A pandemic of deceit

The greatest symptom of the pandemic is a loss of common sense.

The emotional pleadings and attempts to ostracize anyone who questions whether they should have a COVID-19 vaccination have the telltale signs of a deceitful public relations campaign.

It has been very successful.

Big Pharma also received a PR gift from politicians and pundits who repeat any conjecture, from the unlikely to the outrageous, about the pandemic.

Most legitimate questions about the vaccine program from doctors and scientists are now lumped together with challenges mounted by politically motivated, conspiratorial sensationalists.

There is always misinformation spread by a range of uninformed sources on any topic. Currently, because of a void of understanding and critical, detailed analysis, speculation about the pandemic is rampant.

If more information and detail were available, there would be less conjecture. Instead, anyone who doubts the prescribed reality must be part of a hoax.

The benefits of the vaccine continue to be soberly presented as unquestionable. Doubters must be fools, or at a minimum, ignorant of their value and importance.

There is a cult-like, unconscionable attitude toward those who dispute any aspect of the vaccination plan. As some of the first serious questions about effectiveness appear, with uncertainty about vaccine suppression on future variants of the disease, a softening of the dogmatic atmosphere might be expected.

Instead, angry blame is mounting, with an implication that the unvaccinated are causing the pandemic to continue.

The outrage would be more practically applied if focused on known risk factors such as unhealthy diet and poor nutrition, obesity and diabetes. These and other conditions impacted mortality rates before the pandemic — and they continue to represent the leading underlying causes for hospitalization with life-threatening cases of the virus.

Reporting about those at higher risk for serious illness has decreased since the start of the pandemic. Instead, there is a parade of dramatic stories about perfectly healthy, unvaccinated individuals who suddenly succumb to the virus.

For example, the British press widely reported the death of a so-called, fit and healthy 42-year-old man who regretted not being vaccinated, but failed to mention that he was an asthmatic and was likely using steroids to control his condition. A few articles mention his underlying condition, late in the text, seemingly without realizing the revelation countered the principal assertion of the piece.

This account is one of many that demonstrates how the emotional campaign for everyone to get vaccinated even overshadows efforts to inform those with underlying conditions. Perhaps their health is not the priority in the campaign.

Why isn’t COVID-19 news coverage replete with guidance for those at risk, with convincing articles concerning lifestyle and dietary choices?

It is because nothing but messages that support vaccination production and sales are acceptable. Deviation from this doctrine is taboo.

The fortress must be held

The CDC has admitted that the effectiveness of the vaccine is dropping by double-digit percentages. Concurrently, the need for vaccine boosters is being implemented.

Despite contradiction in terms, inconsistencies ignored and conflicts with previous optimistic data, the PR campaign continues. Indeed, as flaws in the vaccines and deceptive logic become apparent, the greater the intensity to support a distorted reality.

The pharmaceutical industry, the government, and the devoted news media continue to repeat the holy mantra no matter what unfolds: The vaccine is safe, effective, and free.

The self-labeled, fact-checking websites, rather than daring to critique the PR talking points, limit themselves to beating the drum of the CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma. Press research is dominated by those who look for sources of false data from those who question the science behind testing or vaccination.

Most of the news media staunchly hold its position. Critics remain 100% focused on debunking those who question vaccination statistics. Ignoring their greater responsibility for challenging the industry, they repeatedly arrive at an amazingly consistent conclusion about any statistics that imply doubts about the vaccine: All data, when properly analyzed, shows the importance of vaccination, with minimal risks, and in every case, the disparagers are falsifying or exaggerating.

Deviation from this prescriptive interpretation is deemed sacrosanct.

Doctors and analysts who break the prohibition against raising the possibility of other forms of prevention or treatment are marginalized or excommunicated. Knowledgeable physicians with patients who have had serious reactions to the vaccine, and virologists who have dissenting opinions, are shunned as dangerous deviants.

Data on adverse vaccine response is unreported in the mainstream press.

The remedy is truth

The Big Pharma consortium is invested in doing whatever is needed to make sure conventional wisdom has no challengers. Law and government support the industry.

As of May 1, the CDC stopped gathering data on breakthrough cases that were no hospitalizations or deaths. This quiet decision came concurrently with the revelation that newer highly contagious variants could infect the vaccinated. With minimal or no symptoms, these people could continue to infect others unknowingly. It is also possible this could drive new variants.

Somehow a policy that turned away from important details was revealed only more than two months after the change. The CDC announced this decision was made because the agency had more important things to do.

Objections by some scientists and organizations were reported in the press, yet there is no apparent investigation into why this data was intentionally deemed irrelevant.

Ignoring critical information about breakthrough cases directly illustrates how countering vaccine efficacy is off-limits.

This approach to maintaining the status quo for a product is not new.

An atmosphere where marginalizing dissent and minimizing non-supportive data has been the precursor to every abuse and scandal where Big Pharma dominated the conversation.

The industry denies facts and debases critics until evidence overwhelms their manufactured version of reality. Then without accepting fault, they move on — This is a sales trade that has been forced into paying billions of dollars in what is usually referred to as “damages.”

Perhaps there are some people who still believe Big Pharma’s prime directive in facing the pandemic is altruistic benevolence. But if indeed their mission has turned to ending suffering and healing the masses, there should be no problem in agreeing that there is nothing to hide.

For those who understand the foundational morality of the drug industry has not changed, it is a time for more scrutiny than ever before.

We must be vigilant in looking at facts. Blind trust in news media or any single source is dangerous.

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is long overdue for vast improvement. Data on the dangers and complications of the vaccines should be scrupulously gathered and made public.

There is a desperate need for openness and transparency so that every detail can be evaluated with objectivity — the pandemic must be faced with eyes wide open. Our medical decisions must be based on extensively supported, verifiable information.

The public deserves more than “just trust us.”