duffey says:

    I was ina coma. I dont rember anything. I didnt see anything. When I started to come out of it(slowly, over weeks) not suddenly like tv, all I can tell is there is nothing. enjoy!

  15.' John Wayne says:

    Reincarnation is Real, I know of many of my Past Lives. All Wisdom is within the AKASHIC RECORDS, seek and yea shall find.

  16.' Shaun Crissman says:

    Oh My God… :/ Why dont you discuss what color smurfs turn when they choke? Or what sound a giraffe makes? Reincarnate my ass. Why would I want to be stuck in this plane of existance over and over? Live here once. Die once. And move onto somewhere else. And this agnostic archaic crap about Askashic records… Ill give your 12 false idols something to keep record of~ …. *farts really loud and long*

    •' John Pohlod says:

      Reincarnation is from moment to moment,not after a life,watch how the mind reforms the self from mo to mo, giving this ignorance a false continuity through memory,Thought.

  17.' Kvng Eli says:

    Kairo Myth

  18.' Alex Crofford says:

    I know that you can leave your body real time. I did this a went to someone I haven’t talked to in months and described where they where and what they where doing and exactly what they where wearing to the T. And they weren’t just sitting on the couch. They sent photos the following day and it changed my life forever ????

  19.' Franz Nalugon says:

    Like if reincarnation is real.

  20.' Shannon Gustin says:

    I took a big dose of pills to kill myself and when I realized I started. To get cold I walked. Up to my room this was a two story apt I got to the room layed down after that I don’t recall nothin except seein that man in the chair from the waist down he was sitting straight. Up bright lights and beautiful told me it was going. To be alright I stared to see everything. I ever did people. I ever did meet or come across the bad and the good everthing I’ve been thru it was amazing I will never forget it but I never seen that mans face in that chair next to the bed there wasn’t no chair when I went up to my room I dont know where the chair came from either but I can tell u this it was beautiful.

  21.' Shannon Gustin says:

    Ur whole life flashes before ur eyes everything

  22.' Melissa Anderson Wanna says:

    Kaitlyn Werder…you said you are open minded but prefer science. Are you open to reading this?

  23.' Linds Salvati says:

    Miranda Murphy

  24.' Jason Doss says:

    Try astral projection. It can tske weeks or months to do. Patience is a virtue.

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